left handed wedge set

Left handed wedge sets are an excellent choice for left-handed golfers who are looking to improve their game. These sets provide a combination of higher lofted wedges that help with accuracy and lower lofted wedges that give you greater distance and control. The added flexibility of the different lofts makes it easier to get out of difficult lies and hit shots from various distances. With the proper set-up, these wedges can help any golfer find more success on the course.A left-handed wedge set can bring many benefits to golfers. By using clubs designed specifically for left-handed golfers, it becomes easier to hit the ball with greater accuracy and consistency. As a result, left-handed golfers are able to hit the ball farther and with more spin than with regular clubs. Additionally, using a left-handed wedge set can reduce the risk of injury by allowing for a more natural swing and reduced strain on the wrists and arms. Furthermore, because of their distinctive design, left-handed wedges can produce higher loft angles for shots that require increased backspin or more control over the ball’s trajectory.

Best Left Handed Wedge Sets: Reviews

Left-handed golfers have special needs when it comes to wedge sets. It is important to find a wedge set that is designed specifically for left-handed golfers to get the most out of their game. The best left-handed wedge sets are designed with the exact weight, loft, and bounce angle that are best suited for a left-handed player’s swing. Here are some reviews of the best left-handed wedge sets on the market today.

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The Cleveland Golf RTX 4 Wedge Set is one of the top rated left-handed wedge sets available. It features four wedges with varying lofts and bounce angles, allowing you to fine tune your short game with precision. The RTX 4 also has an improved feel and spin rate, making it a great choice for players looking for more control around the green.

The TaylorMade Milled Grind 2 Wedge Set is another great option for lefties looking to get more out of their short game. This set features three wedges with different lofts and grooves designed to provide maximum spin and control on shots around the green. The Milled Grind 2 also features improved sole grinds that help reduce turf interaction, making it easier to hit crisp shots from any lie.

Finally, the Mizuno JPX 919 Hot Metal Wedge Set is a great option for those looking for a bit more forgiveness in their wedges. This set features three wedges with varying lofts and bounce angles designed to provide maximum spin and control from any lie. The JPX 919 Hot Metal also has an improved feel and sound at impact, making it ideal for players who need extra help getting up and down from tough lies around the green.

Know Your Handicap

When looking to purchase a left-handed wedge set, it is important to know your handicap. Knowing your handicap will help you determine the type of wedges that are best suited for your game. It’s important to take into account your skill level, as well as the type of course you typically play on. For instance, if you are a beginner golfer, you may want to opt for a set of wedges that are designed for higher lofted shots and more forgiveness. Conversely, if you have a higher handicap and play on courses with more challenging terrain, then a set of wedges with lower loft and less forgiveness may be better suited for your game.

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Choose the Right Loft

The loft of the wedge is the angle between the clubface and the ground when the club is in its normal address position. Wedges come in many different lofts such as 44 degrees (pitching wedge), 48 degrees (gap wedge), 52 degrees (sand wedge) and 56 degrees (lob wedge). It’s important to choose wedges with lofts that are compatible with your swing tempo and ball flight trajectory. For example, if you have a slower swing tempo then it may be beneficial to select wedges with higher lofts so that you can get more backspin on your shots. On the other hand, if you have a faster swing tempo then opting for wedges with lower lofts may be better suited for producing more distance from your shots.

Consider Shaft Flexibility

In addition to choosing the right loft for your wedges, it’s also important to consider shaft flexibility when selecting a left-handed wedge set. Shaft flexibility refers to how much bend occurs in the shaft during impact with the ball. Generally speaking, stiff shafts are typically better suited for golfers who have faster swing tempos while flexible shafts are generally recommended for those who have slower tempos. Keep in mind that different manufacturers will offer different flex options so it is important to compare various brands before making a final purchase decision.

Take Note of Weight & Balance

Weight and balance are also factors that should be taken into consideration when selecting left-handed wedges. Wedge heads typically range from 200 grams up to 350 grams depending on which manufacturer they come from. Heavier heads typically provide more stability while lighter heads tend to produce more spin on approach shots into greens. Balance is also an important factor as some players prefer heavier heel weighted clubs while others prefer toe weighted clubs depending on their individual preferences.

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Test Out Different Models

Once you’ve narrowed down which type of wedges you’re looking for based on factors such as loft, shaft flexibility and weight/balance, it’s time to test out different models in order to find which ones feel best in your hands. The only way to really know which wedge models work best for you is by testing them out at a driving range or practice facility before making any final purchasing decisions. Be sure to hit several full shots with each model in order to get an accurate assessment of how they perform before investing any money into them.


Choosing the ideal left handed wedge set doesn’t need to be complicated or stressful if you know what factors need to be taken into consideration beforehand such as handicap level, loft selection, shaft flexibility and weight/balance preference amongst others. Be sure test out different models at a driving range or practice facility so that you can get an accurate assessment of how they perform before committing any money towards them as this will ensure that you make an informed decision when purchasing new golf clubs.