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edwin watts club fitting

Edwin Watts Golf, a leader in the golf industry, offers the highest level of expertise in club fitting services. With cutting-edge tools and technology, Edwin Watts Club Fitting provides golfers with the best possible fit for their individual swing and playing style. They provide custom building options as well as pre-built clubs to give players the perfect combination of performance and feel. Their certified fitters are highly trained in using the latest club fitting software and technology to give each golfer an optimized set of clubs for their game. With a wide selection of clubs from leading manufacturers, Edwin Watts Club Fitting offers golfers the ultimate club fitting experience.Edwin Watts Club Fitting is an innovative approach to custom golf club fitting and clubmaking. Using a combination of advanced technology and expert craftsmanship, Edwin Watts Club Fitting provides golfers with the highest quality clubs that are tailored to their individual playing style. Through a comprehensive fitting process, golfers are able to identify the right clubs and shafts that best match their swing and improve their performance on the course. With Edwin Watts Club Fitting, golfers can be confident that they will have the perfect set of clubs for their game.

The Benefits of Edwin Watts Club Fitting

Edwin Watts Golf offers a comprehensive club fitting experience that is designed to provide golfers with the best possible performance from their clubs. With a variety of custom fitting options, Edwin Watts can help you find the perfect set of clubs that will help you take your game to the next level. Here are some of the benefits of Edwin Watts club fitting:

1. Improved Performance – Edwin Watts Golf uses state-of-the-art technology to analyze your swing and identify areas where you can improve your performance. With custom fitting, you’ll get perfectly fitted clubs that are tailored to your individual needs and abilities.

2. Increased Accuracy – With a properly fitted set of clubs, you’ll be able to hit the ball more accurately and consistently than ever before. The improved accuracy can result in lower scores and more enjoyable rounds of golf.

3. Greater Confidence – When you have a set of clubs that are correctly fitted for your game, it can give you greater confidence on the course. You’ll know that each shot is tailored to fit your swing and give you the best possible results.

4. Professional Advice – At Edwin Watts Golf, our experienced PGA professionals are on hand to provide expert advice throughout the entire club fitting process. They’ll help you find a set that is perfect for your game and give you valuable tips for improving your performance.

Edwin Watts Golf provides an unparalleled club fitting experience that can help any golfer improve their game. From improved performance to increased accuracy, custom fitting at Edwin Watts Golf can take your game to the next level.

Edwin Watts Club Fitting Work

Edwin Watts Golf offers a comprehensive club fitting service that is designed to help golfers find the right clubs for their individual needs. The process begins with an assessment of the golfer’s current equipment, including clubs, shafts, and grips. From there, a professional club fitter will use state-of-the-art technology to measure swing speed, launch angle, spin rate, and more. This data is used to determine which type of club will maximize performance based on the golfer’s individual strengths and weaknesses.

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Once the fitting process is complete, the golfer can then test out various clubs to determine which one provides the best results. During this testing phase, Edwin Watts Golf technicians are available to provide advice and answer any questions that may arise. The club fitter will also make adjustments to the clubs as needed in order to ensure optimal performance. Finally, after all testing is complete and the golfer has chosen their ideal club setup, they can purchase their new clubs from Edwin Watts Golf with confidence knowing that they are getting the best equipment for their game.

Edwin Watts’ Club Fitting Technology

Edwin Watts Golf has developed a cutting-edge club fitting technology to help golfers of all levels improve their game. The company’s proprietary technology combines animation, 3D swing analysis, and the latest in club fitting technology to give customers a customized experience. With the help of Edwin Watts Golf’s experts, customers get access to the best clubs for their game and can get fitted for clubs that match their individual swing.

The company’s 3D swing analyzer provides invaluable information on a golfer’s swing and helps to identify areas where improvement is needed. The animation feature helps golfers visualize how to make proper adjustments and improve their form. The 3D analyzer also provides detailed information about the golfer’s launch angle, ball flight trajectory, spin rate, and other important metrics.

The latest in club fitting technology from Edwin Watts Golf is designed to provide customers with a truly personalized experience. Using its advanced algorithms, the company can identify the optimal shaft flex and length for each customer’s unique swing. This allows golfers to purchase clubs that are tailored specifically to their style of play. Additionally, Edwin Watts Golf can recommend changes in grip thickness or loft angles that will help golfers optimize performance with every club in their bag.

By combining animation, 3D swing analysis, and advanced club fitting technology, Edwin Watts Golf offers customers an unparalleled experience when it comes to finding the perfect clubs for their game. Whether you are an experienced player or just starting out in golfing, you can trust Edwin Watts Golf’s experts and technology to find the ideal clubs for your style of play.

Getting Custom Fit at Edwin Watts

Getting custom fit for your golf clubs at Edwin Watts is a great way to improve your game. The process is designed to ensure that you get the best fit possible for your body type and swing style. It starts with an initial consultation, where a professional golf fitter will assess your current swing and discuss your goals with you. They can also recommend any necessary equipment changes or adjustments that could help you achieve those goals. From there, they will take detailed measurements of your body, including height, weight, arm length, wrist size, and club length. They will also analyze your swing on a launch monitor to determine the optimal ball flight and spin rate for you. Once all of this data has been collected, the professional fitter will be able to recommend the best clubs for you from the vast selection available at Edwin Watts.

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The next step in the custom fit process is for the fitter to help you select shafts and grips for each club in your set. This part of the process is important because it helps ensure that each club has the right balance and feel for you. You can even choose from different weights and shapes of grip to further customize how each club feels in your hands. Finally, if necessary, they can make any adjustments or modifications needed to make sure each club conforms exactly to your specifications.

At Edwin Watts Golf, custom fitting is all about getting you into clubs that are perfectly tailored to match both your body type and swing style. With their experienced staff of professional fitters on hand, they are able to provide expert advice and guidance through every step of the process so that you get exactly what you need to become a better player on the course. So if you’re looking for a way to take your game up a notch, getting custom fit at Edwin Watts Golf could be just what you need!

Club Fitting Variables

When it comes to club fitting, there are several variables that must be taken into consideration. The first variable is the golfer’s height, which determines the length of the club shaft. Another important variable is lie angle, which is the angle at which the shaft meets the head of the club. The loft of the club head also needs to be considered, as this affects how high or low a shot will travel. Swing speed is another factor that needs to be factored in, as this will determine what flex and weight of shaft should be used. Finally, grip size needs to be considered in order for a player to have optimal control over their clubs.

By taking all these variables into account during a club fitting session, golfers can ensure that they are using clubs that are tailored specifically for their game and can help them reach their potential on the course.

What Is the Cost of Edwin Watts Club Fitting?

Edwin Watts Golf offers a comprehensive club fitting service that helps golfers find the best clubs for their individual needs. The cost of a full club fitting depends on the type of clubs being fitted, but typically ranges from $100 to $200. Edwin Watts Golf also offers custom-fitting and repair services, as well as a wide range of other golf-specific services. Prices for these services vary depending on the type and complexity of the service required.

For those who are looking for a more comprehensive fitting experience, Edwin Watts Golf offers premium club fitting packages that include a full assessment of your current equipment and an in-depth analysis of your swing mechanics. These packages start at around $200, but can increase significantly depending on the amount and type of equipment included in the package.

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In addition to club fittings, Edwin Watts Golf also provides several other services to help golfers improve their game, including instruction from certified PGA professionals, custom club building and repair work, custom shafts and grips, ball-flight analysis, launch monitor analysis, as well as practice sessions with advanced technology such as Trackman or FlightScope. Prices for these services vary widely depending on the specific service required.

Overall, Edwin Watts Golf provides a comprehensive suite of club fitting and golf improvement services at competitive prices. The cost of these services varies depending on the type and complexity of service required, but all customers can expect to receive quality professional advice at an affordable price.

Edwin Watts a Certified Club Fitter?

Edwin Watts Golf is one of the largest golf retailers in the United States, offering a wide selection of golf clubs, apparel, and accessories. They also provide professional club fitting services, so you can be sure you’re getting the right clubs for your game. The club fitting services are conducted by certified professionals who have been trained to properly fit golfers for their equipment needs. So yes, Edwin Watts is a certified club fitter and they are committed to helping you improve your game through proper fitting and customizing your equipment.

The professionals at Edwin Watts Golf use a combination of state-of-the-art technology and experienced judgment to ensure that customers receive the best possible club fitting experience. With their extensive knowledge of golf clubs and fittings, they will be able to help you select the best clubs for your swing type and skill level. Their club fitters will work with you to customize each club to your specifications so that you can play with confidence.

At Edwin Watts Golf, they believe that proper club fitting is an essential part of any golfer’s success on the course. They want to make sure that each customer has the best possible experience when it comes to selecting and customizing golf clubs. That’s why they offer certified professionals who are trained in all aspects of club fitting so that each customer can get the most out of their equipment. So yes, Edwin Watts is a certified club fitter who can help you get the most out of your game!


Edwin Watts Golf Club Fitting is an excellent way to find the perfect clubs for your game. With their expert staff, extensive selection, and resources to help you make the best choice, it’s easy to see why golfers of all levels trust Edwin Watts for their club fitting needs. The experience of having a professional custom fit your clubs is well worth the cost, and will give you the confidence that you are playing with the right equipment for your game. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, Edwin Watts Golf Club Fitting can help you gain more consistency and accuracy on the course.

By investing in quality golf clubs that are custom fit to your swing, you’ll find that your scores improve significantly and your overall enjoyment of the game increases. Finding the perfect set of clubs can be a daunting task, but with Edwin Watts Golf Club Fitting, you have access to knowledgeable staff and resources to make sure that you get exactly what you need for success on the course.

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