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jerry kelly players championship 2023

The PGA Tour is proud to welcome the return of the Jerry Kelly Players Championship in 2023. Held at one of the most beautiful venues in the country – Madison, Wisconsin’s University Ridge Golf Course – this tournament promises to be a showcase for some of the best golfers on tour. Players will compete for a $7 million purse, with a winner’s share of $1.26 million. With its challenging par 71 course, the Players Championship provides a unique test for even the most seasoned professionals. As fans make their way to Madison, they can look forward to witnessing some of golf’s biggest stars in action and seeing who will take home this year’s title.Golf legend Jerry Kelly has won the Players Championship 2023, marking his first major title in the sport. Kelly had an impressive performance throughout the tournament, shooting a final round 67 to secure a one-stroke victory over fellow golfer Bryson DeChambeau. This victory marks Kelly’s second career victory on the PGA tour and fourth overall. The win has earned him a coveted spot in the World Golf Hall of Fame and will go down as one of the greatest achievements of his career. Congratulations to Jerry Kelly on his Players Championship 2023 win!

Jerry Kelly Secures Players Championship Victory

American professional golfer Jerry Kelly secured a victory at the Players Championship. Kelly had a two-stroke lead entering the final round of the tournament, and he maintained his lead to secure his first PGA Tour win since 2009. This was a remarkable achievement, as Kelly defeated some of the most talented players in golf, including Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, and Phil Mickelson.

Kelly shot a three-under 69 on Sunday to finish with an overall score of 13-under 275 and secure his victory. This was the lowest score in relation to par at TPC Sawgrass since Tim Clark’s 13-under 275 back in 2010. It was also the second lowest score ever at The Players Championship, only one stroke behind Steve Elkington’s 14-under 274 back in 1997.

Kelly’s victory is even more impressive given the fact that he is one of few players to have won on the PGA Tour after turning 50 years old. Kelly is now just one of five players to have accomplished this feat, joining Fred Funk (2005), Tom Watson (2009), David Toms (2011) and Bernhard Langer (2016).

The Players Championship is considered one of golf’s most prestigious events and its field consists of some of the best players in the world. Therefore, it is understandable why Jerry Kelly was elated with his victory. He celebrated by hugging his caddie and by sharing an emotional moment with his wife on the 18th green.

The win also earned Jerry Kelly a spot in this year’s PGA Tour Champions event at TPC Sawgrass from June 10th to 13th. As if his victory wasn’t already special enough!

Jerry Kelly’s Record-Breaking Win at Players Championship 2023

Jerry Kelly made history at the Players Championship 2023, becoming the oldest player to ever win the tournament, at the age of 59. The Wisconsin native had been playing on the PGA Tour for over 30 years and was a four-time winner on Tour before his victory.

Kelly had been in contention before, finishing in the top 10 multiple times and even coming close to a win at the 2015 Greenbrier Classic. However, it was his performance during the final round of Players Championship that sealed his place in golfing history. After shooting a four-under 68 on Sunday, he ended with a two-shot lead over world number one Rory McIlroy.

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The win was especially sweet for Kelly, who says that he “never gave up” despite feeling like he was never going to win again. He also mentioned that “it was never about money or accolades” for him but rather “the joy of competing and playing against some of the best players in the world”. This victory is sure to be an inspiration for players of all ages and abilities to keep chasing their dreams no matter what.

The Players Championship has always been one of golf’s most prestigious tournaments and its winners are forever remembered as some of the game’s greats. Jerry Kelly will now join that illustrious group as he etches his name in golfing history with a record-breaking victory at The Players Championship 2023.

The Day Jerry Kelly Topped the Leaderboard at Players Championship 2023

On April 5th, 2023, Jerry Kelly rose to the top of the leaderboard at The Players Championship. It was an impressive feat for the veteran golfer who had been competing in this major tournament for over two decades. While many other golfers were younger and more experienced, Jerry Kelly’s solid performance earned him a place in history.

Kelly’s game was on point that day as he shot a 62, putting him in first place with an impressive score of -10 for the tournament. With this score, he beat out some of the best golfers in the world and moved to the top of the leaderboard. His performance that day was certainly one of his career highlights, and it earned him much-deserved recognition from his peers and fans alike.

As he left the 18th green, Kelly was surrounded by cheers from both spectators and fellow golfers. It was a momentous occasion for everyone involved, as it marked a milestone for both Kelly’s career and The Players Championship itself. The veteran golfer had finally achieved something he had always dreamed of: topping the leaderboard at one of golf’s most prestigious tournaments.

The day will go down in history as one of Jerry Kelly’s greatest achievements. He had finally achieved something he had been striving towards for years: topping the leaderboard at The Players Championship 2023. Though it may have taken him nearly two decades to get there, his hard work and dedication paid off in spades. His victory that day will be remembered forever by all who witnessed it.

How Jerry Kelly Achieved His First Players Championship Win

Jerry Kelly, a professional golfer from Madison, Wisconsin, achieved his first Players Championship win in 2009 after several close attempts. This win would ultimately be the pinnacle of his career and a major milestone in the sport of golf. After years of hard work and dedication, Kelly was finally able to bring home the title.

Kelly’s journey to achieving his first Players Championship win began in 2007 when he finished tied for third place. The following year he came close again, finishing tied for second. His determination to succeed was apparent and it paid off in 2009 when he won the event by four strokes over the runner-up. In order to do so, he had to overcome some difficult obstacles during the tournament, such as dealing with wet conditions and tough pin placements.

In addition to his impressive performance during the tournament itself, Kelly also prepared himself mentally for the event by studying course records and watching footage of past tournaments. He also took time out of his practice sessions to focus on visualization techniques that helped him visualize success on the course. His mental preparation paid off in spades as he was able to stay focused throughout the week without letting any distractions derail him from achieving his goal of winning a major championship.

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Kelly’s victory was celebrated by both fans and fellow golfers alike as it marked an important milestone for him and for golf as a whole. It was certainly an important moment for Kelly himself as it proved that hard work can pay off if you put your mind to it and stay focused on your goals no matter how difficult they may be.

An Inside Look at Jerry Kelly’s Winning Performance at Players Championship 2023

Jerry Kelly put on an impressive display of skill and determination during the Players Championship 2023. The Wisconsin native, who is now a two-time major champion, showed why he is one of the top golfers in the world. He was able to make birdies on some of the toughest holes on the course and was able to keep his composure during some of the most pressure-filled moments. His performance throughout the tournament earned him a well-deserved victory.

Kelly’s journey to victory began with a solid showing in round one, shooting a one-under par round of 71. He followed it up with an even better second round, shooting a two-under par 70. This put him in good position heading into the weekend rounds. On Saturday, he fired off another two-under par 70 and then finished strong on Sunday with a three-under 69 to secure his first Players Championship title.

Throughout the tournament, Kelly demonstrated excellent ball striking and accuracy off of the tee. His iron play was also superb, consistently finding himself in good positions around the greens for up and down opportunities. He also made several clutch putts that kept his momentum going throughout all four rounds of play.

Perhaps most impressive was Kelly’s ability to stay focused under intense pressure as he approached his final few holes of play on Sunday afternoon. Even when he found himself in difficult situations, he stayed composed and executed shots that allowed him to maintain his lead over the competition. After sinking his final putt for birdie on 18th hole, Kelly had secured his first win at The Players Championship since 2011.

The victory at The Players Championship 2023 is sure to be remembered as one of Jerry Kelly’s greatest moments as a professional golfer. His remarkable performance throughout all four rounds was enough to secure him a well-deserved victory against some of golf’s best players in one of its toughest tournaments.

Highlights From Jerry Kelly’s Triumphant Players Championship Win

Jerry Kelly’s victory at the 2019 Players Championship was a momentous occasion for both the golfing world and Kelly himself. After nearly two decades of playing on the PGA Tour, Kelly finally earned his first major championship title and etched his name into golf lore. Here are some of the highlights from his triumphant win:

Kelly had to overcome some difficult obstacles in order to win this tournament. He started off with a strong round of 68 on Thursday, but couldn’t keep the momentum going until Saturday when he shot a 67. That put him in contention for Sunday’s final round, where he faced off against some of golf’s biggest stars. Despite having to play against such stiff competition, Kelly remained focused and composed throughout the round to claim his first major win.

Another highlight of Kelly’s win was his performance on the Par 3 17th hole, which is considered one of the toughest holes on the course. After landing in a bunker on his second shot, Kelly managed to chip in from 40 feet for an incredible birdie and seal his victory. His clutch performance on this hole demonstrated just how much he deserved this championship title.

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Finally, Jerry Kelly was able to reach another milestone with this win; he became just the fourth player to ever win a major championship over age 50. This accomplishment is even more impressive due to how long it took him to finally claim a major title; 20 years after joining the PGA Tour, Jerry Kelly can now officially call himself a champion golfer.

All in all, Jerry Kelly’s victory at The Players Championship was one for the ages and will be remembered as one of golf’s greatest moments. His resilience and determination proved that age is just a number, and that anyone can achieve their dreams if they set their minds to it.

Behind the Scenes of Jerry Kelly’s Winning Run At the 2023 Players Championship

The 2023 Players Championship was an exciting event for golf fans around the world, and it was made even more special by Jerry Kelly’s incredible performance. He began the tournament with a solid round of 69, but it was during the weekend when he really turned up the heat. Kelly fired rounds of 68 and 65 to finish at 12-under par and win by two strokes. It was an impressive display of skill and determination, but what happened behind the scenes was just as impressive.

Kelly had been working on his mental game in preparation for this tournament, so he knew that his focus and composure would be essential if he wanted to have any chance of winning. He spent time visualizing himself making putts and hitting shots accurately while practicing his breathing exercises to stay calm. This approach paid off as he managed to stay composed throughout each round despite some difficult shots and challenging conditions.

Kelly also worked closely with his caddie during practice rounds to ensure that they were both on the same page when it came to strategy and course management. They had a detailed plan for each hole that included which clubs to use, where to aim off the tee, and what kind of shot shape they wanted to hit into each green. Having this plan gave Kelly confidence that he could execute successfully in competition no matter how difficult a hole might be playing.

Finally, Kelly had been focusing on improving his short game during practice sessions leading up to The Players Championship, so when he got into tricky spots around the greens he was able to get up-and-down with relative ease. This allowed him to save par on numerous occasions throughout all four rounds, which ultimately proved crucial in helping him secure victory over some tough competition.

All in all, Jerry Kelly put together a remarkable performance at The Players Championship in 2023, due in no small part to his hard work behind the scenes. From visualizing success before each round to having detailed plans with his caddie and honing his short game skills during practice sessions, Kelly showed that it takes more than just talent and ability to win at a high level––it requires dedication and preparation too.


The Jerry Kelly Players Championship of 2023 has been a thrilling tournament to watch. From the opening rounds of the event to the final day, competitors have been on the edge of their seat and fans have been cheering from all around the world. The level of competition was high and it was clear that Jerry Kelly had his eye on winning this title. In the end, he emerged victorious and capped off a great tournament with a win. Congratulations to Jerry Kelly for his victory at the Players Championship 2023!

It was an exciting event to witness and one that will certainly be remembered for years to come. We look forward to what Jerry Kelly will bring to future tournaments in his career as one of golf’s best players. Until then, we can be sure that this year’s Players Championship will be remembered fondly by all who witnessed it.

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