golo 3 putter

The Golo 3 putter is the perfect choice for golfers of all levels looking to improve their short game. This classic blade-style putter offers a great combination of feel and forgiveness, allowing you to hit consistent putts with confidence. It features a unique Golo 3 head design that promotes a square club face at impact, helping you aim more accurately and improve your alignment. The double milled face also provides superior distance control and a soft feel at impact. With its lightweight construction and modern design, the Golo 3 putter is sure to help you lower your scores on the greens.The Golo 3 Putter offers several benefits to golfers of all skill levels. It features a patented Perimeter Weighted Technology, which helps to increase the moment of inertia for a more consistent roll and improved accuracy. The low center of gravity increases the resistance to twisting on off-center strikes, keeping putts on line more often. The Golo 3 also has an adjustable lie angle and loft, allowing golfers to customize the putter to fit their individual needs. Additionally, its aluminum construction provides a superior feel and balance, while its classic design gives it an appealing look that will enhance any golfer’s game.

Understanding Your Putting Style

Choosing the right Golo 3 Putter is an important step in improving your golf game. Before you make your purchase, it’s important to understand your putting style and how it affects the type of putter you should buy. Every golfer has a unique set of needs when it comes to putting, so understanding which features are important for your style and skill level will help you make an informed buying decision.

Grip and Balance

The grip and balance of a putter are important factors to consider when shopping for a Golo 3 Putter. The grip should fit comfortably in your hands and provide good control over the club. The balance of the putter is also important, as it can affect your swing speed and accuracy. If the balance is off, you won’t be able to maintain control over the club during your stroke.

Consider the Loft Angle

The loft angle of a putter can also have an effect on your game. A higher loft angle can help reduce skidding on long shots, while a lower loft angle can help with accuracy on short shots. Consider which type of shots you typically take when selecting a Golo 3 Putter to ensure that you get one with the proper loft angle for your game.

Check Out Face Inserts

Most Golo 3 Putters come with face inserts that provide extra forgiveness on mis-hits. These inserts are designed to reduce skidding on off-center shots, so consider models with these features if you’re looking for extra forgiveness from your putter. Check out different models to find one that offers the best combination of feel, balance, and forgiveness for your game.

Test It Out Before You Buy

Finally, don’t forget to test out different Golo 3 Putters before making your purchase. Every golfer has different preferences when it comes to feel and performance, so taking some time to try out different clubs will help ensure that you get one that fits your style and skill level perfectly.

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Versatile Design

The Golo 3 Putter has a versatile design that is suitable for all types of golfers. The putter head is designed to be forgiving and offer a consistent feel and performance no matter what type of putt you are taking. The putter also has a lightweight design with an adjustable weight system allowing you to tailor the putter to your own swing. The adjustable weights also provide more stability and accuracy when putting.

High MOI

The Golo 3 Putter features a high Moment of Inertia (MOI) which is beneficial for accuracy and greater control over the ball. This high MOI offers superior performance when it comes to off-center hits, reducing twisting and minimizing distance loss for mis-hits. The combination of the high MOI and adjustable weight system ensures that golfers can get the most out of their putts every time.

Precision Grooves

The Golo 3 Putter features precision grooves on the face which provide improved ball control and feel. These grooves help promote an even roll across the face which leads to more consistent contact with the ball and improved accuracy. Additionally, these grooves offer excellent feedback throughout your stroke, providing golfers with increased awareness of subtle changes in their putting style.

Soft Grip

The Golo 3 Putter features a soft grip that provides improved comfort and control during your putting stroke. The grip is designed with a tacky texture for better gripping power, while its soft material ensures that it won’t cause any fatigue or discomfort during extended use. This soft grip helps promote a smooth tempo throughout your stroke, making it easier to stay consistent on the green.


Overall, the Golo 3 Putter is an excellent choice for golfers who are looking for improved accuracy and consistency on the green. Its versatile design is suitable for all types of players while its high MOI, precision grooves, and soft grip ensure that golfers can get maximum performance from their putts every time they step onto the green.

Perimeter Weighting

The Golo 3 Putter features a perimeter weighting system that provides an optimal combination of forgiveness and control. This design ensures more consistent contact and roll on the green, so you can make more putts with confidence. The putter also has a lightweight head design that makes it easy to swing and helps you stay on-target with every stroke.

Soft Feel Insert

The Golo 3 Putter also features a soft feel insert that provides enhanced feel and feedback at impact. This helps you get a better sense of where the putter is making contact with the ball, so you can make more accurate putts. The insert also helps to reduce skidding and bouncing off the club face for improved accuracy.

Optimal Lie Angle

The Golo 3 Putter is designed to provide an optimal lie angle for maximum performance on the green. This ensures that your putts are always hitting in the sweet spot, resulting in more consistent contact and roll off the club face. The optimal lie angle also helps promote a square alignment at address for improved accuracy.

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Pros of Golo 3 Putter

The Golo 3 putter is a popular choice for golfers due to its many advantages. One of the most notable pros of the putter is its forgiving nature. The large face and deep grooves help to ensure that shots remain on line, even when contact is not made perfectly. Additionally, the generous toe and heel weights help to provide a more consistent feel from shot to shot. Furthermore, the putter has a unique shape that provides golfers with a comfortable and stable feel throughout their putting stroke. Finally, it is highly customizable, allowing golfers to adjust the length, loft, and lie angle to better suit their individual needs.

Cons of Golo 3 Putter

One potential con of the Golo 3 Putter is its price tag. While it may be worth the cost for some golfers due to its top-notch performance and customization options, it can be a bit pricey for those on a tight budget. Additionally, some golfers may find that the large size of the clubface can make it difficult to control distance and trajectory on more delicate shots around the greens. Finally, while many players find this putter comfortable and easy to use, others may struggle with its unique shape and prefer something more traditional in design.

Using a Golo 3 Putter

Using a Golo 3 putter is one of the most effective ways to improve your golf game. This putter has been designed with an innovative soleplate that helps to reduce skidding and minimizes the amount of body rotation needed when taking a putt. Here are some tips for getting the most out of using your Golo 3 putter:

First, make sure to adjust the length and lie angle of your putter to best suit your swing. The length of the putter should be adjusted so that when you take your stance, your eyes are directly over the top of the ball. The lie angle should also be adjusted so that it matches up with your swing plane and helps you to stay on-line with each stroke.

Second, focus on having a smooth and consistent stroke when using your Golo 3 putter. This means keeping a steady tempo during the backswing and follow-through, as well as maintaining good contact with the ball by striking it squarely in the center of the club face every time. Doing this will help you make more consistent contact with each stroke and will ensure that you have better control over where your ball ends up once it leaves the club face.

Finally, practice making short and long range putts from different distances. This will help you get used to how far each type of stroke takes you, as well as what types of shots require different amounts of power or finesse. Doing this regularly will help you become more familiar with how far each shot will travel and how much effort is needed in order to achieve maximum distance control when putting.


The Golo 3 Putter is a classic design that features a sleek milled aluminum face and an all-black finish. The putter has a classic plumber’s neck and a deep center of gravity, which helps golfers control the putt and aim accurately. The Golo 3 Putter also features a lightweight shaft and head, making it easy to swing for long periods of time. The overall design of the putter is pleasing to the eye, with its all-black finish and classic lines.

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The Golo 3 Putter has been designed to provide golfers with an accurate aim and consistent performance on the green. It features a low center of gravity that helps players maintain control over their putting stroke. The lightweight shaft makes it easier for golfers to control their swing, while the milled aluminum face provides a consistent feel on each putt. In addition, the Golo 3 Putter has an insert that provides optimal feel on each putt.


The Golo 3 Putter provides golfers with optimal feel when hitting the ball off the face of the putter. The milled aluminum face ensures that golfers will get consistent feedback from each shot, while the insert gives golfers an even better feel when striking the ball off of it. Players who use this putter will enjoy its smooth feel with each stroke and be able to make more accurate shots as a result.


The Golo 3 Putter is ideal for those who want an accurate aim and consistent performance on the green. Its sleek design makes it aesthetically pleasing, while its lightweight shaft allows for easier swings over long periods of time. In addition, its milled aluminum face gives players great feedback from each shot, while its insert provides optimal feel when hitting off it. Overall, this is an excellent choice for those looking for accuracy in their game.

Grip and Shaft

The Golo 3 Putter comes with a SuperStroke Slim 3.0 grip, which is designed to give you the ultimate feel and control over your putting stroke. The shaft is made of lightweight aluminum, making it easier to swing and providing maximum stability for your putts. The shaft also features a unique stepped design, allowing you to adjust the weight distribution for optimal performance.


The head of the Golo 3 Putter is designed to produce a more consistent roll on the green, giving you better control over your putts. It features a high MOI design that helps reduce twisting on off-center hits, while also increasing the sweet spot size for greater forgiveness on mishits. The head also has an adjustable sole plate, allowing you to customize your setup for maximum performance.

Alignment Aid

The Golo 3 Putter also comes with an alignment aid that helps you line up your putts more accurately. It features two white lines that run along the top of the putter head, helping you keep your eyes focused on the target and ensuring that your ball starts off in the desired direction.


The Golo 3 Putter comes with a matching headcover to protect it from damage when not in use. The cover is made of durable materials and fits snugly over the clubhead, helping keep it looking like new for years to come.


The Golo 3 putter is an excellent choice for golfers of all skill levels. It is designed to provide great accuracy, distance control and feel on the green. The loft and alignment features make it easier to set up and hit more consistent putts. The balanced design helps reduce skidding and provides a smooth roll on the green. It also boasts a lightweight design that further enhances feel and control. With its great combination of features, the Golo 3 putter will help you improve your putting game.

Overall, the Golo 3 putter is an impressive piece of golfing equipment that will greatly improve the performance of any golfer who uses it. With its superior accuracy, distance control and feel, it will help take your putting game to the next level. Give it a try today and enjoy better putting stats in no time!