mizuno mp 30 irons

Mizuno MP 30 irons are designed to provide golfers with an outstanding combination of precision, feel and control. Utilizing Mizuno’s renowned Grain Flow Forging process, the MP 30 irons produce a soft yet responsive feel at impact. Mizuno has also incorporated a deep undercut cavity in the long irons to help create more ball speed and forgiveness. The Multi-Material Construction includes a soft copper layer beneath the face that helps generate a higher ball flight and improved distance control. In addition, the MP 30 irons feature an attractive black nickel finish with diamond muscle which increases MOI for added forgiveness. Finally, the variable sole widths provide stability throughout the set for more consistent performance from any lie.The Mizuno MP 30 Irons are highly rated by both professional and amateur golfers alike. They boast a classic design with the signature feel and performance that Mizuno irons are known for. The MP 30 irons feature Grain Flow Forged HD technology for a soft, yet responsive feel at impact. The shorter irons have a slightly thicker topline and sole for added forgiveness, while the longer irons feature a thinner topline and sole for improved workability. Players of all skill levels will find the Mizuno MP 30 Irons easy to hit, providing great distance control and consistency. With its classic design, responsive feel, and improved forgiveness, the Mizuno MP 30 Irons are a great choice for any golfer looking to improve their game.

Mizuno MP 30 Irons Specs

The Mizuno MP 30 irons are designed with a classic player’s look and feel, offering maximum forgiveness and precision. The heads feature a high-strength steel face to provide more consistent ball speeds across the entire clubface. The head is slightly larger than most players’ irons, with an undercut cavity design that helps to increase launch angle and reduce spin rate. The sole of the club is designed for optimal turf interaction, making it easier to hit shots from any lie. The irons also feature a progressive offset design which helps to promote a square face at impact for increased accuracy and control on every shot.

The Mizuno MP 30 irons come in 4-PW with Dynamic Gold steel shafts standard, though graphite shafts are available as an upgrade option. The standard lengths are 37.5 inches for the 4 iron through 36 inches for the 9 iron, with the pitching wedge at 35.5 inches. Loft angles range from 21 degrees on the 4 iron to 45 degrees on the pitching wedge.

Mizuno MP 30 Irons Features

The Mizuno MP 30 Irons feature a classic muscle back design, with low heel and toe profile and a medium sole width. The irons have a slightly thicker top line and sole, giving them more forgiveness than traditional muscle back irons. The irons also feature Mizuno’s Grain Flow Forged 1025 Boron technology, which is designed to provide maximum feel and feedback. The irons also come with the brand’s Dual Pocket Cavity technology, which creates two pockets of air on the back of the clubhead to increase forgiveness and workability. The MP 30 irons have a slightly larger head than most traditional blade-style irons, making them easier to hit. They also feature the company’s patented U Groove technology, which helps increase spin and accuracy. Finally, the clubs come with high-end Nippon Modus 3 Tour 105 steel shafts for increased stability and control.

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Mizuno MP 30 Irons Performance

The Mizuno MP 30 irons are designed to offer the ultimate in performance while providing a great look and feel. The MP-30 iron heads have slightly larger heads than other Mizuno irons, making them very forgiving and easy to hit. The irons also feature a progressive offset that helps to create a higher launch angle and more consistent ball flight. The MP-30 also features Mizuno’s renowned Grain Flow Forging technology for an incredibly soft feel at impact.

Mizuno MP 30 Irons Feel

Mizuno has always been known for its exceptional feel and the MP-30 is no exception. The irons feature a special vibration dampening material in the cavity of the clubhead, helping to create a soft yet solid feel at impact. The clubs also feature an advanced sole design that helps to minimize turf interaction for more consistent results from all lies.

Mizuno MP 30 Irons Look

The Mizuno MP-30 irons have a classic look that will appeal to players of all levels. The sleek black nickel finish is both stylish and timeless, while the minimal offset of the clubhead gives it a more traditional look than many modern game improvement irons. The head of the club also features subtle alignment aids, making it easier to set up correctly at address.

Mizuno MP 30 Irons Distance

The Mizuno MP-30 irons are designed to provide maximum distance with every swing. The larger head size helps create higher launch angles and increased ball speeds, resulting in greater carry distances off the tee or fairway. The progressive offset also helps promote a draw bias for even more distance potential off the tee.

Mizuno MP 30 Irons Performance

The Mizuno MP 30 Irons are designed to provide great performance and a classic look with their traditional blade shape. The MP 30s use Mizuno’s Grain Flow Forging technology, which creates a soft feel and excellent feedback. The irons have a slightly wider sole than most clubs, which helps to increase the launch angle and reduce spin for increased distance. The MP 30s also feature a perimeter weighting system that helps to increase forgiveness on off-center shots. Additionally, the irons have a beveled leading edge that helps to get the ball up in the air quickly and easily.

Overall, the Mizuno MP 30 Irons provide great performance for players of all levels. The Grain Flow Forging technology provides an incredibly soft feel, while the perimeter weighting system and beveled leading edge help to increase forgiveness and launch angle respectively. The wider sole also adds distance to your shots, making these irons an excellent choice for golfers of any skill level.

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Improved Feel

The Mizuno MP 30 irons offer improved feel as compared to other irons. The irons are designed with a special material which provides a softer feel, improving the overall playing experience. The improved feel also gives the player greater control over their shots. Additionally, the design of the iron improves accuracy and consistency when hitting the ball. The improved feel is a great benefit for players of all skill levels.

Enhanced Forgiveness

The Mizuno MP 30 irons also offer enhanced forgiveness for players who struggle with accuracy or consistency in their golf shots. The design of the iron helps to reduce mis-hits and improve overall accuracy. Additionally, the design of the iron helps to launch the ball higher and straighter than traditional irons, making it easier for players to hit their shot in the desired direction. This enhanced forgiveness makes it easier for less experienced players to improve their game quickly and efficiently.

Improved Distance

The Mizuno MP 30 irons also provide improved distance when compared to traditional irons. This is due to the combination of materials used in the construction of these clubs, which allow them to launch the ball farther than other clubs on the market today. This improved distance allows players to reach greens more easily and accurately, allowing them to play better golf more quickly and efficiently than ever before.

Increased Durability

Finally, Mizuno MP 30 irons are designed with increased durability in mind. These clubs are constructed using high-quality materials that help them resist wear and tear over time. This increased durability allows them to maintain their performance levels even after years of use, helping golfers get more out of their investment each time they hit the course.

In conclusion, Mizuno MP 30 Irons offer many great benefits for players looking for an improved game on the course. From increased distance and enhanced forgiveness, to improved feel and greater durability, these clubs provide a great option for any golfer looking for an edge on their game.

Design of the Mizuno MP 30 Irons

The Mizuno MP 30 irons are designed for the mid-handicap golfer who wants to improve their game. The clubs feature a classic look with a thin top line and minimal offset. The design is intended to provide forgiveness and accuracy with each shot, while also allowing for a greater level of control over your shots. The design also helps to minimize spin on shots, which can help players achieve better distance and accuracy. The clubs also feature an improved sole design that helps to reduce turf interaction, which can help you hit more consistent, straighter shots.

The clubs have a cavity back construction that provides increased forgiveness, allowing you to hit better shots even when you don’t make perfect contact. They also feature an improved face design that helps launch the ball higher and farther than before. This makes the clubs more forgiving on off-center hits, as well as providing increased distance for your shots.

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The Mizuno MP 30 irons feature a wide range of options to suit any player’s needs. They come in three different lofts, allowing you to choose the one that works best for your game. They are available in both steel and graphite shafts, so you can choose whichever one gives you the most control over your shots. Additionally, they come in both right-handed and left-handed models, so no matter what your dominant hand is, you can find a set of clubs that fits your swing perfectly.

Overall, the Mizuno MP 30 irons are designed for players who want to get the most out of their game without sacrificing accuracy or control. With their classic look and improved features, these clubs are sure to help any golfer improve their game and reach new heights on the course!

Pros of the Mizuno MP 30 Irons

The Mizuno MP 30 Irons are designed for players who need advanced performance and forgiveness. The multi-piece construction offers an incredibly soft feel, great distance control and a consistently high ball flight. The clubhead is also very forgiving, allowing for more confidence when hitting longer shots. The sole design gives players a better launch angle and improved turf interaction. Additionally, the MP 30 irons feature a unique cavity back design which promotes higher ball speeds and increased forgiveness on off-center hits. Overall, this set of irons provides excellent performance with exceptional forgiveness and accuracy.

Cons of the Mizuno MP 30 Irons

The most notable con of the Mizuno MP 30 Irons is the price tag. These clubs are more expensive than other sets of game improvement irons on the market. Additionally, some players may find that they don’t get as much distance as they would like out of these clubs, due to their lower launch angle and lack of “hot spots” on the clubface. Furthermore, while these irons offer great forgiveness for off-center hits, they may not provide enough feedback for more experienced players who are looking to work on their game.


The Mizuno MP-30 irons are a great set of irons for any level of golfer. They have a classic look that is timeless, and the feel at impact is smooth and soft. The forgiving nature of the clubs really helps to improve your game, and the forgiveness also allows for more mis-hits or bad shots to be corrected. The feel of these irons is great, and you can definitely feel the ball coming off the club face with great control. The price of these clubs is not too high considering what you get in return, and if you are looking for a quality set of irons to add to your bag, then these MP-30s should definitely be considered.

The Mizuno MP-30 irons have been around for quite some time now, but the design still holds up today. From the classic look to the forgiveness and performance they offer, these clubs truly provide a great package for anyone who wants to take their golf game up a notch. So if you’re looking for a set that will give you increased confidence on the course while improving your shot making ability, then give these clubs a try — you won’t regret it!