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Golf is a sport that has been around for centuries, and it is a popular pastime for many people. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your favorite golfer, why not consider something funny? Funny golf gifts can be both fun and functional, and they provide a great way to show your appreciation for the sport. Whether you’re shopping for your dad, brother, or best friend, these funny golf gifts are sure to put a smile on their face. From humorous tees and headcovers to silly golf towels and gadgets, there’s something here that will make any golfer laugh. Get ready to have some fun with these funny golf gifts!1. Novelty Golf Ball Markers: These quirky markers are sure to bring a laugh to the golf course.
2. Personalized Golf Tees: Customize these tees with jokes, puns, or even inside jokes for an extra laugh.
3. Putt Putt Golf Kit: This miniature golf set is a great way to practice your game while having a good time.
4. Funny Golf Socks: Show off your sense of humor with these funny golf socks that come in all kinds of designs and patterns.
5. Golf Themed Coffee Mug: A great gift for the golfer who needs their caffeine fix on the course.
6. Unusual Golf Club Covers: Give your clubs some personality with these unique club covers that come in all kinds of designs and colors.
7. Customized Golf Towel: Embroider your favorite golfer’s towel with a funny message for a great gift they’ll love using on the course.
8. Jokey Golf Balls: Find balls with funny messages printed on them for an extra chuckle while playing your rounds of golf.
9. Humorous Headcovers: Give your drivers and woods some character with these hilarious headcovers that come in all kinds of shapes and sizes.
10. Practical Joke Putter Cover: This hilarious putter cover is sure to give everyone on the green a good laugh!

Coolest Funny Golf Gifts

Golf is a wonderful game that provides enjoyment for all ages. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, there’s something to be said for the challenge and fun that comes with playing the game. That’s why so many golfers appreciate funny golf gifts. A gift that makes them laugh and smile while they’re out on the course is sure to make their day! Here are 8 of the coolest funny golf gifts:

1. Putter Pocket – This unique little pocket attaches to a putter grip and can hold tees, coins, ball markers, keys, and just about anything else golfers might need during their round. It makes it easy to keep track of small items and always have them at hand.

2. Golf Ball Dispenser – This cute little dispenser looks like a golf bag but holds up to 12 golf balls. It’s perfect for keeping balls organized and easily accessible during practice sessions or on the course.

3. Golf Cart Cooler – This must-have item is great for keeping drinks cold on hot summer days out on the course. It fits perfectly in most standard golf carts and features an insulated lining to help keep beverages cool.

4. Golf Club Phone Holder – This handy device allows you to attach your smartphone securely to your putter grip so you can take pictures or video while playing your round. It also keeps your phone safe from getting damaged if it takes a tumble in the rough.

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5. Golfer Stress Balls – These fun stress balls are shaped like mini-golfers with clubs in hand and make great desk decorations or party favors for golf-themed events.

6. Divot Repair Tool – This tool is designed to repair divots with ease so players don’t have to manually scoop up dirt with their hands when fixing their ball marks on greens.

7. Golf Ball Marker – These small metal discs feature funny sayings like “Fore! You” or “Hit The Fairway” that are sure to bring a smile when marking a player’s ball on the green.

8. Electric Putting Cup Set – This set includes two electric putting cups that light up when balls go into them, making practice sessions more exciting than ever before!

Golf Ball Markers

Golf ball markers are great funny gifts for a golfer in your life. They come in a variety of fun shapes, sizes and designs. Whether it’s a silly hat, a cartoon character or even an emblem of your favorite sports team, there’s sure to be something that will make them smile while they are playing. You can even have them personalized with their name or initials for an extra special gift.

Golf Tees

Golf tees are another fun gift to give the golfer in your life. There are a variety of styles and colors available to choose from. From traditional wooden tees to brightly colored plastic ones, you can get something that fits their personality perfectly. You can even get them personalized with their name or initials for an extra special touch.

Novelty Golf Clubs

Novelty golf clubs make great funny golf gifts as well. If your golfer has a sense of humor, these will definitely be appreciated! Novelty golf clubs come in all kinds of shapes and sizes – from oversized drivers to mini putters. And if you really want to go all out, you can even have them personalized with their name or initials for an extra special gift.

Funny Golf Shirts

Funny golf shirts make great gifts for the golfer in your life too! Whether it’s a witty saying or a silly graphic, there’s sure to be something out there that they’ll appreciate. You can find shirts with funny sayings, jokes and images – perfect for making them laugh on the course! And if you really want to go all out, you can even have them personalized with their name or initials for an extra special touch.

Golf Towels

Golf towels are also great funny gifts for the golfer in your life. They come in all kinds of styles and colors – from classic white towels adorned with colorful designs to brightly colored ones that will make any outfit pop on the course. And if you really want to go all out, you can even have them personalized with their name or initials for an extra special touch.

Novelty Golf Balls

Novelty golf balls make great funny gifts too! You can find balls adorned with silly sayings and graphics – perfect for making them laugh on the course! And if you really want to go all out, you can even have them personalized with their name or initials for an extra special touch.

Golf Accessories

1. Golf Ball Launcher

Golf Ball Launchers are one of the funniest golf gift ideas that you can give to a golfer. They allow golfers to launch their golf balls up to 150 yards away with the push of a button. This is great for those who don’t have time to practice their swinging or just want to have some fun with their friends on the course. It also makes a great conversation starter as it is sure to draw some attention from other golfers on the course.

2. A Golf Club Caddie

A golf club caddie is another hilarious gift idea for any golfer, especially those who are always on the go and need an extra set of hands while playing. This gadget helps keep all your clubs organized and allows you to switch between clubs quickly and easily without ever having to bend down and pick them up from the ground. It’s a great way to make your game more efficient and enjoyable.

3. Novelty Golf Balls

Novelty golf balls make another great gift for any golfer, especially those who enjoy a bit of humor while playing. These balls come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, including ones that look like animals, cartoon characters, or even celebrities! They will certainly bring smiles all around as they bounce off trees and bunkers during play.

4. A Golf Simulator

Golf simulators are perfect for those who love to practice their swing but don’t have access to an actual course or driving range. These simulators allow you to realistically replicate golf courses from around the world right in your own home or office! It’s a great way for anyone to sharpen their skills without having to leave the house.

5. Golf Cart Cooler

Finally, if you’re looking for something truly unique, consider getting a golf cart cooler as a gift! This cooler attaches easily onto any standard-sized golf cart and keeps drinks cold throughout your round of golf, making it ideal for hot summer days out on the course. Plus, it looks pretty cool too!

Unusual Funny Golf Gifts for Men

Golfing is a favorite pastime of many men and there are plenty of unique gifts to choose from when it comes to golf-themed presents. Whether you’re looking for something funny or out-of-the-ordinary, here are seven unusual funny golf gifts for the man in your life:

1. A custom golf ball marker – let him show off his style on the course with a personalized ball marker, complete with his name or initials.

2. A golf bag cooler – perfect for keeping his snacks and drinks cold on hot summer days.

3. A golf glove keychain – a practical gift he can take anywhere with him.

4. A golf club bottle opener – this creative gift is sure to be a hit with any man who loves beer and golf!

5. Golf ball ice cube tray – make sure he never loses track of his drink again with this fun ice cube tray!

6. Golf club bottle stoppers – these bottle stoppers come in a variety of designs and are perfect for keeping drinks sealed while on the course or at home.

7. Golf club head covers – these colorful head covers look like they’re straight out of a cartoon and will add some fun to his game!

No matter what kind of golfer your man is, these unusual funny golf gifts are sure to bring some laughter and joy into his life!

Golf Gift Ideas

Golfers are known for their sense of humor; they often make jokes to lighten the mood on the golf course. So why not give them a funny gift that will keep them laughing? There are plenty of great ideas out there, and here are nine of the best creative funny golf gift ideas.

For the golfer who loves a bit of whimsy, consider giving them a set of golf-themed bookends. These bookends feature a miniature golf club set and can be used to keep books from falling over. They also make great conversation pieces when guests come over.

Another fun idea is to get a personalized golf hat or visor. This can be printed with their name, favorite team or even an inside joke that only they would understand. They’ll love wearing it around the course and showing off their unique style.

A unique golf gift that keeps on giving is a subscription box filled with various golf-related items such as tees, ball markers, gloves, hats and more. This box can be tailored to the individual golfer based on their interests and skill level, so it’s sure to be appreciated by any avid golfer.

For a humorous twist, consider getting them some funny golf tees that feature witty puns and phrases such as “Fore ever” or “Birdie Love You”. These tees will definitely get a few chuckles from other players when they’re out on the course.

If you know someone who enjoys playing in tournaments or has aspirations of becoming a professional golfer, then why not give them something that will help them reach their goals? A practice net is an excellent way for them to work on their swing without having to leave home or take up space at the driving range.

For those who prefer spending time in nature while playing golf, there are plenty of outdoor gifts available as well. A laser rangefinder is perfect for those who want to accurately measure distances between points on the course without having to carry around bulky equipment – plus it looks really cool too!

Golfers can always use extra balls when they lose one in the rough or water hazard, so consider getting them a fun-filled box full of different colored balls with silly messages written on each one like “Don’t Lose Hope” or “Keep Swinging!” These little reminders are sure to bring smiles all around!

Finally, if you want to give your favorite golfer something special that they likely won’t receive from anyone else, why not create an art piece featuring their favorite hole? This could include photos taken at various angles along with descriptions about what makes this hole so special – it would definitely be something they could cherish for years to come!

Golf Gifts for Women

Golf gifts for women can be both practical and entertaining. When it comes to finding the perfect golf gift for a special woman in your life, there are a variety of options available. From unique apparel and accessories to fun gadgets and gizmos, there are plenty of funny golf gifts that will bring a smile to her face. Here are seven entertaining ideas that are sure to make her round of golf even more enjoyable:

1. Personalized Golf Tees

Personalized golf tees make a great gift for any female golfer. Not only do they look great, but they also help her keep track of which ball is hers on the course. Plus, you can customize them with a special message or design to give them an extra-special touch.

2. Golf Ball Markers

Golf ball markers are essential when it comes to playing golf, and they also make great gifts for female golfers. Look for fun designs like colorful flowers or animal characters that she’ll love placing on the green when she’s playing her round.

3. Golf Gloves

A good pair of golf gloves is a must-have item in any female golfer’s bag, so why not get her something special? Look for gloves with breathable fabrics and a comfortable fit so she can stay focused on her game while keeping her hands protected from blisters and sweat.

4. Golf Umbrella

A golf umbrella is always good to have on hand when out on the course in case of unexpected rain showers or strong sun rays. Look for one with bright colors or unique patterns to add some fun style to her game day wardrobe.

5. Golf GPS Watch

A GPS watch is an invaluable tool when it comes to playing golf, and it makes an excellent gift too! Choose one with features like shot tracking and hazard mapping so she always knows where she stands during each round without having to rely solely on the yardage markers.

6. Golf Towel

A quality golf towel is another must-have item when playing 18 holes, as it helps keep clubs clean between shots as well as wipe away dirt and moisture from hands during play. Look for ones with bright colors or unique prints that will stand out in her bag.

7. Novelty Putter Cover

Novelty putter covers come in all kinds of fun shapes and sizes, from animals and cartoon characters to holiday-themed designs—so you’re sure to find something she’ll love! They’re also great conversation starters out on the course with other players who have similar putter covers too!

1. Golf Ball Dispenser

Golf balls can get lost easily and the process of retrieving them can be a tedious task. A golf ball dispenser makes it easier to grab a few balls quickly and easily. This is one of the best funny golf gifts as it can make golfing more fun and hassle-free. The dispenser comes in different sizes, shapes, and colors so you can choose one that fits your style. It is also very practical as you can use it to store other small items like tees, markers, etc.

2. Novelty Golf Tees

Novelty golf tees are another great gift for any golfer as they add a bit of humor to their game. These tees come in all sorts of shapes and sizes like animals, cartoon characters, and more! They are also made from durable materials so they won’t break easily even after multiple uses. Not only are these tees funny but they also help improve accuracy when teeing off.

3. Golf Ball Markers

Golf ball markers are essential for marking your ball’s position on the course so other players don’t interfere with it. However, you don’t have to settle for boring plain ones! There are many funny golf ball markers available that feature humorous quotes or images that will definitely put a smile on anyone’s face while playing golf.

4. Golf Slippers

If you’re looking for something really unique then why not give someone a pair of golf slippers? These quirky slippers come in all sorts of styles such as cartoon characters, animals, and more! Not only do these slippers look funny but they are also comfortable to wear on or off the course.

5. Golf Towel

A classic yet still very useful gift for any golfer is a golf towel! These towels come in various designs such as funny quotes or images that will make any golfer laugh every time they use it. The towels are also very absorbent and lightweight so they won’t be too bulky when taking them out onto the course.

6. Putter Cover

Another great gift idea is a putter cover which adds some fun to someone’s game! These covers come in all sorts of designs such as animals, cartoon characters, and more! Not only do these covers look great but they also protect the putter from dirt or scratches while on the course.


Funny golf gifts are a great way to make the game of golf more enjoyable and memorable. From humorous golf tees to personalized novelty balls, there is something for every golfer. The best part about funny golf gifts is that they don’t need to cost much, but they can still bring a lot of fun and laughter to the course. They also make excellent conversation starters and can be used as a way to break the ice among players. Whether you’re looking for something unique for yourself or someone else, there are many options available when it comes to funny golf gifts. So don’t be afraid to get creative and add some humor to your next round of golf!

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