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golfer with cowboy hat

Golfers often have their own unique style and flair when it comes to their game, and one of the most popular trends among golfers is rocking a cowboy hat on the course. With its distinct look and comfortable fit, the cowboy hat is a great accessory for any golfer looking to make a statement on the course. Whether you’re an avid golfer or just getting started, wearing a cowboy hat as you hit the links can add a touch of class and style to your look.No, cowboy hats are not considered accessories for golfers. Golfers typically wear golf caps or visors to protect their faces from the sun when playing golf. Cowboy hats are generally not worn in golf courses due to their bulky size and potential interference with other players’ swings.

The Look of a Golfer with Cowboy Hat

There is something undeniably stylish about a golfer who wears a cowboy hat. The classic look combines the traditional style of golf with the adventurous spirit of the western cowboy. It is a unique look that you won’t see on many golf courses. Whether you are playing for fun or competing in tournaments, the look of a golfer with a cowboy hat will certainly turn some heads.

The most classic look for a golfer wearing a cowboy hat is to pair it with golf attire. This includes khaki shorts or slacks, a polo shirt, and comfortable shoes such as tennis shoes or golf shoes. The cowboy hat should be worn with the brim facing forward and slightly tilted to the side for maximum effect. Add some color to your outfit by opting for brightly-colored shirts and hats in shades such as yellow, red, blue, or green.

Although it isn’t necessary to wear all western-style clothing when wearing a cowboy hat, it can help to complete the look. Denim jeans or shorts paired with boots and an untucked shirt are great options for those who want to add more western flair to their outfit. You can also add accessories such as bandanas and leather belts for an even bolder statement.

No matter what type of clothing you choose to wear with your cowboy hat, make sure that you keep your attire neat and tidy. Make sure that your shirt is tucked in and that your pants fit properly without being too tight or too loose. You may also opt to go sockless if you wish – just make sure that your feet are clean!

When done right, wearing a cowboy hat while playing golf can give you an edge both on and off the course. The combination of classic style and western spirit will set you apart from other players while still maintaining an appropriate level of professionalism. So if you’re looking for something different on the golf course, why not try out the look of a golfer with a cowboy hat?

Different Types of Cowboy Hats for Golfers

Golfers who are looking to complete their look on the golf course often turn to cowboy hats for style and protection from the sun. Cowboy hats come in a variety of styles, shapes, and colors. Here is a look at some of the most popular types of cowboy hats for golfers.

The classic Stetson is one of the most popular cowboy hats for golfers. This style of hat is made with felt or straw and can have a wide brim or be more tailored. The classic Stetson has been around since 1865 and is known as the “cowboy hat” because it was originally designed for cowboys in Texas.

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Another popular style of cowboy hats for golfers is the Gambler hat. This type of hat has a wide brim that can be turned up or down, depending on the wearer’s preference. The Gambler hat also has a shorter crown than other types, making it ideal for those who are looking for less coverage on top.

The Outback hat is another great choice for golfers who want to complete their look with a cowboy hat. This style features a wide brim that can be rolled up or down and can be made from various materials such as canvas, straw, or leather. The Outback also has a shorter crown than other styles, making it perfect for those who don’t need as much coverage on top.

Finally, there is the Australian bushman’s hat which is perfect for those looking to achieve an outdoorsy look while still staying stylish on the course. This type of hat features an upturned brim and is made from rugged materials like leather or canvas. It also tends to have a higher crown than other styles, making it great for keeping off rain and sun while still remaining stylish.

No matter what type of cowboy hat you choose, make sure it fits your personal style and provides enough protection from the elements while you’re out on the course!

Benefits of Wearing Cowboy Hat While Playing Golf

Wearing a cowboy hat can be beneficial while playing golf. It can provide protection from the sun while out on the course, and it also gives the wearer a stylish look. The brim of a cowboy hat is wider than most other hats, which helps to cover more of the face and neck area, offering more protection from the sun’s rays. Additionally, cowboy hats can be adjusted to fit any head size or shape, making them an ideal choice for golfers who want to stay comfortable and look good while they play.

Cowboy hats are also lightweight and breathable, so they won’t cause discomfort during long games of golf. They are also made from materials that are designed to wick away sweat and keep the wearer cool in hot weather. On top of that, cowboy hats come in a variety of styles and colors so golfers can choose one that fits their personal style.

Finally, wearing a cowboy hat can be beneficial for golfers because it helps to keep their eyes on the ball at all times. The wide brim of the hat helps to block out distractions like bright lights or wind, allowing them to focus solely on their game. This allows golfers to hit shots with greater accuracy and consistency as they play.

Overall, wearing a cowboy hat while playing golf has many benefits. It provides protection from the sun’s rays, is lightweight and breathable for comfort during long games, comes in many styles and colors for personal expression, and helps golfers stay focused on their game by blocking out distractions.

How to Choose the Right Cowboy Hat for Golfing

Golfing is one of the most popular sports in the world, and wearing a cowboy hat while playing can add an extra element of style. But choosing the right cowboy hat for golfing isn’t as easy as it may seem. There are several factors to consider when selecting the perfect cowboy hat, from its brim size to its material, and it’s important to choose the right one for your needs. Here’s a guide on how to choose the right cowboy hat for golfing:

The first step in choosing the right cowboy hat for golfing is to consider its brim size. The brim should be wide enough to provide adequate shade from the sun while still allowing you to see your shots clearly. Typically, a four-inch brim is ideal for golfers, but you may want something wider or narrower depending on your preference and how much sun exposure you need.

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The material of your cowboy hat is also important when selecting one that’s suitable for golfing. Straw or canvas hats are lightweight and breathable, making them ideal for hot days on the course. Leather hats are also an option but may be too heavy if you plan on playing in hot weather. Wool hats are great for colder temperatures, but they can be more expensive than straw or canvas hats.

The type of crown is another factor to consider when selecting a cowboy hat for golfing. Traditional cowboy hats have a flat crown, which allows more air circulation around your head and keeps it cooler during intense rounds of golf. Conical crowns are more fashionable but can trap heat if it’s too hot out.

Finally, you should think about the shape of your cowboy hat when selecting one that’s suitable for golfing. Round-shaped hats are classic and timeless, but if you want something more modern then go with a teardrop-shaped hat instead. Both shapes will keep you looking stylish on and off the course.

Choosing the right cowboy hat for golfing isn’t always easy, but following these tips will help you find one that fits your needs perfectly. From its brim size and material to its crown shape and style, there are plenty of options available so take some time to find one that works best for you!

Golfer with Cowboy Hat Styling Tips

Golfing in a cowboy hat is a great way to add a touch of western style to your game. The cowboy hat can provide protection from the sun and help you stay cool on the course. It also adds a bit of personality to your golf ensemble. To make sure you look your best in a cowboy hat, here are some tips for styling it correctly.

First, make sure your cowboy hat fits properly. A good fit is essential for looking stylish while playing golf. Your hat should fit snugly on your head, with the brim resting just above your eyebrows and the crown sitting comfortably on top of your head. To get the perfect fit, try on several different sizes and styles until you find one that fits just right.

Next, pick a color that suits you best. Cowboy hats come in many different colors and shades, so you’ll be sure to find one that looks great with your golf outfit. When selecting a color, think about what would look best with the other colors in your wardrobe and choose something that will match well.

Once you’ve found the perfect fit and color for your cowboy hat, accessorize it to complete the look! A bandanna or ribbon can add some flair to the brim of your hat, while a pin or feather can add an extra touch of personality. You can also personalize it further by having it embroidered with an image or phrase that reflects your style.

Finally, remember to take care of your cowboy hat so it looks its best every time you hit the course. After each round of golf, brush off any dirt or debris before storing it away in its original box or a clean cloth bag. If necessary, use a gentle cleaning solution to spot clean any areas that need attention before storing it away for future use.

With these styling tips in mind, you’ll be sure to look great while golfing in a cowboy hat! Don’t be afraid to experiment and express yourself through this timeless western accessory – after all, golf is all about having fun!

1. Traditional Look

A classic and timeless look, the traditional look of wearing a cowboy hat while playing golf is a great option. The traditional look consists of wearing a cowboy hat with the brim facing forwards and tilted slightly to the side. This look can be achieved by adjusting the hat’s band to fit your head comfortably, and then adjusting the brim so it covers your eyes. A great touch would be to add a bandana or other accessory to match your outfit.

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2. The Laid Back Look

For those days when you’re feeling more casual on the golf course, try the laid back look with a cowboy hat. This style calls for wearing a hat with a more relaxed fit, with the brim facing backwards and slightly tilted up. The key here is to keep it casual, so no need to fuss too much over small details like accessories or adjustments – just throw it on and go!

3. The Country Gentleman Look

If you’re looking for something more polished and refined than the traditional or laid back looks, try accessorizing your cowboy hat with a necktie or scarf for a country gentleman look. Similar to the traditional style, you’ll want to adjust your hat so that it fits snugly on your head and covers your eyes without being too tight or loose. With this look, you should also make sure that whatever accessory you choose matches both your outfit and your cowboy hat in terms of color and pattern.

4. The Classic Cowboy Look

For those who want to embrace their inner cowboy while out on the links, try going for an all-out classic cowboy look. This entails wearing a wide-rimmed western style cowboy hat with either an upturned brim or level brim (depending on preference). To complete this look, wear clothes that are traditionally associated with cowboys such as plaid shirts, denim jeans, boots, etc.

No matter what style of cowboy hat you choose to wear while playing golf, make sure that it fits comfortably and is appropriate for course etiquette – after all, looking good isn’t worth sacrificing courtesy!

Pros of a Golfer Wearing a Cowboy Hat

A cowboy hat is a great accessory for golfers who want to add style to their game. The fact that it is made from high-quality materials, such as straw or felt, means that it can be worn in all weather conditions and will protect the golfer from the sun’s harmful rays. Cowboy hats are also stylish and can make a golfer look more stylish on the course. Additionally, they provide excellent ventilation in hot weather and keep the sun out of the golfer’s eyes, which can help improve concentration during play.

Cons of a Golfer Wearing a Cowboy Hat

A cowboy hat may not be suitable for all golfers as some may find it uncomfortable or too heavy to wear while playing. Additionally, if not taken care of properly, cowboy hats can become misshapen or stained over time. Furthermore, because of its wide brim, a cowboy hat can sometimes block the golfer’s view when looking at the ball or putting. Lastly, some golf courses may have rules against wearing cowboy hats due to their potential to distract other players on the course.


Golfers wearing cowboy hats are the epitome of style and sophistication. They represent a classic, timeless look that has been embraced by generations of golfers. Whether they wear it to shield their eyes from the sun or simply to look cool, these golfers are sure to make a fashion statement on the course. With a variety of styles, colors, and materials available, it’s easy to find a cowboy hat that will fit any golfer’s personality and style.

The cowboy hat is more than just an accessory for golfers – it has become part of the game itself. Wearing one can help golfers stay focused on their game while adding an extra touch of class and swagger. From professional tournaments to casual rounds at the local course, the cowboy hat is sure to make any golfer stand out from the crowd.

So whether you’re looking for an extra layer of protection against the sun or just want to add some extra flair to your game, donning a cowboy hat is sure to help you hit your stride both on and off the course.

At its core, the cowboy hat represents more than just a fashion statement – it speaks volumes about how much you care about your game and your style. So go ahead and strut your stuff with pride – after all, there’s nothing quite like hitting the links with a little western flair!

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