disc golf vs frisbee golf

Disc golf, also known as Frisbee golf, is a sport that combines elements of traditional golf and throwing a Frisbee. Players use specially designed discs to throw at metal baskets on a course. The object of the game is to complete the course in the fewest number of throws. Disc golf has grown in popularity over the past several decades and is now played around the world. It is an exciting and challenging game that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and skill levels.Disc Golf and Frisbee Golf are often used interchangeably, but there are distinct differences between the two games. Disc Golf uses specialized discs that are heavier than Frisbee discs, and they have slightly different shapes. The aim of Disc Golf is to complete a course in the fewest throws of the disc, whereas in Frisbee Golf, players try to get their discs into “baskets” or targets in the fewest throws. Disc Golf courses are usually set up with permanent targets or baskets made of metal chains dangling above the ground and mounted on poles, whereas Frisbee Golf courses may use baskets or other targets that can be moved from hole to hole. The rules for Disc Golf also differ from those for Frisbee Golf.

Disc Golf Equipment Needed

Disc golf, also known as Frisbee golf, is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and get some exercise. Disc golf requires a few pieces of specialized equipment, such as discs, a bag for carrying discs, and a target for each hole. Knowing what type of disc golf equipment you need can help you get the most out of your disc golf experience.

The most important piece of disc golf equipment is the disc itself. Discs come in various sizes, shapes, and weights so it’s important to choose the right one for your skill level. Most beginner players will want to start with an all-purpose mid-range disc that’s easy to control. Experienced players may want to purchase more specialized discs that are designed for specific throwing styles or shots.

A bag is an essential piece of disc golf equipment since it allows you to carry multiple discs at once. Disc golf bags are usually lightweight and designed with compartments that make it easy to organize your discs. Look for bags with adjustable straps so they can be comfortably carried over long distances.

Finally, you’ll need a target at each hole which can range from a simple basket or pole to more elaborate sculptures or structures. Some courses also feature alternate targets such as floating baskets in ponds or special targets on tall poles that can only be reached by throwing an overhand shot from far away. Make sure you check out all the different targets on each course before playing!

Frisbee Golf Equipment

If you’re looking to get into the sport of Frisbee golf, there are a few pieces of equipment that you’ll need in order to have a successful game. First and foremost, you’ll need a set of discs for throwing. Not all frisbees are made the same, so be sure to purchase a set from a reputable brand that has been designed specifically for the sport. You should also purchase a disc golf bag in order to easily transport your discs and equipment from one hole to another. It should also have plenty of pockets for organizing and storing your discs.

In addition to discs, you will need something to mark the starting spot of each hole. This can be done with a basic cone or flag marker, or you can invest in more durable metal flags for better visibility. You may also want to invest in a disc golf basket or target in order to have something for your discs to land in when they reach their destination. These baskets come in various sizes and styles, so it’s important that you pick one that works best for your playing style and course layout.

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Finally, it’s always wise to keep score during your round of Frisbee golf. A scorecard is great for tracking each throw and keeping score between players if playing with multiple people. Pencils are also handy for keeping track of each throw as well as writing down any notes or observations you may have made while playing. Overall, these few pieces of equipment will ensure that you have an enjoyable experience on the course!

General Rules

Disc golf is a game similar to traditional golf, but instead of using clubs and a ball, players use flying discs. The main objective of the game is to throw the disc into a target, usually an elevated metal basket, in as few throws as possible. Disc golf has rules and regulations that must be followed in order to play the game safely and fairly.

Throwing Order

The basic rule for disc golf is that each player should throw in turn. The player whose disc is furthest away from the target should throw first, and then all other players should follow in succession until everyone has thrown their disc. If two players have discs at the same distance from the target, they should decide amongst themselves who goes first.


Players must also be aware of any hazards on the course such as trees, water or out of bounds areas. Players must keep their discs away from these hazards and must take extra care when throwing near them. If a disc lands in a hazard or out of bounds area, it must be retrieved before continuing play.

Teeing Off

At the beginning of each hole, players should tee off from behind the designated tee box area. Players are not allowed to throw their discs until they reach this point on each hole. Once all players have teed off, they can proceed with play according to throwing order until one player reaches their disc within the target area.

Holing Out

A player has successfully holed out when their disc comes to rest within three meters (ten feet) of the target basket or within twenty centimeters (eight inches) inside it. If a player’s disc lands more than three meters away from the basket or outside its rim, they will need to make another throw in order to complete that hole.


At the end of each hole, players will add up their scores based on how many throws it took them to reach the target area. The player with the lowest score after playing all eighteen holes wins that round of Disc Golf!

Rules of Frisbee Golf

Frisbee golf is a fun and easy game that is an excellent way to get outdoors and enjoy some fresh air. It is similar to regular golf, but instead of using golf clubs and balls, you use Frisbees to throw the disc into a target. The game follows the same basic rules as regular golf, but there are some additional rules that should be followed when playing Frisbee golf.

The first rule is that each player will have their own set of discs and should keep track of which disc belongs to them throughout the course. This can be done by marking each disc with a name or number. It’s also important to make sure that each disc is thrown from the same spot on the tee box for each hole, as this will ensure fairness for all players.

The second rule is that each player must take their turn in order from the tee box. This ensures that all players have an equal chance at making their shots, and it’s important to keep track of who has taken their turn so no one gets left out. If a player needs to take an extra shot due to an errant throw, they must wait until all other players have taken their turn before taking another shot.

The third rule is that all shots must be completed within a certain time limit. This helps keep the game moving at a reasonable pace and prevents any one player from taking too long on a single hole. The time limit for each hole should be determined before starting play and should be adhered to by all players throughout the game.

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Finally, it’s important to make sure all players are aware of what type of targets they are aiming for on each hole. Most courses will have specific targets set up in certain spots on each hole, and it’s important for everyone to know where these targets are located so they can properly aim for them during play.

Course Layout for Disc Golf

Planning a course layout for disc golf is an important step to ensure that the game is enjoyable and fair for all players. The layout should be designed in a way that allows the players to use different throwing techniques without compromising the safety of the players. It should also be designed with an emphasis on providing a challenging course that can be enjoyed by all levels of players.

To start, it is important to consider the size and shape of the area where the course will be set up. This will determine how many baskets, or holes, can fit within the area. It is also important to consider any obstacles, such as trees or other natural features, that may impact how shots are thrown. Additionally, it may be beneficial to consider any hazards that could pose a safety risk to players during play; these should be avoided when possible.

After determining the size and shape of the playing area, it is time to decide on the number of holes and their locations on the course. The standard disc golf course consists of 18 baskets; however, it is possible to design a smaller 9-hole course if desired. When deciding where each basket should go, it is important to think about how each hole will challenge different types of throws from different angles. For example, some holes may require long drives while others may require more finesse with shorter throws around obstacles or over water hazards.

Once you have determined where each basket should go, it is time to mark out tee pads and fairways where appropriate. Tee pads provide a designated spot for players to throw from at each hole without interfering with other throws coming from different directions. Fairways provide guidance for where shots should go while avoiding any potential hazards along the way. Finally, don’t forget about signage throughout the course providing information such as distances between baskets and par scores at each hole.

Designing an enjoyable disc golf course requires careful planning and attention to detail in order to create a safe and challenging environment for all players. By considering factors such as size and shape of playing area; number of holes; placement of obstacles; hazards; tee pads; fairways; and signage throughout the course – you can create an unforgettable disc golf experience for everyone involved!

Course Layout for Frisbee Golf

Frisbee golf is an exciting and fun sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. The game is played by throwing a frisbee from a designated point, called the tee box, towards a target, called the hole. The goal is to get the frisbee into the hole in as few throws as possible. A player’s score is determined by the total number of throws it takes them to get the frisbee into the hole.

In order to play Frisbee golf, a course must be laid out. A typical course consists of nine or eighteen baskets, which are metal targets with chains hanging from them that catch and hold onto the disc when thrown at them. Each basket has its own tee box where players can stand and throw from. The tee boxes are usually marked with a sign or other identifying marker that indicates which basket each one corresponds to.

Each course also has its own layout for how it should be played. This includes where each basket should be placed and how long each hole should be. Most Frisbee golf courses are designed so that each hole gets progressively more difficult as you move through the course. This challenge encourages players to strive for their best score while also making sure that they don’t get too frustrated if they don’t achieve it on their first try!

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The layout of a Frisbee golf course can vary greatly depending on its design and location. Some courses may feature wide-open spaces with minimal obstacles, while others may have more trees or water features that make it tricky to navigate your way around. It’s important for players to familiarize themselves with the layout of any course they’re playing on so they can plan their shots accordingly and make sure they don’t end up in any dangerous situations!

Frisbee golf is an enjoyable activity for everyone involved, whether you’re just starting out or if you’re an experienced player looking for a challenge. Knowing the layout of your local Frisbee golf course will help ensure you have fun playing this exciting sport!

Formulate a Strategy

The first step in developing a successful disc golf strategy is to formulating a plan. Evaluate the course layout, consider your skill level and disc selection, and decide on the best overall approach to each hole. For instance, if you are a beginner, throw a midrange or putter off the tee instead of trying to power through with a driver. If you have more experience with the game, determine which holes require maximum power and which require precision accuracy. After determining your plan of attack, make sure to stick with it – don’t be tempted to try something different just because you feel lucky!

Use Different Discs for Different Shots

Disc selection plays an important role in disc golf strategy. You should have several different discs in your bag and know when to pull each one out for certain shots. For example, have at least one putter for short distances and accuracy, one mid-range disc that is good for turning shots around trees or obstacles, and one driver that can cover long distances quickly. Knowing how each disc flies differently will help you select the right ones at the right times.

Know Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Before you start playing any course, it’s important to know what kind of player you are. Are you stronger at putting? Or do you prefer driving? Knowing your strengths and weaknesses will help you choose the right discs and formulate better strategies. For instance, if you’re not as good at driving but prefer putting then concentrate on getting close enough for an easy putt – don’t try to go for distance if it means sacrificing accuracy.

Practice Makes Perfect

Like any sport or activity, practice makes perfect when it comes to disc golf. Take some time before heading out to practice your throwing technique as well as how different discs fly under various conditions such as windy days or open spaces. Practicing can also help develop muscle memory so that when it’s time to play on the course your body will know what needs to be done without thinking about it too much.

Focus on Your Goals

Disc golf strategy isn’t just about making shots – it’s also about setting yourself up for success in future rounds by having goals in mind while playing each hole. Do you want to beat a personal best? Or perhaps break into double digits? Having clear goals and objectives can help keep your focus on the task at hand rather than getting distracted by other things going on around you during the game.


Disc golf and frisbee golf are two very similar sports that offer an exciting way to get outdoors and have some fun. Both involve throwing a disc (frisbee or special disc golf disc) at a target, with the goal of getting as close to the target as possible. While there are some differences in the rules, playing styles, and equipment used for both games, the basic concept is the same.

Disc golf is becoming increasingly popular, thanks to its affordability and accessibility. It’s easy to find courses in many cities around the world, and it’s generally less expensive than traditional golf. On the other hand, frisbee golf is still largely seen as a recreational activity by most players, and there aren’t many competitive tournaments or leagues available.

No matter which game you choose, both disc golf and frisbee golf offer an enjoyable way to spend time outdoors with family and friends. So why not give them both a try?