Best Callaway Drivers in 2022

If you are looking for a new driver Callaway is probably a good choice. We tested them on Pebble Beach golf course and here is our review on the best Callaway driver.

Callaway is known for producing some of the greatest drivers in the industry. Some may argue that it’s difficult to stay up with the newest technology, but for those who want the ball to travel further and straighter- who doesn’t? This advancement is welcome. 

Big Bertha and Great Big Bertha, two of golf’s most recognizable models from the previous three decades, are still in production. 

From tour professionals and scratch players to intermediates and amateurs, all levels of golfers have been helped by the Epic series from Callaway. 

It wasn’t until 2022 that Callaway introduced us to the Rogue ST driver line. Using the A.I. technology that has made the Rogue ST line so popular, the heads come in three different sizes to accommodate golfers of all skill levels. 

The whole Epic 21 driver line will still be available for custom fitting in 2022, along with this new set. 

You can read about each of the heads below, and we’ll also take a look at some of the top Callaway drivers that are still available online and in stores. The new Callaway Rogue ST models are stunning, too. 

If you’d want to learn more about any of the models we’ve selected, be sure to check out the complete reviews. Our goal is to give you as much information as possible so that you can choose the best model for your needs. 

In this review of the best Callaway drivers, we will try to help you golfers make the right choice out of all the Callaway drivers that this great company has produced. Read through this list to find the best Callaway driver and the best driver for your daily use. 

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    Best Callaway Drivers

    Callaway Rogue ST Max Driver
    • It’s a high-quality driver with a stylish design. 
    • It produces a very respectable ball speed and swing speed. 
    • It sounds and feels firm. 
    • It is expensive. 
    • It can look a little extra, especially on the club head. 

    Even though the performance of Callaway’s Mavrik and Epic 21 driver ranges is on par with the very finest golf drivers currently available, it is safe to say that the aesthetics of these two most modern golf club series from Callaway haven’t exactly set the world on fire. 

    Callaway’s new line of drivers is called the Rogue ST, and the “ST” in the name stands for “Speed Tuned.” 

    This is partly because the company has expanded its use of artificial intelligence to optimize its Flash Face, which helps launch the ball and control the spin. 

    The Rogue ST series will be launched to take the place of the Mavrik collection, which will be discontinued. The Rogue ST drivers will be available for purchase in stores on March 4, 2022, and preorders may be placed for them. 

    The Rogue ST drivers will be marketed in conjunction with the Epic Speed series that was discussed before. It is available in four distinct heads, including versions that fix draw bias and low spin. This Rogue driver is an impressive blend of features. 

    This list will start with the Rogue ST Max head since, in our opinion, this is the choice that will appeal to the largest number of different golfers. Callaway’s new line of drivers for 2022 will use AI more to improve the Flash Face speed, spin, release, and the ball’s speed. 

    The Rogue ST Max has been updated with the latest glossy crown, which we thought looked great. On the other hand, we weren’t huge fans of the clock-style markings on the back of the vehicle. The face seems to be straighter and softer, both of which contribute to increased visibility, which in turn makes it simpler to align. 

    In comparison to the original Rogue and Mavrik, this new Callaway Rogue driver seems to give great levels of structure and discipline while still managing to maintain competitive distances. The design as a whole is more luxurious, but the gameplay is easier for a wider range of players to understand. 

    This is a versatile driver for all intents and purposes, and it has something to offer for every kind of golfer. You will truly not regret buying this Callaway rogue driver if you choose to do so. 

    • Club head speed increases while exertion remains the same, thanks to the club’s streamlined design. 
    • It is their most technologically advanced driver. 
    • One of the most forgiving Callaway drivers and the most forgiving epic driver 
    • It’s a little too large. 
    • It is a new driver, so it has not yet stood the test of time. 

    The second-place finisher on our list is the Callaway Epic Speed driver. 

    This golf driver is an excellent all-around performer due to its forgiving nature, consistent performance, and strong performance. Stunning visuals and mouthwatering aural offerings. 

    The next development of Jailbreak technology is called Speed Frame, and it is featured in the new line of Epic Drivers. This new generation of Jailbreak technology was designed with the help of artificial intelligence to form an entirely new shape. It connects with the club head at four distinct points at the top and bottom to provide additional rigidity in the horizontal direction. 

    The result, according to Callaway, is a five percent boost in efficiency, which, when paired with a thinner carbon head and an upgraded face design that is specific to every loft, will increase ball speed and forgiveness in addition to spin consistency. 

    The Epic Speed is the quickest of the three new designs because it has the same cyclone shape as the Mavrik driver from the previous year. The driver’s tail lifts during the swing to improve airflow over the club head, which increases clubhead speed but with no added effort. 

    In light of all of this, we believe that players with low handicaps who swing quickly to hit the golf ball will get the most out of the Epic Speed. 

    The Epic driver offers a lot of speed, which is to say that it is easily the fastest driver on our list and, as a new driver, still makes the list of the best Callaway drivers. 

    The Epic Speed driver, according to Callaway, features quicker ball speeds and an improved aerodynamic design, making it the fastest driver ever, as well as more forgiveness than prior MAVRIK designs. 

    Some better players may not appreciate how the new Jailbreak Speed Frame impacts feedback. The excellent reliability that this golf driver offers is worth the trade-off, particularly because the overall feel is so fantastic. 

    These drivers promote fast ball speeds while offering maximum forgiveness and distance. It is truly a great package. Get the Epic speed driver if you want to go fast on the golf course. 

    • The Jailbreak speed frame on it offers max ball speed quite comfortably. 
    • It offers adjustability on its loft. 
    • It is their most forgiving driver. 
    • It is mostly for people with mishit issues. 
    • Some people might not find the design too attractive. 

    The Callaway Big Bertha B21 is one of the finest slice fixing drivers for 2022 and was designed exclusively for golfers who slice the ball. This driver offers distance, forgiveness, and the ability for the ball to move down the fairway rather than across it, which is the experience that many golfers who slice have. 

    The brilliance of this Big Bertha B21 driver is that it incorporates all of the premium technology that is seen on the most recent drivers produced by Callaway. Like the Jailbreak speed frame, some of the features are truly impressive. 

    The bigger Flash Face on the Big Bertha driver has been constructed out of very durable and heat-treated titanium, making it possible for the complicated face design to achieve ideal ball speed, scatter, and spin characteristics. 

    At address, the wide club head and a significant amount of offset instill a sense of confidence in the golfer. The loft adjustability in the shaft enables the player to add or remove the loft, depending on their own choice. 

    If you tend to slice the ball, we suggest adding additional loft to your golf club to generate more backspin on the ball. 

    This Callaway Big Bertha B21 driver has the largest offset of any on this list, and it is evident from the address. It will handle any off-center strikes. Whether or not you like the appearance of this driver comes down to a matter of personal choice. In any case, it will be a significant assistance in stopping the slice. 

    Get this Callaway Big Bertha driver from the Callaway Big Bertha series if you want power, forgiveness, and the ability to fix mishits. These Callaway drivers do not disappoint. 

    • It is a forgiving driver, especially when compared to their previous forgiving drivers like the Epic Flash. 
    • It is simple to use. 
    • Consistent ball speed all across the board. 
    • It is not as stylish as their other drivers. 
    • It can be considered unaffordable due to its steep price tag. 

    Strong and reliable performance can be expected from the MAVRIK, the base model of the Callaway Mavrik driver. It deserves to be on our list of Best Callaway drivers, and it looks great from every possible angle. 

    The MAVRIK is a little longer than the Rogue but not quite as long as the Epic Flash, especially when stuck in the sweet area, and this is one of the most important things that we learned from testing it. Surprisingly, the Jailbreak speed frame feature functions quite well on this golf club. 

    This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise when you stop to think about it. The MAVRIK is designed to be more forgiving than the Epic Flash and has more spin, which logically implies that it will have less distance. 

    Because of the greater ball speed zone on the Flash Face, mishits are also as long as possible, if not even longer. 

    Despite this, Callaway Mavrik driver is by no means a short driver, and if you figure out how to get a solid ball flight out of it, you should be quite pleased with the results. 

    Because of the size of the club head, our results showed a significant increase in ball speed when we used it. 

    One of the strongest suits of Callaway Mavrik golf club is forgiveness. The forgiveness is somewhat better than the Rogue and much better than the Epic Flash. This leads to outstanding consistency and reliable outcomes. 

    Golfers who desire more forgiveness than Epic Flash can provide, it’s a better alternative than the Rogue since it takes from the Rogue and makes those features even better. 

    In terms of performance, the MAVRIK is a rock-solid performer with great forgiveness and a unique sound and feel to match. A solid performer all in all. 

    • It offers a lot of forgiveness and helps with the launch angle of your shot. 
    • It will look great in your golf bag. 
    • This golf club has the latest version of Jailbreak technology AND Artificial Intelligence. 

    This golf club is really expensive. 

    If you’re looking for a new golf club, look no further than the Epic Flash from Callaway. 

    Every year, the biggest brands in golf present their newest and most innovative equipment. Most players are always looking to upgrade their drivers. Who doesn’t want to hit the ball farther? Everyone does. 

    A new golf club may completely alter your game if you’re a golfer. Everyone wants more distance. 

    The Callaway Epic Flash driver makes this a distinct possibility. Callaway went against the grain and produced something unique when it came to their newest driver. 

    In 2019, Callaway flipped the script and published the Epic Flash drivers. Its driver features include the Flash face technology, Jailbreak technology, and Artificial Intelligence, and these features work in tandem for shot shape correction. 

    The Callaway Epic Flash driver series from Callaway is a terrific addition to your bag if you’re looking for greater ball speed and distance. Callaway’s AI technology has undergone extensive testing, and the results are quite remarkable. 

    Compared to the likes of Callaway Mavrik and Callaway Epic Speed, this is a game-changer. It’s easy to understand why this driver got amazing reviews all over the internet with so much technology packed into one club. 

    Check out the new Callaway Epic Flash Driver for crazy distance and a lot of forgiveness! It is built for mid handicappers and will work great for them. 

    • This golf driver has a super forgiving driver’s head. 
    • It looks beautiful, and the streamlined design is eye-candy. 
    • Its unconventional form may turn some off. 
    • Some people may have a hard time justifying the exorbitant price tag. 

    Under the Callaway Big Bertha name, Reva is Callaway’s new range of women’s clubs. Many professional and amateur female golfers gave their ideas and knowledge to the development of the Reva line of golf clubs, which are made only for female golfers. 

    Although this driver is intended for women, the Reva line’s clubs are not limited to “women’s clubs.” Based on these results, every part of Big Bertha’s equipment has been updated for ladies with slow to moderate swing speeds. The result is their first women’s driver that has a plethora of upgrades. 

    That Callaway has decided to design a female-targeted driver in bright blue and black rather than a more typical feminine color scheme is a nice change. 

    For strong hits, the Jailbreak technology of Callaway and the Flash Face technology and its vast region work together to stabilize the clubhead. There is a significant amount of forgiveness with excellent outcomes, which is why we were able to get away with a few mishits. 

    You can’t help but feel confident on the fairway thanks to the soft Lamkin grip, which is pleasant to grasp, and the moderately offset clubhead, which fits extremely neatly behind the ball for simple targeting. Together, these features make it impossible not to feel quietly confident. 

    The low CG and internal draw-bias weighting provide both height and accuracy off the tee, which was a focus throughout the design process. Well-hit shots hit their marks quite easily. 

    • Excellent feedback on impact. 
    • Highly forgiving. 

     The spin could have been improved. 

    At Callaway, things have changed. In their golf drivers, you can see it, and in their buzz, you can tell. Once upon a time, Callaway was known for its golf drivers. Callaway’s market share has been decreasing over the last several years. Callaway decided to change things with the Hot X driver. 

    That is already bearing fruit. Consumers will greatly benefit from this complete overhaul. There has been some talk about the X Hot driver since it’s a fantastic, lightweight, and easy-to-swing golf driver. 

    Is the product as good as the manufacturer claims? A skilled golfer may be able to send the ball flying, but it doesn’t guarantee the typical golfer will notice even a tiny increase in distance. Even the ordinary player should notice the distance from this putter. It’s no surprise that the X-Hot is winning awards all over the internet. 

    Although the X Hot is the least shiny golf driver in the Callaway lineup, it still has a lot to offer. A titanium head with a Callaway shaft is included. It is available in two variations: the regular and pro models. 

    It has a lovely metallic tone to it. Because titanium is used instead of composite, it is somewhat louder than the Taylormade drivers, although it is still rather quiet. The metallic sensation is pleasant to the ears if you hit a good shot. 

    This speed and range are accompanied by forgiveness. With its sleek grey finish, the head oozes charisma. The face is scorching hot throughout, and the lesser bulk of the club head simply makes this a forgiving combination to hit. 

    The whole package is tailored to a broad range of golfers. Because it is lightweight, even sluggish swingers will benefit from the combination. It has a relatively modest spin to avoid mishits. It’s probably best suited to the majority of players with a mid-to-high handicap. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the top Callaway driver?

    In 2022, the Callaway Rogue ST Max Driver is the best driver that Callaway offers. This is a flexible driver, and it has something to offer for every single kind of player. The Flash Face technology on it is one of a kind, and it is forgiving while being affordable. It is an easy choice for us as the best Callaway driver. 

    Is Mavrik better than Epic?

    If you feel more comfortable using a more forgiving driver, then the Mavrik is a good option for you. It is constructed out of the more cutting-edge Flash Face material, which results in quick hits on the golf ball despite a reduction in accuracy. On the other hand, the Epic Flash is without a doubt the best option to go with if you’re looking for shot variety and capability. 

    What is the top-rated driver for 2021?

    In the year 2021, the Callaway Epic Max Driver was considered to be the finest driver overall. It is a wonderful driver that deserved to be there. It was Callaway’s most popular model over the last 20 years, and in 2021, A.I. was utilized to give it a fresh design to appeal to a wider audience. 

    What Callaway driver are the pros using?

    Rogue ST Triple Diamond and MAVRIK Sub Zero golf clubs are popular among pros. These two drivers (along with a slew of others) are top-of-the-line drivers that are often utilized in professional play. These drivers get you the maximum distance. 


    Hope you found this guide helpful. Finding a good driver is not so easy task. Thanks to Callaway company they make your decision a lot easier.

    Get yourself the best Callaway driver today!