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club car tempo vs precedent

The Club Car Tempo and Precedent are two of the most popular golf carts on the market. They offer different features, so it’s important to understand the differences between them before making a purchase. The Tempo is Club Car’s latest model, offering a sleek design with modern amenities, while the Precedent has been around for longer and is known for its durability. Both vehicles are highly customizable with options for customizing colors, seating, and accessories. This guide will compare the two models side-by-side to help you determine which one is best suited to your needs.The Club Car Tempo and Precedent models are two electric golf cart models offered by Club Car. Both vehicles provide quiet and efficient transportation on the golf course, but there are some key differences between the two models.

The Club Car Tempo has a comfortable two-passenger bench seat and a cargo box in the rear for storage of golf bags or other items. It also has a digital battery meter, headlight, taillight, and power outlet to charge devices such as smartphones. In terms of performance, the Tempo has a top speed of 19 mph and is powered by an advanced 48-volt system with an AC motor for improved acceleration.

The Club Car Precedent is designed to carry four passengers in comfort with its ergonomically designed seats and adjustable armrests. It features a digital display panel with speedometer, odometer, hour meter, and battery level indicator. For power, the Precedent uses a powerful 48-volt system with a DC motor that delivers higher speeds up to 22 mph.

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In conclusion, both the Club Car Tempo and Precedent offer efficient and reliable transportation on the golf course but have different features that make them suitable for different applications. The Tempo is ideal for two passengers who need storage space for their golf bags while the Precedent is best suited for larger groups who need more seating capacity and higher speeds.

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Powerful Motor

The Club Car Tempo is equipped with a powerful motor that provides plenty of power for hauling and driving. The motor is capable of powering up to 15 mph and is built to last with an aluminum frame and corrosion-resistant components. Its low-maintenance design makes it easy to maintain and keep running smoothly. The motor also provides a smooth ride, even on rough terrain.

Ergonomic Design

The Club Car Tempo features an ergonomically designed seat that provides a comfortable ride even on long trips. The adjustable seat back ensures optimal comfort and the armrests are adjustable for added comfort. The steering wheel is easy to grip and has a comfortable feel, making it easy to control the cart. Additionally, the dashboard includes an easy-to-read LCD display for viewing speed, battery life, and other important information.

Lightweight Construction

The Club Car Tempo features a lightweight construction that makes it easy to maneuver in tight spaces or around obstacles. It weighs just over 200 pounds so it can be easily lifted into the bed of a truck or trailer if needed. Additionally, the aluminum frame provides increased durability without adding unnecessary weight.

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Safety Features

The Club Car Tempo comes equipped with several safety features including headlights, taillights, brake lights, turn signals, and safety belts. All of these features help make sure you stay visible when driving in low light conditions or around other vehicles. The rollover protection system helps prevent accidents by activating when the cart tips over or is involved in an accident.


The Club Car Tempo can be used for a variety of applications including hauling goods or passengers in areas that are difficult to reach by other means such as golf courses or off-road trails. It can also be used as a personal transportation vehicle in areas where public transportation isn’t available such as rural areas or small towns. Finally, it can be used as an alternative transportation option for those who don’t have access to traditional cars or don’t want to rely on them for daily transportation needs.

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