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Dick’s Sporting Goods is the premier destination for baseball gloves of all sizes, shapes, and materials. Whether you are an experienced player or just beginning your baseball journey, you can find the glove that fits your budget and style. From youth gloves to adult gloves, Dick’s has a huge selection of quality baseball gloves to choose from. With brands like Rawlings, Mizuno, Easton, Wilson, and Under Armour, you can find the perfect glove for your game. With so many options available at Dick’s Sporting Goods, you’ll be sure to find the best baseball glove for your needs.Dicks Sporting Goods offers a wide selection of baseball gloves to meet the needs of any player. With a variety of sizes, materials, and styles, Dicks has the right glove for everyone. They carry gloves from top brands such as Wilson, Rawlings, Mizuno, Nokona, and more. Dicks also offers competitive prices on all their products and provides a 90-day return policy so you can make sure you’re getting the right glove for your needs. Furthermore, their knowledgeable staff is always on hand to help you find the perfect glove for your particular game. Whether you’re looking for an outfielder’s glove or something special for your catcher, Dicks has the perfect baseball glove to fit your needs.

Types of Dicks Baseball Gloves

Dicks Sporting Goods has a wide variety of baseball gloves to choose from. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, they have the perfect glove for you. From youth sizes to adult gloves, there is something for everyone. There are two main types of gloves: infield and outfield. Infield gloves are designed for quick release and tend to be shorter in length than outfield gloves. Outfield gloves are larger and designed to catch longer fly balls. Other types of gloves include first base mitts, catcher’s mitts, and batting gloves. All of these offer different levels of protection and support depending on the type of play you will be doing.

No matter what type of glove you choose, make sure it fits properly and is comfortable for you to wear. It should also provide ample protection from the elements when playing outdoors in cold or wet weather conditions. Dicks Sporting Goods offers a wide selection of quality baseball gloves from top brands like Rawlings, Wilson, Mizuno, Easton, Louisville Slugger, Franklin Sports and more! With so many options available, you’re sure to find the perfect glove for your game!


When choosing a Dicks baseball glove, size is one of the most important factors to consider. It is important to make sure the glove fits comfortably in your hand and can be easily maneuvered and manipulated. A glove that is too tight or too loose will hinder your performance on the field. It is recommended to try on several different sizes in order to ensure you select the right one for you.


The material of a Dicks baseball glove is also an important consideration. Leather gloves tend to be more durable and last longer, but they may also be more expensive. Synthetic materials are often more affordable, but may not last as long as leather gloves. You should also consider the type of webbing and pocket design you prefer on your glove, as this can affect how easy it is to use when fielding balls.

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Price is another factor to consider when shopping for a Dicks baseball glove. While higher quality gloves may be more expensive, they may also last longer and provide better protection than lower-priced models. You should also factor in any additional features such as padding or ventilation that may be included with higher priced models.


The brand of a Dicks baseball glove can also affect its overall quality and performance. There are several well-known brands available that offer high-quality gloves at various price points, so it’s worth doing some research before making a purchase decision. Additionally, if you’re looking for specific features such as extra padding or ventilation, some manufacturers specialize in these types of features and it’s worth comparing their offerings.


Finally, comfort should also be taken into consideration when choosing a Dicks baseball glove. The right fit will allow you to move freely without feeling restricted or uncomfortable while fielding balls on the field. Make sure to try on several different gloves before making your decision so you can find one that fits well and provides optimal comfort while playing.

Selecting the Right Size of Dicks Baseball Glove

When selecting a baseball glove, it is important to choose one that is the right size for your hand. Dicks Sporting Goods offers a wide variety of baseball gloves in different sizes and styles to accommodate all players. To choose the best size for you, it is important to consider your hand size and the type of position you play in the game.

If you have smaller hands, then a youth or adult-sized glove may be best. A youth glove is typically 11-12 inches in length and features a narrower finger stall and smaller pocket. An adult glove will be 12-14 inches in length and feature a larger pocket, which will provide more protection and control when catching a ball.

If you have larger hands, then an adult-sized glove would likely be best for you. An Adult glove will typically range from 12-14 inches in length and feature a wider finger stall for added comfort and protection when catching balls. It also has a larger pocket, which provides more control when handling the ball.

In addition to hand size, the type of position you play should also be taken into consideration when choosing your baseball glove. If you are an infielder, then you should look for a smaller glove with an open webbing design that allows quick transfers from your glove to your throwing hand. For outfielders, look for a longer glove with deep pockets that can better handle hard hit balls coming off of bats at high speeds. Catchers need extra padding on their gloves to protect them from wild pitches or foul tips while pitching gloves are typically smaller than other baseball gloves due to their specialized design for gripping the baseball during a pitch.

No matter what type of player you are or what size your hands are, Dicks Sporting Goods has the perfect baseball glove to fit any style or budget. With so many options available, take some time to try on different gloves before making your final selection – after all, choosing the right sized baseball glove can make all the difference during game time!

Caring for Your Dicks Baseball Glove

Taking care of your Dicks baseball glove is an important part of ensuring it lasts for years. Proper glove care will ensure that the glove feels comfortable and breaks in faster. Before each season, you should inspect your glove for any signs of damage or wear and tear, and repair it as needed. You should also clean your glove regularly to keep it free from dirt and grime. Here are some tips on how to properly care for your Dicks baseball glove:

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1. Store Your Glove Properly: Before and after each use, make sure to store your glove in a dry, well-ventilated area away from direct sunlight. If possible, store the glove with a ball inside so that it maintains its shape.

2. Clean Your Glove Regularly: After each use, wipe down the leather with a damp cloth to remove dirt and grime. You can also use a leather cleaner or conditioner to help keep the leather soft and supple.

3. Break In Your Glove: Breaking in your glove is essential for getting the most out of it. Use a baseball or softball to break in the pocket by repeatedly squeezing it in different directions until it forms to your hand comfortably. You can also use a mallet or rubber hammer to help break in areas that are difficult to reach with just your hand.

4. Repair Any Damage: As soon as you notice any tears or other damage on your glove, take steps to repair it as soon as possible before the damage worsens over time. Use leather patches or glue specifically designed for repairing gloves to fill any gaps or tears and prevent further damage from occurring.

Caring for your Dicks baseball glove properly can help ensure that it lasts for many seasons and performs at its best when you’re on the field playing America’s favorite pastime!

Different Materials Used in Making Dicks Baseball Gloves

Dicks Sporting Goods offers a wide selection of baseball gloves made from a variety of materials. Each material provides its own advantages and disadvantages, so deciding which material is best for your needs requires understanding the differences between them. Leather is the most popular material for baseball gloves, as it offers excellent durability and protection. Leather gloves are often treated with special oils to make them even more durable and resistant to water. Synthetic materials, such as nylon and polyester, are also commonly used to make baseball gloves. These materials are typically lighter than leather and offer great flexibility and breathability, making them ideal for players who need a glove that can move quickly. Mesh gloves are also available, made from lightweight materials that allow for maximum breathability while still providing some protection. These gloves are great for players who need a comfortable fit without sacrificing protection. No matter what material you choose, Dicks Sporting Goods has the perfect glove for you.

Dicks Baseball Glove Prices and Features

At Dicks Sporting Goods, you’ll find a wide selection of baseball gloves designed to help you catch the ball. Whether you’re an experienced infielder or a beginner outfielder, there’s a glove for every level of play. From youth sizes to professional models, Dicks offers gloves from top brands like Rawlings, Wilson, and more. Prices range from $19.99 to $349.99, so you can find a glove that meets your budget.

When choosing the right glove for your needs, it’s important to consider the features available in each model. The material used in the construction of the glove makes a difference in weight, durability, and fit. Leather is typically more durable and provides better protection than synthetic materials. The pocket size also matters; some gloves have deeper pockets designed for catching pop-ups while others have shallower pockets for quick transfers on ground balls. Webbing styles vary as well; open back gloves are lightweight while closed back gloves provide added support when catching hard-hit balls.

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No matter which glove you choose, Dicks carries all the necessary accessories like glove oil and conditioners to keep your glove looking great and performing its best. In addition to baseball gloves, Dicks also carries softball gloves for those who prefer to take their game to the diamond instead of the outfield. So if you’re looking for great prices on quality baseball or softball gloves, check out Dicks Sporting Goods today!

Dicks Baseball Glove Brands: Which Is the Best?

Choosing the best baseball glove for your playing needs can be a challenge. With a wide variety of brands and models available, it can be difficult to determine which one is right for you. Dicks Sporting Goods carries some of the best baseball gloves available, featuring quality construction and reliable performance. From youth gloves to professional-level gloves, there’s something for everyone in their selection. The following are some of the top Dicks baseball glove brands, and what makes them stand out among the competition.

Rawlings is one of the most recognizable names in baseball glove production, and they have an extensive lineup of offerings through Dicks Sporting Goods. Their gloves are preferred by players at all levels, from Little League to Major League Baseball. Rawlings is known for their commitment to quality construction, utilizing fine leathers and high-end lacing materials to ensure a long-lasting product that performs well on the field. Their Pro Preferred series is especially popular among pro players, offering exceptional comfort and superior durability.

Another great brand that Dicks Sporting Goods carries is Wilson. Wilson has been in the business of making high-quality sporting equipment since 1913, so they have plenty of experience in this field. Their gloves are designed with comfort in mind and feature their patented Dri-Lex lining material to wick away moisture and keep your hand cool during those hot summer games. They also offer special custom options so you can get just the right fit for your hand size.

Finally, Louisville Slugger offers some excellent options for players looking for a quality glove at an affordable price point. The Slugger lineup features several different models that are constructed from top-grade leathers for superior durability. They also offer youth sizes as well as adult sizes so you can get just the right size glove no matter what age or level you play at.

No matter which one you choose, each of these Dicks baseball glove brands provide excellent quality and performance that will help you take your game to the next level. Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned veteran looking for an upgrade, these brands have something to offer every player. So when it comes time to decide which brand is best for you, consider all of these great options from Dicks Sporting Goods!


Dick’s Sporting Goods offers a wide selection of baseball gloves that suit all levels from beginners to professionals. The company’s gloves come in various sizes, materials, and styles, so no matter what the player’s needs are, they are sure to find something that fits. The quality and durability of the gloves guarantee that they will last for a long time, and the price points are reasonable for most budgets. Dick’s Sporting Goods has been in business since 1948 and continues to be one of the top providers of baseball gloves in the world.

For players looking for a reliable glove that is both comfortable and durable, Dick’s Sporting Goods is an excellent source for high-quality products. With such a wide variety of options available, players can easily find something that fits their style as well as budget. Whether you’re just starting out or playing professionally, Dick’s Sporting Goods has what you need to help you hit it out of the park.

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