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Lee Trevino is a legendary golfer who developed and popularized his own unique grip for the game. His grip style has become widely adopted by players of all levels, from beginners to professionals. Trevino’s grip is a neutral grip that emphasizes keeping the hands in sync with one another and promotes a smooth, fluid swing. It also reduces the risk of injury and increases power and accuracy. Trevino’s grip is one of the most popular grips used in golf today, due to its simplicity and effectiveness.Lee Trevino’s golf grip is an effective and popular method for gripping a golf club. It is often referred to as the “Vardon Overlap” grip, named after Harry Vardon, the English professional golfer who popularized it. This grip involves overlapping the little finger of the right hand over the index finger of the left hand when gripping the club. Lee Trevino’s golf grip promotes a smooth tempo and helps keep hands connected throughout the swing. It also allows for greater control and accuracy of shots, especially from difficult lies or lies with awkward stances. The Lee Trevino golf grip has been used by some of the greatest players in history and it continues to be a favorite amongst professionals and amateurs alike.

The Lee Trevino Overlap Golf Grip

The Lee Trevino Overlap Golf Grip is a popular grip used by many golfers around the world. Developed by legendary golfer Lee Trevino, this grip is designed to provide maximum power and accuracy in your shots. The grip is easy to use and allows for a consistent and comfortable feel when striking the ball. This grip also helps to reduce the risk of injury due to its ergonomic design. The Lee Trevino Overlap Golf Grip is perfect for players of all skill levels.

This grip utilizes an overlap of the hands which places the left forefinger over the right middle finger. This provides more control over the club head during the swing, allowing for more power and accuracy in your shots. Additionally, it helps to keep your wrists in proper alignment during the swing, helping you generate more clubhead speed and distance. The overlap also helps keep your hands connected throughout your swing, allowing you to make smoother, more consistent shots.

The Lee Trevino Overlap Golf Grip has become very popular with professional golfers as well as amateur players due to its effectiveness and ease of use. It provides an ergonomic feel that many players find very comfortable and has been proven to help reduce fatigue and stress on the body while playing golf. Additionally, it can help improve accuracy due to its ability to keep your hands connected throughout your swing.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced golfer, using the Lee Trevino Overlap Golf Grip can help improve your game. It provides a comfortable feel that will allow you to hit better shots with greater confidence and accuracy. With its ergonomic design, this grip will also help reduce fatigue and stress on your body while playing golf. Try it out today and start improving your game!

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How To Master The Lee Trevino Overlap Golf Grip

The Lee Trevino overlap golf grip is a popular technique for golfers of all skill levels. It is a very simple grip to learn and can help you hit the ball with more power and accuracy. The key to mastering the Lee Trevino overlap golf grip is to make sure you have the proper hand position and grip pressure. Here are some tips for mastering the Lee Trevino overlap golf grip:

First, take your lead hand (left hand for right-handed players) and place it on top of your trail hand (right hand for right-handed players). Make sure that your left thumb is positioned in line with your right index finger on the shaft of the club. This will ensure that you have the proper overlapping position.

Next, make sure that your hands have equal pressure when gripping the club. Too much or too little pressure can cause you to lose control of the club, resulting in an inaccurate shot. Additionally, make sure that both hands are working together to rotate properly during your swing. This will help you generate more power and accuracy on every shot.

Finally, practice this grip often until it becomes second nature. This will allow you to use it effectively during your rounds without having to think about it too much. With enough practice, you will be able to master the Lee Trevino overlap golf grip and start hitting shots with more power and accuracy than ever before!

Advantages Of The Lee Trevino Overlap Golf Grip

The Lee Trevino Overlap golf grip can offer numerous advantages to a golfer. This grip is a great choice for those who are looking to increase their control and accuracy on the golf course. The overlap grip allows a golfer to have more control over the club head, helping them to be more accurate with their shots. Additionally, it helps to reduce wrist movement, providing a more consistent swing and improved accuracy.

The overlap grip also helps to promote an even weight distribution throughout the club, allowing a golfer to feel more balanced during their swing. This can help the golfer maintain a consistent tempo in their swing, leading to better shots and increased accuracy. Additionally, this grip will help reduce fatigue in the hands and wrists since it requires less effort from the golfer while still providing great control.

The Lee Trevino Overlap grip also helps golfers keep their hands in correct position during the swing. By keeping the hands in this position, it allows for proper wrist hinge during the backswing and follow through. This allows for maximum power transfer from the wrists into the club head at impact, resulting in greater distance and accuracy on shots.

Finally, this grip promotes proper hand placement throughout all phases of the golf swing. Keeping your hands in correct position allows for better ball striking and improved consistency on every shot you take on the course. This will lead to improved scores as well as increased confidence when playing golf.

Overall, the Lee Trevino Overlap grip is an excellent choice for any golfer looking to have greater control over their shots and improved accuracy on each shot they take on the course. With its many advantages such as proper hand placement and weight distribution throughout the club, it is no wonder that this grip has become so popular amongst golfers of all levels of ability.

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Advantages of the Lee Trevino Overlap Golf Grip

The Lee Trevino Overlap Golf Grip is a popular choice among many golfers. It provides a secure, comfortable grip that allows for greater control and accuracy. The grip also helps to reduce wrist break during the swing, which can help increase clubhead speed and ball flight distance. Additionally, the overlap grip reduces tension in the hands and arms, leading to more consistent shots and reduced fatigue during long rounds of golf. The grip also helps promote a stronger wrist position throughout the swing which can lead to improved accuracy and power.

Disadvantages of the Lee Trevino Overlap Golf Grip

One potential disadvantage with the Lee Trevino Overlap Golf Grip is that it can be difficult to learn for those who are not used to it. This is because it requires different hand placement than other grips, as well as a very specific technique in order to be properly executed. Additionally, if not done correctly, this grip can actually lead to decreased accuracy due to improper hand placement or poor technique. Lastly, it can also take some time for players to get used to this grip before they see any improvement in their game.

When To Use The Lee Trevino Overlap Golf Grip

The Lee Trevino Overlap Golf Grip is a popular grip used by professional golfers, and can be beneficial for players of all levels. It is a grip that helps promote consistent ball striking, and is especially helpful for golfers with an inconsistent or weak grip on the club. This grip involves overlapping the pinky finger of the top hand onto the index finger of the bottom hand, which creates a more secure connection between you and your club. This can allow for more control and power when hitting your shots, which can help improve your overall game.

The Lee Trevino Overlap Golf Grip is best used by golfers who struggle with their consistency off the tee or from their fairway shots. It can be beneficial to those who have difficulty keeping their wrists cocked throughout their swing, as it provides an extra level of security and stability. Additionally, it can give golfers more confidence when taking a full swing as they will feel more connected to their club.

Players who are struggling with an inconsistent or weak grip should also consider utilizing this grip. With the overlap between the hands, it prevents unnecessary movement while swinging and gives golfers a better feel for their shot shape and trajectory.

Finally, golfers of any handicap level looking to gain more control and accuracy in their game should consider using the Lee Trevino Overlap Golf Grip. It is especially helpful in situations where accuracy is key, such as tee shots on tight fairways or approach shots near hazards. By providing stability and security throughout your swing, it can help you hit your target with precision and power.

Not Using the Correct Hand Position

One of the most common mistakes made when using the Lee Trevino Overlap Golf Grip is not using the correct hand position. The proper grip requires that the hands overlap, with the left hand positioned below and slightly to the right of the right hand. This helps to ensure that a consistent grip is maintained throughout the swing and that power can be generated through contact with the ball.

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Not Maintaining Proper Wrist Position

Another mistake made when using this grip is not maintaining proper wrist position. The wrists should be straight and in line with each other when taking a shot. This helps to ensure that a consistent swing is maintained throughout each shot, and that maximum power can be generated. If one’s wrists are not in line, it can lead to inconsistent shots and a loss of power.

Not Adjusting Hand Placement for Different Clubs

It is important to note that different clubs require different hand placements when using this grip. For instance, woods require a slightly different placement than irons or wedges due to their longer shafts. It is important to adjust one’s hand placement for each club in order to achieve optimal results with every shot.

Gripping Too Tightly

Finally, another mistake made when using this grip is gripping too tightly. While it is important to have a firm grip on the club, gripping too tightly can lead to tension in one’s arms and shoulders, which can negatively affect one’s swing. It is important to maintain a relaxed grip on the club so that power and accuracy can be achieved without sacrificing comfort or control.

Use the Right Amount of Pressure

One of the most important tips for improving your performance with the Lee Trevino Overlap Golf Grip is to use the right amount of pressure. When gripping the club, you should not hold it too tightly or too loosely. You want to maintain a steady pressure that will allow you to make consistent contact with the ball. You also want to make sure that your grip is not causing excessive tension in your wrists and forearms, which can lead to erratic shots.

Grip From The Bottom Up

Another important tip is to grip from the bottom up. This means that you should start by placing your left hand at the bottom of the club and then wrap your right hand around it. This will help ensure that you have a solid grip on the club and will reduce any twisting or turning that could lead to mis-hits.

Vary Your Grip Pressure

It is also helpful to vary your grip pressure throughout each round of golf. This means that you should loosen and tighten your grip depending on what type of shot you are hitting. For example, when hitting a driver, you can use a firmer grip, while when hitting an iron shot, you should loosen up a bit more for better control and accuracy.

Adjust Your Grip

Finally, it is important to adjust your grip as needed throughout each round of golf. If you are having trouble controlling shots, try loosening or tightening your grip slightly until you find a comfortable position that allows for better contact with the ball. Doing this can help improve accuracy and consistency over time.


Lee Trevino’s grip is a timeless classic. It is simple, effective, and can be adopted by golfers of all levels. It promotes a consistent, powerful swing and can be easily adjusted to suit individual needs. The overlapping grip helps to keep the hands connected throughout the swing while simultaneously providing stability and control. The Lee Trevino grip is one of the most popular grips used by professional golfers for a reason – it works!

Although it may feel uncomfortable at first, regular practice with this grip can help players fine-tune their technique and improve their game. With time and dedication, golfers will soon find themselves able to hit longer shots with more accuracy and consistency than ever before thanks to Lee Trevino’s iconic grip.