Titleist TS2 & TS3 Driver Review 2022

In this post, we will review Titleist TS2 and TS3 Driver. This will be an epic guide so we will try to bring you a closer look at those drivers and are they a good fit for you.

Titleist is one of the oldest and most important golfing names known around the world. Being one of the most famous golf brands, they are well known and renowned amongst golfers worldwide.

Titleist is also very old and a historic brand name. It was originally founded in 1932 by Philip E. Young and focused specifically on producing golfing equipment and golf balls.

Over the years, Titleist has been active; it has produced some of the best golf clubs and equipment the world has ever seen. This was a large factor in its initial success. By 1949, Titleist balls were the most used golf balls at the US Open Tournament. It is now worth several billion dollars.

It’s safe to say this historic and tenured brand is a huge success story. That begs the question: what is it about their clubs attracting so much praise and attention?

The answer is pure quality. Every piece of equipment Titleist has ever produced has been expertly crafted at a very high standard, which greatly increased their reputation among golfers.

Over the last 9 decades, Titleist has racked up quite a lot of experience. Many of the biggest innovations both in the design of clubs and their manufacturing were developed by Titleist. In the modern era, they have kept up with demand by investing even more in their research and development division to develop more cutting-edge technology.

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    Titleist TS2 & TS3 Driver Review

    Titleist TS2 and TS3 review

    The product of all those years of effort, experience and history, along with the millions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of manhours spent, are the Titleist TS2 and TS3 line of drivers.

    These drivers feature some of the finest design and craftsmanship of any driver available commercially. Titleist has combined more or less every modern convenience golfers would desire in two sleek and compact packages. Using either of these drivers will most probably boost your performance greatly.

    These drivers succeed the 917 drivers also produced by Titleist, which had a tepid response upon its initial release. To many, the 917 was emblematic of many of the problems Titleist was facing: a historic but ageing brand gradually falling behind the curve, not quick enough to adapt to a changing market and, as a result losing relevance.

    The TS2 and TS3 was the perfect response Titleist could give. In one fell swoop, they proved that the Titleist name is indeed an institution in the world of golf, and they won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

    One of the biggest improvements these new drivers have over the 917 is the build quality and design. Like most drivers produced by Titleist, the 917 was very well made, but some design errors meant a high amount of drag which impacted the shot quality and average ball speed.

    On the other hand, these drivers are far sleeker and more compact than the 917. They also feature a 20% reduction in drag and a sizeable weight reduction.

    In this review, we’ll be reviewing the TS2 and TS3 separately. Keep reading to find out their pros and cons, and which one we think you should buy.

    Titleist TS2 Driver Review

    When considering the quality of a driver, you have to make some key considerations to judge whether it is worth buying truly. These factors include the build quality, design, look and feel forgiveness, and the list goes on.

    Build quality


    As expected from a piece of equipment manufactured by Titleist, the TS2 has a very good build quality. Titleist is known for having a strong focus on building quality and longevity when designing drivers.

    The body is made out of premium-performance titanium that boosts performance and durability without sacrificing anything or increasing the weight.

    The club is lightweight and feels easy to hold and swing. Thanks to the premium materials used in its construction, the TS2 is one of the most durable drivers on the market, and certainly, one of the most durable drivers Titleist has manufactured in recent times.

    You can expect to use the TS2 in top condition for years with little maintenance. Many experienced players and even professionals have used this driver and have been surprised at the titanium’s durability.

    In this way, the TS2 can also be viewed as a long-term option. It’s a club you’ll be able to use for years, and if you maintain it, the lifespan stretches to decades.



    The design is another extremely important aspect of any driver. The TS2’s predecessor, the 917, had a sub-optimal design that resulted in poorer performance than many expected.

    This has been rectified with the TS2, as drag has been reduced significantly. The face is sleeker and more compact than before, so air resistance is reduced, and the speed of the swing is much higher on average.

    The face is also quite flat, more so than in competing drivers. Titleist claims that this flat face design is the most comfortable and will boost performance greatly.

    The titanium crowns packed in the driver are much thinner than in the 917, saving 10 grams of weight. Six more grams were reduced by making the variable thickness face of the driver thinner. This extra weight has been compensated in different ways in the TS2 and the TS3.

    In the TS2, Titleist used the reduced weight to fit in a small weight in the back of the driver’s head. The purpose of this weight is to reduce ball spin and increase loft, both of which will increase the efficiency of your shot and increase ball distance.

    Look and feel


    Look and feel is perhaps the most subjective quality of any driver and one of the most important ones for all the golfers who like to show off.

    If you’re in the market for a flashy-looking driver, you’re in luck. The TS2 has a unique, sleek design that makes the entire driver feel premium and classy. The finish is glossy black with white accents that make the TS2 look futuristic.

    Combine this with an unusually flat, pear-shaped face and a shaft made out of titanium, and you have a stunner in terms of looks. The thinner crown and face also make the TS2 look compact.

    The sound is similar to the sound produced by classic Titleist drivers, which is to say, it produces the classic Titleist sound. This sound was missing from the 917, which led to a massive outcry from diehard Titleist fans, so if you consider yourself one of those fans, you’ll be happy to hear that sound is back.

    The sound is not too loud but still satisfying whenever a good shot is produced. The sound is duller but clear enough for mishits, so you know what to adjust.



    Forgiveness is the most important quality you have to look for in a driver besides the performance, especially if you’re a beginner. Buying a fancy looking, the expensive driver will have no benefit if it’s too difficult to use.

    Thankfully, Titleist has included many adjustments that will make the TS2 easy for players to use at any skill level.

    The extra weight that has been included in the face increases forgiveness greatly by increasing ball loft, speed and distance while reducing ball spin. The reduction in ball spin means that the ball won’t travel sideways too much and instead will travel straight ahead in the direction of the shot, increasing efficiency and ball distance.

    However, since the face is thinner and has a smaller bulge than most drivers, it can be difficult to use. Beginners can use the TS2 but should expect a brief period initially where it isn’t easy to get used to the new design.



    Diehard Titleist fans and experienced golfers will be happy to hear that the performance of the TS2 is better than ever. Though it caters to beginners and high handicap players, it also has a very high skill ceiling and can be used by skilled golfers without limiting them.

    TS2 stands for Titleist Speed Project 2, and it proves why Titleist named it when you take your first swing. Ball speed is very high, as is ball distance. This is thanks to a combination of the reduced weight, the thinner face, and the extra weight included in the back of the face.

    The lighter frame results in a faster swing speed which is a big factor in increasing ball distance. The low ball spin means the ball travels in a straighter line and goes farther. The forward centre of gravity also increases the launch angle, resulting in higher loft, which causes the ball to go further.

    These adjustments combined with the high ball speed the TS2 can provide means that the performance is very high and is suitable for experts and even professionals. Titleist has truly done a great job by making this driver extremely versatile.



    Unlike the 971 and the TS3, the TS2 doesn’t have many adjustable settings on the driver itself. The extra weight loaded into the face has been kept in place of the sliding weight which the TS3 has.

    This means that the TS2 is automatically less versatile than its sister driver and has fewer customizable options. However, this is not much of a drawback if you consider the performance that the TS2 still provides.

    There are also many shaft options, all of which completely change how you will use the TS2. These options include the Mitsubishi KURO KAGE Black Dual Core SFW 50, the Mitsubishi Tensei AV Series Blue and the PROJECT HZRUS Smoke Black and Smoke Yellow shafts.

    These shafts all have different weights and lend a greater deal of customizability to the TS2, so you’ll likely be satisfied no matter what your play style is.

    Player handicap level


    The player handicap level that the TS2 caters to is a mid-to-high handicap level.

    The face is quite flat and difficult to get used to at first, but once you have gotten used to it, it provides consistency and increased ball speed almost effortlessly. This is why the initial period of trying this driver out may be tricky.

    However, the other adjustments such as reduced weight, increase in ball speed and less ball spin mean that the ball will travel farther and faster in the hands of most people without having to adjust their game too much.

    There is enough complexity packed into the TS2 that low handicap players will still be satisfied. However, it does not reach the same levels as the TS3, largely due to the absence of a sliding weight.

    Value for money


    The value for money here is quite high due to the high forgiveness and the good build quality. You can expect to use this driver for years and years just for one small price. Beginners will be satisfied with the instant boost in performance this driver will afford them and, once they ascend in terms of skill and experience, they can continue to use the TS2 as their main driver due to its complexity, versatility, and depth.

    Titleist TS3 Driver Review

    The TS3 is a driver that was released alongside the TS2. It offers more complexity and customizability than its sister driver at an increased cost. In this review, we’ll take a look at some of its main features.

    Build quality


    The build quality of the TS3 is just as good as in the TS2 for a simple reason: they are built using the same materials. Since they are sister drivers produced and released simultaneously, they have many things in common, chiefly build quality and design.

    The shaft is made of premium-performance titanium, which feels a bit more expensive and higher-grade than in the TS2.

    The lightweight body makes the driver feel almost weightless in hand, similar to the TS2. However, it has even greater durability and is very resistant to degradation. The only way you won’t get several years out of this driver is if you toss it around all day, every day.



    The design is virtually the same as in the TS2. The smaller titanium crown shaves off 10 grams from the weight of the driver, while the thinner face reduces the weight further by 6 grams.

    However, unlike the TS2, the extra weight difference is compensated with a different, adjustable weight, known as the SureFit CG weight, which can change draw, fade and neutral biases. The face is also rounder than in the TS2, making it easier to align with the ball. This adjustable weight lends a great deal of versatility to the TS3.

    The face has also been adjusted to be more aerodynamic than the 917, so drag is significantly reduced, and the ball speed increases.

    Look and feel


    The TS3 largely looks the same as the TS2. It has a sleek, sporty glossy black finish with white accents that make the TS3 look like a tool from the future.

    The only difference can be found in the adjustable weight on the face and the face itself. The face is rounder and more aerodynamic than in the TS2, and the weight present is adjustable. There are no other major differences.



    The TS3 is quite forgiving, similar to the TS2. It has low ball spin, high ball speed and a high launch angle. This all comes together to increase ball distance greatly. No matter your skill level, if you pick up this driver, you’ll likely see an immediate improvement in your performance.

    However, there is also a very high skill ceiling for this driver. The skill ceiling is even higher than in the TS2, thanks to the extra versatility the sliding weight gives. Beginners, intermediates and pros alike will use this driver and enjoy it.

    The extra forgiveness, along with the higher skill ceiling, will make this driver seem like a good deal to many golfers.



    The performance of the TS3 is just as good, if not better, than that of the TS2.

    Once again, the changes made to the design and the face provide a big boost to average ball speeds. The TS3 increases ball speed so much that most users will likely see an immediate difference in results regardless of their skill level.

    Ball distance is also longer on average as compared to the TS2. The flat face, while decreasing forgiveness, works quite well in providing a boost to the ball and launches it quite far. The forward centre of gravity also provides good stability throughout the shot and ensures infrequent mishits.

    The face of this driver also has a large sweet spot to make sure that mishits are uncommon, and when you do make a mishit, it’s not as penalizing. The frame’s low weight raises swing speed and makes it much easier to get a big swing and launch the ball miles.

    The adjustable weight adds more versatility than the TS2 provides. This will appeal specifically to experienced users who can use these added options to increase their performance.

    The added adjustments made by Titleist to reduce ball spin works wonders since the ball always travels in a straight line without straying too much from the direction of the shot. This low spin helps beginners and experienced users, too, since users will have to spend less time aligning the driver and will need to be less precise with shots across the world.



    The main and most obvious adjustable feature of the TS3 is the moveable weight on the driver’s face, which changes biases for draw and distance.

    This allows the TS3 to be used in virtually all circumstances, which is not the case with its sister driver. Although this option may seem small and irrelevant, its presence is truly a game-changer, and its effect on the overall playing experience cannot be understated and can best be surmised by using the driver.

    Player handicap level


    This driver appeals to the same bracket of mid-to-high handicap players as the TS2, with some minor exceptions.

    As with the TS2, the unconventional shape of the face and the overall design of the club is a bit difficult to get used to and probably won’t be comfortable for absolute beginners. However, it’s easy to adjust to the TS3 and begin to use it as normal.

    The TS3 also appeals to a more experienced demographic than the TS2. Most devoted Titleist customers will likely spring for this option just due to the added performance and skill ceiling it provides.

    Value for money


    Value for money is excellent, as you can get your hands on one of the best drivers on the market for the same price as many other drivers. As with the TS2, the TS3 is made of solid, durable, and premium materials that will last for years. Considering the longevity this driver could have, this purchase seems like an easy decision.

    Enjoy your new TS2 or TS3 Driver

    Titleist has delivered two outstanding drivers in the TS2 and TS3. The release of these drivers can be seen as the perfect reply to critics who claimed that Titleist was an ageing brand and was falling behind the curve. It also showed that Titleist is not afraid to adapt to changes in the market and take some risks with both the design of their products and their brand identity.

    Between the two drivers, our vote would have to go to the TS3. It does many things that the TS2 does but has extra features like a better-shaped face and an adjustable weight. This is the driver that most diehard Titleist fans and experienced golfers will buy. At the same time, it can be used by beginners thanks to its high forgiveness.

    No matter which option you go with, rest assured that both of these drivers are high-quality. Most golfers will envy you if they see you with the TS2 or TS3 in your hand.

    What did you think about our Titleist TS2 and TS3 review? Which do you prefer? Let us know in the comments below.