mizuno mp 68

The Mizuno MP-68 irons are a premium set of golf clubs, designed to provide exceptional performance and feel. These irons feature a classic look and feel, with Mizuno’s renowned craftsmanship adding to the overall quality. The MP-68s offer a unique combination of forgiveness and workability, making them ideal for players of all skill levels. The clubs also feature an innovative new Grain Flow Forged HD process, which ensures the highest degree of precision and performance. With their sleek looks and superior performance, the Mizuno MP-68 irons are sure to take your game to the next level.The Mizuno MP-68 is a forged iron set that was released in 2011 as a Tour-level offering from the Japanese company. It features a classic, traditional design with minimal offset and a moderate amount of sole relief. The irons have a slightly longer blade length than the traditional muscle-back, making them an excellent choice for the better player looking for improved control. The MP-68s have Mizuno’s Pearl Brush finish to reduce glare. They also feature Grain Flow Forging for increased feel and feedback, along with U Grooves to provide maximum spin and control.

Mizuno MP 68 Design

The Mizuno MP 68 is a masterpiece of modern design. It features a sleek, modern look that is sure to turn heads. The clubhead has an elegant curved shape that provides maximum forgiveness and accuracy for all golfers. The face of the club has been designed with a deep undercut cavity that creates more efficient energy transfer and a larger sweet spot for increased ball speed and distance. The sole also features an improved design with enhanced sole grinds that provide better turf interaction and control throughout the swing. Additionally, the MP 68 comes with a lightweight graphite shaft to ensure maximum control and accuracy. Overall, the Mizuno MP 68 is a great choice for golfers who want to improve their game.

The Mizuno MP 68 is also designed with performance in mind. Its deep undercut cavity helps launch the ball higher and farther than ever before while its improved sole grinds help generate more spin on shots out of the rough or sand traps. The lightweight graphite shaft also helps increase swing speed for maximum distance off the tee. With its combination of performance enhancing features, the Mizuno MP 68 is sure to be a favorite amongst golfers of all skill levels.


The Mizuno MP 68 irons feature a classic muscle back design, with a slightly smaller blade shape than traditional muscle back irons. The sole is relatively thin and the top line is slightly thicker than usual, giving the Mizuno MP 68 a sleek and attractive look. The clubhead is also slightly offset, which can help golfers who struggle with slicing.

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The Mizuno MP 68 irons are made from 1025E mild carbon steel for excellent feel and feedback. The clubface is also precision milled for maximum accuracy and performance, and the grooves are designed to conform to USGA regulations.


The Mizuno MP 68 irons provide excellent control and accuracy on every shot. They are forgiving enough for mid-handicappers but still provide plenty of feedback to better players. The clubface provides a hot launch off the face for added distance, while the offset helps minimize slicing. Additionally, the precision milled grooves provide maximum spin control for even more accuracy.

Mizuno MP 68 Design

The Mizuno MP 68 iron is a classic blade design with a compact shape and minimal offset. The clubhead has a traditional look with subtle shaping to the toe and heel. The top line is relatively thin, and the sole of the club has a camber that helps to reduce turf interaction. The face of the club is slightly rounded, giving it a more forgiving feel. The cavity badge features Mizuno’s iconic “M” logo, adding an extra touch of style to the club.


The Mizuno MP 68 offers excellent performance for golfers seeking control and accuracy from their irons. The head is extremely stable through impact, making it easy to control ball flight and spin rate. The face also offers great feedback, allowing players to gauge how they are striking the ball. Additionally, the camber on the sole helps promote cleaner contact from all types of lies.

Mizuno MP 68 Feel

The Mizuno MP 68 feels soft yet solid at impact. The head is forged from 1025E Pure Select mild carbon steel, giving it a classic feel without sacrificing performance or durability. Additionally, Mizuno’s patented Grain Flow Forging process helps ensure consistent response throughout the set. Players can expect good feedback from the head when they make solid contact with the ball for great control on every shot.

Mizuno MP 68 Sound

The Mizuno MP 68 is a classic forged iron golf club that has been a favorite of tour players and amateurs alike for decades. Its signature feature is the distinct, deep sound it produces when striking the ball. This sound is caused by the unique grooves on the face of the club, which are designed to create an optimal spin rate and trajectory for each shot. The MP 68 also has a thinner top line and sole than many modern clubs, allowing players to work the ball more easily and control their shots better. Its classic design and timeless feel make it one of the most popular irons on the market today.

The sound of the Mizuno MP 68 is often described as “musical” due to its deep, resonant tone. This sound comes from the combination of high-quality craftsmanship in its manufacturing process, combined with its unique grooves and thinner design. These features create a higher spin rate on shots hit with this club, making it easier to work the ball in different directions. The sound also gives golfers feedback on how well they are striking each shot, allowing them to adjust their swing to get better results. With its combination of performance and classic style, it’s no wonder that this club has been so popular for so long.

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Mizuno MP 68 Weight & Balance

The Mizuno MP 68 irons are designed to offer a combination of feel, control, and workability. The clubhead is constructed using a soft stainless steel material that has been shaped to provide a low center of gravity and an increased moment of inertia. This ensures that the clubhead will be more forgiving on off-center hits, making it easier for players to hit longer and straighter shots. The clubhead also features a deep cavity design which helps to increase the sweet spot size, offering more forgiveness on off-center shots. Additionally, the sole design of the MP 68 irons helps to lower the center of gravity and increase forgiveness as well.

The Mizuno MP 68 irons also feature a unique weight distribution system which allows players to customize their clubs for their individual swing style and preferences. The system utilizes tungsten weights that can be moved around in the sole of the clubhead in order to adjust the swingweight, launch angle, spin rate, and other performance characteristics. This gives players more control over their game and allows them to fine-tune their clubs for optimal performance.

Overall, the Mizuno MP 68 irons are designed for players who want maximum workability while still benefitting from increased forgiveness on off-center hits. With its unique weight distribution system and improved construction materials, these clubs offer a great combination of feel, control, workability, and forgiveness.

Mizuno MP 68 Grind Options

The Mizuno MP 68 iron is a classic and popular choice among golfers of all skill levels. It is known for its superior feel and performance, and the different grind options available make it even more versatile. The Mizuno MP 68 offers three different grinds: Classic, Standard, and Tour. Each of these grinds has its own unique characteristics and benefits, allowing golfers to customize their iron set to suit their individual playing style.

The Classic Grind is the original design of the Mizuno MP 68 iron. It features a cambered sole with minimal bounce that provides maximum versatility throughout the set. This grind also features a slightly thinner top line for a classic look at address. The Classic Grind is designed to provide optimal playability across a variety of conditions, making it an excellent choice for players looking for an all-around performance iron set.

The Standard Grind features a slightly wider sole width with increased bounce compared to the Classic Grind. This allows for more forgiveness on off-center shots as well as enhanced playability in wet conditions. The Standard Grind also features a slightly thicker top line than the Classic Grind, providing more confidence at address while still retaining that traditional look. This grind is perfect for players who are looking for maximum forgiveness and playability in all conditions.

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Finally, there is the Tour Grind, which provides maximum workability and control in dry conditions with minimal bounce designed specifically for expert players who demand ultimate control on every shot they take on the course. The Tour Grind also has a thinner top line than the other two grinds, giving it an even sleeker look at address while still providing an excellent level of feedback from each shot hit with this iron set.

No matter what your playing style or skill level may be, there’s sure to be a Mizuno MP 68 grind option that will fit your game perfectly!

Mizuno MP 68 Price & Value

The Mizuno MP 68 irons are considered some of the best on the market and come with a hefty price tag. But, is the Mizuno MP 68 worth its price? The answer to that question depends on a few factors. First, what type of golfer are you? If you’re a low handicapper, then the Mizuno MP 68 may be just the right club for you. It offers an excellent combination of feel, workability and forgiveness. The MP-68 irons also feature a classic look and feel that many golfers appreciate.

Second, how important is performance to you? The cost of the MP-68 irons is high but so is their performance. They provide excellent ball flight control and spin rates that will help you hit longer and straighter shots. Additionally, its multi-material construction ensures that it delivers a consistent feel throughout your entire set.

Finally, how much do you value quality craftsmanship? The Mizuno MP-68 irons are precision-crafted with only the finest materials available. You can be sure that they will last for many rounds of golf and stand up to any type of weather conditions or course terrain.

Overall, if you’re looking for an iron set that provides exceptional performance and craftsmanship without sacrificing aesthetic appeal, then the Mizuno MP 68 may be worth its price tag. With its combination of superior feel, workability and forgiveness in a classic package, these clubs are sure to satisfy even the most discerning golfer’s needs.


The Mizuno MP-68 irons have been a popular choice among golfers for decades. The combination of classic looks and easy playability make them ideal for players of all skill levels. They offer a great blend of forgiveness, workability, and feel that can help any player lower their scores. For players looking for a classic, yet modern iron set, the Mizuno MP-68 is a great option. With its well-balanced design, these clubs can provide optimal performance in almost any situation. Whether you’re looking to upgrade from an older set or just want to try something new, the Mizuno MP-68 irons are definitely worth considering.

So if you’re looking for an iron set that combines classic looks and modern technology, then the Mizuno MP-68 irons are a great choice. With their outstanding performance and long-lasting durability, these clubs will give you years of enjoyable golfing experience.