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The Cleveland 588 Irons are a classic set of golf clubs that have been trusted by golfers of all abilities for years. They provide the perfect blend of forgiveness and workability, allowing you to hit consistent shots with less effort. The 588 Irons feature Advanced Variable Face Thickness Technology that provides more ball speed across the face for maximum distance and accuracy. The iconic shape and design of the clubhead also provide an appealing look at address. With so many features, it’s no wonder why the Cleveland 588 Irons have been a favorite of pros and amateurs alike for decades.The Cleveland 588 Irons are a set of irons designed to offer the golfer maximum forgiveness and a consistent ball flight. The 588 Irons feature a large cavity back head design for increased MOI (Moment of Inertia), as well as an improved “V” sole that reduces turf drag for more consistent contact and better distance control. The heads also have extra mass behind the sweet spot, which helps increase the clubhead speed and accuracy on off-center hits. Additionally, the irons have an advanced feel balancing technology that optimizes sound and vibration at impact for a crisp feel.

Design Specifications of Cleveland 588 Irons

The Cleveland 588 Irons are designed to provide golfers with the best possible combination of distance, accuracy and feel. The clubs feature a progressive design that allows for more forgiveness on off-center hits while maintaining the control and precision needed for better players. The clubs are constructed from a high-grade stainless steel and have an undercut cavity design which helps to increase ball speed and accuracy. The irons also feature a deep undercut sole design which helps to reduce turf interaction for consistent contact from any lie. Additionally, the clubs have a variable face thickness which helps to increase ball speed on off-center hits while providing excellent feel at impact.

The Cleveland 588 Irons also come with a variety of different shaft options including steel, graphite and hybrid shafts. The graphite and hybrid shafts help to reduce vibration at impact for a smoother, softer feel. Additionally, they help to increase club head speed for added distance on full shots. The steel shafts provide great control and feedback on shots while helping golfers get more penetrating trajectories on iron shots into the green. With all these features combined, the Cleveland 588 Irons provide golfers with maximum performance through superior design features that help you play your best golf each time you step onto the course.

Materials Used in Cleveland 588 Irons

Cleveland 588 irons feature two distinct materials: stainless steel and cast iron. Stainless steel is the material used for the clubheads, while cast iron is the material used for the shafts. Both materials offer a variety of benefits that make them ideal for golf clubs, such as durability, consistency, and accuracy.

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The stainless steel clubheads are constructed with a precision forging process that allows for an extremely precise shape and finish. This precision forging process also helps to create a much more consistent and accurate clubface, which can help improve accuracy on shots from all distances. The stainless steel also offers added durability, allowing players to get more out of their set of irons over time.

The cast iron shafts provide a number of benefits that make them perfect for golf clubs. Cast iron provides added stability and control, allowing players to hit more consistent shots with greater accuracy. It also offers a softer feel when striking the ball, which can be beneficial for players who struggle with generating sufficient power on their shots. The cast iron shafts also provide greater flexibility than other materials, allowing players to customize their feel based on their individual swing style.

Overall, Cleveland 588 irons feature two distinct materials that work together to provide maximum performance and versatility on the course. The combination of stainless steel and cast iron provides excellent durability, consistency, accuracy, and control that can help any golfer improve their performance out on the course.


The Cleveland 588 irons are designed to provide maximum performance with every shot. The irons feature a deep undercut cavity, which helps increase the launch angle of the ball and reduce spin for increased distance. The clubface also has a variable face thickness to help deliver consistent ball speed and distance control across the entire face. The sole design is also optimized for increased playability from all lies, making it easier to hit any shot you need.


The Cleveland 588 irons are designed to provide an excellent level of feel and feedback. The clubs feature a soft feel insert that helps dampen vibrations for improved feel on impact. The deep undercut cavity design also helps promote a more solid feeling at impact for increased confidence in your shots.


The Cleveland 588 irons are designed with forgiveness in mind. The deep undercut cavity design helps promote more consistent contact across the entire clubface, while the variable face thickness helps generate more ball speed on off-center hits. Additionally, the sole design is optimized to reduce digging in turf, which can help you get out of tough lies more easily.


The Cleveland 588 irons have a classic look that will appeal to golfers of all skill levels. The clubs feature a sleek black finish that looks great at address and provides an excellent contrast against the white alignment aid for improved accuracy at setup. Additionally, the clubs feature clean lines and minimal offset for a traditional look at address.

Pros of Cleveland 588 Irons

The Cleveland 588 Irons offer great performance for golfers of all skill levels. They are designed with a large sweet spot, which makes it easier to hit the ball accurately and consistently. The irons also feature a cavity back design that increases forgiveness and accuracy while reducing spin on off-center hits. The irons also come in a variety of different lofts and shafts, allowing golfers to find the perfect fit for their swing. Lastly, the 588 Irons are extremely durable and will last for many rounds of golf.

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Cons of Cleveland 588 Irons

The main downside to the Cleveland 588 Irons is the cost. They are among the more expensive iron sets available, so they may not be an option for those on a tight budget. Additionally, they don’t come with a lot of technology or features like some other iron sets do, making them less appealing to those who want the latest and greatest in golf technology. Finally, some golfers may find them to be too forgiving, as they don’t provide enough feedback when shots are hit poorly.

Price Range of Cleveland 588 Irons

The Cleveland 588 Irons are a popular iron set from the Cleveland Golf brand. These clubs are designed to provide maximum distance and forgiveness for all levels of golfers. The 588 Irons feature an improved sole design, which provides more consistency in ball flight. They also feature a new cavity-back design, which helps to reduce mis-hits and increase accuracy. The Cleveland 588 Irons are available in a range of prices, depending on the model and shaft options that you choose.

For those on a budget, the entry-level Cleveland 588 Iron sets start at around $399.99 for the 4-PW set with steel shafts. If you opt for graphite shafts, then the price increases to around $499.99 for the same set.

At the high end of the range, there are the Tour Action CBX Iron sets which feature a forged body and precision milled face grooves for advanced performance. These sets start at around $799.99 for 4-PW with steel shafts or $899.99 with graphite shafts.

Overall, there is a wide variety of options available when it comes to purchasing Cleveland 588 Irons, so whatever your budget may be there is sure to be an option that is suitable for you and your game needs.

Availability of Cleveland 588 Irons

Cleveland 588 irons are a great option for golfers looking to improve their game. The clubs offer tremendous distance and forgiveness and are available in sets from 3-PW. The irons feature the classic Cleveland 588 look with a sleek, modern design and a deep undercut cavity back. The clubs also feature a high-strength steel face, which helps to provide more power and distance on off-center hits. The wide sole design makes it easier to hit the ball higher and farther, while the low center of gravity helps to promote a higher launch angle. The clubs also feature an optimized center of gravity, which helps to provide more consistent ball flight and greater accuracy. Additionally, the Cleveland 588 irons come with a variety of shaft options, so players can find the right combination for their swing.

Overall, Cleveland 588 irons are an excellent choice for golfers looking to improve their game. With their great looks, distance, forgiveness, and wide range of shafts available, they make an ideal choice for golfers at any level. So if you’re looking for an iron set that will help you take your game to the next level, consider giving Cleveland 588 irons a try today!

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Cleaning your Cleveland 588 irons is essential for proper performance and to maintain their original look. You should clean your irons after every round of golf. Wipe the club face and sole with a soft cloth or towel to remove dirt and grime. If necessary, use mild soap and warm water to remove any stubborn residue. Dry the clubs thoroughly before storage or use.


Regular grooving of your Cleveland 588 irons is also important for optimal performance. Use a grooving tool or file to keep the grooves on your clubs free from dirt, rust, and other debris that can reduce spin rate and accuracy when hitting shots. Be sure to clean the grooves thoroughly after every session of use.


Replacing worn grips on your Cleveland 588 irons is an important maintenance task as well. Replacing grips will help improve your feel for the club and help you get a better grip on the club during swings. Be sure to measure carefully when selecting new grips as improper sizing can lead to mis-hit shots or poor shot accuracy.

Loft Adjustment

If you find that you’re hitting shots too far or too short, you may need to adjust loft angles on your Cleveland 588 irons. This can be done easily by using a club fitting tool that allows you to measure loft angles precisely so you can make adjustments as needed. It’s best to consult with a PGA professional if not familiar with adjusting club loft angles.

Storage & Protection

Proper storage and protection of your Cleveland 588 irons is essential for maintaining their condition over time. Store them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight when not in use and avoid storing them in damp areas which can cause rusting and corrosion over time. Additionally, be sure to protect them from moisture while playing in wet conditions by using head covers or towels draped over them between shots.


The Cleveland 588 irons are an excellent hybrid set that will help your game in a variety of ways. They are built with a classic design and provide great distance, accuracy, and feel for any golfer. The 588s have a huge sweet spot, making them more forgiving than most other irons. They also feature a cavity back design for increased shot control and improved trajectory. The progressive sole width technology also helps to improve turf interaction while providing playability in all conditions. With all of these features combined, the Cleveland 588s are sure to help you shoot lower scores.

Overall, the 588 irons from Cleveland provide everything you need to maximize your performance on the course. From their classic feel to their incredible forgiveness, you can trust these clubs to deliver consistent results round after round. With the right shaft option and setup, you’ll be sure to hit long drives and approach shots with confidence no matter what your skill level is.

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