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Mizuno MP-H5 Irons are the newest addition to Mizuno’s MP-Series irons. These game improvement irons feature a slightly more compact head size than their predecessors, allowing golfers to achieve a higher trajectory with greater ball speeds and control. The Mizuno MP-H5 Irons also feature an innovative sole design that helps reduce turf drag, meaning you can get maximum performance out of each shot. Additionally, these irons have a unique feel at impact due to the use of Mizuno’s patented Grain Flow Forging process. With their combination of distance, control, and feel, the Mizuno MP-H5 Irons are sure to be a great choice for all levels of golfer.The Mizuno MP-H5 Irons are a set of game-improvement irons that provide great forgiveness and distance control. They feature a deep undercut cavity design that helps to generate more ball speed on off-center hits, as well as a new Shock Wave sole that helps to reduce vibration and improve sound at impact. The MP-H5s also feature Precision Weighting Technology, which is designed to increase the sweet spot size for more consistent distance on every shot. Overall, the Mizuno MP-H5 Irons provide increased accuracy and forgiveness for mid-level players looking for a great set of irons.

Aerodynamic Head Design

The Mizuno MP-H5 is designed with an aerodynamic head shape that provides a sleeker, more efficient look. This head design allows for increased ball speed and more distance on off center hits. The MP-H5 also features a deeper face which helps to promote a higher launch angle when hitting the ball, resulting in longer shots and improved accuracy. The sole of the club also features a unique design to reduce drag and promote increased clubhead speed throughout the swing.

Forged Carbon Steel Construction

The Mizuno MP-H5 is constructed with forged carbon steel which provides increased feel and feedback on each shot. This construction also provides increased durability which is great for players who are looking for a club that will last them. Additionally, the carbon steel construction helps to maintain the loft of the club head over time, which is important for consistent performance on each shot.

High Balance Point Shaft

The Mizuno MP-H5 features a high balance point shaft which helps to promote a smooth swing tempo and improved control on each shot. This shaft also helps to reduce vibration at impact, providing the player with more feedback on their shots. Additionally, the high balance point shaft helps to promote a higher launch angle for longer distances and improved accuracy.


The Mizuno MP-H5 is designed to bring out the best performance in any golfer. It features a deeper cavity back design and a low center of gravity, providing excellent forgiveness and distance. The clubhead has been optimized for maximum ball speed, while the sole provides increased stability and playability. The shaft is also designed to provide maximum control and feel, while the grip has been designed for improved comfort and traction. This combination of features makes the Mizuno MP-H5 an ideal choice for players of all skill levels.

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The Mizuno MP-H5 features a classic look that will appeal to golfers of all styles. The clubhead has a traditional pear-shaped design, with a black PVD finish that adds an extra touch of class. The deep cavity back design provides great forgiveness on off-center hits, while the low center of gravity helps to ensure that shots fly straight and true. The shaft is designed to provide maximum control and feel, while the grip has been engineered for improved comfort and traction in any condition. All in all, the Mizuno MP-H5 offers excellent performance with a timeless look that will never go out of style.

Design and Appearance

The Mizuno MP-H5 irons feature a classic look reminiscent of traditional blades. The top line is relatively thin, while the sole is moderately wide and cambered for improved playability. The offset is also moderate, allowing for a more compact address position. As with all Mizuno irons, the MP-H5s are finished in a beautiful dark blue IP chrome finish.

Feel and Sound

The MP-H5 irons offer an incredibly solid feel at impact, as well as an incredibly pleasing sound. The solid feel comes from the use of a forged 1025E mild carbon steel construction, which also adds to the pleasing sound that these irons produce.


The MP-H5 irons offer excellent performance in a variety of conditions. They are very workable, offering golfers the ability to shape shots with ease. Additionally, they offer good forgiveness on off-center hits due to their large sweet spot. The MP-H5s also provide good distance control and trajectory control due to their low center of gravity design.

Mizuno MP-H5 Price

The Mizuno MP-H5 is one of the most popular models in Mizuno’s golf club lineup. It is designed to provide maximum performance and forgiveness, while also being highly adjustable to fit the needs of a variety of players. The Mizuno MP-H5 is an excellent choice for any golfer looking for a top-tier driver that can be tailored to their individual swing characteristics. The price for the Mizuno MP-H5 varies depending on the type of shaft chosen, but generally ranges from $400 to $500. It may also be possible to find discounts or special offers on this club from certain retailers or online stores.

In terms of features, the Mizuno MP-H5 offers a unique combination of adjustability and performance that makes it extremely versatile and suitable for a wide variety of players. The driver features an adjustable hosel, allowing golfers to customize the loft and lie angle of the clubhead to fit their swing profile. Additionally, it has an adjustable sole weight port which allows golfers to further fine tune their ball flight and shot shape. All in all, the Mizuno MP-H5 provides a great blend of performance and playability at an attractive price point.

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Mizuno MP-H5 Technology

Mizuno is a renowned and respected name in the golf equipment industry, so when they announce a new technology, people take notice. The Mizuno MP-H5 technology is designed to give golfers maximum control and forgiveness on their shots. The MP-H5 technology is an iron face design that uses the latest materials and manufacturing processes to create a larger sweet spot for increased ball speeds across the entire face. It also features increased head stability and improved sound and feel at impact. The Mizuno MP-H5 technology also utilizes a variable sole width design that helps to reduce turf interaction while increasing shot consistency from various lies. In addition, the MP-H5 has a shallow center of gravity position that helps launch the ball higher with less spin for more carry distance. Lastly, Mizuno’s MP-H5 technology features a “shaft adjustability system” which allows golfers to easily adjust their club weighting for maximum performance on each individual shot.

Overall, the Mizuno MP-H5 technology is designed to provide golfers with maximum control and forgiveness on their shots while also providing additional benefits such as increased head stability, improved sound and feel at impact, reduced turf interaction, higher launch with less spin for more carry distance, and easy shaft adjustability. With all these features combined into one package, it’s no wonder why so many golfers are giving the Mizuno MP-H5 technology a try!

Pros of the Mizuno MP-H5 Irons

The Mizuno MP-H5 irons are designed for mid- to low-handicappers who want to hit the ball longer and straighter. The clubs feature a multi-material construction that combines tungsten with high-strength steel, allowing for precise weight placement and a very low center of gravity (CG). This helps to launch the ball higher and farther, with a more forgiving sweet spot. The clubface is also designed to be slightly larger than other irons in its class, providing a larger sweet spot for more consistent contact.

The clubs also feature Mizuno’s patented Harmonic Impact Technology (HIT), which helps to enhance feel by dampening vibrations at impact. This makes them very comfortable to hit, even when you don’t always make solid contact. Additionally, they feature a slightly offset hosel design that promotes better launch conditions and trajectory control.

Cons of the Mizuno MP-H5 Irons

The main downside of the Mizuno MP-H5 irons is their price tag. They are one of the more expensive sets available, so they may not be an option for golfers on a tight budget. Additionally, they are not designed for maximum forgiveness; while they do provide some forgiveness on off-center hits, they are still best suited for experienced players who can consistently make solid contact with the ball. Finally, because of their multi-material construction and intricate design features, these clubs can be difficult to customize or adjust.

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Overall, the Mizuno MP-H5 irons are great clubs for experienced players who want to maximize distance and accuracy without sacrificing feel or control. While they may not be an ideal choice for beginners or high handicappers due to their price tag and lack of maximum forgiveness, mid-to-low handicappers looking for performance should definitely consider them as an option.

Who is Best Suited For the Mizuno MP-H5 Irons?

The Mizuno MP-H5 irons are designed to provide golfers with a combination of distance and forgiveness for improved accuracy. This makes them the perfect choice for mid to high handicap golfers who are looking for a set of irons that will help them hit straighter and longer shots. The MP-H5 irons feature a cavity back design with a large sweet spot, which helps to launch the ball higher and farther. The wide sole allows for better turf interaction, making it easier to get the ball airborne. The face is also slightly thicker than other Mizuno irons, providing more forgiveness on off-center hits. Additionally, the tungsten inserts in the long irons help to increase ball speed and distance on shots from the fairway.

The Mizuno MP-H5 irons are an excellent choice for mid to high handicap golfers who want to improve their accuracy and distance off the tee. They offer a combination of distance, forgiveness, and control that makes them an ideal option for players of all skill levels. With their forgiving design and easy launch characteristics, these irons can help players hit longer shots with more accuracy while still maintaining control over their shots.


The Mizuno MP-H5 is an excellent choice for golfers looking for a high performing club that can help them improve their game. This club is built with quality and attention to detail, making it a great option for beginners and experienced players alike. The MP-H5 provides superior performance in terms of distance, accuracy, and feel, making it a great addition to any golfer’s bag. With its forgiving design, this club allows golfers to hit the ball further and straighter with fewer mis-hits. The Mizuno MP-H5 also comes with a variety of shaft options to suit different swing types, making it even more versatile. All in all, the Mizuno MP-H5 is a great choice for serious golfers looking for a high performing club that can help them take their game to the next level.

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re an experienced golfer looking to improve your game, the Mizuno MP-H5 is an excellent option that will provide you with the performance and consistency you need to take your game to the next level.

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