cobra black irons

Cobra Black Irons are the perfect set of clubs for the discerning golfer. Featuring a classic design and superior performance, Cobra Black Irons provide an unparalleled combination of distance, control and accuracy. Their sleek black finish adds a touch of sophistication to your game while their innovative design helps you shoot lower scores. The wide sole and progressive offset allow for easy launch, while the undercut cavity provides maximum forgiveness on off-center hits. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, Cobra Black Irons will help you take your game to the next level.Cobra Golf’s Black Irons are designed to provide maximum performance and power for golfers of all abilities. The irons feature an advanced construction featuring a carbon fiber body and tungsten sole to create a lighter, more forgiving club head. The progressive face design provides increased speed and distance, while the deep undercut cavity gives golfers more control over their shots. The irons are also optimized with Cobra Connect Technology, which allows golfers to track their performance on their smartphones or tablets. Packed with features that meet the demands of any golfer, Cobra Black Irons are perfect for those looking to take their game to the next level.


Cobra Black Irons offer superior accuracy. The black irons feature a deep undercut cavity and a thin face, both of which work together to create a larger sweet spot for more consistent and accurate ball striking. Additionally, the irons have low centre of gravity, which helps launch the ball higher with less spin for greater accuracy.

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Cobra Black Irons are designed with forgiveness in mind. The deep undercut cavity design helps to move the center of gravity lower and away from the face, providing improved forgiveness on off-center shots. This allows players to make shots that would normally result in an errant shot to still stay on target.


The Cobra Black Irons provide excellent distance performance due to their low centre of gravity and thin face design. The thin face design allows for more flex at impact, resulting in increased ball speed for greater distance off the tee. Additionally, the deep undercut cavity design helps launch the ball higher with less spin for even more distance performance.


The Cobra Black Irons also feature a soft carbon steel body that provides an exceptional feel at impact. This combination of soft material and precise engineering gives players a great feeling when they hit their shots. Additionally, the irons offer excellent feedback on mis-hit shots so you can identify areas where you can make improvements in your game.