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Dustin Johnson is one of the most successful golfers in the world, and his success can be attributed in part to his unique golf grip. Known as the “Strong Grip,” Dustin Johnson’s grip is a variation of the conventional overlapping grip, which emphasizes a stronger hold on the club. This grip has enabled him to generate more power and accuracy with each shot, leading to incredible victories on the golf course. With its unique combination of strength and precision, Dustin Johnson’s golf grip is sure to inspire many aspiring professional golfers.Dustin Johnson’s golf grip is unique in that it involves a “reverse overlap” style, which is a type of grip commonly used by players with larger hands. His grip also features his left hand at the top of the club and his right hand slightly lower, which allows him to apply more pressure with his right hand and increase power and accuracy when swinging the club. Additionally, Johnson has stated that he prefers to keep his thumbs pointing in the same direction when gripping the club.

Grip Technique Used by Dustin Johnson

Dustin Johnson is arguably one of the best golfers in the world today. His success on the golf course has been attributed to many things, but a major factor has been his grip technique. Johnson has developed a unique grip technique that is designed to give him maximum control and power over his shots. This grip technique involves placing his hands in such a way that they are perfectly balanced and aligned with each other, while still allowing for some flexibility.

The most important part of Johnson’s grip technique is the placement of his hands. He places them slightly wider than shoulder-width apart, which allows for more stability and control when hitting shots. His right hand is placed slightly higher than his left, which helps to ensure that he can generate enough power when swinging through the ball. Additionally, Johnson places a lot of emphasis on making sure that both hands remain relaxed throughout the entire swing process.

Johnson also emphasizes keeping his wrists loose during his swing. This allows him to maintain good control and accuracy while still getting enough clubhead speed to hit powerful shots. He also focuses on maintaining a consistent grip pressure throughout the swing so that he can generate more power when needed. Finally, Dustin Johnson emphasizes having a light touch when gripping the club, which helps him feel more comfortable during his swing and helps him make better contact with the ball.

Overall, Dustin Johnson’s grip technique is designed to maximize both control and power over his shots while still giving him flexibility and comfort during his swings. By using this technique, he has been able to become one of the most successful golfers in today’s game.

Dustin Johnson’s Preferred Golf Grip

Dustin Johnson is one of the top professional golfers in the world and he has developed a unique golf grip that helps him to generate power and control. The grip is often referred to as the “Vardon Grip” or “Overlapping Grip”, and it is a very popular option for many golfers. Johnson prefers to place his left hand on top of the club, overlapping his right hand, creating an angle with his left thumb and forefinger. This grip allows him to maintain control over the club while generating maximum power.

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Johnson’s grip is based on the traditional Vardon Overlapping Grip, but he has made some modifications to make it unique to him. He likes to keep his hands slightly wider than usual, which allows him to have more control over the clubface at impact. He also keeps his right hand slightly lower than usual, which helps him create more power with his swing. Finally, he places a lot of emphasis on keeping his hands relaxed throughout the swing.

By using this particular grip, Johnson is able to take full advantage of his natural swing speed and power. His grip also provides him with great control over both distance and accuracy in all types of shots. This combination of power and control makes Dustin Johnson one of the most consistent players on tour today.

The Basics of Dustin Johnson’s Golf Grip

Dustin Johnson is one of the best golfers in the world, and his signature golf grip has helped him become one of the game’s most successful players. Understanding how to use the grip correctly is an important part of improving your game. Here are the basics of Dustin Johnson’s golf grip:

The first step is to make sure that your left hand (for a right-handed golfer) is slightly lower on the club than your right hand. This will help you maintain control over the club and help you hit straighter shots. You should also make sure that you have a strong connection between your hands and the club. Your left thumb should be pointing down to the ground, and your right thumb should be pointing up towards your chin.

The next step is to ensure that your fingers are spread evenly across the club, with all four fingers in contact with it. You want to create a “V” shape with your hands, with both thumbs pointing up towards each other. This will help you maintain control over the club head and ensure that you can hit solid shots consistently.

Lastly, it’s important to make sure that you have a light grip on the club. You don’t want to grip too tightly, as this could cause tension in your arms and lead to poor shots. Instead, focus on having a relaxed grip on the club and trusting yourself to hit good shots without having to squeeze too hard.

By following these simple steps, you can emulate Dustin Johnson’s signature golf grip and improve your game dramatically!

What Makes Dustin Johnson’s Golf Grip Unique?

Dustin Johnson is one of the most successful golfers on the PGA Tour today and his unique grip is a big part of why he has been so successful. His grip is a combination of the traditional overlapping grip, with the left hand taking more control, and an interlocking grip, with the right hand taking more control. This unique blend of grips gives Johnson a great deal of control over his shots and makes it easier for him to hit powerful and accurate shots on a consistent basis.

Johnson’s unique grip also allows him to make small adjustments to his swing in order to hit different types of shots. By combining the overlapping and interlocking grips, he can easily tweak his grip to hit a draw or fade depending on what type of shot he needs to make. This ability gives him an extra edge in competition as he can adjust his swing quickly and effectively without having to make major changes in order to hit specific shots.

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Finally, Dustin Johnson’s golf grip also helps him maintain control over the club head throughout the entire swing. By having both hands take control of different parts of the clubhead, Johnson is able to keep it steady throughout his entire swing which helps him create a consistent plane for each shot. This helps him hit consistent shots even when faced with difficult conditions or tricky lies on the golf course.

Overall Dustin Johnson’s unique golf grip has been instrumental in helping him become one of the top players on tour today. By combining elements from both overlapping and interlocking grips, he has created a custom style that gives him an edge over other players when it comes time to execute shots during competition. His ability to make small adjustments quickly and maintain control over the club head throughout his swing have made him one of the most successful players on tour today.

How to Copy Dustin Johnson’s Golf Grip

Dustin Johnson is one of the best golfers in the world. He has won multiple professional tournaments and is known for his consistent, powerful swing. If you’re looking to improve your game, one of the best places to start is by taking a look at Johnson’s grip. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to copy his signature grip.

First, you need to ensure your hands are in the correct position. Place your left hand on the club so that it wraps around it in a V-shape, with your thumb and forefinger forming a triangle at the top of the grip. Make sure that your left thumb is straight down the shaft and your palm slightly faces your right shoulder.

Next, place your right hand on top of your left so that it forms another V-shape. Your right thumb should be pressed firmly against your left thumb, and make sure that both hands are evenly spaced out on the grip. You want to feel like you have equal pressure from both hands on the club as you hold it.

Finally, make sure that both thumbs are pointing down towards the ground as you take your address position. This will help ensure that you keep consistent pressure throughout your swing and avoid any excess movement or tension from building up in your arms or wrists while you’re swinging.

By following these steps and taking some time to practice with Dustin Johnson’s grip, you can greatly improve your golf game and get closer to achieving consistent power off the tee box like Johnson does each time he takes a shot!

Benefits of Imitating Dustin Johnson’s Golf Grip

Dustin Johnson is one of the most successful professional golfers in the world. His grip on the club has been a major factor in his success. By imitating Johnson’s golf grip, you can improve your own game and gain some of the same benefits he has experienced.

One of the biggest advantages to imitating Johnson’s grip is that it helps you maintain a consistent swing. This type of grip allows for a more natural and relaxed motion that can be easier to repeat from shot to shot. It also helps keep your hands and arms in a neutral position, which can minimize strain on your muscles and joints while improving performance.

Another benefit of using Johnson’s grip is that it promotes better accuracy and control over your shots. The neutral position of your hands when gripping the club allows for more precise movements with less effort, so you can hit longer drives with greater accuracy while still maintaining control over where the ball goes.

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Finally, Johnson’s golf grip will also help you get more power out of your shots. By keeping your hands and arms in a neutral position at address, you can generate a smoother, more powerful swing that adds extra distance to each shot. This extra power can help you stay ahead of the competition during tournaments and on the course.

By imitating Dustin Johnson’s golf grip, you can gain all these benefits for yourself and improve your game. Even if you’re not an avid golfer, taking up this technique could be beneficial in helping you perfect your swing and become more consistent with each round of golf.

Establishing a Solid Golf Grip

Having a good golf grip is important for improving your golf game, and Dustin Johnson is one of the best players in the world when it comes to his grip. While Johnson’s grip may appear simple and effortless, there are certain tips and techniques that you can use to help improve your grip in order to get the same results as him.

Grip Strength

One of the most important aspects of Johnson’s grip is his strength. His hands remain firmly on the club throughout his swing, allowing him to generate more power and control. To help strengthen your grip, practice gripping an object such as a golf club or tennis ball with varying levels of intensity. This will help you build up strength in your hands and wrists, which will ultimately help you maintain firmness throughout your swing.

Hand Placement

Another key element of Johnson’s grip is his hand placement. He has an overlapping grip where his left hand sits on top of his right hand on the club. This helps him maintain control over the club while also providing a more secure hold. It’s important to make sure that your hands are placed correctly on the club before each swing so that you can ensure proper control and accuracy with each shot.

Grip Pressure

The amount of pressure that Johnson applies to the club during his swing is another important factor in his success. He maintains consistent pressure throughout each shot without squeezing too hard or losing contact with the club entirely. To replicate this, practice keeping a consistent level of pressure while gripping an object such as a golf club or tennis ball and focus on not changing it during each swing.

By following these tips from Dustin Johnson, you can improve your golf grip and take your game to new heights. With practice and dedication, you can begin to see results in no time!


Dustin Johnson’s golf grip has become a powerful force on the PGA Tour. His unique approach to the game has earned him numerous victories, and has solidified his place as one of the best players in the world. He is a great example of how success can be achieved by using an unconventional technique.

The key to Johnson’s success lies in his grip. He uses a neutral-strong grip that allows him to hit powerful shots without sacrificing accuracy or control. He also utilizes his strong wrists to maximize power and distance. By combining these elements, he is able to play at a consistently high level with both irons and woods.

For aspiring golfers looking for an edge, Johnson’s grip can be an excellent starting point. It promotes proper swing mechanics while allowing for maximum power and distance off the tee. With practice and dedication, any golfer can use this technique to take their game to the next level.

In conclusion, Dustin Johnson’s golf grip is an invaluable asset that has served him well throughout his career. His unique approach has allowed him to reach great heights in professional golf, and provides a blueprint for others looking to improve their game.

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