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Justin Rose is one of the world’s leading golfers. Since making his professional debut in 1998, he has won over thirty tournaments, including the 2013 U.S. Open and two gold medals at the 2016 Olympic Games. As of 2023, Rose has established himself as a top-ranked golfer in the Official World Golf Ranking and is a consistent presence on the biggest stages in world golf. He also serves as an ambassador for several major corporations and appears regularly on television as a golf analyst. With impressive career highlights and an ever-growing fan base, Justin Rose continues to be one of the most popular professional golfers in the world.Justin Rose’s WITB for the 2023 season has yet to be announced. However, based on his current setup, we can expect to see him wielding a TaylorMade SIM Max driver, TaylorMade SIM Max 3-wood, and TaylorMade P790 4-iron through pitching wedge. His wedges of choice are likely to be the TaylorMade Milled Grind 2 wedges in 48° and 54° lofts. He has been known to switch putters often so it is likely that he will have another model by the time 2023 rolls around.

Justin Rose’s Irons and Woods for 2023

Justin Rose is a major champion and one of the most consistent players on tour. He has been playing with the same equipment for years, but he’s now looking ahead to 2023 and what new clubs he’ll be using. Rose recently announced that he will be switching to Cleveland Golf irons and TaylorMade woods for the 2023 season.

The Cleveland Golf irons are designed with a thinner top line, higher launch angles, and more forgiveness than any of his previous clubs. The irons are also crafted with a multi-material construction that increases ball speed and produces a softer feel at impact. Rose is looking forward to taking advantage of the improved distance and accuracy that these clubs can provide.

The TaylorMade woods are also designed to provide more forgiveness than traditional woods. The new woods feature face slots and Twist Face technology which helps reduce spin on off-center shots to give golfers more distance off the tee. Rose is confident that these clubs will help him hit longer drives with more accuracy when competing in tournaments next year.

Rose is excited about his new equipment, as it should help him compete at a higher level in 2023. He’s been working hard on his game over the past few years, so having the best equipment available should help him take his game to the next level. We look forward to seeing how this change in clubs impacts Justin’s performance in tournaments this year as he looks to make a run at another major championship victory in 2023!

Justin Rose’s Putter and Wedge Set Up for 2023

As Justin Rose continues to rise in the ranks of professional golf, his putter and wedge set up is something that has been catching the attention of many other professionals. Rose’s approach to setting up his clubs is one that combines traditional techniques with modern technology. His putter is a Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5.5, which is designed for low-spin putting, as well as improved feel and distance control. The shaft on his putter is a True Temper Dynamic Gold S300, which helps to improve the accuracy of his shots.

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Rose’s wedge set up is also quite unique. He uses three different wedges: a 56° Titleist Vokey SM8, a 60° Titleist Vokey SM8, and a 64° Titleist Vokey SM7. This combination gives him both spin options and trajectory control on all types of shots. The loft on his wedges are also adjustable, allowing him to fine-tune them for specific conditions on the course. He also uses a lighter grip on his wedges than he does on his other clubs, giving him extra control over the ball when playing in windy conditions.

In addition to having an impressive putter and wedge set up, Justin Rose has also implemented some key changes to his overall swing technique that have enabled him to consistently hit high-quality shots. He has incorporated tempo drills into his practice routine in order to help him develop more consistent rhythm throughout the swing motion. He has also focused on taking more time during each shot in order to give himself better chance of producing quality results. All of these efforts have certainly paid off, as Rose continues to be one of the most consistent golfers on tour today.

What Clubs Does Justin Rose Have in His Bag for 2023?

Justin Rose is one of golf’s top players, and his bag for 2023 is just as impressive. He currently carries a full set of TaylorMade clubs, including a M6 driver, M6 fairway woods, P790 irons, Milled Grind wedges, and a Spider X putter. Rose also has a number of other clubs in his bag, including a Callaway Epic Flash 5 wood and an Adams Speedline hybrid. As for his ball choice, Rose prefers the TaylorMade TP5x golf ball. With this combination of clubs and ball in play, Justin Rose is poised to compete at the highest level in 2023.

Rose puts special emphasis on his driver setup. His M6 driver has been specifically tailored to maximize distance off the tee while maintaining accuracy. The adjustable weights allow him to customize the club to fit his swing and adjust for different types of lies. The same goes for the fairway woods; he sets them up with adjustable weights to match his swing speed and trajectory preferences.

The P790 irons are yet another key component in Justin’s bag. These irons are designed to provide maximum forgiveness and improved shot-shaping capabilities, two traits that have become increasingly important as Rose works on his iron game. The P790 irons also feature advanced Face Slots technology which improves ball speed consistency across the face of the clubhead.

Rose also carries two wedges: a TaylorMade Milled Grind high-toed wedge with 56° loft and an Milled Grind low bounce wedge with 60° loft. Both wedges have been designed to provide maximum spin control and precision shot-making ability around the greens. The Spider X putter rounds out Justin’s bag; it features True Path alignment technology which ensures precise accuracy when putting from any distance or lie angle.

Finally, Justin chooses to play with the TaylorMade TP5x golf ball which offers Tour-level performance with its 5-layer construction design that provides optimal spin rates across all shots. With this combination of clubs and ball in play, Justin Rose is poised to compete at the highest level in 2023 as he continues to chase major success on both tours worldwide.

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Justin Rose’s New Clubs in 2023

As one of the world’s top golfers, Justin Rose is always looking for the latest and greatest clubs to help him improve his game. In 2023, he has decided to make some changes to his equipment and upgrade to some of the newest and most advanced clubs on the market. He has chosen a new driver, fairway woods, irons, and putter that are designed to give him more control over his shots and help him hit longer drives with greater accuracy. His new driver features a larger club head for increased forgiveness, while his fairway woods have been designed with a lower center of gravity for improved stability and distance. He has also chosen a set of irons with deeper grooves that will provide more spin control and accuracy from the fairway. Finally, his new putter features an adjustable weight system that will allow him to customize the feel of each shot. With these new clubs, Justin Rose is sure to see an improvement in his game in 2023.

With these upgrades, Justin Rose is sure to be playing at an even higher level than before. His new clubs are sure to give him more control over his shots and help him hit longer drives with greater accuracy. He will also be able to adjust the weight on his putter for different situations on the green which will give him even more control over his putting stroke. By upgrading his equipment in 2023, Justin Rose is sure to see an improvement in both consistency and power off the tee as he competes against some of the best players in golf this year.

What Changes Has Justin Rose Made to His WITB Setup for 2023?

Justin Rose has made a few changes to his WITB setup for the 2023 season. He is now using a TaylorMade M5 driver and a set of TaylorMade P790 irons. He has also switched from a Titleist Vokey wedge to a TaylorMade Milled Grind 2 wedge, which offers more spin and control around the greens. Additionally, he has added a TaylorMade Milled Grind Hi-Toe wedge for better control in the sand and around the greens.

Rose has also switched from an Odyssey Versa tank putter to a TaylorMade Spider X putter, which provides him with more accuracy on short putts. He has also added an additional lofted iron – the TaylorMade P7MC – to give him more options off the tee and out of tight lies. To complete his setup, Rose is now playing with Bridgestone Tour B XS golf balls, which are designed to provide maximum distance and spin off the tee and around the green.

Overall, Justin Rose’s WITB setup for 2023 is designed to provide him with maximum performance on every shot. With his new driver, irons, wedges, putter and golf ball selections he should be able to maximize his performance on every hole he plays this season.

Justin Rose’s WITB Change from 2020 to 2023

Justin Rose is one of the most consistent golfers on the PGA Tour, and his equipment has been a major factor in his success. Over the years, he has made minor tweaks and changes to his clubs, but there have been some more noticeable changes from 2020 to 2023.

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Justin Rose’s bag in 2020 featured a Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero driver and a Callaway Apex Pro 16 iron set. He also had a TaylorMade Milled Grind Wedge and a Scotty Cameron putter. In 2021, he switched to a TaylorMade SIM driver and Callaway Apex DCB irons, as well as a TaylorMade Milled Grind 2 Wedges and an Odyssey Toulon Atlanta Putter.

In 2022, Justin Rose switched back to the Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero Driver with an adjustable hosel. He also changed his iron set to the Callaway Apex MB irons. His wedges stayed the same with the TaylorMade Milled Grind 2 while he switched out his putter for an Odyssey Toulon San Diego model.

Most recently, in 2023 Justin Rose went back to using the TaylorMade SIM Driver with an adjustable hosel but also added in a TaylorMade SIM Max hybrid club for added versatility off the tee. He kept the Callaway Apex MB irons along with the TaylorMade Milled Grind 2 Wedges but went back to using his Scotty Cameron putter from 2020.

Overall, Justin Rose’s WITB (bag) has seen some subtle changes over recent years but he still relies heavily on clubs like his driver, wedge and putter from year-to-year. His bag remains relatively consistent while still allowing him room for experimentation and optimization so that he can get maximum performance out of his golf game.

Justin Rose’s WITB for 2023

Justin Rose is a professional golfer playing on the PGA Tour and European Tour. He is one of the most successful British golfers of all time, having won the US Open in 2013 and two Olympic gold medals. As such, it’s no surprise that he has an impressive selection of clubs in his bag. When it comes to shafts, Justin Rose uses a combination of Mitsubishi Diamana S+ 70TX and Graphite Design Tour AD-DI 8TX shafts in his woods and irons respectively. The Diamana S+ 70TX provides a higher launch angle and spin rate than other shafts, while the Graphite Design Tour AD-DI 8TX provides increased stability and workability. Both shafts are designed to give Justin maximum control over his shots, allowing him to execute precise shots with confidence.

Rose also uses Fujikura Pro Tour Spec 93X shafts in his wedges for added control around the greens. The Pro Tour Spec 93X features a slightly firmer tip section than other Fujikura shafts, allowing Justin to make more aggressive swings when needed. The combination of these three shafts makes for an impressive set up for any golfer, especially one as accomplished as Justin Rose.


Justin Rose’s performance in 2023 was one to behold. He won his first major championship, The Masters, and became the third British player to do so. He also made a steady rise up the world rankings, where he currently sits at number 11. His strong finish in the final rounds of tournaments is an indication that his future is indeed bright. His commitment to improving his game and staying focused on what he wants to achieve makes him a great role model for aspiring golfers.

Rose has certainly become a household name in the golfing world and is certainly one of the top players on tour today. His achievements this year are a testament to his dedication and hard work and we look forward to seeing more of his success over the coming years.

In conclusion, Justin Rose’s performance in 2023 was exemplary and demonstrated why he is considered one of the best players in the world today. His impressive streak of wins and impressive finish at major championships have set him apart from other golfers on tour today and put him firmly at the top of his game. We look forward to seeing what he can achieve in the future as he continues to strive for greatness.

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