mizuno t7 wedges

Mizuno T7 wedges are the perfect tools for golfers looking to improve their game. They are designed to provide maximum spin, control and feel for players of all skill levels. The unique “T7” sole design allows golfers to hit a variety of shots from tight lies and thick rough, to open-faced bunkers and flop shots. With the latest Grain Flow Forging technology, Mizuno has created an incredibly soft feel that is unparalleled in the wedge market. The T7 wedges come in various lofts and bounce options to suit any situation on the course. Whether you’re a novice or an advanced player, the Mizuno T7 wedges will help you take your game to the next level.The Mizuno T7 Wedges offer a variety of benefits that make them an ideal choice for golfers of all abilities. The unique design of the T7 Wedges features a wider sole that helps to move through the turf more easily, allowing golfers to hit shots with more accuracy and spin control. The club also has a higher center of gravity, which helps to create a higher launch angle and more distance on shots. Additionally, the T7 Wedges feature deep grooves and sharp edges that provide better spin rates on approach shots, helping to increase accuracy and control around the green. Finally, the Mizuno T7 Wedges come with a variety of loft and bounce options, allowing golfers to customize their clubs for their specific needs.

Mizuno T7 Wedge Design

The Mizuno T7 Wedge is designed to provide golfers with a superior level of control, spin, and trajectory. The wedge features a unique design that incorporates a wide sole and a progressive camber, which helps to deliver an increased level of spin and control. The club face is also designed to be slightly larger than traditional wedges, allowing for more forgiveness on off-center shots. Additionally, the club’s sole has been designed with Mizuno’s patented U-grooves technology, which helps to maximize the spin and trajectory of shots struck from various lies. With its combination of features, the Mizuno T7 Wedge can help golfers achieve more consistent shots around the green.

The wedge also features a classic look with its stylish black satin finish and classic pear profile shape. The head shape helps to inspire confidence at address and provides golfers with a look they are familiar with when playing from short distances. The Mizuno T7 Wedge also comes in three different lofts (50°, 52°, and 54°) to ensure golfers can find the perfect loft for their game.

Overall, the Mizuno T7 Wedge is an excellent choice for golfers looking for a high performing wedge that provides maximum control and spin around the green. With its unique design features and classic look, this wedge can help any golfer improve their short game performance significantly.

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Mizuno T7 Wedge Features

The Mizuno T7 Wedge offers a combination of features that provide golfers with the performance and control they need to hit the green. It has a larger, more forgiving head shape that allows for more forgiveness when hitting off-center shots. The grooves on the face of the wedge are deeper and wider than previous models, providing maximum spin and control on approach shots. The sole of the club is designed with a camber shape, allowing it to glide through the turf easily and reducing turf drag for more consistent shots. Additionally, Mizuno’s patented Quad Cut Technology allows for precise grooves that provide maximum spin on approach shots. The Mizuno T7 Wedge is designed to give golfers ultimate control around the green with its precision grooves and camber sole.


The Mizuno T7 Wedge is available in lofts of 48°, 50°, 52°, 54°, 56°, 58° and 60°. This allows golfers to find the right loft for their game and the conditions they are playing in.

Lie Angle

The Mizuno T7 Wedges feature a standard lie angle of 64 degrees. This is designed to help golfers hit their shots with greater accuracy and consistency.


The Mizuno T7 Wedges offer three different bounce options – Low (6°), Medium (9°) and High (12°). This allows golfers to choose the bounce option that best suits their game.


The Mizuno T7 Wedges come with three different grind options – C-Grind, S-Grind and W-Grind. Each grind option is designed to provide maximum versatility for a variety of course conditions and shot types.


The Mizuno T7 Wedges have a sleek black nickel finish that provides a classic look while still providing durability and corrosion resistance.

Pros of the Mizuno T7 Wedges

The Mizuno T7 wedges offer a number of advantages to golfers. The most notable benefit is the superior feel of the club. The club head is designed with a classic muscleback shape, which provides excellent feedback and control even when hitting long-distance shots. Additionally, the wedges are made with a high-grade stainless steel that is designed to last for many rounds of golf.

The Mizuno T7 wedges also provide great spin control on all types of shots thanks to their precision-milled grooves. This helps reduce the amount of spin off the clubface when hitting shots, allowing golfers to produce more consistent results on each shot. Finally, the wedges are designed with a progressive sole that helps reduce turf drag and makes it easier to play shots from any lie on the course.

Cons of the Mizuno T7 Wedges

Despite their many advantages, there are some drawbacks to using Mizuno T7 wedges as well. One issue is that they can be quite expensive compared to other wedge options on the market. Additionally, some golfers may find that they are not as forgiving as other wedge designs, making them more difficult for beginners or recreational players to use effectively.

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Finally, while they have great spin control, some golfers may find that their distance control isn’t quite as good as other similar clubs on the market. This can make it more difficult for players to hit accurate shots consistently. Overall though, these are minor drawbacks and should not be seen as deal breakers when considering whether or not to purchase these clubs.


The Mizuno T7 Wedges provide a great performance on the golf course. They feature a classic design with a large face and are designed to provide maximum spin and control around the greens. The wedge has a slightly wider sole than other wedges, which helps to increase forgiveness and accuracy. The grooves on the club face are designed to help generate more spin on shots, giving you more control of your ball flight. The Mizuno T7 Wedges also feature a low center of gravity to help launch shots higher into the air with greater distance.


The Mizuno T7 Wedges have a great feel when hitting them. The club head is designed to be very stable at impact, which helps generate more consistent shots. The club feels solid when hitting it and provides excellent feedback on your shots, allowing you to make slight adjustments in your swing and shot shape if needed. The grip is comfortable and provides plenty of stability in your hands when swinging the club.


The Mizuno T7 Wedges feature a classic design with a large face that helps create maximum spin and control around the greens. The sole of the club is slightly wider than other wedges, which helps increase forgiveness for off-center hits. It also features deep grooves on the face of the club for added spin and better control over ball flight. The low center of gravity helps launch shots higher into the air with more distance.


The Mizuno T7 Wedges are extremely durable clubs that can withstand regular use without showing any signs of wear or tear. The quality construction ensures that these wedges will last for many years without needing any repairs or replacements.

Price and Availability of the Mizuno T7 Wedges

The Mizuno T7 wedges are renowned for their superior performance and precision on the golf course. They are available in a range of lofts, bounces and grinds to suit any golfer’s needs. The T7 wedge is designed with a unique cut-muscle design which provides superior control and spin rate while still maintaining a soft feel. The Mizuno T7 wedges come in various price points depending on the model and features desired. The standard model starts at around $100 while the more advanced models can cost up to $200.

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The Mizuno T7 wedges are available at most golf retailers as well as online outlets. They can also be purchased directly from Mizuno’s official website or through their authorized dealers. Each wedge is shipped with a certificate of authenticity so customers can be sure they are getting an authentic product. Additionally, many retailers offer free shipping for purchases over a certain amount, making it easy to get your new wedge in no time!

Comparison Between Different Types of Mizuno Wedges

Mizuno is a renowned golf brand that offers a wide variety of wedges to meet the needs of golfers. The wedges are designed for precision and control, allowing players to shape shots around the green. There are several types of Mizuno wedges, each offering a unique set of features and benefits. Here is a comparison between some of the most popular types of Mizuno wedges:

The MP-T5 Wedge is designed for maximum spin control and forgiveness. It has a classic “C” shaped sole which helps reduce turf interaction, making it easier to hit from any lie. The MP-T5 also has an aerodynamic design which helps reduce drag during the swing, giving players more consistency and power.

The JPX 900 Tour Wedge is designed for maximum workability and touch around the greens. It has a “V” shaped sole which helps reduce turf interaction and provides more consistent contact with the ball on every shot. The JPX 900 Tour also features an advanced groove design which helps create more spin on shots from any lie.

The JPX 919 Hot Metal Wedge is designed for maximum distance and forgiveness on off-center hits. It has an undercut design that helps launch the ball higher with less spin, giving players longer, more accurate shots from any lie. The JPX 919 also features an innovative groove pattern that helps generate more spin on shots around the green.

The T7 Wedge is designed for maximum playability and spin control on short shots around the green. It has an asymmetrical sole design that reduces turf interaction while providing consistent contact with every shot. The T7 also features an advanced groove design which helps create more spin on shorter shots from any lie.

Overall, there are several different types of Mizuno wedges to choose from depending on your individual needs as a golfer. Each type offers its own unique set of features and benefits, so it’s important to consider all your options before deciding what type will work best for you.


The Mizuno T7 Wedges offer superior performance, a classic look, and plenty of forgiveness to help you improve your game. The design is modern yet timeless, and the materials used are top-notch. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced golfer, the Mizuno T7 Wedges are sure to be a great addition to your golf bag. With their forgiveness and versatility, you can hit more shots closer to the pin and enjoy lower scores.

Overall, the Mizuno T7 Wedges are a great option for anyone looking for improved performance on the golf course. If you’re looking for a reliable wedge that will last for years to come, the Mizuno T7 Wedges will not disappoint.