odyssey putter insert replacement

Introducing the Odyssey Putter Insert Replacement: an easy and affordable way to bring life back into your putter! This replacement insert is designed to fit a variety of Odyssey putters, allowing you to extend the life of your existing clubs. The insert comes pre-made with an optimized surface texture and alignment aids for improved accuracy and feel. The installation process is straightforward and simple, making it a perfect DIY repair project for golfers of all abilities.The best place to buy an Odyssey Putter Insert Replacement is at any golf specialty store or online at the Odyssey Golf website. You can also find the replacement insert on sites such as Amazon, eBay, and other online retailers.

Replacing Odyssey Putter Insert

Replacing an Odyssey putter insert is easy and straightforward. The first step is to remove the existing insert. This can be done by unscrewing the screws that hold it in place. Once the screws are removed, gently pull out the insert and discard it. You will then need to get a new Odyssey putter insert to replace it with. These can typically be found at golf shops or online retailers.

Next, you will need to prepare the new insert for installation. This involves cleaning off any debris or dust from the surface of the insert, as well as ensuring that there are no burrs or other imperfections on the surface. Once this is done, you can begin installing the new insert onto your club head.

To install the new Odyssey putter insert, start by aligning it with the club head and securing it in place with screws. Make sure that all of the screws are tightened securely before testing out your new putter head with a few practice swings. After a few swings, make sure that everything feels secure and properly aligned before taking your putter out on course for a round of golf.

By following these steps, you should have no problem replacing your Odyssey putter insert with a brand new one in no time at all! With regular maintenance and care, this same process can be used to keep your Odyssey putter in perfect working order for many years to come!

Different Types of Odyssey Putter Inserts

Odyssey putters have been a staple of the golf industry since 1991, and their innovative designs and high-performance materials have made them a favorite among players of all skill levels. Odyssey putters feature a wide variety of insert types, each designed to provide a different feel and roll characteristics. Some of the most popular Odyssey putter inserts include White Hot, O Works, Fusion RX, Stroke Lab, and Metal-X.

The White Hot insert is Odyssey’s original design and is made from a soft urethane material that provides good feedback while also providing plenty of stability on off-center impacts. The O Works insert is similar to White Hot in terms of feel, but it features a more advanced thermoplastic elastomer that helps to promote a truer roll off the face. The Fusion RX insert combines two different materials—a lightweight aluminum face and an elastomer surround—to create an incredibly responsive feel during short game shots.

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The Stroke Lab insert uses an innovative weighting system that helps golfers generate more consistent putts with every stroke. It features an inner core made of steel that shifts the center of gravity lower for improved stability, while the outer core is made from lightweight graphite for increased speed and distance control. Finally, the Metal-X insert features milled aluminum construction for enhanced accuracy on long putts.

No matter what type of Odyssey putter you choose, you can rest assured knowing that each one offers excellent performance thanks to their unique inserts. Every golfer has different needs when it comes to putting so it’s important to find the right combination of feel and roll characteristics that suit your game best. By choosing one of these high-performance Odyssey inserts you’ll be able to take your putting game to the next level!

Testing the Quality of an Odyssey Putter Insert

Testing the quality of an Odyssey Putter Insert is a critical part of ensuring that you are using a putter that will perform at its best. Knowing how to properly test an Odyssey Putter Insert can help you make sure that your purchase is a good one. There are several factors to consider when testing the quality of an Odyssey Putter Insert, including the material, the design, and the condition.

The material used for constructing an Odyssey Putter Insert is important for determining its quality. Odyssey uses high-quality materials such as aluminum and stainless steel to create each insert. By examining the material used in your putter insert, you can ensure that it is built to last and will provide a consistent feel when using it.

The design of an Odyssey Putter Insert is also important for assessing its quality. The design should be ergonomic and comfortable, allowing you to hit shots with precision and accuracy. You should also make sure that the insert fits snugly into your putter head without any gaps or looseness. This ensures that your putter will stay securely in place during your swing and won’t move around during use.

Finally, you should inspect the condition of your Odyssey Putter Insert before using it. Look for any signs of wear or damage such as dents, scratches, or cracks in the material. If any damage is present, replace or repair your putter insert before using it in order to ensure optimal performance.

By following these steps, you can ensure that your Odyssey Putter Insert is of good quality and will perform at its best during use. Testing an Odyssey Putter Insert before use can help you get more out of your golf game by giving you a reliable tool with which to hit shots with precision and accuracy.

Pros of an Odyssey Putter Insert Replacement

The Odyssey putter is one of the most popular and widely used putters on the market. It has a soft feel and is designed for accuracy and consistency. Replacing the insert in your Odyssey putter can improve performance and boost confidence when putting. Replacing the insert can also help to reduce spin, making it easier to control the ball on the green. Additionally, it can improve sound and feel, giving you a more enjoyable putting experience. Furthermore, replacing the insert can help to extend the life of your putter by reducing wear and tear over time.

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Cons of an Odyssey Putter Insert Replacement

The main disadvantage of replacing an insert in your Odyssey putter is that it can be costly. Depending on where you purchase your replacement insert, prices can range from $20-$50 or more. Additionally, replacing the insert requires a certain level of expertise as it must be done correctly for optimal performance gains. Furthermore, aftermarket inserts may not fit as well as the original insert, which could affect performance or even damage your club if not done properly.

How to Change the Look of Your Odyssey Putter with Insert Replacement

Changing the look of your Odyssey putter can be done with minimal effort. All you need is a new insert and you can give your putter an entirely new look. It is an easy process that will not take long to complete. Here are the steps that you should take when replacing the insert on your Odyssey putter:

First, remove the old insert from the putter head by unscrewing it from the putter head with a flathead screwdriver. Make sure to keep track of any screws or washers that come off as you remove it. Once the old insert is removed, take out the new insert and attach it to the putter head. Secure it using screws or washers that came with it.

Next, align and position the new insert into place by using a ruler or square. Make sure that it is perfectly aligned before securing it into place. Once all of these steps have been completed, you will have successfully changed the look of your Odyssey putter.

Finally, if desired, you can add a custom grip or shaft to match your new Odyssey putter insert. This will further customize your look and give you a truly unique style on course. With this process complete, now all that’s left to do is hit some putts!

Odyssey Putter Insert Replacement

Replacing an old Odyssey putter insert can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t know what type of insert you need to replace. But with the right knowledge and the right tools, it can be done quickly and easily. In this article, we’ll review some of the best Odyssey putter insert replacements currently on the market. We’ll also provide some tips and tricks to make sure you get the job done right.

The first replacement option we’ll look at is a new Odyssey insert. These inserts are designed to fit perfectly into any Odyssey putter head, ensuring your club continues to perform as it should. These inserts are also made from high-quality materials that will last for many years of use. While they may cost more than other options, they are definitely worth it if you want a reliable and long-lasting putter replacement.

Another great option is a third-party insert. Many aftermarket manufacturers offer their own versions of Odyssey inserts that work just as well as the originals. They may not be quite as durable or as high quality, but they’re usually much cheaper and still provide great performance. When choosing an aftermarket insert, make sure to read reviews and compare prices before making your purchase.

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Finally, there are also hybrid putters available that use both an Odyssey insert and a third-party insert together. This combination allows for maximum control over your golf shots while still getting the benefits of both types of inserts. While these hybrids may be a bit more expensive than traditional putters, they are often worth the extra cost for those who want more control over their shots.

No matter which type of replacement you choose, always make sure to properly install it in order to get the best performance out of your club. With the right knowledge and tools, replacing an Odyssey putter insert can be done quickly and easily with great results!

Tools Needed

Before beginning the Odyssey Putter Insert Replacement process, make sure you have the following tools available: a flathead screwdriver, a Phillips head screwdriver, and a putter wrench. It is also recommended to have a lint-free cloth and some rubbing alcohol handy.

Removing Old Insert

Once all the necessary tools have been gathered, begin by removing the old insert from the putter. Using the flathead screwdriver, carefully loosen and remove the screws located on either side of the putter head. Once the screws are removed, use the putter wrench to unscrew and remove any remaining pieces from the putter head.

Cleaning Putter Head

Once all of the old pieces have been removed from the putter head, use a lint-free cloth dampened with rubbing alcohol to clean off any dirt or debris that may be present on or around the putter head. Make sure to wipe down both sides of the head thoroughly. Once finished cleaning, allow time for it to dry completely before proceeding with installation.

Installing New Insert

Once dried, take your new Odyssey Putter Insert and place it into position on top of your cleaned putter head. Make sure that it is properly aligned before proceeding with installation. Use your Phillips head screwdriver to secure both sides of your new insert into place with screws provided in your kit. Finally, use your putter wrench to make sure everything is screwed in securely.


That’s it! You should now be finished with replacing your Odyssey Putter Insert! Be sure to check out other tutorials for more tips and tricks about golf club maintenance. Happy putting!


Replacing your Odyssey putter insert is a simple and straightforward process. It is easy to do, and it can help you improve your golf performance. The improved feel and control that comes with a new insert can help you become more consistent and accurate with your shots. Plus, it’s a great way to customize the look of your putter to match your style.

Before you replace the insert in your Odyssey putter, be sure to clean the area around it first. This will ensure that the new insert has a strong bond and will maximize its performance. Once the area is clean, use an Allen key or screwdriver to remove the existing insert, then press down on the new one until it is firmly secured in place.

No matter what type of Odyssey putter you have, replacing its insert can be done quickly and easily with just a few basic tools. With a few quick steps, you can have your putter feeling like new again!