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driver length for 5’10

Driver length for a golfer who is 5′ 10″ tall is typically between 43 and 45 inches. This length of club is designed to help the golfer achieve maximum distance, accuracy, and control from their swing. With the correct driver length, it will allow the golfer to make the most of their natural swing mechanics and achieve greater consistency in their ball flight. The driver should also be weighted appropriately for the golfer’s individual swing speed and skill level.The driver length for a person who is 5’10” tall is 45.5 inches.

The Ideal Driver Length for a 5’10” Golfer

Finding the ideal driver length for a 5’10” golfer is not an exact science, but there are some general guidelines that can be followed. Generally speaking, the ideal driver length for a golfer of this height should be between 45 and 48 inches. This range allows them to generate enough club head speed to maximize their distance without compromising accuracy.

When selecting the ideal driver length, it is important to consider both the player’s height and swing speed. A player with a slower swing speed may benefit from a shorter driver, as it will increase control over their shots. Conversely, a player with a faster swing speed may benefit from a longer driver as it will help them generate more club head speed and distance off the tee.

It is also important to consider the type of shaft used in the driver. Shaft flex plays an important role in determining the proper length of your driver. Stiff shafts require shorter drivers while more flexible shafts require longer drivers. It is best to consult with an experienced golf professional when selecting your shaft flex and desired length of your driver.

Finally, when selecting your ideal driver length it is important to take into account any physical limitations you may have due to injury or other factors that could affect your swing mechanics or ability to hit with full power off the tee box. Taking these into account can help you find the ideal length of driver that best suits your game and allows you to maximize distance while maintaining accuracy on every shot off the tee box.

Appropriate Driver Length for a 5’10” Golfer

The length of a driver can have a huge impact on the accuracy and distance of a golfer’s shots. Generally, drivers come in lengths ranging from 43” to 46” for men and from 40.5” to 43.5” for women. For someone who is 5’10”, the optimal driver length would be 45″. This is because it provides the right balance between power and accuracy for someone of this height. It also allows the golfer to make full use of their natural swing motion, which in turn helps them hit straighter shots with more power.

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It is important to note that while 45″ is the optimal length for a 5’10” golfer, they may still choose to use a different length depending on their preferences or playing style. Shorter lengths are often used by players who prioritize accuracy over distance, while longer lengths are better suited for those who want maximum distance and forgiveness on off-center strikes. It should also be noted that taller golfers may find longer drivers more comfortable to swing as they have greater leverage over the club head. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference and what works best for you.

Ultimately, finding the right driver length for your height can help you hit better shots with greater accuracy and distance. For someone who is 5’10”, 45″ should provide the perfect balance between control and power when swinging the club. However, if they feel more comfortable using a different length then they should go with what works best for them.

Determining Driver Length for a 5’10” Golfer

When it comes to selecting the right driver for your golf game, one of the most important factors to consider is the length of the club. Generally, a driver should be between 45 and 48 inches, but this can vary depending on the golfer’s height. For example, a standard driver for a 5’10” golfer will usually be between 45 and 46 inches. This length allows the golfer to more easily swing the club on a consistent plane, resulting in better accuracy and distance off the tee.

When selecting a driver length based on height, it’s important to remember that taller golfers may benefit from longer drivers while shorter golfers may find shorter drivers more comfortable and easier to control. Additionally, choosing a longer or shorter driver can also help you adjust your swing plane and ball flight trajectory. It’s important to consult with an experienced golf professional when making these adjustments so you can get the best performance out of your clubs.

Finally, keep in mind that different brands have their own specifications for driver lengths based on height. If you are shopping for new clubs or considering custom-fitting options, make sure to consult with an expert who can recommend an appropriate length based on your height and swing characteristics. Ultimately, finding a driver with the right length will help you optimize your performance on the course and enjoy better results off the tee.

Benefits from Correct Driver Length for a 5’10” Golfer

Having the right length driver can make a massive difference to any golfer’s game, especially for those who are 5’10”. Golfers of this height can benefit from a driver that is optimally tailored to their body size and swing. The correct length driver can help create the perfect trajectory and distance for each shot, as well as improving accuracy and consistency.

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At 5’10”, golfers should look for a driver with a shaft length of 44.5 inches. There are some adjustments that can be made depending on the individual’s swing speed and other factors, but 44.5 inches is generally considered to be the most appropriate length for a golfer of this height. A longer shaft may result in too much power and could sacrifice accuracy, while a shorter shaft may reduce power and control.

Using the correct driver length can also help to improve overall confidence on the course. When golfers know they have the right club for their stature it can help them feel more comfortable when taking their shots, which in turn should lead to better performance on the course. Having the right equipment gives golfers an extra edge that they may not have had before.

The benefits of having an optimally-sized driver for golfers who are 5’10” in height should not be underestimated. Having the right-length driver can make all the difference in terms of accuracy, distance, control, and overall confidence when playing golf. For those looking to get maximum performance out of their game, investing in an appropriately sized club is essential.

Effects of Too Long or Too Short of a Driver on a 5’10” Golfer

Choosing the right driver for a 5’10” golfer can be the difference between success and failure on the golf course. Having too long or too short of a driver can lead to poor ball striking, off-center hits, and decreased accuracy. It can also negatively affect distance and trajectory, making it difficult for the golfer to reach the green in regulation.

For a 5’10” golfer, the ideal length of a driver is 45-46 inches. A longer driver can be too unwieldy and lead to an exaggerated swing plane, resulting in off-center hits and decreased accuracy. Conversely, having a driver that is too short reduces leverage and power at impact, resulting in shorter distances. Additionally, having too short of a club forces the golfer to stand further away from the ball in order to reach full extension at impact, which can adversely affect their posture and swing mechanics.

Therefore, it is important for all golfers to ensure their drivers are properly fitted according to their height. This will help maximize performance on the course as well as reduce the chances of injury or fatigue due to improper technique. Professional club fitting services are available at most golf shops and can help golfers select the right length driver for their height and playing style.

Standard and Custom Fitting Drivers for a 5’10” Golfer

When it comes to golf clubs, there is a big difference between standard and custom fitting drivers for a 5’10” golfer. Standard drivers are designed to fit the average golfer, while custom fitting drivers are designed with a variety of features to help optimize performance and accuracy for each individual golfer.

When selecting standard drivers, a 5’10” golfer may not find all of the features that they need to maximize their distance, accuracy, or swing speed. Standard drivers can be limited in terms of shaft length, loft angle, and weight. These factors can have a huge impact on the performance of the driver and could potentially limit the potential distance or accuracy of each shot.

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Custom fitting drivers offer more options when it comes to shaft length, loft angle, and weight. This allows the golfer to find the exact specifications that work best for them. Customized shafts can provide longer distances with greater control and accuracy than standard drivers. Additionally, custom fitting drivers can also be adjusted for swing speed in order to maximize performance.

In conclusion, there is a big difference between standard and custom fitting drivers for a 5’10” golfer. Standard drivers are designed to fit the average golfer whereas custom fittingdrivers can be tailored for each individual’s needs in order to optimize performance and accuracy.

What is the Right Driver Length for a 5’10” Golfer?

The right driver length for a 5’10” golfer depends on several factors. Generally, the more experienced and advanced golfers should use a driver that is between 45 and 46 inches. This size will provide the most control over trajectory and spin rate.

Beginners or recreational golfers may want to consider a driver that is slightly shorter than this range, at 44 or 45 inches. This length will help them to more easily make contact with the ball.

Players who have slower swing speeds may also benefit from a shorter driver, as it can help them generate more clubhead speed and distance, as well as improve their accuracy off the tee.

It is important to remember that different golfers may require different driver lengths depending on their individual swings. Therefore, what works for one golfer may not be ideal for another. The best way to determine what length will work best for you is to try out different lengths and see which one feels most comfortable to you.

Additionally, it is important to keep in mind that players who are taller than 5’10” may need a longer driver in order to obtain the same level of control and accuracy as someone of shorter stature. Therefore, it is recommended that taller players opt for drivers that measure 47 inches or longer.


At 5’10, the right driver length can be a difficult question to answer. While there is no definitive answer, it is important to consider the player, their ability level, and their overall game when determining the correct driver length for them. Generally speaking, shorter drivers are easier to control and are best used by beginner golfers or golfers with slower swing speeds. Longer drivers can produce more distance and are better suited for experienced players with higher swing speeds. Ultimately, the best way to determine the correct driver length for a 5’10 golfer is to try out various lengths and find one that produces the desired results.

Regardless of how tall a golfer is, it’s always important to remember that comfort and accuracy come first when selecting a driver. The right length of driver can help a golfer get maximum distance while still maintaining accuracy off the tee. Armed with this knowledge, any 5’10 golfer should have no trouble finding the perfect driver length for their game.

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