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Jordan Spieth is one of the most successful professional golfers in the world, and his putting game is no exception. His putting ability is renowned for its accuracy and precision, helping him to win numerous tournaments throughout his career. He has even been nicknamed the “Golden Putter” due to his consistent success in this area. With a combination of an unorthodox but highly effective technique, as well as a wealth of knowledge and experience, Spieth has established himself as one of the top putters in golf history. In this article, we take a look at how he puts so effectively and why it’s been such a key part of his success.Jordan Spieth’s putting style is characterized by a smooth, rhythmic stroke that he takes with a slightly forward press. He starts the stroke with his arms and shoulders rotating together from right to left and then moves his hands up and down. He keeps his head still throughout the stroke, and maintains an even tempo. He is also known for his ability to hit long putts with great accuracy, making it easier for him to make up for misreads on the green.

What Makes Jordan Spieth So Good at Putting?

Jordan Spieth is one of the best putters in the world, and it’s easy to see why. His technique, precision, and confidence have been honed through years of practice and dedication. He has a natural feel for reading the green, allowing him to make accurate judgments about how the golf ball will break. Spieth also has an excellent short game that allows him to get up-and-down from difficult positions.

Spieth has a great pre-shot routine that he follows before every putt. He takes his time to read the green and visualize his putt before making his stroke. This helps him stay focused on the task at hand and avoid any distractions. He also takes note of wind direction and speed as this can affect how the golf ball rolls on the green.

Spieth is also known for his ability to make adjustments during a round based on how he is feeling on any given day. If he is struggling with distance control, he will make small changes to his grip or stance in order to gain more control over his shots. This type of problem solving ability is invaluable on the course and allows him to stay ahead of the competition.

In addition to having great technique, Spieth also has excellent hand-eye coordination which gives him an advantage when lining up putts. His stroke is smooth and consistent, allowing him to hit accurate putts no matter what kind of terrain he is playing on. He also has a good sense of feel which allows him to gauge how hard or soft he needs to hit a particular putt in order for it to find the hole.

Overall, Jordan Spieth’s success on the greens can be attributed to his dedication, technique, pre-shot routine, adjustments during play, excellent hand-eye coordination, and feel for judging distances. These are all traits that any golfer can learn from if they are willing to put in the time and effort needed to become a better putter like Jordan Spieth.

The Benefits of Jordan Spieth’s Putting Technique

Jordan Spieth is one of the best golfers in the world. He is widely known for his exceptional putting technique, which has earned him multiple victories on the PGA Tour. His approach to putting has yielded great success, and it can be beneficial for all golfers looking to improve their game. Here are some of the benefits of Jordan Spieth’s putting technique.

One of the biggest benefits of Jordan Spieth’s putting technique is that it is very consistent. He always takes the same approach to each putt, which allows him to be accurate and reliable when it comes to sinking shots. This consistency also allows him to stay confident in his ability on the green, even when faced with tough shots.

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Another benefit of Jordan Spieth’s putting is that it can help golfers reduce their number of three-putts. His technique focuses on accuracy and precision rather than power, so golfers can focus on getting the ball close to the hole instead of trying to hit a long putt into the cup. This means fewer strokes and lower scores overall.

Finally, Jordan Spieth’s putting technique can also help golfers save time on the green. His method emphasizes quickness and efficiency, which means that golfers can get through a round much faster than they would otherwise. This makes it ideal for those who want to maximize their time out on the course while still playing at a high level.

In summary, Jordan Spieth’s putting technique provides numerous benefits for all types of golfers looking to improve their game. With its focus on consistency, accuracy, and efficiency, this method can help players cut down on three-putts and save time out on the green while still playing well enough to compete at a high level.

Practicing the Fundamentals of Jordan Spieth’s Putting

Jordan Spieth is one of the most successful golfers in history, and his putting game has been a major contributor to his success. If you are looking to improve your own putting stroke, then studying and practicing the fundamentals used by Spieth is an excellent way to start. Here are some of the key elements that make up Jordan Spieth’s putting technique:

The first fundamental that makes up Spieth’s putting game is his ability to read greens. He has an uncanny knack for being able to see subtle breaks in the green that other golfers miss. He is also adept at making precise calculations about speed and direction based on what he sees. This allows him to be extremely accurate with his putts, often sinking long-distance putts with ease.

Another important element of Spieth’s putting technique is his pre-shot routine. He always takes time to gather information about the green and then visualizes how he wants his putt to travel before he even takes a practice stroke. This gives him a clear mental picture which helps him focus on his shot and ensure accuracy when he actually strikes the ball.

Spieth also has an effective stance when he puts. He stands tall with a good posture, which allows him to keep his head still throughout the stroke. This enables him to keep his eyes down and focused on the ball while making sure all of his other body parts remain in position throughout the entire putting motion.

Finally, Spieth has mastered one of the most difficult aspects of good putting – controlling face angle at impact. He does this by keeping a very neutral grip on the club, which results in consistent contact between clubface and ball at impact no matter what type of putt he is attempting. This level of consistency helps ensure that any error in judgment or technique can be minimized.

By incorporating these fundamentals into your own practice sessions, you can begin improving your own putting game just like Jordan Spieth has done over the years. With patience and dedication, you will soon see results as you become more accurate on your putts!

Analyzing Jordan Spieth’s Putting Stats

Jordan Spieth is one of the most successful professional golfers in recent history, having won three major championships, including the Masters and the U.S. Open. His success has largely been attributed to his prowess on the green, and his putting stats are among the best in golf. In this article, we will analyze Jordan Spieth’s putting stats to see what makes him so successful with the putter.

We’ll start by looking at Spieth’s total number of putts per round. Over his career, Spieth has averaged 28 putts per round, which is significantly better than the PGA Tour average of 29.5 putts per round. This means that Spieth is able to consistently get up and down more often than other players on tour.

Next, let’s look at Spieth’s putting accuracy from different distances. From inside 10 feet, Spieth is one of the best players in golf: he converts nearly 90% of his attempts from that range, which is higher than the PGA Tour average of 84%. From 10-20 feet away, he converts an impressive 75% of his attempts – again well above the tour average of 61%. Finally, from distances greater than 20 feet away, he converts nearly half (47%) of his putts – again higher than the tour average of 40%.

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Finally, let’s look at how well Spieth reads greens when putting. His stroke average from 3-5 feet away is a remarkable 1.735 strokes per hole – which means he almost always makes those short putts and rarely needs more than one attempt at them. From 6-10 feet away he averages 1.906 strokes per hole – still very good – and from 10+ feet away he averages 2.095 strokes per hole; both numbers slightly better than the PGA Tour averages for those ranges respectively (2.065 and 2.205).

Jordan Spieth’s putting stats make it clear why he is such a successful golfer: not only does he make a lot of putts overall but also puts consistently well from different distances and reads greens very accurately when faced with longer or more difficult putts.

Breaking Down the Mechanics of Jordan Spieth’s Putting Stroke

Jordan Spieth is one of the most successful professional golfers in recent years. He has won multiple Major championships, and his skills on the green are renowned throughout the sport. In particular, his putting stroke is admired by many and is often seen as a model for aspiring golfers to learn from. Let’s take a closer look at what makes up Jordan Spieth’s putting stroke and how it has helped him achieve success on the greens.

First and foremost, Spieth has an incredibly consistent setup for his putting stroke. He stands very close to the ball and keeps his eyes directly over it with his hands slightly ahead of it. This enables him to have a steady address position, which helps him maintain consistency with each putt. He also uses a slight open stance with his body angled slightly towards the target in order to maximize his arc motion while keeping his head steady over the ball.

Spieth’s backstroke is smooth and deliberate with very little excessive motion or change in speed. He uses a pendulum-like motion that begins from a slightly inside path before transitioning into an outside path as he begins to accelerate through impact. This helps him keep the face square at impact, allowing for straighter putting lines and better accuracy overall.

Finally, Spieth’s follow through is relatively short but powerful, allowing him to generate sufficient speed without sacrificing control or accuracy. His arms remain close to his body throughout this portion of the stroke as well, which helps him stay consistent from putt to putt and also allows for more consistent distance control on longer putts.

Overall, Jordan Spieth’s putting stroke is one of the best in professional golf today thanks to its combination of consistency, power and accuracy. His setup allows him to begin each putt with confidence while his backstroke provides smooth acceleration through impact and follow through that gives maximum control over distance and direction of each putt he takes on the green.

Different Strategies and Tips from Jordan Spieth on Putting

Jordan Spieth is one of the best putters in the world, and his approach to putting has helped him become a three-time major champion. Here are some of his strategies and tips for becoming a better putter:

Focus on Alignment: Spieth emphasizes the importance of proper alignment before every putt. By making sure your body is properly lined up with the target, you will have a better chance of hitting your putts on line.

Choose Your Line Carefully: It’s easy to get distracted by all the potential lines you can take with your putts. To avoid getting overwhelmed, Spieth recommends picking one line and committing to it. This will help you focus and commit to your stroke with confidence.

Keep Your Stroke Short and Simple: When it comes to putting, less is definitely more. Spieth recommends keeping your stroke short and simple to ensure that you hit consistent putts every time. Keeping your stroke short will also help you maintain control over the clubface, which is essential for making consistent contact with the ball.

Trust Your Reads: Trusting your reads is an important part of putting well. Spieth recommends trusting your eyes when reading a green or choosing a line for a putt, as this will give you confidence in yourself and in the shot you are about to take.

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Visualize Your Putts: Visualizing each putt before taking it can be an effective way of developing confidence in your game. Spend some time visualizing how you want each shot to look before taking it, as this will help you stay focused and committed when actually executing the shot.

Develop a Pre-Shot Routine: Having a pre-shot routine helps keep you focused and consistent throughout each round of golf. Jordan Spieth recommends taking some time before each shot to assess what kind of shot needs to be played, then developing a routine of physical movements that will help prepare for each shot mentally and physically.

The Mental Aspect of Jordan Spieth’s Putting Game

Jordan Spieth is one of the best putters in the world, and his success on the green can be attributed to his mental approach to the game. His ability to stay focused and remain calm in pressure situations is a major factor in his success. He has developed a technique that helps him keep his mind in check when he’s lining up a putt, and it has served him well both on tour and during major championships.

Spieth’s technique for putting involves breaking down each shot into small steps. He starts by visualizing the line he wants to take with each putt, then takes a few practice strokes before actually hitting it. This helps him stay focused and allows him to get a feel for how hard he needs to hit the ball. After that, he takes a few deep breaths before addressing the ball, which helps him stay relaxed and avoid overthinking things.

When it comes time to hit the putt, Spieth keeps things simple. He takes one last look at the line he wants to take, then focuses his attention on making solid contact with the ball. This keeps him from getting too caught up in all of the technical details of putting, which can lead to overthinking or getting too tense. Instead, he just focuses on making solid contact with the ball and trusting that it will go where he wants it to go.

Finally, Jordan Spieth relies heavily on positive self-talk when putting. He always speaks positively about his chances of making each putt, even when things don’t always go as planned. This helps keep his confidence high and gives him an extra boost when he needs it most. It also serves as a reminder that even if he misses one putt – or several – there are still more opportunities ahead.

The mental aspect of Jordan Spieth’s putting game is an important part of what makes him one of the best players in golf today. His ability to stay focused and remain calm under pressure have been key factors in helping him become one of the top players on tour, as well as one of the most successful players during major championships. By breaking down each shot into small steps, visualizing his desired line, taking deep breaths before addressing each shot, keeping things simple when hitting putts, and relying on positive self-talk – Jordan Spieth has mastered a mental approach that has served him well both on tour and during major championships around the world.


Jordan Spieth is one of the best putters in the game today. His success on the greens has been attributed to his strong mental game, precise technique, and ability to read greens. He has mastered the art of putting and continues to be a top performer week in and week out. Spieth’s golfing accomplishments are a testament to his hard work, dedication, and commitment to excellence.

His success on the greens has inspired many golfers to take their putting game more seriously and strive for perfection. While Jordan Spieth has achieved great success as a putter, he continues to work hard and sharpen his skills each day in order to stay at the top.

Jordan Spieth’s incredible achievements as a putter have earned him respect from golfers of all skill levels and helped elevate him into one of the greatest players in history. He is an inspiration for aspiring golfers everywhere who seek greatness on the greens.

In conclusion, Jordan Spieth’s approach to putting is one that embodies dedication, precision, and focus. His accomplishments are evidence of his determination and commitment to excellence. He is an example for all golfers who want to take their short game seriously and reach their highest potential on the putting green.