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Larry David is a renowned American comedian, writer, actor, and producer, best known as the creator of the hit television show Seinfeld. He is also an avid golfer and a proud supporter of the game. Larry David has been playing golf for many years, and he has even been spotted on some of the best golf courses in the world. He is passionate about the sport and loves to share his experience with others. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro, Larry David will provide you with expert advice and tips on how to improve your game. So if you’re looking for golf tips from one of the masters of comedy, look no further than Larry David!Larry David is an avid golfer and can often be seen playing a round at his local golf course. He is known for having a unique style of play, which includes the use of unconventional clubs such as his driver and putter. David has also been known to take risks when it comes to his golf game, often hitting shots that other golfers would not attempt. Despite this, Larry David is still able to maintain a respectable handicap and enjoys the game immensely.

Larry David’s Golf Skills

Larry David is a well-known comedian and actor, but few know that he is also an avid golfer. He plays golf regularly, often with his friends and family, and his skills on the course are impressive. Larry has a very consistent swing that always produces great results. He has good control over the ball, so he rarely hits it too far or too short. His accuracy is also quite impressive; he can hit the ball right where he wants it to go with ease.

Larry’s putting skills are also quite remarkable; he can read the green like a pro and make great putts from long distances. He is patient when it comes to putting, taking his time to line up his shots properly and then putt it with confidence. Larry can also make great shots out of tricky situations; for example, if there’s a tree in the way of his shot, he can adjust his angle and still make a successful shot.

Overall, Larry David’s golf skills are well-developed and highly impressive. He proves time and time again that he knows how to play the game and have fun doing it. It’s no wonder why so many people enjoy playing golf with him; it’s always an enjoyable experience!

Larry David’s Best Golf Moments

Larry David is a master of comedic timing and a beloved actor, writer, and producer. He’s also a passionate golfer. Over the years, Larry has managed to combine his two passions into some hilarious golfing moments that have been immortalized for fans to enjoy. From his time on the greens with President Obama to his hilarious gags on Curb Your Enthusiasm, here are Larry David’s best golf moments.

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One of Larry’s most memorable golfing moments came during an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm in which he plays a round with President Barack Obama. Larry manages to make the most out of this unique opportunity by insulting the president’s golf game while also trying to get him to sign a copy of his book for him. It makes for an awkward yet funny round that will have viewers laughing out loud.

Another great moment comes from a Saturday Night Live skit in which Larry plays a golfer who gets increasingly frustrated as he attempts to putt a ball into an unusually small hole. As Larry gets angrier and angrier, he throws his club at the ball, only for it to ricochet off and hit him in the face! It’s one of those classic SNL gags that will always be remembered fondly.

Finally, there was also the time when Larry played golf with legendary sports personality Charles Barkley during an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm. As usual, Larry manages to make things awkward by questioning Charles’ ability as a golfer while simultaneously trying not to offend him too much. The result is some classic banter between the two men that will leave viewers rolling on the floor laughing!

From playing golf with President Obama to getting hit in the face with his own club on SNL, there are plenty of humorous moments involving Larry David and golf that fans will never forget! Whether you’re a fan of Curb Your Enthusiasm or just someone who enjoys a good laugh every now and then, these moments are sure to bring some smiles no matter how many times you watch them!

Larry David’s Golf Outfits

Larry David is one of the most recognizable faces on television, and he has a signature style when it comes to golf. He can often be seen sporting a classic polo shirt and khakis or shorts, with a newsboy cap and sunglasses. He also likes to keep it casual with a pair of sneakers or sandals. His style is timeless, and he always looks put together when out on the course.

David’s look is always appropriate for golf, but he also likes to add some flair. He often wears brightly colored polo shirts or sweaters, paired with some bold patterned shorts or trousers. His hats are usually white or black, but sometimes he’ll go for something more eye-catching like a bright green or blue newsboy cap. And no matter what he’s wearing, he always has his trusty sunglasses with him.

David is known for his fashion sense and his golf outfits are no exception. He knows how to dress for the occasion and always looks smart without trying too hard. His outfit choices show that you don’t have to sacrifice style when playing golf; you can look great while still being comfortable and ready for a great game!

The History of Larry David and Golf

Larry David has had a long and storied relationship with golf. He first took up the game as a youngster in 1947, at the suggestion of his father, a passionate golfer. From that point on, Larry has been hooked on golf, playing it regularly and becoming an avid fan of the sport. Over the years, he has created some memorable characters on his hit show Curb Your Enthusiasm that have become synonymous with golf.

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One of these characters is the infamous “Cousin Jeff”, who is Larry’s frequent golfing partner. Jeff is often portrayed as being a bit of a slacker and not taking the game seriously — an attitude that often gets him into trouble with Larry. Another prominent character is “Ted Danson”, who plays Ted Danson – an old-school country club member who often clashes with Larry over their different approaches to golf.

Larry’s love for golf even made its way into Seinfeld, when he wrote and starred in an episode about golf course design. In it, he comes up with a unique design concept which involves building homes around each hole – something that would surely be frowned upon by traditionalists!

He has also had many memorable cameos as himself on other shows such as The Big Bang Theory and Last Man Standing, always playing some form of golf in each appearance. It’s clear to see that Larry David loves and respects the game of golf and will continue to be associated with it for years to come.

In recent years, Larry has become more serious about his approach to the game and even taken up competitive play in charity tournaments. While he may never reach pro-level status, his passion for golf will never wane and he will remain one of its most passionate advocates for years to come.

Courses Played by Larry David

Larry David, the famous American comedian and actor, is an avid golfer. He has played many courses around the world, including some of the most famous courses in the United States. He has regularly been seen playing on courses such as Pebble Beach, Bethpage Black, Spyglass Hill and Torrey Pines. He also enjoys playing some of the lesser-known courses in his home state of California such as Los Coyotes Country Club and La Jolla Country Club.

David also loves to experience golf courses around the world and has played at some of the most exclusive golf resorts in Scotland, Spain and Ireland. Some of these include St Andrews Old Course, Royal County Down in Northern Ireland and Valderrama Golf Club in Spain. He often takes his family with him on these trips so they can enjoy the beauty and challenge of these iconic courses.

David is a passionate golfer who loves to test himself against some of the greatest golf courses in the world. His passion for golf is evident when he talks about it, and he often encourages others to take up this great game. Whether it’s on a course close to home or a world-class destination course, Larry David loves to tee it up!

Famous People Who Play Golf with Larry David

Larry David is an avid golfer and has been known to golf with some famous people. He’s been spotted playing golf with the likes of former president Barack Obama, actor Jason Sudeikis, singer Justin Timberlake, and many others.

One of his most frequent partners on the course is fellow comedian and friend of David’s, Bill Murray. The two have played many rounds together, with Murray even being a surprise guest at one of David’s Curb Your Enthusiasm tapings.

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David has also been seen hitting the links with NBA superstar LeBron James. It’s likely that the two talked about more than just golf during their outing as both are huge fans of comedy and basketball.

Other celebrities who have teed off with Larry David include actor/comedian Adam Sandler, actor/director Ben Stiller, and singer/actor Justin Bieber. In recent years, he has even teamed up with professional golfer Phil Mickelson in charity golf tournaments.

Overall, it looks like Larry David enjoys playing golf with some of Hollywood’s biggest stars! Whether it be a friendly round or a competitive tournament for charity, it appears that these stars enjoy their time on the links alongside one of TV’s most iconic figures.

Tips for Playing Golf Like Larry David

Golf can be a fun and rewarding game to play. If you want to play golf like Larry David, there are a few tips that can help you improve your game. First, practice your swing. Larry David is known for his consistent and correct swings, so make sure you’re focusing on the basics like the stance, grip, and timing of your swing. Also, work on your mental game. Being able to focus and stay in the moment will help you perform better on the course. Finally, remember to have fun! Golf is meant to be enjoyed, so don’t take it too seriously or get too caught up in the details. With these tips in mind, you’ll be well on your way to playing golf like Larry David!

Another important tip is to dress appropriately for the course. Larry David is known for his classic style of dress on the golf course, so make sure you’re wearing clothing that is appropriate for the setting. Choose clothing that fits comfortably and moves freely while still looking stylish. You don’t have to stick with traditional golf attire – feel free to show off your personality with color and pattern choices!

Finally, practice patience when playing golf like Larry David. He’s known for his level-headedness when it comes to the game of golf – he always takes his time before making a decision or taking a shot. Don’t rush yourself or become frustrated if something doesn’t go as planned – take a deep breath and focus on enjoying yourself out there!


Larry David’s love for golf has undoubtedly been growing over the years. He has had a great deal of success with his golf career, and he has become one of the most popular comedic actors in America. His passion for the game has driven him to become one of the best golfers in the world, and his unique brand of comedy has made him an even bigger celebrity. As Larry David continues to work on his game, we can expect more great moments from him in golf and comedy.

Golf is a game that requires skill, dedication, and patience. Larry David’s success story shows us that anyone can be successful in golf if they put their mind to it. His ability to make people laugh while also playing some great golf is something to be admired. Larry David’s enthusiasm for the game is something that will continue to inspire many people for years to come.

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