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Louis Oosthuizen is a South African professional golfer who plays on the European Tour and the PGA Tour. He has won ten professional tournaments, most notably the 2010 Open Championship. Oosthuizen first achieved international success when he was runner-up at the 2008 Open Championship and since then has gone on to become one of the leading golfers in the world. He is known for his impressive iron play and control of distance off the tee, as well as his consistent putting ability. Oosthuizen is also a highly accomplished golfer in terms of course management, having won several events despite challenging course conditions.Louis Oosthuizen is a South African professional golfer who has had an impressive career since turning pro in 2002. He became the first South African to win the Open Championship in 2010 and has since gone on to win multiple other titles, including The Players Championship and the Maybank Malaysian Open. He was also runner up at The Masters in 2012 and has been ranked as high as number 4 in the Official World Golf Ranking. Oosthuizen has also represented South Africa in numerous international events, such as the Presidents Cup, World Cup, Olympic Games and Ryder Cup. Overall, Louis Oosthuizen’s golf career has been highly successful thus far and he continues to be one of the top players on tour.

Louis Oosthuizen’s Major Championships

Louis Oosthuizen is a professional golfer from South Africa who has been playing on the PGA Tour since 2003. He is best known for his victory at the 2010 Open Championship, making him only the second South African to win a major championship. Since then, he has gone on to compete in several other major championships, with varying degrees of success.

At the 2011 Masters Tournament, Louis finished in second place after an exciting final round that saw him lose out in a sudden-death playoff to American golfer Charl Schwartzel. He also had another strong finish at the 2014 British Open, where he came in third place behind Rory McIlroy and Rickie Fowler.

Louis’s best finish at the U.S. Open was a tie for fourth place at Chambers Bay in 2015. He also competed at the 2018 U.S. Open at Shinnecock Hills but missed the cut by one stroke after rounds of 74-75 (-1).

He has competed in four PGA Championships since 2010, with his best result coming in 2017 when he finished tied for eighth place. At The Open Championship, Louis has been successful throughout his career, finishing inside the top 10 four times since his victory in 2010 and tying for ninth place at Royal Birkdale in 2017.

Overall, Louis Oosthuizen has been one of South Africa’s most consistent golfers on the world stage over the past decade and will look to add more major championships to his resume in 2020 and beyond.

Louis Oosthuizen’s Wins on the European Tour

Louis Oosthuizen is a professional golfer from South Africa who currently competes on the European Tour. He has achieved significant success in his career, winning seven tournaments on the European Tour. His first win came in 2004 at the Barclays Scottish Open, and he followed that up with a victory at the Credit Suisse Challenge in Switzerland in 2005. Oosthuizen went on to win four more times on the European Tour between 2006 and 2008, including two victories in 2008 at the KLM Open and Madrid Masters. He then added two more wins to his tally at the Portugal Masters (2012) and Alfred Dunhill Links Championship (2014).

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Oosthuizen’s success on the European Tour has helped him become one of the most recognizable golfers in Europe. He is well-known for his consistent play and ability to perform under pressure, which has been key to his success on tour. He is also highly regarded for his achievements outside of golf, such as his philanthropic work with underprivileged children in South Africa. Despite not having won a major championship yet, Louis Oosthuizen remains one of Europe’s most accomplished golfers and his seven wins on the European Tour are a testament to that fact.

Louis Oosthuizen’s Wins on the PGA Tour

South African golfer Louis Oosthuizen has had an impressive career on the PGA Tour, with a total of five wins throughout his 15-year professional career. Oosthuizen’s first win came in 2006 at the Volvo China Open, where he finished four strokes ahead of his closest competitor. In 2010, he captured his second victory at the Africa Open, shooting a final round 64 for a three-shot victory.

Oosthuizen’s biggest win came in 2012 when he won the prestigious Open Championship at Royal Lytham & St Annes. He dominated the tournament and finished seven strokes ahead of runner-up Adam Scott. He had another solid showing at The Open in 2015, where he finished tied for second place behind champion Zach Johnson.

In addition to his major win at The Open Championship, Oosthuizen has also captured two other titles on the PGA Tour: The Maybank Malaysian Open in 2014 and The Alfred Dunhill Links Championship in 2016. Both tournaments were played in Europe and saw him take home first place honors.

Overall, Louis Oosthuizen has been successful on the PGA Tour, with five wins to his credit. His major win at The Open Championship is one of the highlights from his career and will likely be remembered for years to come as one of golf’s greatest moments.

Louis Oosthuizen’s Equipment Set Up

The professional golfer, Louis Oosthuizen, is well known for his impressive performance on the golf course. His equipment setup is one of the most important aspects of his game, as it helps to maximize his potential and give him an edge over his opponents. Oosthuizen uses a variety of clubs, including a driver, fairway woods, irons, wedges, and a putter. He also utilizes a variety of golf balls to suit different courses and conditions.

In terms of drivers, Oosthuizen uses a Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero. This club is designed for maximum distance and forgiveness on off-center shots. It has an ultra-light carbon crown which lowers the center of gravity and helps to launch the ball higher with less spin. The club head also features an adjustable hosel which allows players to customize their launch angle and spin rate for greater accuracy.

For fairway woods, Oosthuizen opts for the TaylorMade M6 3 wood. This club is designed with Speed Pocket technology which helps to reduce spin off the tee and improve ball speed on off-center shots. The low profile design also helps to promote high launch angles with less spin for greater distance control from the fairway.

When it comes to irons, Oosthuizen chooses Callaway’s X Forged UT Utility Irons. These clubs are designed with a hollow body construction which allows weight to be moved lower in the head for increased launch angles and improved ball speed on off-center shots. The grooves have also been optimized to create more backspin on approach shots into greens for greater control around the flagstick.

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For wedges, Louis uses Callaway’s Mack Daddy 5 Jaws Wedges which feature deeper grooves that help generate more spin off tight lies or out of bunkers. The wedges also come in a multitude of bounce options so players can select one that best suits their swing type and shot preferences around the greens.

Finally, for putters Louis uses Odyssey’s Stroke Lab Putter range as they provide him with both feel and stability throughout his stroke while helping him get better roll off each putt he attempts during rounds on tour events or practice sessions at home.

Louis Oosthuizen’s Putting Stats

Louis Oosthuizen is one of the best putters in the world. His putting stats are some of the best in the game, and he has consistently ranked at the top of the leaderboard in putting. In 2019, he was ranked third overall in putting average on the PGA Tour with an average score of 1.70 strokes per hole. He also ranked first in total putts per round with an average score of 27.7 putts per round.

Oosthuizen has a very consistent stroke when it comes to his putting game, and he is one of the most accurate putters on Tour. He ranks fourth in strokes gained: putting for 2019 with an average score of 0.966 strokes gained per round. This means that he is able to make more birdies and pars than bogeys or worse when it comes to his scoring on the green.

Oosthuizen also has a great ability to hit long-distance putts, as evidenced by his ranking fifth in Strokes Gained: Long Putts with an average score of 0.214 strokes gained per round. He is also able to make short putts from close distances, ranking second on tour for Strokes Gained: Short Putts with an average score of 1.091 strokes gained per round.

In addition to having some great putting stats, Oosthuizen also has some impressive accuracy stats on tour as well. He ranks first on tour for Total Putting Accuracy with an impressive 82%. This means that he is able to hit his putts from any distance and know exactly where they will go before they are struck – a huge advantage over other players who struggle with accuracy from longer distances.

Overall, Louis Oosthuizen’s putting stats are some of the best on tour and have helped him become one of the top players in the world today. His ability to make long-distance putts as well as close-range ones makes him a formidable opponent both on and off the green, and his accuracy from any distance gives him a huge edge over other players who are not as accurate from longer distances.

Louis Oosthuizen’s Longest Drives on Tour

Louis Oosthuizen is no stranger to long drives on the golf course. The South African professional golfer has consistently been one of the longest hitters on tour for many years, and his drives often gain him an advantage over his competitors. Oosthuizen is known for his impressive driving distance, and has hit some of the longest drives ever recorded on tour.

Oosthuizen’s longest drive in competition was at the 2015 Open Championship, where he hit a 430-yard drive during the second round. He was able to achieve this feat by striking his tee shot with perfect accuracy, which allowed him to take full advantage of the length of the hole. His drive gave him a huge advantage over his competitors and helped him finish in a tie for fourth place in the tournament.

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Another impressive drive from Louis Oosthuizen occurred during the 2018 Open Championship at Carnoustie Golf Links. On the 463-yard par-4 16th hole, Oosthuizen hit an incredible drive that traveled an astonishing 425 yards down the fairway. His drive gave him a great opportunity to set up an eagle putt on one of the most difficult holes of the course and enabled him to finish with an impressive birdie score.

Louis Oosthuizen’s long drives are often admired by fans and fellow professionals alike, as they demonstrate his impressive skill and power when it comes to driving off the tee box. He continues to be one of golf’s most consistent long hitters, and he is always looking for ways to improve his game even further.

Oosthuizen’s powerful strikes have made him one of golf’s most renowned players, and with more long drives ahead in his future, he is sure to continue impressing fans around the world with each new tournament he plays in.

Louis Oosthuizen’s Driving Accuracy Stats

Louis Oosthuizen is one of the best drivers on the PGA Tour. His driving accuracy stats are impressive, and he consistently ranks amongst the top tour players in this statistic. Over his career, he has been able to maintain a driving accuracy of over 70%, which is a very good mark. Additionally, he has also posted some of the best percentages when it comes to hitting fairways in regulation. This means that he is able to hit more fairways than most other players on tour, which gives him an advantage off the tee.

Oosthuizen’s driving accuracy stats are even more impressive when you consider that he hits a significant amount of drivers each round. In fact, he is one of the longest hitters on tour and can often be seen bombing drives down the fairway. Despite this, his accuracy remains very high due to his precision and control off the tee. This allows him to make better use of his long drives and helps him set up birdie putts more often than other players.

Overall, Louis Oosthuizen’s driving accuracy stats are amongst the best on tour. His combination of distance and accuracy makes him one of the most dangerous players off the tee box. He has been able to maintain these impressive stats for many years now, which shows just how consistent he is with his game. He will continue to be one of the top players in this statistic for years to come.


Louis Oosthuizen has had a successful career as a professional golfer. He has won seven European Tour titles, including the 2010 Open Championship, and has had numerous top-10 finishes in major championships. He is a highly regarded player who consistently plays at a high level. His success is largely attributed to his strong mental game, which allows him to stay composed in pressure situations. He is also an excellent ball-striker and is capable of hitting long drives off the tee.

Louis Oosthuizen’s success on the golf course demonstrates his dedication to the game and his commitment to striving for excellence. He has shown that he can compete with the best players in the world and is capable of winning at the highest level. His accomplishments have placed him among some of the greatest golfers of all time and will continue to be remembered as one of South Africa’s most successful golfers.

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