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Ellie Greller is the wife of professional golfer, Michael Greller. She is a former elementary school teacher who now works as a caddie for her husband on the PGA Tour. Ellie has been married to Michael since 2014 and they have two children together. She is an avid golfer and enjoys playing with her husband when their schedules allow. Ellie also enjoys traveling and trying new restaurants with her family.Michael Geller is an award-winning architect, author, planner and real estate consultant based in Vancouver, British Columbia. He specializes in the development of innovative, sustainable buildings and communities that are both financially viable and socially responsible. He has been a leader in the field of green building design for more than 40 years and has written several books on the subject. In addition to his work as an architect, Geller is an active advocate for smart growth, livability and sustainability in Canadian cities.

Michael Geller’s Marriage

Michael Geller is a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist who has been married for over 25 years to his wife, Carla. Michael and Carla have two children together, a son and a daughter. They are both very involved in their children’s lives and are often seen attending their various sporting events and school activities. They have also been very involved in their local community, donating time and money to various charitable causes.

Michael and Carla have a strong relationship built on mutual respect, trust, and support for one another. They both understand the importance of communication within their marriage and make sure to make time for just the two of them to talk about whatever is going on in their lives.

Michael has always been a family-oriented man who puts his wife and children first when making decisions. He is also highly supportive of Carla’s career goals, offering her encouragement whenever she needs it.

The couple also takes part in various activities together like going out for dinner or attending concerts or sporting events. They share many interests which helps keep their relationship strong.

When it comes to raising their children, Michael and Carla remain committed to giving them the best life possible by instilling values like integrity, hard work, respect for others, responsibility, creativity, empathy, independence, resilience and so much more.

Overall Michael Geller’s marriage is an example of true love and commitment that has lasted through the years thanks to hard work from both parties involved. They continue to be an inspiration to couples everywhere that relationships can be successful if you put in the effort required to make them last.

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Details of Michael Geller’s Wife

Michael Geller is a renowned Canadian architect and urban planner. He is married to his wife, Carol Geller, for over 28 years. Carol is an artist and curator who works with modern and contemporary art. She is the co-founder of the ‘Geller Gallery’ in Toronto, which showcases art from both emerging and established artists.

Carol has been actively involved in the Canadian art scene for many years and has received numerous awards for her contribution to the field. Aside from managing the Geller Gallery, she also curates exhibitions at various locations across Canada. Additionally, she teaches courses on modern art at various universities in Toronto.

The couple have three children together – two sons and one daughter. They have raised their children to be creative individuals who are passionate about art and design. All three of their children are now pursuing careers in various fields related to the arts – ranging from interior design to photography.

Michael and Carol often collaborate on projects together and have been a great source of support for each other throughout their marriage. They are an inspiration to many couples across Canada, proving that it is possible to combine family life with successful careers in the arts.

Education & Career of Michael Geller’s Wife

Michael Geller’s wife, Jennifer Geller, is a highly educated woman. She has a degree in business administration from the University of California, Berkeley. She also holds a Master of Business Administration from the same institution. Jennifer has been working as a financial analyst for many years in the banking industry. She has experience in managing investments and advising clients on their financial decisions.

Jennifer is also an active member of her community and is involved with several charities and non-profits. She volunteers her time to help those in need and has been instrumental in raising money for local organizations.

In addition to her career and volunteer work, Jennifer is an avid traveler. She enjoys exploring new places and cultures around the world and sharing her experiences with others. She is passionate about helping others live their best life through education, travel, and exploration.

Jennifer’s commitment to learning extends beyond her own education. She teaches classes at both local universities and online courses as well. Her classes focus on topics like finance, accounting, economics, business management, marketing, and more. Jennifer is passionate about helping young people understand their potential and inspiring them to pursue their dreams.

Overall, Jennifer Geller is a highly educated woman who continues to learn new things every day while also giving back to her community through volunteering, teaching classes, and supporting charities. Her dedication to learning and helping others makes her an inspiring role model for anyone looking to make a difference in the world.

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Common Interests between Michael Geller & his Wife

Michael Geller and his wife have a lot in common. They both enjoy outdoor activities, such as camping, hiking, and fishing. They also have a shared love of music and can often be found playing the guitar or singing together. Additionally, they both have a passion for reading and exploring new cultures and ideas through books.

Traveling is another area of common interest for the couple. Whether it’s a weekend getaway or a longer trip abroad, they are always looking for new places to explore. They also enjoy trying different cuisines together and indulging in the local flavors wherever they go.

The couple also shares many intellectual interests, such as philosophy and science. They often discuss these topics at length over dinner or while out on walks. Additionally, they both enjoy learning about history and exploring the world around them through museums and other cultural institutions.

Finally, Michael Geller and his wife share a deep appreciation for art in all its forms. From painting to sculpture to photography, they are constantly discovering new works that inspire them to create their own unique pieces of art together. They can often be found collaborating on projects or attending art galleries together.

Overall, it is clear that Michael Geller and his wife share many common interests which bring them closer together as a couple every day.

How Did Michael Geller and his Wife Meet?

Michael Geller and his wife met for the first time in college. They both attended the same university and were in the same circle of friends. It wasn’t until their senior year that they really started to get to know each other. They started out as friends, but quickly realized they had a strong connection.

Michael was captivated by his wife’s intelligence, wit, and charm. She was also a great listener which made him feel comfortable enough to open up and share his thoughts and feelings with her. After spending more time together, they began to develop a deeper relationship.

It was during their senior year that Michael knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. The two got married shortly after graduation and have been happily married ever since. The two often look back on how they first met with fondness and are thankful for their friendship that blossomed into a beautiful love story.

Trips Taken by Michael and His Wife

Michael and his wife, who are both avid travelers, have taken several amazing trips together over the years. From romantic getaways to exotic destinations, they have both had the chance to experience the wonders of the world in various ways.

Their most memorable trip was to Japan, where they were able to immerse themselves in a culture that is so vastly different from their own. From exploring ancient temples and palaces to sampling some of the best cuisine in the world, Japan has something for everyone.

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They also had a great time on a road trip through Europe, where they explored cities like Paris and Rome. The stunning architecture and rich history of these cities left them with lasting memories that will stay with them forever.

Michael and his wife have also taken other trips such as a week-long cruise around the Caribbean Islands and a trek through the Amazon Rainforest. Each of these trips has provided them with unique experiences that have enhanced their understanding of different cultures and ways of life.

No matter where they go, Michael and his wife always make sure to enjoy each moment as it comes and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Causes Supported by the Couple

The couple has been dedicated to a number of charitable causes throughout their time together. They have worked closely with several organizations to provide support for those in need, both locally and abroad. In addition, they have raised awareness and funds for a variety of causes including animal welfare, education and healthcare.

The couple has made significant contributions to charities that support disadvantaged children and those living in poverty. They have also worked with a number of organizations that are dedicated to helping those affected by natural disasters or conflicts. In addition, the couple has provided donations to organizations that are committed to protecting the environment, and promoting sustainability.

The couple is passionate about giving back to the community and supporting worthwhile causes. They have also taken part in various fundraising events and activities, such as marathons and other sporting events. In addition, they have donated their time to help raise money for local charities, as well as volunteering at hospitals or other community centers.

It’s clear that the couple is dedicated to making a difference in the world through their charitable efforts. Their commitment to helping those in need is inspiring and they continue to be an example of what it means to give back.


Michael Greller is a remarkable individual who has earned the respect of many with his strong work ethic and dedication to his family. He is an excellent example of what can be achieved through hard work and dedication, and his wife is a testament to his strength of character. She has stood by him through thick and thin and supported him in his endeavors, even when it seemed impossible. Michael Greller’s wife is a true inspiration for many, and her unwavering support has been invaluable in helping him achieve success. Despite the odds, they have created a beautiful life together that serves as an example to many couples striving for their own success.

This story of Michael Greller and his wife is truly inspiring, providing hope that anyone can achieve their dreams with hard work and dedication. Their story is one that should be shared far and wide, so that others may draw strength from their experience.