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Matt Wallace is a professional golfer who is currently playing on the European Tour. He was born in England and began his professional career in 2013. Since then, he has proven himself to be a formidable opponent, having won three times on the European Tour and finishing inside the top 10 in the Race to Dubai rankings each of the last four years. He is known for his aggressive style of play and creative shot-making ability. Wallace has also been successful on the PGA Tour, with multiple top-10 finishes and several impressive performances in major championships. As an up-and-coming player, Matt Wallace looks to continue to build on his success and become one of golf’s most recognizable names.Matt Wallace is an English professional golfer on the European Tour, who currently uses a full bag of PING equipment. He has been sponsored by PING since the start of his professional career in 2014. His current bag includes a G400 driver, G400 fairway woods, Glide 2.0 wedges, iBlade irons and a Sigma 2 putter. The driver is fitted with a Fujikura Atmos Black shaft and the fairway woods have PING Alta CB shafts. The wedges are fitted with Nippon N.S. Pro Modus3 Tour 120 shafts and the irons have True Temper Dynamic Gold 120 S300 shafts. His putter is fitted with a SuperStroke Slim 3.0 grip and he uses Titleist Pro V1x golf balls for his game play.

Matt Wallace’s Putter Setup

Matt Wallace is a professional golfer who has been using the same putter setup for many years. His putter setup consists of a standard length putter, an even stance, and a regular grip. He believes that this combination provides him with the most consistent and accurate stroke. Wallace’s putting style is based on the idea that the success of any putt lies in the accuracy of his stroke and not in the power behind it.

Wallace’s putter setup has been proven to be effective time and again on the course, as evidenced by his impressive list of wins. His approach allows him to make consistent contact with the ball and achieve accurate results. He also focuses on keeping his head down and maintaining focus throughout his entire stroke.

The key components of Wallace’s putting technique are precision and repetition. He spends a lot of time practicing to ensure he is making each stroke with perfect form and accuracy. In addition to consistent practice, he also takes time before each round to ensure that his equipment is properly set up for optimal performance on the course.

In order to maintain consistency in his stroke, Wallace keeps a few pieces of equipment in his bag at all times: a putting mirror, alignment sticks, an adjustable armlock, and several different lengths of shafts for different types of greens. He also keeps several spare grips in case one needs to be replaced during a round. By having all these pieces at hand, he can quickly make adjustments if necessary without having to leave the course or take too much time away from playing golf.

Overall, Matt Wallace’s putter setup is designed to give him maximum accuracy while allowing him to make quick adjustments when needed on the course. With this combination of precision and flexibility, it’s no wonder why he has had so much success as a professional golfer over many years!

Matt Wallace’s Driver Setup

Matt Wallace is an English Professional Golfer who competes on the European Tour. He has been known for his unique driver setup and his ability to hit extremely long drives off the tee. Wallace is known to use a very light driver shaft, usually weighing only about 40 grams, and a relatively low loft (9-10 degrees) for maximum distance. He also likes to use a slightly open clubface at address, allowing him to shape his shots left to right as desired.

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Wallace’s driver setup allows him to maximize ball speed with minimal effort, and he often cites it as one of the main reasons for his success on the course. He recommends that amateur golfers try out different shaft weights, lofts, and clubface angles in order to find their own ideal combination for maximum distance and accuracy.

Additionally, Wallace believes strongly in a consistent pre-shot routine that helps him stay focused and relaxed during his tee shots. This includes developing a consistent tempo in his swing and taking practice swings with a purpose before every shot.

Ultimately, Matt Wallace’s driver setup has proven successful on the European Tour due to its combination of light weight, low loft, open clubface angle, and consistent pre-shot routine. Amateur golfers can benefit from emulating parts of Wallace’s setup in order to achieve maximum distance off the tee while still maintaining accuracy.

Matt Wallace’s Fairway Wood Setup

Professional golfer Matt Wallace has long been a proponent of the fairway wood setup. He believes that having the right fairway wood setup can help golfers get better distance and accuracy. He recommends that golfers use a low lofted three-wood and a higher lofted five-wood. He also suggests that the shaft lengths for both woods be matched to the golfer’s height and swing speed.

Wallace emphasizes that it is important for golfers to test out different combinations of woods before settling on one. This allows them to find the combination of woods that best suits their game. He recommends that golfers start with a three-wood and then experiment with different flexes, shaft lengths, and lofts until they find the one that works best for them.

In terms of how to set up the fairway woods, Wallace suggests keeping the ball position slightly forward in relation to your stance and making sure your hands are in line with your shoulders when you address the ball. Additionally, he advocates making sure your arms stay relaxed throughout the swing so you can properly control your clubhead speed and achieve maximum distance off the tee.

Finally, Wallace encourages golfers to practice with their fairway woods regularly in order to build their confidence and consistency when using them on the course. Spending time on driving range drills such as tee shots and long irons can help players hone their skills with this club type and help them hit shots more accurately from further away from the green.

Overall, Matt Wallace’s advice on setting up fairway woods is invaluable for any golfer looking to improve their game with this type of club. With proper practice and dedication, golfers can utilize his tips to get better distance off the tee while maintaining accuracy in their shots.

Matt Wallace’s Iron Setup

Matt Wallace, a professional golfer, has been playing the sport for over 10 years. His iron setup is unique and has helped him become one of the most successful players on tour. He uses a combination of graphite and steel shafts in his irons, as well as a variety of different lofts and lie angles to help him get the most out of each shot. He works closely with his coach to ensure that he is using the best possible setup for his game.

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Wallace’s iron setup includes three main components: the shafts, the lofts, and the lies. The shafts are usually a combination of graphite and steel, with graphite being used in longer irons for more distance while steel is used in shorter irons for increased control. The lofts of his clubs vary depending on what he needs that day; some days he might use a 9-iron with a lower loft while other days he might use a 6-iron with a higher loft to get more height on his shots. Finally, Wallace’s lies are carefully chosen to get the best possible contact with the ball.

By utilizing this setup, Matt Wallace has been able to consistently hit long and straight shots on the golf course. He has found that having an optimized iron setup helps him feel more confident before each shot and makes it easier for him to make adjustments when needed. With this setup, Matt Wallace can hit any shot from any distance or condition on any given day.

Matt Wallace’s Wedge Setup

Matt Wallace has been making waves on the European Tour, and his wedge setup has something to do with it. He uses three wedges in his bag, a 52-degree, 56-degree and a 60-degree. His 52-degree is bent to 50 degrees while his 56 is bent to 54 degrees. The 60-degree is kept at standard loft. All of these wedges feature a higher bounce than usual, allowing Matt to play shots around the greens with much more confidence and control.

This setup gives him the versatility he needs to get up and down from all kinds of lies, as well as allowing him to take full advantage of the spin he generates from his wedges. This high-bounce wedge setup allows Matt to play shots where he can flight the ball low when needed or get it high for those tricky shots around the green.

The combination of these three wedges also allows Matt to have plenty of options when faced with different scenarios around the green. He can choose between flop shots, high pitches, low bump and runs or even bunker shots depending on what kind of shot he needs at that moment in time. This versatility gives him an edge over other players who may not be as comfortable using their wedges in different ways.

Overall, Matt Wallace’s wedge setup is one of the keys to his success on the European Tour. He has found a way to make use of all three loft angles in order to maximize spin and control around the green while still having enough versatility in order to play different types of shots when needed.

Matt Wallace’s Hybrid Setup

Matt Wallace is one of the world’s top golfers and he has developed a hybrid setup that has been extremely successful for him. His hybrid setup consists of a combination of woods and irons, giving him the best of both worlds when it comes to his golf game. He typically uses the woods off the tee and then switches to irons when he needs to hit a precise shot. This hybrid setup gives him the ability to hit shots with accuracy and distance, which is invaluable for any golfer.

The hybrid setup also helps Matt Wallace with his short game, as he can use his woods to chip or pitch shots onto the green. This allows him to be very consistent in controlling his trajectory and distance with each shot, which is key in getting close to the pin. Additionally, he can use his irons for more precise shots around the green, such as for bump-and-run shots or for getting out of trouble.

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Overall, Matt Wallace’s hybrid setup gives him the best of both worlds when it comes to playing golf. He can hit long drives off the tee with his woods and then switch to his irons for more precision on approach shots and around the green. This versatility allows him to play at a high level consistently and is a big reason why he has been so successful in golf over the years.

Matt Wallace’s Ball Choice

Matt Wallace is an accomplished professional golfer who has been on the tour for several years. He has a long history of success in the sport and is known for making smart decisions when it comes to the clubs and balls he uses. His ball choice is an important factor in his success and he puts a lot of thought into selecting the right ball for each situation.

The type of ball that Matt Wallace chooses depends on many factors, including the course layout, weather conditions, and his particular playing style. He often opts for a high-spin ball that offers more control and accuracy on his shots, allowing him to make the most of his approach to the green. When conditions are more difficult, such as windy days or tough lies, he will often select a lower-spinning ball that can help him keep the shot straight. He also takes into consideration how much spin he needs off of certain shots, so as not to over or under-spin them.

In addition to considering spin and control with his golf ball choice, Matt also looks at other properties such as durability and distance. A durable ball is important since it will last longer and retain its performance characteristics longer than softer balls. Distance is also an important factor since it can help him get better positioning on approach shots or even drive it further down the fairway if needed.

Finally, Matt takes into account price when selecting a golf ball. While some of the higher end balls may offer better performance characteristics than their cheaper counterparts, he still needs to be able to afford them so they don’t become a financial burden for him or his team.

Overall, Matt Wallace’s golf ball choice is based on careful consideration of all these factors so that he can get the best performance out of his game while staying within budget constraints. With careful selection of his equipment combined with hard work and dedication on the course, Matt has achieved success in professional golfing circles over the years.


Matt Wallace is a great player, and he has shown that he can compete at the highest level. He has an impressive resume, having won multiple PGA Tour events throughout his career. His short game has been particularly impressive, and his ability to hit fairways and greens in regulation have enabled him to consistently make the cut in tournaments. His mental strength and determination have also allowed him to stay focused on the task at hand and remain competitive. Matt Wallace is a great player who should not be overlooked when it comes to discussing the top golfers in the world today.

Overall, Matt Wallace has proven himself to be a consistently strong performer on both the European Tour and PGA Tour. He has been able to achieve success despite having faced numerous challenges throughout his career, showing that he is capable of overcoming adversity and rising up against any challenge that comes his way. He is an incredibly talented golfer who deserves recognition for being one of the top players in the game today.