double bend putter

A double bend putter is a type of golf club designed to help golfers improve their putting game. It features a unique design in which the shaft is bent at two points, creating an offset from the face of the putter. This design helps the golfer maintain their body alignment while they are putting, allowing for greater accuracy and consistency with each stroke. The double bend putter also provides extra weight in the head, which helps to increase momentum on longer putts. With its innovative design and improved performance, golfers of all levels can benefit from using a double bend putter.The use of a double bend putter can provide many benefits to golfers. By adjusting the lie angle of the putter, golfers can better align their body position to the ball. This helps with the accuracy of their putts and can also help them hit longer putts in a straight line. The double bend design also allows golfers to adjust the length of the putter, making it easier to find a comfortable stance for each shot. Additionally, many double bend putters are designed with weighted heads that help players create a smooth and consistent stroke. This can lead to more consistent contact and improved accuracy when putting.

Types of Double Bend Putters

Putters with double bend shafts offer a great way to improve your accuracy and control on the green, and there are several different types to choose from. The most popular type is the center-shafted putter, which has a bent shaft that runs from the heel of the clubhead to the toe. This type of putter allows for a larger sweet spot, making it easier to make accurate shots. Another popular option is the heel-shafted putter, which features a bent shaft that runs from the heel of the clubhead straight back toward your body. This type of putter offers more control and accuracy when making short putts, as well as improved feel and accuracy on longer shots. Finally, there are also double bend putters with offset shafts, which feature a bent shaft that runs from one side of the clubhead to the other. This type of club provides improved accuracy when making long-distance shots and can help you hit your ball with more precision. No matter what type of double bend putter you choose, they all offer great benefits for improving your putting game.

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