how to make a monkey fist keychain

Making a monkey fist keychain is a great way to add a unique and stylish accessory to your keyring. It’s not only fashionable, but it’s also easy and fun to make. This tutorial will show you the basics of how to create your own monkey fist keychain. You’ll need some basic supplies such as cord, a weight, scissors, and tape. With just a few minutes of your time, you can have an eye-catching and stylish monkey fist keychain ready to show off!A Monkey Fist Keychain is a type of decorative and practical keychain made with a knot known as a monkey’s fist. It is a highly secure knot, traditionally used to attach heavy objects to a rope, and is now used as an ornamental knot. The Monkey Fist Keychain is usually made with colorful paracord and can be customized with different colors, patterns, and even charms.

What You’ll Need for Making a Monkey Fist Keychain

Making a Monkey Fist keychain is easy and fun. The monkey fist knot is an interesting and unique knot that looks great when made into a keychain. All you need to get started is some rope, a few beads, and something to tie the ends together with. Here’s what you’ll need:

Rope – You can use any type of rope for making your monkey fist. Paracord is the most commonly used type since it’s easy to work with and comes in a variety of colors.

Beads – Beads are used to give your monkey fist some weight and balance. You can use any type of beads you like, including glass, plastic, or metal.

Tying Material – You’ll need something to tie the ends of your rope together with. This could be string, yarn, twine, or even more paracord.

Scissors – A pair of scissors will come in handy when you need to trim the ends of your rope after tying your knot.

Optional: Lighter – If you’re using paracord for your project, it’s helpful to have a lighter on hand so you can melt the ends after tying off your knot. This will help keep the rope from fraying over time.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Make a Monkey Fist Keychain

Making a monkey fist keychain is both an interesting and fun project that anyone can do. This step-by-step guide will show you how to make your own monkey fist keychain. All you need to get started is some rope, a few beads, and a pair of scissors or utility knife. With the right supplies and patience, you’ll be able to make your own monkey fist keychain in no time.

Start by selecting the rope for your monkey fist keychain. You can use any type of rope, but it should be strong enough to hold the beads and paracord in place once you knot it. Once you’ve chosen the type of rope you want to use for your keychain, cut a length of about 18 inches. This length should be enough for one complete knot, but if you want extra room for more knots or larger beads, then go ahead and cut a longer piece.

Now it’s time to start knotting the rope into a monkey fist shape. Begin by holding one end of the rope in one hand and forming two loops with the other end in your other hand. Pull the loops tight around each other so that there are three distinct strands converging at one point – this will be the center of your monkey fist shape. Now take each strand and separate them into two parts; wrap each part around itself twice before bringing it back through the center.

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Continue this process until the entire length of rope has been worked into a monkey fist shape with no loose strands sticking out from anywhere. Once finished, tie off the end securely with an overhand knot or another type of knot that won’t come undone easily once secured.

Once you have created your basic monkey fist shape, it’s time to add some color! You can use any combination of beads or paracord here – just make sure they fit through the loops in your knotting pattern without being too tight or too loose. Start by threading one bead per loop onto each strand before tying it off again at its center point. If desired, repeat this step until all strands have several beads on them.

Finally, tie off each end securely with an overhand knot or another type of knot that won’t come undone easily once secured. And there you have it – your own handmade monkey fist keychain! This simple project is great for adding some extra flair to your keys or just as an interesting conversation starter when someone notices it on your keys.<

Gather the Materials

Making a Monkey Fist keychain requires gathering the right materials. You’ll need rope, jute twine, and a heavy object such as a marble or steel ball bearing. The rope should be thick enough to support the weight of the object at the center of your keychain. The jute twine is used to bind the rope together around the object, so it should be thick and durable. Make sure you have plenty of both materials on hand so that you don’t run out in the middle of your project.

Measure and Cut Your Rope

Next, you’ll need to measure and cut your rope into pieces of equal length. Start by measuring out a piece that’s about one foot long. Then, cut your rope into four pieces that are all exactly one foot long. This will give you enough material to make a full Monkey Fist keychain.

Tie Your Knots

Once you have your materials ready, it’s time to tie your knots. Start by tying an overhand knot in each piece of rope near one end using the jute twine. Then, tie each end of the four pieces together with an overhand knot so that they form one continuous piece with four loops at each end.

Add Your Core Object

Now it’s time to add your core object—the marble or steel ball bearing—to your Monkey Fist keychain. Take one loop at a time and place the core object inside it before tying another overhand knot near the center of each loop around the object.

Secure Your Knots

Once you’ve added your core object and tied all of your knots, it’s important to make sure they’re secure before continuing with your project. To do this, make sure there is no slack between any knots or loops in your Monkey Fist keychain before proceeding.

Tighten and Flatten Your Keychain

Once everything is secure, you can begin tightening and flattening out your Monkey Fist keychain. Start by grabbing each loop on either side and gently pulling them away from each other until they’re taut but still flexible enough to move through their full range of motion without breaking.

Finishing Touches

Finally, give your Monkey Fist keychain some finishing touches by adding decorative beads or charms if desired, then trimming off any excess jute twine at the ends for a neat finish. And there you have it—your very own custom-made Monkey Fist keychain!

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Making a Monkey Fist Keychain

The monkey fist keychain is a great way to add some personal style to your keys. It can also be used as a decorative accent piece for bags, backpacks, and other accessories. This simple project uses basic knotting techniques and requires just a few materials. With a little practice, you can make your own unique monkey fist keychains in no time!

Gathering Materials

To make a monkey fist keychain, you will need paracord, scissors, and a tape measure. You can use any color of paracord for this project, or mix and match colors to create a more complex design. You will also need something to use as the core of the keychain such as marbles or beads. If you are using marbles, make sure the hole in the middle is wide enough for the paracord to fit through.

Creating the Core

Begin by taking four strands of paracord and folding them in half. Place the folded end of the cords around your chosen core material such as marbles or beads. Make sure that all four cords are even and wrap one cord around them all several times to secure it in place. Tie this cord off with an overhand knot.

Tying the Knots

Next, take each cord individually and tie an overhand knot around each one separately. Make sure that all four knots are even with each other before tying off with another overhand knot around all four cords together. You may want to use a tape measure for this step so that you have even knots.

Finishing Touches

Once your knots are complete, it’s time to add some finishing touches to your monkey fist keychain! Cut any excess cord off from each end of the keychain so that only about 1 inch is left on either side. You can then use a lighter or matches to carefully burn away any frayed ends so they don’t unravel later on.

Finally, attach your new monkey fist keychain onto your keys or bag with split rings or carabiners for added security! Now you have an eye-catching accessory that will set you apart from everyone else!

How to Attach a Paracord to Create the Monkey Fist Keychain

Creating a monkey fist keychain is a great way to show off your paracord skills and make a unique piece of art. This simple technique is used to create an eye-catching paracord accessory that can be attached to your keys or bag. To create the monkey fist, you’ll need some paracord, scissors, and a key ring. Here’s how to attach the paracord:

Start by cutting the length of paracord you need for your monkey fist. You’ll want the length of cord to be roughly four times as long as your desired finished product. For example, if you want your finished product to be 2 inches in diameter, then you should cut 8 inches of paracord.

Place the center of the cord over the keyring and then tie an overhand knot around it. This will form the center of your monkey fist. Then, take both ends of the cord and wrap them around your hand several times until you get a firm grip on them.

Next, start wrapping one end of the cord around itself in a spiral pattern until it reaches about halfway up the length of cord. Secure each wrap by tucking it under itself and pulling tight. Repeat this with the other end of the cord until it also reaches halfway up.

Finally, tie an overhand knot with both ends at their respective halfway marks. Gently pull on both ends until they meet in the middle and form a ball shape with no loose ends. Trim any excess cord with scissors and you’re done!

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Your handmade monkey fist keychain is now ready for use! Attach it to your keys or bag for an eye-catching piece of art that shows off your great paracord skills!

Materials for Making a Monkey Fist Keychain

Making your own monkey fist keychains is a fun and easy way to add a unique personal touch to your keyring. The materials you’ll need to make a monkey fist keychain are simple and inexpensive. All you need is some strong rope or cord, a few beads, and a ball of twine or yarn. Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

Rope or Cord: You’ll want to choose a rope or cord that is strong enough to withstand the weight of the beads and twine. Paracord is one of the best materials for this project because it is both strong and lightweight. Other good options include jute, nylon, and polypropylene.

Beads: Use whatever type of bead you like, but keep in mind that larger beads will be heavier so make sure your rope can handle the weight. You can also experiment with different colors and textures for an eye-catching design.

Twine or Yarn: This will be used as the core of your monkey fist knot. Choose something relatively thin but still strong enough to hold together all the other components. Cotton twine or yarn works best for this purpose.

Once you have all the necessary materials, making your own monkey fist keychain is surprisingly easy. It’s a great way to add some personality to your keys while also getting creative with knot-tying skills!

Using the Wrong Rope Size

One of the most common mistakes when making a monkey fist keychain is using the wrong rope size. The rope you choose should be between three-quarters of an inch and one-and-a-half inches in diameter. Anything thicker than this will make it difficult to properly knot the rope, while anything thinner will not give your monkey fist enough stability. When selecting your rope, make sure to pick a material that is strong and durable. You don’t want to end up with a weak keychain that easily falls apart.

Not Securing the Knots Properly

Another mistake that people often make when making monkey fist keychains is not securing the knots properly. Each knot should be pulled tight and secured firmly to ensure they don’t come loose over time. Failing to secure the knots properly can result in an unbalanced or lopsided monkey fist, which will look unsightly and may also be prone to breaking apart easily.

Using Too Much Paracord

When making a monkey fist keychain, many people make the mistake of using too much paracord. This can lead to a bulky and heavy keychain that takes up more space than necessary on your keyring. Make sure you use just enough paracord for your desired design without going overboard; usually around eight feet is enough for a single-strand design or twelve feet for a double strand design.

Using Low Quality Materials

Finally, it’s important to use high quality materials when making your monkey fist keychain in order to avoid problems down the road. Avoid cheap or flimsy materials that may break easily or become damaged quickly; instead opt for strong, durable materials such as nylon paracord or stainless steel balls for weighting your knot structure. Quality materials will ensure your keychain stands up to wear and tear and looks great for years to come!


Making a monkey fist keychain is an enjoyable and rewarding experience. With a bit of practice and patience, anyone can make one. With the right materials, and a bit of creativity, anyone can create a unique and attractive keychain. The finished product can be used as a keychain or hung as an ornament in your home or office. Furthermore, due to its simple nature, it is also easy to customize with different colors or materials to suit your individual taste.

In conclusion, making a monkey fist keychain is a fun hobby that anyone can enjoy. It’s easy to learn and requires minimal supplies to get started. Plus, you have the satisfaction of knowing you made something with your own hands!