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Collin Morikawa has developed an impressive grip that has become the envy of many golfers. The Collin Morikawa grip is an ideal combination of power and control, allowing players to hit longer and more accurate shots. It features a unique blend of finger placement, clubface alignment, and wrist rotation that produces a superior amount of power and accuracy. This grip also helps players maintain a consistent setup throughout the swing, which is key to consistent results. With proper practice, the Collin Morikawa grip can help any golfer gain maximum distance and accuracy from their game.Collin Morikawa’s signature grip is a variation of the overlapping grip. It is characterized by the right hand being placed on top of the left hand with both thumbs pointing down the shaft. The right thumb should be placed directly in line with the lifeline of your left hand and the left thumb should rest just to the right of it. This grip style provides a strong connection between both hands and is known for providing plenty of control during swings.

What Makes the Collin Morikawa Grip Unique?

Collin Morikawa’s grip is one of the most talked about in the golf world, and for good reason. His grip is unique in that it helps him gain maximum accuracy and distance from his shots. The key to his grip is that he uses a slightly weaker left hand position, which allows him to use the full potential of his wrists during his swing. This technique has helped Morikawa become one of the most consistent and successful golfers in recent memory.

Morikawa’s grip is quite unorthodox compared to other golfers, as he tends to keep his hands further away from each other on the club. This gives him more control over his shots, as he can manipulate the clubface with ease during his swing. He also keeps his lead arm slightly bent, which gives him more power and accuracy when hitting shots.

Another unique aspect of Morikawa’s grip is that he uses a double-overlapping style for both hands on the club. This allows him to create a stable platform and have more control over his shots. He also maintains a neutral wrist position throughout his swing, which gives him better control over spin rates and trajectory on shots.

Lastly, Morikawa likes to keep the club low at address, as this helps reduce unwanted movement during his swing. Keeping the club low also helps prevent hooking or slicing due to an inconsistent setup position at address. All of these factors combined make Collin Morikawa’s grip one of the most talked about in professional golf today.

Pros of the Collin Morikawa Grip

The Collin Morikawa grip is a popular grip for golfers looking to improve their game. It is a simple and effective technique that has been adopted by many professional golfers, including Collin Morikawa himself. The main advantage of this grip is that it helps players to maintain control over their club during the swing. This helps them to stay consistent and accurate with their shots, which can lead to lower scores on the course. Additionally, the grip also helps players to generate more speed and power on their shots, as they are able to better transfer energy from the body into the club head.

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Cons of the Collin Morikawa Grip

The main disadvantage of the Collin Morikawa grip is that it can be difficult for some players to master. The technique requires good hand-eye coordination and a strong understanding of how one’s body moves during a golf swing. If these skills are not present or if they are not practiced enough, then the technique may not be as effective as it could be. Additionally, some players may find that this grip does not suit their individual needs or preferences, which could make it difficult for them to benefit from using it.

Overall, while there are some potential drawbacks to using the Collin Morikawa grip, the advantages often outweigh any negatives associated with it. The technique can help players improve their accuracy and distance on their shots while also providing them with more control over their clubs during swings. Therefore, those looking to improve their golf game should consider giving this grip a try in order to see if it works for them.

How to Achieve the Collin Morikawa Grip

Collin Morikawa is one of the most successful professional golfers in the world and has won multiple tournaments. His signature grip has become a household name among aspiring golfers and those looking to improve their game. But how can you achieve this grip? Here are some tips on how to achieve the Collin Morikawa grip.

The first step is to make sure you are holding the club correctly. The ideal grip is with your left hand slightly lower than your right, with your thumb pointing down towards the ground and your left hand a little further around on the club than your right. This will give you more control over the club and make it easier to hit straighter shots.

The next step is to practice your grip regularly. This will help you become comfortable with the new grip and develop muscle memory for it. It’s also important to be aware of how far apart your hands are, as this can affect how much power you generate when hitting shots. Make sure that you keep them close together, but not too close that it feels uncomfortable.

Finally, focus on keeping your wrists in line with your arms when swinging the club. This will help ensure that all of your power goes into hitting straight shots rather than slicing or hooking them off course. It takes time and patience, but if done correctly, this should help you achieve a consistent swing plane.

Following these steps should help you get comfortable with Collin Morikawa’s signature grip and get more out of every shot you take on the golf course. With practice and repetition, you’ll soon be able to master this important part of any golfer’s game and start seeing better results in no time!

Common Mistakes with the Collin Morikawa Grip

The Collin Morikawa grip is becoming increasingly popular in the golf world, and for good reason. It’s a great way to improve your golf swing and can have a dramatic effect on your game. However, many golfers make some common mistakes when using this grip, which can lead to poor results. Here are some of the most common mistakes to avoid when using the Collin Morikawa grip:

Not Setting Up Correctly – When setting up with the Collin Morikawa grip, it’s important to make sure your hands are properly placed on the club. Many golfers make the mistake of placing their hands too close together or too far apart, which can lead to swings that are off-balance or inconsistent.

Not Keeping Your Hands Relaxed – One of the keys to using this grip correctly is keeping your hands relaxed as you swing. Many golfers make the mistake of gripping the club too tightly, which can lead to an erratic swing and poor contact with the ball.

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Not Aligning Your Clubface Correctly – Many golfers make the mistake of not aligning their clubface correctly when using this grip. This can cause shots that go off line or don’t travel as far as they should. When setting up with this grip, it’s important to make sure that your clubface is properly aligned at address before you take your swing.

Not Taking Full Advantage Of The Grip – The Collin Morikawa grip is designed for maximum power and accuracy when used correctly. Many golfers don’t take full advantage of this by not swinging aggressively enough or not following through correctly on their swings. To get the most out of this grip, it’s important to focus on swinging aggressively and maintaining good form throughout your swing.

By avoiding these common mistakes with the Collin Morikawa grip, you can take full advantage of its benefits and enjoy improved results on the course.

Analyze Your Current Grip

The first step to improving your Collin Morikawa grip is to analyze your current grip. Take a look at how you are holding the club and identify any areas that could be improved. Look for tension in your hands or arms, and make sure you are not gripping the club too tightly. Pay attention to your grip pressure, as this will have a major impact on how well you hit the ball. Make sure you are using the correct grip size and that it is comfortable for you.

Focus on Consistency

Once you have analyzed your grip, focus on making it as consistent as possible. Inconsistent grips can lead to inconsistent shots, so make sure you are repeating the same motion every time you swing the club. This will help ensure that each shot is as accurate as possible and will also reduce the amount of time it takes to adjust between shots.

Practice Proper Posture

In addition to focusing on consistency, practice proper posture when setting up for a shot. Make sure your feet are at shoulder width apart, with your weight evenly distributed between both feet. Keep your spine angle straight and maintain good posture throughout the entire swing. This will help ensure that your body is in the proper position for an effective swing.

Train with an Expert

If possible, find an experienced golf instructor or professional player who can help you refine your Collin Morikawa grip technique. They can provide valuable feedback on how to improve your grip and offer advice on how to use it correctly in order to hit better shots consistently.

Take Time To Practice

Finally, take some time each day to practice using a Collin Morikawa grip. Whether it be at home or out on the course, make sure to spend some time getting familiar with this type of grip before attempting it in competition play or during serious practice rounds.

Understanding the Benefits of the Collin Morikawa Grip

The Collin Morikawa grip is a popular golf technique used by professional golfers, such as Collin Morikawa, which can help improve your game. The grip is designed to improve your accuracy, power, and control while swinging. It’s a simple technique that can provide you with better control when taking a shot. By understanding the benefits of the Collin Morikawa grip, you can improve your golf game and become a better player.

The Collin Morikawa grip is based on the traditional overlapping grip, which has been used by professional golfers for decades. This grip allows you to keep your wrists and arms in a more natural position when swinging. This helps reduce tension on your arms and wrists, resulting in more consistent swings. Additionally, it helps keep your hands in correct alignment with the clubface throughout the swing, giving you greater control over each shot.

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Another benefit of the Collin Morikawa grip is that it encourages proper shoulder rotation during the swing. Proper shoulder rotation helps generate more speed and power when hitting shots without sacrificing accuracy. This can be especially beneficial for those just starting out in golf as they don’t have to worry as much about their form while still getting good results from their shots.

Lastly, using the Collin Morikawa grip can help reduce wrist action during swings which can lead to longer drives off the tee and straighter shots overall. By keeping your wrists and arms in their natural positions while swinging, you’ll be able to hit cleaner shots that travel farther than if you were using an incorrect form or an incorrect grip style.

Overall, understanding and utilizing the benefits of the Collin Morikawa grip can help improve your game significantly by providing more control over each shot as well as increased power and accuracy off of each tee box or fairway shot.

With its many advantages, it’s no surprise why so many professional golfers use this technique to improve their game. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced golfer, learning how to use this grip will definitely take your game to another level.

Collin Morikawa Grip

The Collin Morikawa grip is one of the most popular golf grips in the world, and it has been used by many of the top players in the game. The grip itself is relatively simple, but it has a few key components that make it so effective. The main feature of the grip is that it allows for a very strong and secure connection between the hands and the club, which helps with accuracy and power. It also promotes a more relaxed grip on the club, which helps with consistency and control. Additionally, this grip can be easily adjusted to suit different players’ needs and styles.

Comparison to Other Golf Grips

When compared to other popular golf grips, the Collin Morikawa grip stands out for its simplicity and effectiveness. Compared to other grips such as the interlock or overlap, this grip does not require as much manipulation or adjustment in order to get a comfortable feel. Additionally, this grip does not require as much force to be applied when gripping the club, which can help reduce tension in the hands and arms during the swing. Finally, this grip is also easy to adjust based on individual needs and preferences, making it a great choice for all types of players.

Overall, the Collin Morikawa grip is an excellent choice for any golfer looking for consistency, accuracy, and power in their game. It’s simple design makes it easy to use while still providing great results. Plus, its adjustable nature makes it a great choice for players of all skill levels looking for an edge on their game.


Collin Morikawa’s grip is the perfect example of how a professional golfer can easily adapt to a unique grip and use it to his advantage. His grip is a combination of both traditional and modern styles, allowing him to maximize his control over the club and ball. It’s no surprise that he has been able to achieve success on the PGA tour with his signature grip. He has shown that players of all levels can benefit from experimenting with their own unique grips and find what works best for them.

Morikawa’s grip has also been praised by many professional golfers as being one of the most efficient ones in the game today. His ability to create power while still maintaining accuracy with every shot has made him one of the most sought after players on tour. With more practice and experimentation, any golfer can make use of Collin Morikawa’s unique grip to become a better player.

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