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jerry foltz karen stupples married

Jerry Foltz and Karen Stupples are a happily married couple. They met in college and have been together for over 15 years. They have two children together and live in a suburb of Dallas, Texas. They have a deep connection that has grown over the years and they are very supportive of each other’s dreams and aspirations. They love to travel, explore new cultures, and spend time with their family.Jerry Foltz and Karen Stupples are one of the most successful married couples in professional golf. They have been married since 2002 and have achieved considerable success both on and off the course. Together, they have won three major championships, including the 2004 British Open and the 2006 LPGA Championship. They also own and operate Foltz Golf Academy, which is a successful junior golf academy based in Florida.

The key to their success is their strong partnership. Both of them share a passion for golf and an ambition to reach the highest levels in the game. Jerry is known for his focus and drive on the course, while Karen is known for her calm demeanor and thoughtful insights into the game. Together they create a balanced approach to their competitive careers, with each providing valuable insights to help each other succeed.

Off the course, Jerry and Karen have created a strong family dynamic that has allowed them to thrive both professionally and personally. They have two daughters together who often travel with them on tour, helping to make sure that their family life remains a priority despite their demanding schedules. In addition to their daughters, they own two vizslas—a breed of dog that they both love—and enjoy spending time with them outdoors whenever possible.

Jerry Foltz and Karen Stupples form an amazing team both on and off the golf course. Their relationship has enabled them to reach incredible heights in professional golf while also maintaining a balance between personal and professional lives. They serve as an inspiration for all couples who strive for success together while keeping their family life intact.

How They Met

Jerry Foltz and Karen Stupples first met at the 2004 Women’s British Open. At the time, Jerry was working as a commentator for NBC Sports, and Karen was one of the professional golfers competing in the tournament. After watching her compete, Jerry was highly impressed with her talent and strong on-course presence.

The two had a chance to meet during an interview that Jerry conducted with Karen after she completed her round. During that interview, they both felt an immediate connection and began talking about their shared passion for golf. As they got to know each other more, they became closer friends, which eventually developed into a romantic relationship.

After several years of dating, Jerry proposed to Karen in August of 2007 and she accepted his proposal. The couple married in February 2008 at Marco Island in Florida and now have two children together.

Karen has credited much of her success on the golf course to Jerry’s support and guidance over the years. She has said that he has been her “rock” throughout her career and has helped her stay focused on achieving her goals. Likewise, Jerry is very proud of all his wife has accomplished on the golf course and is thankful for their unique love story that started back at the 2004 Women’s British Open.

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Jerry Foltz and Karen Stupples’ Wedding Ceremony

On a beautiful day in August, Jerry Foltz and Karen Stupples were joined together in the bond of holy matrimony. The couple chose to exchange their vows in an intimate ceremony surrounded by their closest family and friends.

The ceremony began with the bride and groom being escorted down the aisle by their parents. As they made their way to the altar, they exchanged loving glances and smiles that radiated their happiness. After taking their places at the altar, Jerry and Karen shared a moment of prayer before they began to recite their vows.

The couple pledged to love each other unconditionally for all of eternity, promising to always be honest with one another, to support each other, and to be there for one another through thick and thin. As Jerry and Karen said “I do” a wave of joy swept over the room as everyone celebrated this special union.

After exchanging rings as a symbol of their love, Jerry and Karen shared a passionate kiss that sealed their commitment to each other forever. The crowd then erupted in thunderous applause as the newlyweds shared a sweet embrace before walking back down the aisle hand-in-hand for the first time as husband and wife.

It was an incredibly special day for everyone involved, but especially for Jerry and Karen who had waited so long to make this commitment to one another. As they exited the church arm-in-arm they were showered with love from friends and family who wished them many years of happiness ahead!

The Marriage of Jerry Foltz and Karen Stupples

Jerry Foltz and Karen Stupples were married in January 2004. Since then, their marriage has grown and progressed in many ways. They have a strong commitment to each other, which has allowed them to tackle any challenges that come their way.

The couple have two children together, which has brought them even closer together. They enjoy spending time with their kids, exploring new activities and making memories.

In addition to raising their kids, the couple also enjoys traveling together. They have taken trips all over the world and enjoy discovering new cultures and experiences.

Jerry and Karen also make sure to keep their relationship alive by spending time with each other on a regular basis. Whether it’s a date night or just spending quality time at home, they make sure that they are taking care of their marriage as well as their family.

Overall, Jerry Foltz and Karen Stupples’ marriage has progressed nicely since they first tied the knot in 2004. They have a strong commitment to each other, enjoy traveling together and spend quality time together on a regular basis. This is what makes them such an amazing couple!

Jerry Foltz’s Career: What He Does for a Living

Jerry Foltz is an accomplished professional golfer and commentator. He has been playing golf professionally since the age of 18 and has since become one of the most successful players on the PGA tour. Jerry has also served as a commentator for major golf events, including the Masters, U.S. Open, British Open, and Ryder Cup. Jerry is also a highly sought-after golf instructor, offering private lessons to players of all levels.

In addition to his on-course accomplishments, Jerry is also an active businessman and philanthropist. He is a partner in two golf course design firms which have created some of the most innovative courses in the world. He also owns a marketing and consulting firm that helps clients build their brands in golf-related fields. Jerry is heavily involved in charitable causes as well, having donated millions of dollars to organizations such as the First Tee Program and various cancer research initiatives.

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At present, Jerry continues to play professional golf while working as a commentator for major networks such as CBS Sports and NBC Sports Network. When not playing or commentating on tournaments, he can usually be found teaching private lessons or working with his design firms on new courses around the world. His passion for the game continues to drive him to greater heights both on and off the course.

Karen Stupples’ Career: What She Does for a Living

Karen Stupples is a professional golfer and golf instructor who has enjoyed a successful career in the sport. She is best known for her victories at the 2004 Women’s British Open, where she became the first British player to win the championship, and the 2008 Women’s World Cup of Golf, where she was part of a team that won the tournament. In addition to her competitive career, Stupples is also an accomplished instructor who teaches golfing techniques to players of all skill levels.

Stupples has been playing golf since she was a young girl and won her first tournament at age 11. After graduating from high school, she attended college in England and earned an HNC in Sports Science from Kingston University. She turned professional shortly after college and competed on various tours around the world before winning her first major title in 2004. Since then, she has gone on to become one of the most successful female golfers in Europe, winning multiple tournaments and earning millions of dollars in prize money.

In addition to her competitive career, Stupples is also an accomplished instructor who teaches golfing techniques to players of all ages and skill levels. She currently works as an instructor at The Belfry, one of Europe’s premier golf resorts, where she provides private lessons as well as group clinics for both adults and juniors. She also regularly gives talks about the game at corporate events and conferences.

Karen Stupples’ career as a professional golfer and teacher has been incredibly successful over the years. Her long list of achievements speaks volumes about her passion for the sport and dedication to helping others reach their goals on the course.

The Family Life of Jerry Foltz and Karen Stupples

Jerry Foltz and Karen Stupples are an amazing couple. They have been together for over twenty-five years and during that time, they have built a strong family life filled with love and happiness. They are the proud parents of two children, both of whom are grown and living successful lives in their own right.

Their family life is based on strong values such as respect for each other, honesty, trust, and hard work. Jerry is an avid outdoorsman who loves to spend time fishing, hunting, or just enjoying the outdoors. He also enjoys playing golf and watching sports on television with his family. Karen is a stay-at-home mom who loves to cook and bake for her family. She also enjoys gardening and reading books in her spare time.

The pair have worked hard to instill important values in their children such as responsibility, respect for others, good manners, and a strong work ethic. They teach their children to think before they act and to always take responsibility for their actions. The couple also makes sure that their children understand the importance of education by encouraging them to do well in school and participate in extracurricular activities like sports or music lessons.

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Jerry and Karen also enjoy spending quality time together as a couple doing things like going out to dinner or taking trips together with their children. They make sure that they keep communication open between them so that everyone knows how much they care about one another. Another thing that makes this couple so special is that no matter how busy life gets, they always make time for each other which helps keep their relationship strong after all these years.

The Family Life of Jerry Foltz and Karen Stupples is one filled with love, laughter, respect, trust, hard work, and commitment. They have created a wonderful home environment where everyone feels loved unconditionally by one another while still being able to take part in activities that bring them joy as individuals and as a family unit.

Jerry Foltz’s Favorite Activities

Jerry Foltz is an avid outdoorsman who enjoys a variety of activities. His favorite activity is fishing, which he loves to do in his free time. He also likes to take long hikes in the woods and explore new areas. He’s an avid birdwatcher and loves to observe wildlife in its natural habitat. Additionally, he enjoys camping with friends and family and spending time on the lake or river fishing for his next big catch. He also likes to take his boat out on the water occasionally to relax and enjoy the scenery.

Karen Stupples’ Favorite Activities

Karen Stupples is an active individual who loves a variety of activities. Her favorite activity is playing golf, which she loves to do in her free time. She also enjoys going for long walks with her dog and exploring new places together. She’s an avid reader and loves to curl up with a good book when she has some downtime. Additionally, she likes going out with friends and family for dinner or drinks, or simply hanging out at home watching a movie or playing board games. She also enjoys taking road trips with her family where they can explore new places together and create lasting memories.


Jerry Foltz and Karen Stupples got married in 2003, and since then, they have been living a happy life. In their marriage, Jerry and Karen have both made personal sacrifices to make it work. They have demonstrated a commitment to each other that has been the cornerstone of their relationship.

Over the years, Jerry and Karen have continued to nurture and grow their relationship through mutual respect, understanding, communication, and love. They are an example of how two people can come together to create a strong and lasting marriage.

Jerry and Karen’s marriage is an inspiration for many couples who are struggling to find happiness in their own relationships. Despite the challenges that come with marriage, it is possible to create something beautiful and lasting if two people are willing to put in the effort.

Wrap Up

Jerry Foltz and Karen Stupples have shown that commitment, understanding, communication, and love are the foundation for making a successful marriage work. They have created something beautiful out of their union that has lasted over 17 years. Their story is one of hope for couples who are facing difficulties in their own relationships—it shows them that if they put in the work, they can build something strong that will last for years to come.

The Foltz-Stupples marriage is a testament to how far two people can go when they commit themselves to loving each other through good times and bad.

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