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Keegan Bradley is a professional golfer who has enjoyed success on the PGA Tour since turning professional in 2008. He is best known for his 2011 PGA Championship win, which made him the first American golfer to win a major championship using a long putter. He has since gone on to win two other PGA Tour titles and numerous other international events. Along with his success in golf, Keegan Bradley is also known for his friendship and partnership with his long-time caddie Steve “Pepsi” Hale. Since 2011, Pepsi has been by Keegan’s side every step of the way, helping him navigate the courses and giving him invaluable advice. Their friendship and partnership have been an integral part of Keegan’s success over the years and look set to continue into the future.Keegan Bradley is an American professional golfer who plays on the PGA Tour. He is a former PGA Champion and won the 2011 PGA Championship, becoming the first golfer in history to win a major championship using a long putter. His caddie is Steve “Pepsi” Hale, who has been with him since 2015 and was previously caddie for Steve Stricker.

Professional Relationship between Keegan Bradley and His Caddie

Keegan Bradley and his caddie have a professional relationship that is based on trust, respect, and communication. Bradley has been working with the same caddie for over a decade, and they have developed a strong bond over the years. The caddie serves as an extra set of eyes on the golf course, providing feedback on shots, club selection, and reading putts. They also serve as a mental coach, helping Keegan stay focused and positive during competition.

The caddie helps Keegan prepare for each round by studying course maps and providing advice on strategy. During tournaments, they help manage time constraints by keeping track of tee times and making sure he is ready to go when it’s his turn to play. They are also responsible for maintaining the clubs and keeping them in good condition between rounds.

The relationship between a golfer and their caddie is unique in that it is both professional and personal. The trust between Keegan Bradley and his caddie has been built up over years of hard work together on the course. They understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses which makes for an effective team out on the links.


When it comes to being a caddie for Keegan Bradley, reliability is paramount. A good caddie must be present and ready to work every day, rain or shine. They must be dependable, punctual, and have the ability to stay focused throughout the entire round of golf. Furthermore, they must have the skill to remain calm and collected in all types of weather conditions.


Communication is key when it comes to being a caddie for Keegan Bradley. A good caddie must be able to effectively communicate with Keegan before and during rounds of golf in order to ensure that Keegan is playing the game in the best way possible. This means being able to understand what Keegan wants and needs during each round and quickly relaying that information without any hesitation.


A good caddie for Keegan Bradley must also have a vast knowledge of golf courses, their characteristics, rules, and any other pertinent information that could help improve Keegan’s performance on the course. Furthermore, they should also be knowledgeable about the different clubs available on the market so that they can quickly advise Keegan on which club will work best in any given situation.

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Physical Fitness

Physical fitness is also important when it comes to being a caddie for Keegan Bradley. A good caddie should not only be able to carry all of his golf equipment around the course but also possess enough strength and endurance to keep up with him throughout an entire round of golf if needed. Additionally, they should also possess enough stamina so that they don’t tire easily after a long day on the links.

Organizational Skills

Finally, organizational skills are an important quality for any caddie working with Keegan Bradley. A good caddie should be able to organize their bag properly as well as keep track of all pertinent information regarding each hole or course during a round of golf. Additionally, they should also have excellent time management skills so that everything runs as smoothly as possible throughout each round.

The Challenges Faced by Keegan Bradley and His Caddie

Keegan Bradley and his caddie have a unique relationship on the golf course. Working together, they must be able to anticipate each other’s needs and make split-second decisions that can make or break a round. However, this is not always easy, as both must overcome significant challenges in order to be successful.

One of the biggest challenges that Keegan Bradley and his caddie face is communication. On the golf course, there is often a lot of noise and distractions which can make it difficult for them to communicate clearly with each other. Furthermore, due to the pressure of playing at a high level, it can be difficult for them to remain calm and composed when discussing strategy or making adjustments during a round.

Additionally, Keegan Bradley and his caddie must also contend with physical fatigue. Golf is a sport that requires an immense amount of physical exertion; as such, both must be in peak condition in order to keep up with the demands of the game. This is especially true for Keegan’s caddie who carries all of his clubs around the course from hole to hole. Without adequate rest and proper nutrition, both players can quickly become fatigued which can affect their performance on the course.

Finally, another challenge faced by Keegan Bradley and his caddie is mental fatigue. The game of golf requires intense concentration over long periods of time; this can lead to burnout if not managed properly. Both players must learn how to manage their mental energy so that they remain focused throughout their rounds instead of becoming distracted by external factors or their own thoughts.

Overall, Keegan Bradley and his caddie are faced with many challenges on the golf course that can affect their performance negatively if not managed properly. Through communication, physical fitness, and mental focus they are able to overcome these issues in order to achieve success on the links.

Benefits of Having Keegan Bradley’s Caddie

Keegan Bradley is one of the most successful professional golfers in the world, and having a caddie on his side has been an invaluable asset to his success. Caddies provide a wide range of services that help golfers improve their game and achieve better results. From providing course knowledge to carrying clubs and providing advice, caddies are an integral part of any golfer’s game. Here are some of the benefits of having Keegan Bradley’s caddie:

First, having a caddie gives Keegan access to expert advice on the course. With years of experience and an in-depth knowledge of the golf course, Keegan’s caddie can provide invaluable insight into each hole and how to play it. This can be especially useful when playing unfamiliar courses or making decisions during tournaments.

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Second, having a caddie can also help with managing time on the course. By carrying clubs, cleaning balls, and taking care of other tasks, a caddie can allow Keegan to focus solely on perfecting his swing and technique during practice rounds. This can be especially helpful when preparing for important tournaments.

Finally, having a caddie can also be beneficial mentally. During tournaments or challenging rounds, it’s important for Keegan to remain focused and positive – something that is much easier with a trusted ally by his side. A good caddie will know when to offer encouraging words or even just provide some lighthearted distraction from the pressure that comes with competing at the highest level.

Overall, having Keegan Bradley’s experienced caddy is an invaluable asset for any golfer looking to take their game to the next level. From providing expert advice to managing time on the course and helping with mental focus, there are countless benefits that come from having an experienced caddy by one’s side.

Strategies Used by Keegan Bradley and His Caddie to Win Tournaments

Keegan Bradley and his caddie, Steve “Pepsi” Hale, have developed a successful strategy for winning tournaments. The two have worked together since 2014, with Hale providing invaluable advice on everything from club selection to shot selection. They have developed a strategy that has enabled them to win multiple PGA Tour events, including the 2018 BMW Championship.

The strategy used by Bradley and Hale consists of careful preparation and meticulous planning. Before each event, they analyze the course layout and assess the playing conditions. They then formulate a game plan for how to play each hole, taking into consideration factors such as wind direction and green speeds. During the tournament, they make adjustments based on their observations during practice rounds and on-course play.

In addition to careful preparation, Bradley and Hale rely heavily on communication during tournaments. Hale provides constant feedback throughout the round, offering advice on club selection and shot execution. He also keeps track of yardages using a rangefinder and provides tips on how to navigate difficult terrain or tricky pin placements. The two also review every shot after it is hit in order to keep track of their progress throughout the round.

By utilizing these strategies, Keegan Bradley and his caddie Steve “Pepsi” Hale have been able to achieve success at the highest level of professional golf. Their approach has enabled them to win multiple PGA Tour events and establish themselves as one of the top teams in golf today.

Keegan Bradley’s Caddie

Keegan Bradley is a professional golfer who has had great success on the PGA Tour. He is known for his aggressive play and his ability to make clutch putts. But what many people don’t know is that he also has a great caddie who helps him improve his game. The caddie helps him to select the right clubs for each shot, read the green, and adjust his strategy for different courses.

Selecting Clubs

The caddie’s primary job is to help Bradley select the best club for each shot. This involves considering factors such as wind direction, obstacles in the way, and distance to the pin. The caddie has to think about all of these things while also considering Bradley’s playing style and preferences. By having this information in mind, they can help him make more informed decisions when selecting clubs.

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Reading Greens

Reading greens can be one of the most difficult aspects of golf, but it is essential for successful play. The caddie helps Bradley get a better understanding of how a particular green plays by helping him read the putt lines and contours of each green. They also provide advice on how hard or soft to hit a putt and which direction to aim for certain shots. This knowledge can give Bradley an edge when playing on unfamiliar courses or in difficult conditions.

Strategy Adjustments

Finally, Keegan’s caddie helps him adjust his strategy based on course conditions and weather conditions. They can advise him on when to lay up or go for certain shots, as well as which clubs are best suited for particular situations. Having this type of insight can be invaluable when playing in tournaments or other competitive events, as it allows him to make more informed decisions and maximize his chances of success.

Overall, Keegan Bradley’s caddie plays an important role in helping him improve his game by providing valuable advice on selecting clubs, reading greens, and adjusting strategies based on course conditions. By having someone who understands the game as well as they do by their side during every round, Keegan can take his game to the next level and become even better than he already is!

The Impact of Keegan Bradley’s Caddie on His Performance

Keegan Bradley is one of the biggest names in professional golf and has been for several years now. He is widely considered one of the most talented players in the game today, and his skill has led him to success on both the PGA Tour and in major tournaments. However, there is one person who has been an integral part of his success: his caddie. Bradley’s caddie, Steve “Pepsi” Hale, has worked with him for many years and has become an important part of his success.

Hale’s expertise as a caddie has been instrumental in helping Bradley achieve some of his greatest accomplishments. He provides invaluable advice on club selection and course strategy, which helps Bradley make informed decisions on the course. Additionally, Hale also serves as a trusted confidant for Bradley, offering words of encouragement and calming nerves during tense situations. This often gives Bradley the mental edge he needs to overcome obstacles on the course.

The relationship between Hale and Bradley has been incredibly beneficial for both parties over the years. Not only has it allowed Bradley to reach heights he may not have achieved without him, but it also gives Hale an opportunity to make a living doing something he loves. It is clear that their relationship goes beyond just business; they are friends who genuinely care about each other’s well-being and success.

In conclusion, the impact that Steve “Pepsi” Hale has had on Keegan Bradley’s performance cannot be understated. His knowledge and expertise as a caddie have helped propel Bradley to great heights in professional golf, while their friendship has enabled them both to experience personal growth and success both on and off the course.


Keegan Bradley has been a successful professional golfer since winning the 2011 PGA Championship and his caddie, Steve “Pepsi” Hale, has been an integral part of his success. Pepsi’s knowledge of golf course management, shot selection and strategy have been essential in helping Keegan achieve such impressive results. He has also become a great friend and confidant to Keegan during their time together on the course. It is clear that Pepsi’s hard work and dedication to Keegan have been a major factor in his success. Both Keegan and Pepsi are a great example of how the right partnership can result in tremendous success.

Keegan Bradley is still relatively young for a professional golfer but he already has an impressive record which includes three PGA Tour wins, two Ryder Cup appearances and numerous top-10 finishes. With the help of Steve “Pepsi” Hale, there is no doubt that he will continue to achieve great things in the future.