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Harry Hall is one of the leading equestrian and outdoor lifestyle brands in the UK. Founded in 1972, the company has a strong heritage and a reputation for creating high-quality, innovative products for riders, horse owners and outdoor enthusiasts alike. With a portfolio of products ranging from riding boots, clothing and accessories to safetywear, protection gear and saddlery, Harry Hall offers something for everyone. The company prides itself on its commitment to safety and innovation, always striving to create products that help people enjoy the outdoors with confidence.Harry Hall Witb is a British clothing company founded in 1993. It specializes in producing high quality, stylish and affordable equestrian and outdoor apparel for riders of all levels. From show jumpers to weekend riders, Harry Hall Witb has something to offer everyone, with a range of products that includes everything from jodhpurs and show jumping jackets to polo shirts, hoodies and accessories. The company is known for its attention to detail, with each item designed to meet the specific needs of the customer. Harry Hall Witb prides itself on offering excellent customer service and stands behind its products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. As part of its commitment to giving back to the horse community, the company also supports various equine charities through donations and sponsorships.


Harry Hall Witb is a revolutionary new product designed to enhance your riding experience. With innovative features such as adjustable stirrup bars, quick release buckles, shock absorbing technology and lightweight construction, Harry Hall Witb is the ultimate in comfort and performance. The adjustable stirrup bars allow you to customize the fit of your stirrups, while the quick release buckles make it easy to adjust on the go. The shock absorbing technology helps reduce fatigue and minimize impact on your feet, calves and ankles for a smoother ride. The lightweight construction ensures a more comfortable fit while still providing great support. With Harry Hall Witb, you can ride with confidence knowing you have the best in comfort and performance at your fingertips.


Harry Hall Witb provides a wide range of benefits for horse riders. These include access to a network of experienced instructors, discounts on equestrian equipment, and access to exclusive events and competitions. The membership also provides access to exclusive news and advice from top equestrian professionals, along with special discounts on clothing and accessories. Members can also take advantage of the Harry Hall Witb Academy, which offers online courses designed to help riders improve their skills. With a variety of membership options available, riders can choose the package that best suits their needs.

The membership also provides access to a range of services designed to make horse riding more enjoyable and safe. These include the Harry Hall Witb Safety System for Riders, which helps riders monitor their progress and ensure they are taking the necessary steps to stay safe while riding. In addition, members have access to emergency contact information for local veterinarians, farriers, and other equestrian professionals in case of an emergency.

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Members can also take advantage of the Harry Hall Witb Loyalty Programme which offers rewards points for purchases made within the network as well as discounts on selected items such as clothing and accessories. There is also an online community where members can connect with other like-minded riders from around the world as well as share tips and advice. With all these benefits, Harry Hall Witb is sure to make your horse riding journey even more enjoyable!

Witb: Usage Guide

Harry Hall Witb is a great way to bring your horse’s performance to the next level. This revolutionary product helps you improve your horse’s movement, agility and speed. With its unique formulation, it can also help reduce soreness and stiffness in the joints. To get the best results, it’s essential to follow the correct usage guidelines.

Before using Harry Hall Witb, make sure that you consult with your veterinarian or equine nutritionist. They can help you determine if this product is suitable for your horse’s individual needs and requirements. It’s also important to ensure that all nutritional requirements are met before using Harry Hall Witb.

When adding Harry Hall Witb to your horse’s feed, start by introducing it gradually. Start with half a scoop per day and increase the amount over time until the suggested daily dose is reached. This will help ensure that your horse has enough time to adjust to the new supplement in their diet without any adverse reactions.

In addition, make sure that you provide fresh drinking water at all times while using Harry Hall Witb. It’s essential for horses to stay hydrated when taking any supplements so they can get the full benefit of them. Make sure that you also provide plenty of hay and other forage sources so that your horse gets all of their nutrition needs met.

Finally, keep in mind that Harry Hall Witb is not a substitute for regular veterinary care or medical treatments for horses with joint issues or other conditions requiring medical attention. It should always be used as an additional supplement as part of an overall health plan for your horse.

By following these usage guidelines, you can ensure that Harry Hall Witb provides all the benefits promised with no adverse effects on your horse’s health or performance.

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Available Models

Harry Hall offers a wide range of riding hats and body protectors for all levels of equestrian. From leisure riders to professional show jumpers, there is something for everyone in the Harry Hall range. Riders can choose from a variety of styles and designs, including traditional velvet or tweed riding hats, lightweight helmets for warmer days, and stylish caps with peak. For added safety, their hats and body protectors are both certified to the relevant safety standards. All items are available in a range of sizes, colours and styles to suit individual riders.

Harry Hall also offer matching accessories such as gloves and chaps to complete the look. Whether you’re looking for an everyday hat or something more specialised for competitions, you’ll find something to suit your needs in the Harry Hall range.

Harry Hall Witb: Prices

Harry Hall has been providing quality riding apparel and equipment for over 80 years, and the company continues to provide quality products at competitive prices. All of Harry Hall’s products are designed with the rider in mind, making sure they are comfortable and durable. Whether you need a new helmet, riding boots, or any other piece of riding equipment, Harry Hall has something for everyone. Prices vary depending on the item you’re looking for, but all of their products are reasonable and affordable. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, Harry Hall has something to suit your needs.

From riding clothing to horse care supplies, Harry Hall offers a wide range of products that are guaranteed to meet your needs. From protective headgear to saddle pads and more, Harry Hall has everything you need at prices that won’t break the bank. The company also offers free shipping on orders over £60 in the UK, so you can save even more when shopping online. With their extensive selection of quality items at competitive prices, Harry Hall is sure to have something that fits your budget and meets your needs.


Harry Hall offers a range of accessories to complete your look. From hats to gloves, we have something for everyone. Our collection includes classic and modern styles, designed with quality and comfort in mind. Whether you’re looking for a finishing touch or something to make a statement, we’ve got you covered. Our hats are perfect for keeping the sun off when out riding or simply for adding the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. Our gloves are lightweight and breathable, allowing you to perform at your best without compromising on comfort. We also offer a range of socks to keep your feet comfortable while also looking stylish. With so many options available, you’re sure to find something that suits your needs.

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At Harry Hall, we believe that accessories should be as stylish as they are practical. That’s why we take great care in creating pieces that are both fashionable and functional. We know that when it comes to completing an outfit, the details matter most—so when you shop with us, you can rest assured that you’ll look and feel your best no matter where you go!

Maintenance Tips

Regular maintenance is key to extending the life of your Harry Hall gear and ensuring it remains in top condition. Taking the time to care for your gear correctly will help keep it looking great, as well as help protect it from wear and tear. Here are some tips to help you maintain your Harry Hall gear:

1. Clean regularly – Clean your Harry Hall gear regularly with a damp cloth or an appropriate leather cleaner, then buff with a soft cloth to restore its natural shine.

2. Store carefully – When you’re not using your Harry Hall gear, store it in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight and heat sources such as radiators or open fires.

3. Avoid contact with solvents – Keep your Harry Hall gear away from chemicals such as petrol, oil and solvents, as these can cause damage or discolour the fabric or leather.

4. Waterproof regularly – If your Harry Hall gear is made from waxed cotton or leather, you should re-apply waterproofing every few months to help protect it from the elements.

5. Repair promptly – If you notice any damage to your Harry Hall gear, repair it promptly before the problem gets worse. This may involve taking it into a professional saddlery for repairs or patching up small holes yourself with suitable patches and adhesives.


Harry Hall Witb is an excellent choice for those looking to obtain the best helmet for their child’s safety and comfort. The helmet is lightweight, adjustable, and comfortable, making it the perfect choice for any young rider. The air vents ensure that your child’s head remains cool during long rides and the adjustable straps make sure that it fits perfectly. The materials used are of high quality and make sure that your child remains safe on every ride. Therefore, Harry Hall Witb is an excellent choice for any parent or guardians looking to provide their children with the best protection against injuries during riding activities.

In short, Harry Hall Witb provides a safe and comfortable experience for young riders while ensuring their safety at all times. Its quality materials and adjustable straps make it an ideal helmet for young riders of all sizes and shapes. If you are looking for an ideal helmet to protect your child while riding, then Harry Hall Witb is the perfect choice!

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