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heavy blade putter

The Heavy Blade Putter is a great choice for golfers looking to increase their accuracy and consistency on the greens. It is a type of putter that has been designed with added weight in the heel and toe area which allows for greater stability and more consistent contact with the ball. The Heavy Blade Putter also offers an improved feel and sound at impact, giving golfers confidence in their putting game. With its large head shape and wide sole, the Heavy Blade Putter gives golfers more forgiveness on off-center shots which leads to better results on the green.Using a heavy blade putter can provide many benefits to a golfer’s game. A heavier putter can provide more stability and control, as the increased weight helps to keep the putter head on line. This extra weight also produces more consistent contact with the ball, resulting in fewer mis-hits. Additionally, heavier putters are less likely to be affected by wind gusts or other outside influences. The added weight also provides more momentum, which can help create a smoother swing path. Finally, a heavier blade putter can reduce fatigue during long rounds of golf since it requires less effort to swing.

How to Choose a Heavy Blade Putter

Choosing the right putter is essential for successful golfing. A heavy blade putter is one of the most popular types of putters and can help you hit more consistent shots on the green. When choosing a heavy blade putter, there are several factors to consider, such as its weight, design, and construction.

Weight is an important factor when choosing a heavy blade putter. Generally, heavier blades provide better stability and accuracy while putting. It also helps to reduce backspin on shots, making it easier to control your ball flight. The weight of the putter should be based on your swing speed and distance preferences.

The design of a heavy blade putter is also important. Look for a design that features an offset hosel, which helps create more consistent contact with the ball at impact. Additionally, look for a large sweet spot that provides forgiveness on mis-hits and off-center contact with the ball.

Finally, consider the construction of the putter when selecting a heavy blade model. Look for a putter made from forged or cast steel or aluminum as these materials are durable and provide great feedback at impact. Additionally, make sure that the shaft length and angle are suitable for your putting style and posture.

Pros and Cons of a Heavy Blade Putter

A heavy blade putter is a type of golf club used for short-distance putting shots. It is heavier than other putters and its weight helps to keep the golfer’s stroke balanced and consistent. However, there are both pros and cons to using a heavy blade putter.

One of the main advantages of using a heavy blade putter is increased control. The extra weight helps players to keep their arms and wrists steady throughout the entire putt, resulting in more accurate shots. This improved control can also help players to avoid common mistakes such as pulling or pushing the ball off-line.

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In addition, the extra weight of a heavy blade putter can help players to generate more power on their shots without sacrificing accuracy. This allows them to reach longer distances with greater ease, which can be beneficial when attempting difficult or long-distance putting shots.

However, there are also some potential drawbacks associated with using a heavy blade putter. For example, it can be difficult for some players to adjust to the increased weight, particularly if they are used to lighter models. Additionally, this type of club tends to require more energy from the golfer during each swing, which can lead to fatigue over time if not properly managed.

Overall, a heavy blade putter can be an excellent choice for golfers who need greater accuracy and power on their short-distance putting shots but should be used with caution by those who may have difficulty adjusting to its increased weight or need extra energy during each swing.

Putting with a Heavy Blade Putter

Putting with a heavy blade putter can be a challenge. It takes more effort to lift and swing the putter, which can make it difficult to maintain accuracy and consistency on the green. However, there are some tips that can help you make the most of your stroke when using a heavy blade putter. Here are some tips for playing with a heavy blade putter:

Grip Pressure

It is important to keep your grip pressure light when using a heavy blade putter. Holding the club too tightly will make it harder to move the club through your stroke and will reduce accuracy. Instead, focus on gripping the club lightly and making sure that your hands don’t tighten up as you swing.

Take Practice Swings

Practice swings can be helpful when using a heavy blade putter. Take some practice swings to get used to the weight of the club before you hit your first shot. This will help you get comfortable with the feel of the club in your hands and make it easier to stay accurate during your actual shot.

Focus on Balance

When putting with a heavy blade putter, it is important to focus on balance throughout your stroke. Make sure that you remain balanced as you swing back and through, which will help ensure that you stay consistent in your tempo and keep good contact with the ball.

Take Your Time

Finally, take your time when putting with a heavy blade putter. Make sure that you allow yourself enough time to set up correctly before each stroke and take smooth practice swings if necessary. Taking your time will help you stay focused on each shot and make sure that you get good results on every hole.

Different Types of Heavy Blade Putters

Heavy blade putters are often the preferred choice for golfers looking for a putter that offers maximum control and accuracy. They are designed to have a heavier head and a longer shaft than the standard putter, allowing for a more precise stroke. There are several different types of heavy blade putters available on the market today.

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The first type is the traditional heavy blade putter. This putter has a face-balanced design with a heavier head and longer shaft than standard models. It is designed to provide greater stability when hitting the ball, resulting in more consistent shots. It is also easier to control due to its heavier design, making it ideal for golfers who prefer more precise strokes.

The second type of heavy blade putter is the mallet style. This model has an extended length shaft and typically features an oversized head with perimeter weighting, which helps promote increased stability on off-center strikes. The mallet style also provides improved accuracy due to its larger sweet spot, making it ideal for those who need extra help when putting from longer distances.

The third type of heavy blade putter is the hybrid model. This model combines elements from both traditional and mallet styles, creating a sleek design that offers increased stability and accuracy at the same time. The hybrid putter typically has an oversize head with perimeter weighting and an extended length shaft, making it perfect for golfers who need assistance when putting from long distances or in windy conditions.

No matter what type of heavy blade putter you choose, you can be sure that it will provide you with maximum control and accuracy when putting on the green. With so many options available, there is sure to be one that fits your game perfectly!

Advantages of Using a Heavy Blade Putter

A heavy blade putter can be a great addition to any golfer’s set of clubs. It offers a number of advantages, including increased accuracy and improved feel on the greens. Here are some of the benefits of using a heavy blade putter:

Increased Accuracy: The heavier head weight of the putter helps to keep your hands steady through the stroke, allowing you to maintain better control over your putting motion and achieve improved accuracy. Additionally, the heavier head weight can reduce wrist action in your swing, which can lead to more consistent ball contact and distance control.

Improved Feel: The heavier head weight also provides a more solid feel when making contact with the golf ball. This gives you better feedback on how well you are striking the ball, allowing you to make adjustments as necessary.

Enhanced Distance Control: With a heavier putter head, it is easier to control your distance off the tee. You will be able to hit longer putts without having to give up accuracy or feel. Additionally, a heavy blade putter will help you stay in balance during your swing, which can help you stay consistent with your putting stroke.

When to Use a Heavy Blade Putter

The question of when to use a heavy blade putter is an important one for golfers looking to improve their game. A heavy blade putter is a club designed with a larger head and heavier overall weight than the traditional putter. This design has been shown to help golfers improve their accuracy and distance when putting, as well as increase their consistency with the club. The additional weight helps promote a more consistent stroke, while the larger head size provides more stability and control when hitting the ball.

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When considering when to use a heavy blade putter, it’s important to consider your own individual playing style and skill level. Beginners may find that this type of putter provides too much weight and stability, making it difficult to make accurate shots. Experienced players may benefit more from the extra stability and control provided by this type of club.

In general, most golfers will benefit from using a heavy blade putter if they have difficulty controlling their distance and accuracy when putting. If you find yourself missing short putts or struggling with long-distance putts, then this type of club could be just what you need to improve your game. It’s also beneficial for those who want more consistency in their putting stroke, as the additional weight can help them keep their stroke steady throughout the entire swing.

Overall, there are many benefits associated with using a heavy blade putter for golfers of all skill levels. If you’re looking for greater accuracy and distance in your putting game, or if you want more consistency in your stroke, then this type of club could be just what you need to take your game to the next level.


When shopping for a heavy blade putter, the design should be the first consideration. Look for a putter with an ergonomic grip that is comfortable in your hands and also ensures a consistent grip on the club. The putter head should also be designed to promote a smooth putting stroke, with an appropriate balance between weight and forgiveness.


The material of the putter is also important. Look for a club made of lightweight materials such as aluminum or stainless steel, that won’t add too much additional weight to your bag. Additionally, choose a putter with quality construction and good craftsmanship that will last you many years of use.


The length of the putter is also important. Putters come in standard lengths as well as custom lengths, so consider which length is best for your game. If you are taller or have longer arms, you may prefer a longer putter; conversely, if you are shorter or have shorter arms, you may prefer a shorter putter.


Finally, consider the price of the heavy blade putter before making your purchase. Putters can range from relatively inexpensive to very expensive depending on their design and materials used in construction. Decide how much you are willing to spend on a new putter before beginning your search so that you can narrow down your options quickly and easily.


The heavy blade putter is a great choice for golfers looking to improve their accuracy and control on the green. With its greater mass and weight, it allows for more precise, powerful strikes that can really help you sink those putts. It also has a unique feel that some golfers prefer over other types of putters. The heavy blade putter might not be for everyone, but it can definitely be a great tool for improving your game.

Overall, the heavy blade putter is an excellent choice for golfers who are serious about improving their putting game. Its increased mass and weight can help you make more accurate shots, while its unique feel can give you an edge over other types of putters. If you’re looking to take your putting game to the next level, then consider trying out a heavy blade putter today.

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