Best Cheap Golf Drivers in 2022

We reviewed the best cheap golf drivers on the market in 2022 and here is our checklist!

Finding quality golf drivers within one’s price range might seem like a full-time job with how much work it takes. People hear a lot about the newest and finest technology, but the older models fade into the background due to all the attention paid to the newest and best technology. 

It’s hard to imagine that the year 2022 is almost halfway through. Because of everything that has transpired in the first half of this year, you may have had less time than normal to keep up with your golf equipment. 

You’re in luck if you’ve been putting off acquiring that nice new driver you’ve had your eye on. 

The goal of this evaluation was to uncover the top drivers that were either released this year or are older drivers that will still be among the best in 2022. Not everyone has the time or money to try out a variety of drivers, and not everyone can manage to pay for expensive drivers or high-priced clubs to smash it down the fairway. 

However, we bore the burden of testing numerous drivers for you, the reader. We feel we have completed our sad task of finding the best-performing and economical golf drivers for golfers of all ability levels. 

We’ve put up a list of the top ten drivers to have in your arsenal for 2022. Quality design, variety, pricing, and, of course, performance were all factors we considered. Take a peek at the inexpensive drivers we discovered that are great value for money. We’ll provide our opinions on the best affordable golf drivers available. 

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    Cheap Golf Drivers Reviewed In This Guide

    Best Cheap Golf Drivers List

    TaylorMade Men's RocketBallz Fairway

    You have come to the right spot if you’re looking for a driver with no embellishments or flashy design which can do the task. 

    TaylorMade is always willing to invest time, money, and effort into analysis, innovation, and evaluation. TaylorMade is continually studying and experimenting with new technologies, with a track record of success. It’s no different with the Fairway driver. It’s designed to go fast and far while still being forgiving. As a result, it is one of the most effective game enhancement drivers. 

    It’s a well-made automobile at a reasonable price. There’s a lot packed into this low-cost club, from TaylorMade’s Fairway velocity zone to titanium’s ultralight center and a distinctive graphite shaft. 

    It also includes a complimentary headcover and has a lovely glossy black finish. It’s the best driver for moderate-to-high-handicappers aiming to enhance their tee-to-green performance. So let’s take a closer look at this exceptional driver that will fulfill all your needs on the golf course. 

    The 60cc clubhead is the biggest and best for competitions. The bigger clubface, which gives greater power for off-center smashes, is popular among golfers. The increased size also aids in the production of stronger shots. The larger titanium head guarantees optimal playability and reliability at the location for golfers. The titanium core in this driver shifts the CG below and rearward in the driver’s head for extra launch at contact. It also aids in channeling more power to the golf ball, resulting in increased ball speed and distance off the face. 

    TaylorMade incorporated their signature speed pocket on this standout driver to generate a lofty launch angle that leads to greater distance. It gives good distance while avoiding the nasty spin that may create terrible cuts and hooks. In addition, the ball helps to lessen the spin, which provides the ball with the ideal range, allowing it to go farther than the spin imparted by the tee. 

    This golf driver right here is a budget golf driver, and it used to be a hit driver on the market when it was released. Not to say that it isn’t hot anymore, as the decrease in price makes it one of the best budget golf drivers overall and the best budget golf driver on our list. 


    The Srixon Z 765 driver, the runner-up on our list, is an exceptional driver for a player looking for a strong ball flight. It is durable and not too big. It’s easy to see how Srixon has built up such a strong reputation over the past several years when you look at their club options. There may not be any manufacturer that does a better job of developing high-end items for seasoned gamers than Srixon. This is a very lightweight driver, and to be that while being one of the budget golf drivers is simply amazing. 

    The tiny size of the Z 765 will appeal to the more experienced player. When the Z 765 driver is struck, it generates a medium-sized crack. Just enough to make you feel good, but not enough that golfers on the golf course believe you’re overcompensating for your mistakes. The instrument has a very solid feel and wonderful feedback. For the most part, the good and poor hits are easy to see through with a smaller driver. 

     As advertised, the Srixon Z 765 driver provided a powerful, piercing ball flight. The Z 765 provides lots of forgiveness for low handicappers who keep close to the sweet spot. In all honesty, it is a forgiving driver, and you would not be making the wrong decision if you chose to go with this driver. 

     Because most players want as much forgiveness as they can get, there aren’t a lot of drivers available with a displacement of less than 460 cc on the market. The Srixon Z 765 will be the rare jewel on the market for drivers, and it is designed specifically for better players who seek an extremely powerful ball flight. This Srixon golf club is worth the investment. 

    The second-place finisher on our list is a PGX Offset Golf Driver. If you are looking for a driver with unparalleled forgiveness and minimal slice, look no further. The PGX driver’s offset technology and large sweet spot make it very forgiving regardless of where the ball is struck on the face. 

    This superb offset driver comes with a gorgeous black finish and provides maximum forgiveness. In addition, the 460cc lightweight driver also comes with a leather sheath and weighs just 200g. Continue reading to discover more about this driver’s characteristics. 

    This golf driver has become incredibly popular due to the unique characteristics that set it apart from its competition. 

    Unlike other manufacturers, the PGX Offset Golf driver’s clubhead is not constructed of pricey titanium. Engineers at PGX made a club head made of two different metals. This type of clubhead is usually found on less expensive golf clubs. 

    This is not a hefty club. Although the material is more luxurious than titanium, you can feel it when you swing the club. Players who are unsure of their swing speed may control the ball using the offset clubhead’s unique hitting zone. The PGX driver also has a loft angle of 11 degrees, which is common for drivers. 

    Graphite shafts have been around for a long time in the golf industry. Its lightweight graphite shaft makes the driver ideal for players who want high performance in their swing and maximum forgiveness. 

    Get this driver if you want the most forgiving driver on our list. 


    To begin with, keep in mind that you’re watching a practice driver. However, we’ve included it because we believe it has the potential to aid golfers in improving their swing. 

    Momentus Golf has long been a leader in the industry when it comes to training drivers and fitness equipment. Even the world’s longest hitters practice and train with their clubs. As a weighted golf club, the Power Hitter Driver aids in the development of golf-specific muscles. They most certainly do. 

    Those who swing at an average speed of 80mph or less should use this driver. 

    The head weighs 240 grams, and the shaft weighs 180 grams, making it very light and easy to use. The loft angle of the Momentus Power Hitter is 10.5 degrees, and it is available in 3 different weights. 

    Depending on your size, this practice driver can cost anywhere from $40 to $80. (the smaller the size, the less expensive). This is a feature that may benefit both rookies and experienced players. 

    It’s ideal for general balance, creating a constant swing tempo, and distributing weight evenly. 


    The Wilson Staff C300 features a lot of flexibility and a lot of forgiveness. It’s a fantastic performer. Wilson Staff has restored itself as one of golf’s best iron manufacturers in recent years. Wilson provides something for everyone, whether it’s drivers for better players, drivers for high handicappers, or drivers for everyone in the middle. 

    In the woods, the firm is still attempting to establish its footing. Wilson’s public reputation as an iron manufacturer has remained unchanged despite several high-quality items in recent years. The C300 line is their most recent and most successful attempt to get beyond that barrier. 

    It makes a solid “thwack” sound that is significantly louder than usual. We didn’t mind the increased loudness since there was no sharpness or metallic “ting” to the sound. A tiny bouncing sensation occurs when you hit the ball precisely. The ball seems to be trampolining against the face. It’s a lot like hitting a Duo Softball—a lot of fun. 

    Even when we were hitting the golf ball on the heel or toe, we got extremely good ball speed. The spin rates are also reliable. The C300 driver may be adjusted to a significant degree. The loft can be adjusted one degree lower or two degrees higher at the hosel. The angle of the face is also altered as a result of this. 

    You may shift the weights around to fine-tune your shot shape. You may move the heavier weight plug to induce a draw, fade, or neutral ball flight. The weights made a significant, but not overpowering, difference. 

    I am certain that this driver will perform well enough to compete with the top budget drivers in 2022. Try the C300 driver at your next fitting if you’re brave enough to play with the red.


    Although geared for elite golfers, the Tour Edge Hot Launch C522 driver is nonetheless jam-packed with innovation and forgiveness at an unbelievable price. Tour Edge’s Fiery Launch driver range has been added with Diamond Face 2.0 technology for a hot feel and lots of ball speed. This car is hard to beat when it comes to value for money. 

     The size of this driver is very standard. In the form of a “capital D,” it has a tiny point at the tail end. The fact that the CG is so far down in the body accounts for the minor lengthening. The black, blue, and white Hot Launch motif from the 521 line is carried over to the other side of the club. Based on its appearance, we’d never guess it’s one of the affordable drivers. It’s a stunning design, particularly from the tee box. 

    Exceptional value for money. When we think about the Tour Edge HL C522 driver, it’s the first thing that springs to mind. We discovered that we were setting the same expectations with the C522 with “pricey” drivers throughout our testing since it was operating at that level. We immediately lost sight of the fact that this was meant to be a “value” driver. Even though it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of more expensive competitors, the C522’s simple performance is on par with many premium drives and makes it one of the best budget golf drivers. Get this driver, and it will not disappoint you. 


    The Cleveland golfer often appears in review articles. It offers a slew of desirable characteristics for golfers. They may not be a household name in the golf club manufacturing industry, but they undoubtedly know how to manufacture one of the greatest affordable golf drivers. Help 

    Slow-swinging golfers will appreciate this club’s performance. High launch allows you to get the maximum out of your swing with this club. By virtue of the HB suffix in the name, this is conceivable. In this case, HiBore stands for the crown. 

    Because it’s composed of carbon fiber, it sits a little higher than the face. This is a huge factor in lowering the center of gravity. When you’re driving, the low center of gravity lets you get some height in the beginning. 

    CUP face technology is used on the face itself. To maximize distance, Cleveland has taken it a step further by making use of a new design. In order to reinforce areas of the face that aren’t normally used, they use varying thicknesses of the face. Because the face is thicker at the toe, hitting it will result in less twisting. This minimizes distance loss while keeping your ball on the line. 

    The weight of this club is the last item I’d want to bring up. Due to the club’s small weight, you should be able to increase your swing speed rapidly. The absence of loft adjustment is a significant factor in this. The lack of a loft sleeve saves a lot of weight on this driver. Even though it isn’t the most affordable car on the list, this one is a great value for the money. 

    When Shopping for an Affordable Golf Driver, What Should You Look for?

    To obtain the best of both worlds, you should look for an adjustable and cheap driver. This is an excellent value if you alter the club to match your swing better. 

    If you’re searching for a forgiving club, give importance to the CG. If it’s low and at the club’s rear, you’re more likely to receive a club with more forgiving characteristics. 

    A huge sweet spot, a light graphite shaft, and the most up-to-date technology are all desirable features. 

    Cheap drivers sometimes come with a few shaft choices. Graphite is the material of choice for golf driver shafts, but make sure you choose one that is light enough to give you the speed you need. 

    Just because a product has been around for some time doesn’t mean it’s horrible. If it’s still being made, it was presumably a good idea in the first place. 


    The majority of individuals mistakenly feel that golf must come at a high financial cost. You can save money on golf clubs if you get the appropriate guidance and then use that money to pay for green fees instead. 

    That in no way implies that you have to forgo quality in the process. 

    The TaylorMade Men’s RocketBallz Fairway is the ideal product for golfers looking for a ball that satisfies their needs in terms of technology, performance, and competitive cost. Finding more fairways does not need you to spend an arm and a leg. Stay away from the major brands in order to save your financial resources for true golf. 

    Have some fun with it, and don’t hold back.