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Henrik Stenson is a professional golfer from Sweden who currently competes on the European Tour and the PGA Tour. He has achieved great success in both competitions, winning multiple tournaments and ranking as one of the world’s best golfers. Stenson is known for his consistent performance, precise ball-striking and strong short game. He is also known for his confidence and determination, which have helped him overcome injuries and setbacks throughout his career. His golfing style is often described as aggressive yet controlled, with an emphasis on power and accuracy. Stenson has become one of the most successful golfers in the world, with more than 20 professional wins to his name.At the 2016 Open Championship, Henrik Stenson used a Callaway Great Big Bertha Driver, a 3-wood Callaway XR 16, and 3-9 irons from Callaway X Forged. He also used a Callaway Mack Daddy PM Grind Wedge and an Odyssey Toulon Putter.

What’s In Henrik Stenson’s Bag To Win 2016 Open Championship?

Henrik Stenson is one of the greatest players in golf history, and he has proven that again in 2016 Open Championship. He was able to beat Phil Mickelson with a record-breaking score of 20-under par, which is an incredible accomplishment. So what was in his bag to help him achieve this feat?

Stenson used a full set of Callaway clubs, including the Callaway XR 16 driver and 3-wood, the Epic Pro irons, and an Odyssey White Hot RX 2 putter. He also carried a Callaway MD3 Milled wedge for short approach shots. He also had a Titleist Pro V1X golf ball as his ball of choice for the tournament.

For Stenson, these clubs aren’t just about performance; he has spent considerable time customizing them to his own specs. For instance, he has adjusted the length and weight of his irons so that they match his swing perfectly. This allows him to have complete control over every shot, which is critical when playing on a course like Royal Troon where accuracy is key.

Finally, Stenson relies heavily on his mental game when playing at such a high level. This includes visualizing each shot before hitting it and practicing positive self-talk throughout the round. Having a strong mental game is essential for any golfer who wants to compete at the highest level and Stenson clearly has it figured out!

In conclusion, everything in Henrik Stenson’s bag played an important role in helping him win the 2016 Open Championship. His customized clubs allowed him to hit accurate shots while relying heavily on his mental game gave him the confidence to succeed under pressure. It’s no wonder he was able to take home such an impressive trophy!

Analyzing Henrik Stenson’s Winning Clubs at The Open Championship

Henrik Stenson became the first Swedish golfer to win The Open Championship in 2016, and for a good reason. He was playing with some of the best clubs in the business. Stenson chose to use a combination of Callaway and PING clubs during his impressive victory.

Stenson used Callaway’s XR 16 Pro Driver, which is designed for golfers looking to maximize their distance off the tee. The XR 16 Pro Driver features a carbon composite crown, which helps reduce drag and optimize aerodynamics during the swing. The club also features an adjustable hosel that provides golfers with eight different loft settings, making it easy to adjust your trajectory and maximize your distance.

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Stenson also opted to use Callaway’s Big Bertha Alpha 815 fairway woods and Apex Pro irons during his win at The Open Championship. The Big Bertha Alpha 815 fairway woods feature an adjustable sole plate that allows golfers to customize their launch angle and spin rate to achieve maximum distance off the tee. Meanwhile, the Apex Pro irons are designed for maximum forgiveness and accuracy with every shot.

Finally, Stenson used PING’s Anser wedges during his impressive victory at The Open Championship. These wedges feature a classic design that helps promote consistent feel and performance around the greens. Additionally, PING’s Anser wedges are designed for optimal spin control so golfers can easily adjust the trajectory to fit any situation on the course.

Overall, Henrik Stenson had an impressive selection of clubs during his 2016 win at The Open Championship. His combination of Callaway and PING clubs provided him with all of the tools he needed to become the first Swedish golfer ever to win this prestigious tournament.

An Overview of Henrik Stenson’s Winning Driver Setup

Henrik Stenson’s driver setup is considered to be one of the most successful in professional golf. Throughout his career, he has consistently used the same driver setup, which has helped him to achieve numerous victories. In this article, we will provide an overview of Henrik Stenson’s winning driver setup.

Stenson’s driver is a Callaway Razr Hawk Tour 9° with a Fujikura Speeder shaft. He uses a head with a shallow face for maximum distance and control. The shaft is a stiff flex that provides stability and consistency in his drives.

Stenson also uses an adjustable hosel to customize his driver for different courses and conditions. The weight on the adjustable hosel can be adjusted from 8-14 grams to create the desired trajectory for each shot. This allows him to have complete control over his shots and be able to adjust his setup as needed for each course.

In addition, Stenson uses a heavier grip on his driver which helps him gain more control over the clubface at impact. This allows him to create more spin on the ball and also helps keep it from going too far off line. His heavier grip also gives him more stability when swinging the club which is essential for consistency in long drives off the tee box.

Overall, Henrik Stenson’s winning driver setup has been carefully crafted over years of practice and experience on the golf course. By using an adjustable hosel, a heavier grip, and a shallow face head combined with a stiff shaft he is able to tailor his game perfectly for each course he plays on while gaining maximum distance off the tee box.

Examining Henrik Stenson’s Winning Iron Set-up

Henrik Stenson recently won the 2016 Open Championship with an impressive performance. His iron set-up was a key factor in his success, as he consistently hit his targets throughout the tournament. In this article, we’ll take a look at the details of Stenson’s iron set-up, and how it helped him win.

Stenson used a set of eight irons: 4-iron through 9-iron plus a pitching wedge and a gap wedge. The clubs were all TaylorMade RSi 2 irons with True Temper Dynamic Gold shafts. The 4-iron through 9-iron had stiff shafts, while the wedges had regular flex shafts. The clubs had standard lofts, with no alterations to the normal specifications for each club.

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Stenson also used custom grips on his clubs, opting for Golf Pride Tour Velvet grips in 58 round size. He also added two extra wraps to each grip for extra cushioning and comfort on shots from rough lies or difficult stances. This allowed him to maintain excellent control over his shots, even from tough lies or awkward stances.

Finally, Stenson opted to use heavier swing weights on all of his irons for added control and stability during the swing. The swing weights ranged from D2 to D5 depending on the club and its loft (the lower lofted clubs were heavier than the higher lofted ones). This allowed him to have better control over each club and get more accuracy out of every shot.

Overall, it’s clear that Henrik Stenson’s iron set-up was an important factor in his victory at The Open Championship. With carefully chosen shafts, grips and swing weights, Stenson was able to maximize control and accuracy throughout the tournament – helping him emerge victorious at Royal Troon.

A Look at Henrik Stenson’s Wedge Setup For The Open Championship

The Open Championship is just around the corner and many professional golfers are preparing for the event. One of them is Henrik Stenson, a two-time major champion and former FedEx Cup winner. He recently revealed his wedge setup for The Open Championship and it’s quite interesting.

Stenson is using a variety of wedges ranging from a 52-degree to a 64-degree. His wedge setup includes Titleist Vokey SM5 wedges in 52, 56, 60 and 64 degrees. He is also using an SM6 Tour Prototype in 48 degrees and an SM7 in 54 degrees. Each wedge has its own unique bounce angle which allows Stenson to control shots better on various types of turf conditions.

Stenson has always been known for his precise shot making ability and his wedge setup reflects this perfectly. The combination of different lofts and bounces gives him more versatility when hitting approach shots into greens or around the green from any lie. He can use the higher lofted wedges to hit high, soft shots with plenty of spin while the lower lofted wedges give him the ability to hit penetrating shots with added distance control.

Overall, Stenson’s wedge setup looks like it will serve him well at The Open Championship as he looks to add another major title to his resume. With such a well thought out selection of clubs, there’s no doubt that he’ll be able to hit shots into greens with pinpoint accuracy as he chases down yet another champion title.

Analyzing Henrik Stenson’s Putter for His 2016 Open Championship Victory

Henrik Stenson has been playing professional golf since 1998 and is known for his impressive consistency on the green. During the 2016 Open Championship, Stenson achieved a remarkable victory, becoming the first Swedish golfer to win a major. His success was due in part to his superior putting, which included his putter, an Odyssey White Hot XG #7.

The Odyssey White Hot XG #7 is a classic blade-style putter with some innovative features that gives golfers more control over the ball. The putter has a milled face insert that increases spin and improves accuracy. The club also has an alignment aid on the top of the head that helps golfers line up their shots more accurately. Additionally, its white finish makes it easier to track the ball’s movement as it rolls across the green.

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Stenson used this putter throughout his victory at The Open Championship and continued to use it in subsequent tournaments. In fact, he won two tournaments in 2017 with this same putter. This proves that this club is reliable and can help golfers achieve consistent results on the green.

In conclusion, Henrik Stenson’s victory at The Open Championship was due in part to his choice of putter – an Odyssey White Hot XG #7 – which enabled him to maintain accuracy and control over his shots while still achieving maximum spin and distance on each putt. This club clearly helped him achieve success and has proven its worth for other professional golfers as well.

How Henrik Stenson Won The Open Championship With His Setup

Henrik Stenson is one of the greatest golfers of all time. The Swedish professional golfer has had an impressive career that culminated in his win at the 2016 Open Championship. He was able to achieve this feat by using a setup that was tailored to his individual playing style. By taking into account his strengths and weaknesses, Stenson was able to create a setup that allowed him to play his best golf on the biggest stage.

Stenson’s setup included several key components, such as his stance and grip, which are key factors in any golfer’s performance. Stenson’s stance is unique in that he stands slightly open with his feet pointing slightly outward. This allows him to turn better and generate more power with each swing. Additionally, Stenson employed an unconventional grip where he only used two fingers on each hand when holding the club. This allowed him to maintain a light grip on the club which allowed him to swing with more control and accuracy.

Stenson also worked hard on honing his mental approach when playing golf. He paid close attention to how he felt during practice rounds and tournaments and made adjustments accordingly. He also worked hard on developing a pre-shot routine that allowed him to stay focused and maintain consistency during tournament play.

Finally, Henrik Stenson took advantage of modern technology when it came to setting up for each shot. Using advanced trackers and analysis tools, he was able to measure performance metrics such as swing speed, ball flight distance, spin rate, etc., allowing him to make adjustments as needed before teeing off for each shot.

By taking care of these key components of setup, Henrik Stenson was able to win The Open Championship in 2016 with relative ease. His setup allowed him to maximize his performance while minimizing mistakes, which enabled him take home the trophy at the end of the tournament.


Henrik Stenson is one of the most successful golfers in the world today. He is a two-time winner of the European Tour and has had multiple Top-10 finishes on the PGA Tour. His success in golf is a testament to his hard work and dedication to the game, as well as his ability to stay focused on what matters most. His commitment to excellence has earned him respect from both fans and fellow players alike. With this dedication, he will continue to be one of the top players in golf for years to come.

Stenson’s win with a record-breaking score at The Open Championship was an incredible accomplishment that will go down in history as one of the greatest rounds of all time. His performance throughout his career has been nothing short of exceptional, and it is clear that he is committed to becoming a better golfer every day. Henrik Stenson is an example to all aspiring golfers, showing that hard work and dedication can lead to success on the course and beyond.