nike cci irons

Nike has been an innovator in the golfing industry for decades, providing high-quality, performance-driven products to a wide range of golfers. Their latest offering, the Nike CCI Irons, is no exception. Featuring an innovative cavity back design, these irons provide maximum forgiveness and stability on every shot. With their sleek design and superior performance, these irons are the perfect choice for any golfer looking to take their game to the next level.Nike CCI Irons are a popular set of golf clubs that have been designed to offer maximum forgiveness and playability. The CCI irons feature Nike’s patented cavity back design which helps to increase the sweet spot and reduce unwanted spin. The cavity back also allows for improved feel and control with each shot. Additionally, the irons come with Nike’s patented FlexLoft technology which allows for adjustable lofts that can optimize performance for different players. The Nike CCI Irons come in a variety of lofts and flexes to suit any golfer’s game. These clubs have become popular among amateur players due to their forgiving nature, making them a great choice for those looking to improve their game.


The Nike CCI Irons are designed for precision and accuracy. They feature precise grooves that provide excellent spin control and help to generate consistent distance on each shot. The clubs also have a low center of gravity, allowing for better ball flight and improved accuracy. The ultra-thin face makes it easier to hit the ball straight and with more power. The sole width is also wider, making it easier to hit the ball consistently from different lies.


Nike CCI Irons are designed to be forgiving as well as accurate. They feature an advanced cavity-back design which helps to reduce mis-hits and produce straighter shots even on off-center strikes. The progressive offset helps to reduce slices while the wide sole makes it easier to get the ball airborne from different lies. The lightweight shaft helps promote faster swing speeds, allowing you to generate more distance with each shot.


Nike CCI Irons offer excellent control over your shots thanks to their precise grooves, low center of gravity, and progressive offset design. The head shape is designed for stability, helping you maintain accuracy even when hitting off difficult lies or in windy conditions. The clubs also feature a lightweight shaft which helps promote faster swing speeds for increased control over your shots.

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The Nike CCI Irons feature a soft feel at impact which helps promote better feedback and improved feel during your swings. The clubs also have an optimal balance between forgiveness and feedback so that you can enjoy both without sacrificing performance on the course. With these irons, you can enjoy the perfect combination of precision, forgiveness, control, and feel for better performance on the course.


The Nike CCI Irons feature some of the latest technology in golf equipment, designed to help players improve their game. The irons are made from high-grade stainless steel, which is lightweight and durable for long-term use. The clubface is designed with a progressive variable thickness technology, which helps to increase ball speed off the face and provide more control. Additionally, the irons come with a proprietary Speed Pocket design, which helps to create more consistent launch conditions for better distance control and accuracy. As an added bonus, the clubs also come with a neodymium magnet insert that provides improved feedback and feel for each shot. With all these features, the Nike CCI Irons are designed to give golfers an edge on the course.


The Nike CCI Irons are designed to provide a combination of power and control for golfers of all skill levels. The irons feature a unique cavity-back design that helps to improve ball flight and accuracy. The irons also feature a progressive offset throughout the set, with the longer irons having more offset than the shorter ones. The progressive offset helps to reduce slicing and improve overall accuracy. Additionally, the club faces have been engineered to be more forgiving, allowing for maximum distance even on off-center hits. The clubs also feature an improved sole design that provides better turf interaction and improved launch conditions. Overall, the Nike CCI Irons are designed to provide golfers with increased power and accuracy without sacrificing control or feel.


The Nike CCI Irons offer superior performance, with a combination of forgiveness and distance that make them ideal for mid to high handicappers. The clubhead is designed to promote more consistent ball striking, with an increased sweet spot and a low center of gravity for a higher launch angle. The clubface has variable thickness grooves for additional spin, while the sole design helps reduce turf interaction to increase shot control. The full set of clubs is also designed for maximum playability, allowing golfers to hit different types of shots from all kinds of lies. Overall, the Nike CCI Irons provide excellent performance on the course with their combination of distance, accuracy and playability.

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The price of Nike CCI Irons varies depending on the model. The most affordable model is the CCI 4-Iron, which retails for around $150. Other models, such as the CCI 7-Iron, can be found for between $200 and $250. Ultimately, the cost of a set of Nike CCI Irons can range from $600 to $1,000, depending on what clubs are included in the set. Customers should also take into consideration any additional fees that may need to be paid for shipping and handling or tax when purchasing Nike CCI Irons.

Additionally, customers should be aware that discounts or sales may be available from time to time that could lower the overall cost of a set of Nike CCI Irons. Customers should check with local retailers or online retailers in order to find out if such discounts are available and take advantage of them if they are.

Pros of Nike CCI Irons

The Nike CCI irons are popular among golfers for a number of reasons. The main benefit is that they provide excellent ball control and accuracy. They have a low center of gravity, which helps to keep the ball in the air longer, and their wide sole provides additional stability for shots from all kinds of lies. The irons also feature a perimeter weighting design, which helps to increase forgiveness on off-center shots. These irons are also well-constructed and built to last.

Cons of Nike CCI Irons

One potential downside of the Nike CCI irons is their price tag. They can be quite expensive compared to other iron sets on the market, so those on a tight budget may want to look elsewhere. Additionally, these irons may be too advanced for beginners or high handicappers because they require precise shot-making skills to get the most out of them. Finally, many golfers have found that the clubs feel slightly heavy when swinging them.

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Where to Buy Nike CCI Irons

Nike CCI irons are the perfect choice for golfers of all levels. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, these irons will help you improve your game. They are designed to provide maximum distance, accuracy and control. So if you’re looking for a set of high-quality clubs that will help take your game to the next level, then Nike CCI irons are an excellent choice.

When it comes to purchasing these irons, you have several options. You can buy them directly from Nike, or you can purchase them from an authorized dealer. If you’re looking for the best selection and prices, then buying online is your best bet. There are several online retailers that carry a wide range of Nike products including the CCI irons. Many of these retailers offer competitive prices and free shipping on orders over a certain amount.

Another option is to buy used clubs from eBay or other online auction sites. This can be a great way to save money on quality golf equipment. However, be sure to do your research before bidding on any item as there is always the risk that the club may not be in good condition or may have been tampered with in some way.

You can also buy Nike CCI irons at many golf specialty stores and pro shops around the country. These stores often carry a wide selection of clubs from various brands including Nike. The sales associates at these locations should be able to answer any questions you may have about the different models and help you find the perfect set for your needs.


The Nike CCI irons have proven to be a great choice for golfers of all levels. They provide excellent accuracy and distance control, while also offering a variety of customization options. The irons are durable and offer excellent value for money, making them a great choice for those looking for a set of quality irons. With the ability to customize the club head, shaft and grip to suit your individual needs, the Nike CCI irons are an ideal choice for any golfer looking to improve their game.

In conclusion, the Nike CCI irons are an outstanding set of golf clubs that offer exceptional performance and customization features. They provide great accuracy and distance control with excellent value for money. With the variety of customization options available, these clubs provide the perfect solution for golfers wanting to improve their game.