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ClubCorp courses offer a wide variety of golf experiences for all skill levels. From the casual beginner to the experienced golfer, ClubCorp courses provide a unique and enjoyable golfing experience. From championship-level championship courses to more relaxed executive courses, each course is designed to ensure maximum enjoyment for all players. With top-notch facilities, stunning scenery and some of the best greens in the country, ClubCorp courses provide a memorable experience every time you hit the links.ClubCorp is a leading owner and operator of private golf and country clubs in the United States. With more than 200 premier golf, country, business, sports, and alumni clubs in 27 states and two countries, ClubCorp offers members access to the best courses and most exclusive experiences.

ClubCorp’s portfolio of courses is diverse, ranging from championship-level designs to family-friendly courses. Many of these award-winning courses have been designed by world-renowned architects including Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Tom Fazio, Rees Jones, and Robert Trent Jones.

The majority of ClubCorp’s courses are open to members only; however, some locations offer public tee times as well. All ClubCorp courses feature practice facilities, clubhouse amenities such as restaurants and bars, pro shops with a wide selection of merchandise and apparel for sale, tournament services for groups of all sizes, and more.

ClubCorp also offers an array of membership options with varying levels of access to its collection of courses. From full memberships that provide unlimited access to all ClubCorp locations worldwide to limited memberships that provide access to specific regions or clubs only – there is something for everyone at ClubCorp!

Types of ClubCorp Courses

ClubCorp offers a variety of courses for golfers of all levels. From beginner to advanced, there are courses designed to offer a challenging and enjoyable experience. The most popular courses include traditional 18-hole championship courses, country clubs, and executive courses. Championship courses are designed to provide players with an enjoyable challenge while providing beautiful views and spectacular landscapes. Country clubs are often private facilities that offer amenities such as spas, restaurants, and other recreational activities in addition to the golf course. Executive courses are shorter than traditional championship courses but provide a more challenging experience due to the increased difficulty of the holes. ClubCorp also offers Par 3 courses which feature nine holes that range in length from 40-100 yards as well as specialty or hybrid courses which combine elements from different types of course designs.

No matter your skill level or preference, ClubCorp has the perfect course for you.

Benefits of Joining ClubCorp

ClubCorp offers membership packages that provide exclusive access to premier country clubs, business and sports clubs, and resorts around the world. Members enjoy a wide range of benefits such as special privileges, discounts, and access to exclusive events. ClubCorp also offers social and networking opportunities with other members. Here are some of the benefits of joining ClubCorp:

Exclusive Access

ClubCorp members have exclusive access to over 200 premier country clubs, business and sports clubs, and resorts around the world. This includes access to private golf courses, dining rooms, fitness centers, spas, tennis courts and more. Members have the opportunity to explore new places while experiencing the highest level of hospitality.

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Special Privileges

ClubCorp members are offered special privileges such as complimentary green fees at select resorts, discounts on merchandise in Pro Shops at participating locations, complimentary house guest rounds at select courses, invitations to private events and much more. These privileges can help members save money while enjoying their favorite activities.

Networking Opportunities

ClubCorp provides members with a unique opportunity to network with other like-minded individuals from all over the world. Members have access to exclusive events where they can meet potential business partners or simply make new friends. These events are hosted by experienced professionals who can help facilitate meaningful connections.

By joining ClubCorp, members gain access to an extensive network of premier country clubs and resorts as well as special privileges and networking opportunities. Whether you’re looking for a place to relax or a chance to meet new people, ClubCorp is sure to provide you with an unforgettable experience!

ClubCorp Membership Options

ClubCorp offers a variety of membership options for those who wish to take advantage of their facilities and offerings. Whether you’re looking for access to their golf courses, country clubs, business clubs, or athletic clubs, ClubCorp has a membership option that will fit your needs. Memberships can be tailored to your specific interests and lifestyle, with access to ClubCorp’s network of over 200 properties across the United States. Each club is unique and offers members access to a variety of amenities, including golf courses, restaurants, fitness centers, swimming pools, spas and more. Additionally, members enjoy exclusive discounts on dining and entertainment events at all ClubCorp locations.

ClubCorp also offers “Signature Preferred” membership options for those who are looking for more exclusive benefits. With this particular membership type, members enjoy discounts on golf fees and pro shop purchases at participating clubs as well as access to private rooms at select locations. Other benefits include invitations to special events hosted by ClubCorp such as wine tastings and live music performances. Signature Preferred members also get complimentary admission into The Players Championship – one of the most prestigious professional golf tournaments in the world!

For those who travel frequently or are looking for a more flexible membership option, ClubCorp also offers their “Club Access” program. This program allows members access to any ClubCorp-affiliated club in their network with no annual dues or initiation fees. They simply pay an additional fee each time they visit a new club location – making it perfect for those who lead an active lifestyle or are always on the go!

No matter what type of lifestyle you lead or what kind of activities you’re interested in pursuing, ClubCorp has a membership option that will fit your needs!

Social Activities at ClubCorp Courses

ClubCorp courses offer a range of social activities that are ideal for people of all ages and backgrounds. From golf tournaments to wine tastings, there is something for everyone. The ClubCorp courses provide a great way to meet new people, build relationships and have fun. Whether you are looking for a casual round of golf or an evening of fine dining, ClubCorp has the perfect activity to suit your needs. The courses have professional staff who can help you plan the perfect event or outing.

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The courses also offer a variety of amenities such as on-site restaurants and bars, pro shops and driving ranges. These amenities make it easy for you to create the perfect atmosphere for your social gathering. With the right setting, you can create lasting memories with friends and family.

ClubCorp also offers special events throughout the year such as charity golf tournaments and special dinners. These events provide an opportunity to give back to the community while having fun. You can also take advantage of special discounts offered by the courses throughout the year.

At ClubCorp courses, you are sure to find something that fits your interests and lifestyle. Whether you are looking for an exciting round of golf or a relaxing evening with friends, ClubCorp has something for everyone to enjoy!

Golfing at ClubCorp Courses

Golfing at ClubCorp courses is a great way to spend a day out with friends or family. Whether you’re an experienced golfer or just starting out, there is something for everyone at a ClubCorp course. With over 200 premier private and resort courses in the US, Mexico, and China, there’s sure to be one near you.

ClubCorp’s courses offer plenty of amenities for golfers of all levels. From private lessons and clinics to practice facilities and tournaments, there is something for everyone. The pro shops are stocked with the latest golf apparel and equipment from top brands like Callaway, TaylorMade, and Titleist. The staff can help you find the perfect gear for your game.

ClubCorp courses also feature some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. From breathtaking mountain views to lush woodlands, each course is unique and offers something special. Whether you prefer a challenging par five or a scenic par three, ClubCorp has something that will suit your style of play.

At ClubCorp courses, you can enjoy everything that comes with playing on a world-class course – without breaking the bank! With competitive rates on green fees as well as access to exclusive memberships and discounts on merchandise, it’s easy to find an affordable way to enjoy golfing at ClubCorp courses.

So if you’re looking for an enjoyable round of golf with friends or family while taking in some breathtaking views, then look no further than ClubCorp! With over 200 premier private and resort courses in the US, Mexico, and China – there’s sure to be one near you!

Dining and Catering Services at ClubCorp Courses

ClubCorp courses offer a wide variety of dining and catering services to meet the needs of their members. From private events to corporate gatherings, they provide an array of delicious meals that will leave your guests satisfied. All meals are made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients, and served with professional service. Whether you are looking for an intimate dinner for two or a large event for hundreds, ClubCorp has you covered.

Their catering staff is experienced in creating customized menus that will impress your guests and make your event one to remember. With a range of options from traditional favorites to unique dishes, their chefs have something for everyone. They also offer special dietary options such as gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian dishes.

In addition to the delicious food they serve, ClubCorp also offers professional service staff who are dedicated to making sure your event runs smoothly. They provide setup and cleanup services so you can relax and enjoy the meal without worry. Their team is knowledgeable about all areas of event planning and can help with everything from table settings to arranging entertainment if needed.

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From weddings and anniversaries to corporate functions, ClubCorp’s dining and catering services make any event memorable. Their experienced staff will ensure that everything runs smoothly so you can focus on enjoying the occasion with your guests.

ClubCorp Courses

ClubCorp is a leader in the event planning industry, offering a wide range of courses to help create successful corporate events. From coursework in budgeting and venue selection to party planning and catering, ClubCorp has it all. With experienced staff providing personalized attention and expert advice, ClubCorp can help make your event a success. Whether you’re planning a small business party or a large corporate event, ClubCorp can provide the support and resources you need.


The process of planning an event can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to budgeting. Fortunately, ClubCorp offers courses that teach the basics of budgeting for an event. Students will learn how to set realistic goals and create an effective budget that meets their needs without breaking the bank. In addition, they’ll learn valuable money-saving tips for negotiating with vendors and suppliers.

Venue Selection

Selecting the right venue is one of the most important steps in planning any event. With its extensive network of venues, ClubCorp can help you find the perfect place for your gathering. From banquet halls to outdoor spaces, there’s something to suit any type of event. Plus, you’ll have access to experienced staff members who will provide valuable advice on selecting the right venue for your needs.

Party Planning

Once you’ve selected a venue, it’s time to start thinking about how to make your event stand out from the rest. ClubCorp offers courses that teach everything from menu selection and décor ideas to entertainment options and activities for guests. With this information at your fingertips, you’ll be able to plan an unforgettable corporate event that everyone will enjoy!


No matter what type of corporate event you’re planning, having delicious food is essential for success. ClubCorp offers courses on catering that cover everything from menu creation and food preparation tips to serving techniques and presentation ideas. With this information at your disposal, you’ll be able to serve up tasty dishes that will leave guests raving about your event!


ClubCorp courses offer a unique and enjoyable experience for golfers of all ages and skill levels. The variety of courses available ensures that everyone can find something that they love, no matter what their preferences are. With a range of amenities and services, ClubCorp courses make golfing a truly memorable experience. Whether you’re looking for a challenging game or just want to relax with friends in the beautiful outdoors, ClubCorp courses have something to offer for everyone.

ClubCorp also provides professional instruction to help players improve their game. With experienced instructors and state-of-the-art facilities, ClubCorp can ensure that your time on the course is both enjoyable and educational. With the help of these professionals, you’ll be able to take your game to the next level in no time.

In short, ClubCorp offers a wide variety of options for golfers who want to enjoy an unforgettable experience on the green. From beginner to expert players, everyone is sure to find something they love at one of their many courses around the world.