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Luke Donald is an English professional golfer who currently plays on the European Tour and the PGA Tour. He has won numerous tournaments and is one of the most accomplished players in the world. He is known for his consistent play and for taking a scientific approach to the game. Donald has a strong reputation as a player of precision and accuracy, as well as for his excellent course management skills. He is also a great teacher, offering golf lessons and clinics to aspiring players. With his long list of achievements, Luke Donald is one of the top golfers in the game today.Luke Donald’s 2019 WITB consists of a Titleist TS3 driver, a Bridgestone JGR HF2 3-wood, Callaway Apex MB irons (3-PW), and a set of Titleist Vokey SM7 wedges (50, 54, 58). He has also added a Scotty Cameron Newport 2 putter to his bag.

What’s in Luke Donald’s Bag?

Luke Donald is one of the most successful golfers of his generation and he is known for his incredible precision and accuracy on the course. His bag is filled with some of the best equipment in the game, and he has carefully selected each club to maximize his performance. In his bag, you’ll find a driver, fairway woods, hybrids, irons, wedges, and a putter. He uses a Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero driver with 9 degrees of loft to get plenty of distance off the tee. For fairway woods he uses two Callaway Rogue models, an 8-wood and a 13-wood. His hybrids include a Callaway Apex 19-degree #2 hybrid and a Callaway Apex 21-degree #4 hybrid.

For irons he plays the Callaway Mack Daddy 4 set with 4-PW. His wedges are all from the same family; they are Titleist Vokey SM7s in 46 degree bent to 44 degrees (gap wedge), 52 degrees bent to 50 degrees (sand wedge), 56 degrees bent to 54 degrees (lob wedge). Finally he carries a Scotty Cameron Phantom X 8 putter. With this selection of clubs in his bag, Luke Donald is always prepared for any challenge that arises on the golf course.


Luke Donald is known for having one of the most consistent swings in golf. His driver of choice is the TaylorMade R1, which he has used since 2013. The R1 offers a lot of adjustability, allowing Luke to fine-tune his club to fit his swing perfectly. The 460cc head has a shallow face and helps promote a low spin that gives him the desired penetrating ball flight he needs off the tee.

Fairways Woods

Luke relies on his TaylorMade RBZ Stage 2 fairway woods to hit long and accurate shots from the fairway. The Stage 2 has a larger head than its predecessor, making it easier to hit and more forgiving on off-center hits. It also has an adjustable hosel that allows Luke to customize the loft and face angle to suit his swing.


Luke plays with TaylorMade Tour Preferred MB irons, which have been his clubs of choice since 2011. These classic muscle back blades are designed with a slightly wider sole than traditional blades, helping them glide through the turf more smoothly without digging in too deep. The thin top line and reduced offset help promote a more workable shot shape for Luke, while also providing great feel and touch around the greens.


Luke’s wedges of choice are the Titleist Vokey SM5 wedges, which feature Spin Milled grooves that help maximize spin on approach shots. They also have an adjustable hosel that allows Luke to customize the loft, bounce, and sole grinds to fit his game perfectly. The progressive CG placement throughout each wedge helps promote better control over different shot types for Luke as well.

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The putter in Luke’s bag is a Scotty Cameron Newport 2 model that was custom made for him by Titleist in 2011. It features a classic rounded design with an Anser-style hosel and a milled aluminum face insert that helps provide great feel on impact with every putt. The Newport 2 also has adjustable weights in the sole that allow Luke to customize the head weight according to his preference and playing conditions he faces each day on tour.

Luke Donald

Luke Donald is a professional golfer from England who has won multiple PGA and European Tour events. He was ranked number one in the world rankings for 40 weeks in 2011 and 2012, making him the first Englishman to achieve this feat. Donald is known for his precision off the tee and on approach shots, as well as his ability to read the green. He has also been praised for his mental toughness on the course. Donald’s success has made him one of the most recognizable names in golf, with a large fan base both at home and abroad.

Donald’s career began in 2001, when he won his first PGA Tour event, the Southern Farm Bureau Classic. Since then, he has gone on to win 11 more PGA Tour events and 12 European Tour events. He has also won two World Golf Championship titles and was named PGA Player of the Year in 2011. In addition to his individual success, Donald has also represented Europe in Ryder Cup competition four times, helping Europe to victory three times.

Donald is an accomplished driver of the golf ball, regularly ranking among the top players on tour in driving accuracy percentage and total driving distance. His strong iron play also makes him one of the most consistent players on tour from tee to green. His short game is considered among the best in golf, with a deft touch around the greens that allows him to get up-and-down more often than not. His mental game is also strong; he rarely shows emotion on course and can be counted upon to make smart decisions under pressure situations.

Overall, Luke Donald’s career accomplishments have made him one of the most respected players in professional golf today. His skill set—combined with his mental fortitude—make him an ideal player when it comes to driving accuracy off the tee or getting up-and-down from tricky spots around the green. With multiple wins on both major tours around the world, Luke Donald will remain a force to be reckoned with for years to come.


Luke Donald is known for his impressive driving range. He is a master of the driver and can hit it long and straight off the tee. His driving accuracy is one of the best in the game and he knows how to shape shots to get maximum yardage out of his drives. He has won multiple tournaments with his skill with the driver, making him one of the top players on Tour.


Luke Donald has always been known for his iron play. He has a smooth, consistent swing that allows him to hit consistent shots regardless of conditions. He can shape shots with ease, allowing him to hit fade or draw shots when needed. His accuracy and control are second to none, making him one of the best iron players on Tour.


Luke Donald is often cited as one of the best wedge players in golf. He has an uncanny ability to flight shots high or low depending on what shot is needed. His feel around the greens is unmatched, as he can hit delicate flop shots and spinners when necessary. His short game is one of the main reasons why he has been so successful on Tour over the years.

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Fairway Woods

Luke Donald’s fairway woods have long been a strength for him. He can hit them long and straight off the tee, as well as from the rough or fairway lies. His ability to shape shots with his fairway woods gives him a distinct advantage over other players in tournament play. He can manipulate his ball flight and trajectory to fit any situation, making him one of the most versatile golfers on tour today.

Luke Donald

Luke Donald is a professional golfer from the United Kingdom and one of the most successful players on the European Tour. He has won numerous tournaments, including four European Tour events and the 2011 PGA Championship. He has also finished in the top 10 of the World Golf Rankings several times and has been a member of the European Ryder Cup team. Donald is known for his accuracy off the tee and his strong putting, which are two of his biggest strengths. He often uses a combination of different irons to help him find the right distance and direction for each shot. These include different types of cavity-backed irons, blade-style irons, tour-style irons, and muscleback irons. Each type offers a unique combination of distance, feel, and forgiveness to help him find success on every shot he takes.

Donald is always looking for ways to improve his game and he uses a variety of tools to do so. He works closely with his coach to develop an individualized practice plan that fits his specific needs. This includes working on all aspects of his game from short game to course strategy. He also spends time on the putting green practicing with different styles of putters to find one that works best for him. By using a variety of different clubs, including various types of irons, Donald is able to create unique shots around the green that most players can’t replicate.

Best Putter: Phil Mickelson

Phil Mickelson has long been known as one of the best putters on the PGA Tour. He is consistently one of the top performers when it comes to putting, and he has won several tournaments thanks to his impressive putting skills. His ability to read greens and make the right putt consistently makes him one of the best putters in golf. His confidence in himself and his ability to remain calm under pressure have helped him become one of the most successful putters in golf history.

Longest Driver: Dustin Johnson

Dustin Johnson is known for being able to hit long drives on the course. His drives are consistently among the longest on tour, and his ability to hit them accurately makes him a formidable opponent. He is able to hit his driver with tremendous power and accuracy, which often gives him an advantage over other players in tournaments. He is also not afraid to use different angles when hitting his driver, allowing him to get more distance out of each shot.

Best Iron Player: Jordan Spieth

Jordan Spieth is one of the best iron players on tour. He consistently hits crisp iron shots that are both accurate and powerful. His ability to shape shots with precision helps him navigate tight courses, making it easier for him to hit greens in regulation or set up birdie opportunities. He also has great touch around the greens, which allows him to be aggressive when necessary while still having control over his shots.

Best Wedges: Luke Donald

Luke Donald is well-known for his wedge game on tour. He has a knack for finding ways out of tough spots with his wedge play, and he often uses it as a tool for setting up birdie chances or putting himself in position for par saves. He has a great feel for distance control with wedges, which allows him to fire at pins from various distances without fear of leaving it short or going long off the green.

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The Driver is one of the most important clubs in golf. It is used to hit the ball from the tee box, and it is usually the longest club in a golfer’s bag. A good driver can help a golfer maximize their distance off the tee, and make hitting long shots easier. One of the best drivers on tour is Rory McIlroy’s TaylorMade M1. It has a 460cc head which allows for maximum forgiveness and a low spin rate, which helps to get the ball in the air quickly. The M1 also features an adjustable hosel which allows for custom loft and face angle settings, giving McIlroy added control over his ball flight.


Irons are essential clubs for any golfer, as they are used to hit shots from the fairway and rough. Having good irons can help you hit solid shots with more accuracy, making it easier to score well on any course. One of the best iron set on tour right now is Jordan Spieth’s Titleist 716 AP2s. The AP2s feature a hollow cavity design which helps to enhance feel and forgiveness while still allowing for workability around the greens. The 716s also feature an improved sole width that helps with launch angle control from all lies, making them incredibly versatile for any shot around the golf course.


Wedges are some of the most versatile clubs in golf, as they can be used for a variety of shots around the green such as bunker shots, chip shots, flop shots, and more. Having good wedges can help you get up-and-down more often from tricky lies around the green and lower your scoring average significantly. One of the best wedge players on tour right now is Justin Thomas who uses Callaway Mack Daddy 3 wedges. The Mack Daddy 3s feature a grooved face that provides extra spin when needed, as well as an improved sole grind that helps with turf interaction from different lies around the green.


The putter is arguably one of the most important clubs in golf since it is used to get your ball into (or close to) hole when putting on greenside surfaces such as grass or sand. Having confidence with your putter can give you an edge when playing on tougher courses or during tournaments where every stroke counts towards your final score. One of today’s top putters on tour is Luke Donald who uses an Odyssey O-Works Red #7 Putter with SuperStroke grip technology which gives him added control over his putting stroke while also providing enhanced feel and feedback from different putting surfaces around greenside areas of each hole he plays during tournaments or practice rounds alike.


Luke Donald has become one of the most successful professional golfers in the world. His success is the result of his dedication to improvement and hard work, as well as his natural talent. He has earned numerous accolades, including the PGA Tour money list title in 2011 and the European Tour money list title in 2006. His achievements on the world stage have made him a household name, and his inspiring story serves as an example to aspiring golfers everywhere. Luke Donald’s success on the course is a testament to his determination and drive to be the best he can be.

As Luke Donald’s career continues to progress, he shows no signs of slowing down. His commitment to excellence has made him a global star, and he continues to inspire both young and old alike. With every tournament played, Luke Donald proves that with enough dedication anything is possible.

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