how to make 36 volt ezgo txt faster

Making your 36 volt EZGO TXT faster is a great way to get the most out of your vehicle. With a few modifications and upgrades, you can make your EZGO TXT go much faster than it does in its stock form. In this guide, we’ll be looking at the different ways you can make your 36 volt EZGO TXT faster, from simple modifications to more advanced upgrades. With the right modifications, you’ll be able to turn your EZGO TXT into a speed demon that will leave the competition in the dust. So let’s get started on how to make your 36 volt EZGO TXT faster!To make an EZGO TXT with a 36 Volt system faster, you will need to upgrade the motor or controller. You can increase the amp rating of the motor by changing out the stock motor for a higher amp version. You can also upgrade the controller to one with a higher amp rating. Additionally, you can add a speed chip or programmer to increase the speed of your cart. Lastly, you can install upgraded batteries with higher amperage capacity for better performance.

Increasing the Speed of a 36 Volt EZGO TXT

Increasing the speed of a 36 Volt EZGO TXT electric golf cart can be done in several ways. The best and most cost-effective way is to install a high-performance controller. This will give your cart more power, allowing it to reach higher speeds. Additionally, you can increase the speed by upgrading the motor, replacing the tires, and even adding a lift kit.

High-performance controllers are designed to provide more power to the motor, allowing it to reach higher speeds. They can also be programmed to give different levels of performance, so if you don’t need top speed all the time, you can dial it back for maximum efficiency.

Upgrading the motor is another way to increase the speed of your golf cart. This will require replacing either the existing motor or installing an aftermarket one. A more powerful motor will allow your cart to reach its maximum potential speed with ease.

Replacing your existing tires with low-profile ones can also help increase your cart’s top speed. Low-profile tires provide less drag, allowing them to roll faster and easier on flat surfaces. They are also heavier than standard tires, which helps add weight to your golf cart for better stability at high speeds.

Finally, adding a lift kit is an excellent way to increase top speed on your 36 Volt EZGO TXT electric golf cart. Lift kits raise the cart off the ground slightly, reducing drag and allowing for faster acceleration and higher top speeds. Lift kits are relatively inexpensive and easy to install as well.

In conclusion, increasing the speed of a 36 Volt EZGO TXT electric golf cart can be done in several ways including installing a high-performance controller, upgrading the motor, replacing tires with low-profile ones and adding a lift kit. Each of these modifications will help improve overall performance and allow your cart to reach its maximum potential speed with ease!

Upgrading the Battery in a 36 Volt EZGO TXT

Upgrading the battery in a 36 Volt EZGO TXT is relatively simple, provided you have the right tools and knowledge. The first step to upgrading your battery is to purchase the correct replacement. Make sure that you purchase a 36 Volt battery that is specifically designed for an EZGO TXT. It is also important to make sure that the new battery has been tested and certified for use in your golf cart.

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Once you have purchased the correct replacement battery, you can begin the process of actually replacing it. First, you will need to disconnect the old battery from the golf cart’s wiring harness. This can be done by disconnecting each of the individual cables from their respective terminals on the old battery. Then, disconnect any additional accessories connected to the old battery such as lights or stereo components.

Next, remove any mounting brackets or clamps holding down the old battery in place and carefully lift it out of its compartment in your golf cart. Once removed, you can then install your new replacement battery into place and reattach any mounting brackets or clamps needed to secure it in place.

Finally, reconnect all of your cables to their respective terminals on your new replacement battery and make sure they are properly secured with nuts and bolts if needed. After this step is complete, turn on your golf cart’s ignition switch and check to make sure that everything is working properly before taking it out for a test drive.

Upgrading a 36 Volt EZGO TXT’s battery can be a rewarding experience that will allow you to enjoy improved performance from your golf cart for years to come. With just a few simple steps and some basic knowledge of electrical systems, anyone can successfully upgrade their own EZGO TXT’s battery with ease!

Changing the Motor in a 36 Volt EZGO TXT

Changing the motor in a 36 volt EZGO TXT golf cart is a relatively straightforward process. The first step is to remove the existing motor and disconnect all of the wiring from the existing motor. Once this is done, it’s time to install the new motor. The new motor should be mounted to the rear axle of the golf cart and then secured with a few bolts. Once that is done, it’s time to connect all of the wiring to the new motor. This will include both positive and negative terminals, as well as any other wires that may be necessary for operation.

Once all of the wiring has been connected, it’s time to test out the new motor by turning on the power switch for the golf cart. If everything works properly, then it’s time to move on to adjusting any settings that may need to be adjusted on the control board for optimum performance. This will include setting up speed limits and any other settings that may help with overall performance. After adjusting these settings, it’s time to take your EZGO TXT out for a spin and enjoy your newly installed motor!

Adjusting the Gear Ratio in a 36 Volt EZGO TXT

Adjusting the gear ratio in a 36 Volt EZGO TXT golf cart can be a challenging process, but with the right tools and knowledge it can be done. The gear ratio is an important factor in determining how quickly and efficiently your golf cart can move. A higher gear ratio will result in faster acceleration, while a lower gear ratio will give you better fuel economy. In order to adjust the gear ratio on your 36 Volt EZGO TXT, you’ll need to remove the entire drivetrain assembly from the frame of the vehicle. This includes removing the differential, driveshaft, and motor mount. Once these components are removed, you’ll need to access the internal gearing of your differential and adjust it accordingly.

Once you’ve adjusted your differential’s gearing, you’ll need to reinstall all of the components that were removed during disassembly. Make sure that all bolts are tightened securely and that nothing is loose or misaligned before proceeding further. After everything is reinstalled, it’s important to test your new setup by taking your vehicle for a test drive. This will help verify that everything has been properly adjusted and that there are no issues with power delivery or performance.

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Adjusting the gear ratio in a 36 Volt EZGO TXT can be tricky, but with a bit of patience and knowledge it can be done successfully. By understanding how this process works and having access to all of the necessary tools, you should have no problem making adjustments so that your golf cart runs at its best.

Adding Lightweight Parts to a 36 Volt EZGO TXT

Adding lightweight parts to an EZGO TXT 36 volt golf cart can help improve its performance and enhance its overall look. This type of golf cart is popular for recreational use, but it can also be used for commercial purposes. In order to get the most out of your golf cart, you need to ensure that it has the right parts and accessories installed. Here are some tips for adding lightweight parts to a 36 volt EZGO TXT.

The first thing you should do when adding lightweight parts to a 36 Volt EZGO TXT is to make sure that the battery is fully charged. If it isn’t, then you may experience reduced performance and range. You should also make sure that all of the connections are secure and that there are no loose wires or connections. Once these items have been checked, then you can move on to adding the lightweight parts.

One of the main components of a golf cart is its wheels and tires. If you want to improve your cart’s performance, then you should invest in some quality tires that are designed specifically for the terrain on which you will be using your vehicle. You should also consider purchasing lightweight rims or hubs as well as wheel covers or spacers in order to reduce the overall weight of your vehicle.

Another important component of a golf cart is its drivetrain system. Investing in lighter weight components such as chain drives or belt drives can help increase your vehicle’s overall efficiency and speed up its acceleration time. You should also consider replacing any worn or damaged components with lighter weight alternatives.

Finally, if you want to give your vehicle a more stylish look, then consider investing in some exterior accessories such as custom lights or decals. These accessories can help give your vehicle a more unique look while still keeping it light enough for efficient operation. By following these tips, you can make sure that your 36 volt EZGO TXT has all the necessary components and accessories installed in order to maximize its performance and style.

Replacing the Controller in a 36 Volt EZGO TXT

Replacing the controller on a 36 Volt EZGO TXT golf cart can be a tricky process if you don’t have the right tools and knowledge. This guide will provide step-by-step instructions on how to replace the controller in your EZGO TXT. Before beginning this project, make sure you have all of the necessary tools and supplies available. You will need a Phillips screwdriver, an adjustable wrench, a voltage meter, and a new controller.

Begin by disconnecting the negative battery cable from the battery post. Make sure that you do not touch any metal parts while doing this to avoid any electrical shock. Next, remove the screws holding the controller cover in place and set it aside. Remove the wires connecting to the controller and mark each one so that you know where it goes back in later.

Using your adjustable wrench, loosen and remove the bolts holding the controller in place. Carefully lift out the old controller and set it aside for disposal later. Take your voltage meter and ensure that all of the connections are off before installing your new controller. If everything is ready, then take your new controller and secure it into place with your adjustable wrench and bolts.

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Once secure, connect all of your wires back into their assigned connections using your markings as reference points. Make sure that all of them are connected correctly before continuing on to the next step! After reconnecting all of your wires, put back on your cover plate with its screws to ensure that no dust or debris gets inside of your machine. Lastly, reconnect your negative battery cable back onto its post before testing out your new controller!

Now you have successfully replaced your 36 Volt EZGO TXT’s controller! Remember to always take extreme caution when working around electricity as improper wiring or connections can cause serious harm or damage to yourself or your machine!

Modifying the Brakes in a 36 Volt EZGO TXT

It is important to regularly check and modify the brakes on your 36 Volt EZGO TXT. This is especially true if you use your golf cart for off-roading or for any type of off-road activity. The brakes should be checked and adjusted as necessary to ensure that they are working properly and safely.

The first step in modifying the brakes on your 36 Volt EZGO TXT is to check the brake cable. Make sure that there are no kinks, frays, or other damage to the cable. If there is any damage, you will need to replace the cable before proceeding with any other modifications.

Once you have checked the brake cable, it is time to adjust the brake shoes. The brake shoes can be adjusted by removing the wheel and adjusting the nut that holds them in place. You will need a wrench or socket set for this task. Once you have adjusted them, it is important to make sure that they are not too tight or too loose. If they are too tight, they may cause excessive wear on your tires, while if they are too loose, they may not provide adequate braking power when needed.

Finally, it is important to inspect all other components of your golf cart’s braking system such as the caliper, rotor, and pads. Make sure that all of these components are functioning properly and are not worn out or damaged in any way. These components should also be kept clean and free from debris so that they can perform their job correctly and efficiently when needed.

By regularly inspecting and modifying your 36 Volt EZGO TXT’s brakes, you can ensure that your golf cart remains safe and reliable for years to come. This will help keep you safe while using your golf cart off-road and also help extend its life span so that you can enjoy it for many years into the future.


Making your 36 volt EZGO TXT faster is not as difficult as you may think. With the right parts and careful tuning, you can gain a significant performance boost. While it is important to choose the right parts for your vehicle, it is also important to tune and adjust them properly to get the most out of your investment. If you take the time to upgrade your EZGO TXT, you can enjoy improved speed, acceleration, and overall performance. With these modifications, you will be able to enjoy your ride for many years to come.

It should also be noted that these modifications may have legal implications depending on where you live. Be sure to check with local authorities about any laws that may affect your modifications before making any changes or upgrades to your vehicle. Ultimately, when done correctly, making changes to a 36 volt EZGO TXT can provide a significant improvement in speed and performance. With careful consideration and attention paid to detail, you can make your EZGO TXT run faster than ever before.