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maxfli tour golf balls

Maxfli Tour golf balls are designed to provide superior performance and distance for experienced golfers. Constructed with a high-energy core, these golf balls generate maximum ball speed and low spin rate for increased accuracy and distance off the tee. The advanced aerodynamic dimple pattern ensures a penetrating trajectory for long-distance shots, while the soft cover provides maximum feel around the green. With Maxfli Tour golf balls, you can trust that your game is in good hands.The Maxfli Tour Golf Ball is designed to improve the performance of golfers of all skill levels. Its advanced construction features a proprietary core and cover with a unique dimple pattern that delivers increased distance and improved control. The Tour ball is also designed to provide optimal spin for maximum control on approach shots, while its soft feel offers improved feedback on every shot. In addition, the Maxfli Tour has excellent durability, allowing it to maintain its performance round after round. With its combination of improved distance, enhanced control and feedback, as well as increased durability, the Maxfli Tour Golf Ball provides golfers of all skill levels with a great advantage on the course.

Maxfli Tour Golf Balls

Maxfli Tour Golf Balls are designed for players seeking enhanced control and feel. These golf balls feature a soft urethane cover for a softer feel and increased spin control. The core is designed to provide maximum distance and forgiveness on off-center shots. The dimple pattern on the surface of the ball helps reduce drag, enabling the ball to stay in the air longer for greater distance. Additionally, Maxfli Tour Golf Balls offer improved playability off the tee and into the green, making them ideal for low-handicap players who demand precision performance from their golf balls.

The urethane cover provides maximum control and spin around the green, allowing players to shape their shots with confidence. The aerodynamic dimple pattern allows for greater accuracy in windy conditions by reducing drag and increasing lift. The core offers maximum distance and superior feel off the club face, enabling players to hit longer drives with improved consistency. Furthermore, Maxfli Tour Golf Balls have a highly resilient construction that resists cuts and scuffs, making them ideal for long-term use on all types of courses.

In short, Maxfli Tour Golf Balls are designed to provide maximum control, spin, distance, feel and playability off the tee and into the green. The soft urethane cover ensures that shots travel further with improved accuracy while maintaining a soft feel off the club face. The aerodynamic dimple pattern reduces drag while adding lift for increased accuracy in windy conditions while the core provides greater distance with superior feel off every shot. Finally, these golf balls are highly resilient to cuts and scuffs which makes them ideal for long-term use on all types of courses.

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Types of Maxfli Tour Golf Balls

Maxfli Tour golf balls are some of the best golf balls on the market, and they come in a variety of types to meet the needs of any golfer. The selection from Maxfli includes Tour Soft, Tour Preferred, Tour Distance and Tour X golf balls. Each type has its own unique characteristics, so let’s take a closer look at each one.

The Maxfli Tour Soft golf ball is designed for maximum distance and an incredibly soft feel off the clubface. The dual core construction helps to reduce spin off the tee for longer drives while still providing amazing feel around the greens. It’s perfect for players who are looking for both distance and control.

The Maxfli Tour Preferred golf ball is designed for players looking for maximum control with a soft feel. Its five-layer construction offers low spin off the tee and plenty of workability around the greens. It also offers great spin on approach shots with its soft urethane cover construction.

The Maxfli Tour Distance ball is designed to give you maximum distance off the tee without sacrificing too much feel around the greens. Its two-piece construction helps reduce spin off the tee for longer drives while still providing plenty of feel on short shots.

Finally, there is the Maxfli Tour X ball which combines all of these features into one ball. It has a four-piece construction with a low compression core that helps reduce spin off the tee while still providing plenty of feel around the greens. The advanced dimple pattern also helps reduce drag in flight for added distance with every shot.

No matter which type you choose, you can be sure that you are getting one of the best golf balls on the market from Maxfli!

Customization Options for Maxfli Tour Golf Balls

Maxfli Tour golf balls offer a variety of customization options to suit the individual preferences and needs of golfers. These customization options include a choice of colors, designs, and logos. The colors available range from classic white to vibrant reds and blues. Designs include the traditional dimple pattern as well as more unique designs such as swirls or checkerboard. Logos can be added to the balls in any shape or size, allowing golfers to show their team spirit or brand loyalty while on the course.

The customizable options also extend to personalization. Golfers can choose to have their name, initials, or even a special message printed onto the ball for a unique touch that will make it stand out on the course. For an extra special touch, Maxfli allows custom casings to be created for up to three dozen golf balls. These casings can be designed with a logo or design of your choice for a truly customized look and feel that is sure to impress fellow golfers and onlookers alike.

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Maxfli’s customization options provide an easy way for golfers to add a personal touch to their game without sacrificing performance. With these high-quality golf balls, you can play your best round knowing that you have something truly unique on your side!

Selecting the Right Maxfli Tour Golf Balls

Golfers of all levels and abilities should take the time to select the right type of golf ball for their game. The Maxfli Tour golf ball is a great choice for experienced players who are looking for a ball that offers excellent performance and distance. Here are some tips to help you choose the right Maxfli Tour golf ball.

First, consider the type of terrain you will be playing on. If you are playing on a course with a lot of hills, trees, or other elements that will affect your shots, then you may want to opt for a ball with more spin to help control your shots. On the other hand, if you are playing on flat terrain then a softer ball may be the best option as it offers more distance without sacrificing control.

Next, think about what type of feel you prefer when hitting your shots. The Maxfli Tour golf balls have an improved core design that provides better feel and control around the green and off the tee. But if you prefer a more solid feel when hitting your shots then there are other balls in the Maxfli range that provide this kind of feedback.

Finally, consider how much money you are willing to spend on golf balls. While Maxfli Tour golf balls can be expensive compared to other models in their range, they offer excellent performance and distance at a reasonable price point. So make sure you budget accordingly before making your purchase so that you get the best value for money when selecting your Maxfli Tour golf balls.

Pros of Using Maxfli Tour Golf Balls

Maxfli Tour golf balls are designed to give golfers a competitive edge on the course. They offer a variety of features that help players maximize their performance. These include improved ball speed, reduced spin and improved accuracy. The balls also offer enhanced feel and sound, making them great for players who want to get the most out of their game. Additionally, Maxfli Tour golf balls are very durable and can withstand the rigors of competitive play.

Cons of Using Maxfli Tour Golf Balls

The biggest downside to using Maxfli Tour golf balls is their cost. They are more expensive than other brands and can be difficult to find in some areas. Additionally, since these balls are designed for competitive play, they may not be suitable for casual or recreational players who don’t need as much performance from their equipment. Finally, due to their hardness, these balls may not provide the same level of feel as softer options on the market.

Where to Buy Genuine Maxfli Tour Golf Balls

Finding genuine Maxfli Tour golf balls can be a challenge. The official Maxfli website is the best place to purchase authentic golf balls. They offer a wide selection of tour quality golf balls for players of all skill levels. Additionally, there are many online retailers that carry the Maxfli brand and provide competitive prices on their products. For those looking for a more affordable option, discount stores such as Walmart and Target often carry the Maxfli brand at discounted prices.

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Players looking for specific features in their golf ball may want to consider purchasing directly from specialty stores such as Golfsmith or Edwin Watts Golf. These stores have an extensive selection of golf balls and often feature knowledgeable staff that can help customers choose the right ball for their game. Additionally, many pro shops around the country also carry the Maxfli brand and can provide customers with personalized service when selecting the perfect ball for their game.

Finally, customers should check eBay or other online auction sites for used Maxfli Tour golf balls. Many times these used balls are still in good condition and can be purchased at a fraction of the cost of new ones. This is a great option for those who don’t want to spend too much money but still want a quality product from a trusted brand.

Price Range of Maxfli Tour Golf Balls

Maxfli Tour golf balls are designed to provide maximum performance for experienced players. The balls are engineered with multi-layer construction and a softer core to offer optimal spin and distance control. They feature a dimple pattern that is designed to reduce drag and help the ball stay in the air longer, resulting in greater distance. Maxfli Tour golf balls come in a variety of prices, ranging from budget-friendly to high-end. The budget-friendly option, which is the Maxfli SoftFli ball, retails for around $25 per dozen. For those looking for more performance and distance, the Maxfli U/6 ball retails for around $40 per dozen. For the ultimate performance and distance control, the Maxfli Noodle Long & Soft ball is available for about $50 per dozen.

Overall, Maxfli Tour golf balls offer a range of options at various price points that will suit many different types of players. Whether you’re looking for a budget- friendly option or top level performance, there is sure to be an option that fits your needs.


Maxfli Tour golf balls are a great choice for golfers looking to take their game to the next level. They offer excellent performance and feel and provide enough spin to help control shots around the green. The balls have a durable cover and core that will last through many rounds of golf without losing its performance. Additionally, Maxfli Tour golf balls come in a variety of colors and models that will suit any golfer’s needs. With all these features, Maxfli Tour golf balls are an excellent choice for any golfer who is serious about their game.

The Maxfli Tour series of golf balls offer many benefits for the serious golfer. The durable cover and core material provide great feel and increased spin around the green, while the variety of colors makes them easy to identify on the course. With all these features, Maxfli Tour golf balls are sure to be a great choice for any golfer looking to improve their game.

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