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old sandwich golf club membership cost

Old Sandwich Golf Club is a prestigious golf club located in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Founded in 1884, it is one of the oldest and most historic clubs in the United States. Members have access to some of the best golf courses and amenities in the area, making it a favorite of both professional and amateur players. Membership at Old Sandwich Golf Club is highly sought after, with annual dues ranging from $5,000 to $20,000 depending on the type of membership desired.The cost of membership to Old Sandwich Golf Club is $3,500 for the initial year and $2,500 per year thereafter. There are also initiation fees of $1,000 for new members.

What Does the Membership Include?

Membership to a particular organization or club typically includes certain benefits or amenities. This can range from discounts on certain products and services, exclusive access to events, or even free membership to other programs or clubs. Depending on the type of membership and the organization, members may also receive newsletters, invitations to special events, discounts on merchandise, or even priority access to services. Membership often also comes with voting rights and a say in how the organization is run. Additionally, members may be eligible for various awards or recognition for their contributions. Many organizations also offer exclusive member-only perks such as discounts on travel, free admission to certain events, and special offers from partner businesses.

Overall, it is important to carefully consider what is included in a particular membership before signing up so that you can get the most out of your experience. Knowing what you are signing up for will help ensure that you get all of the benefits and features that you are looking for in an organization or club.

Who Can Join the Old Sandwich Golf Club?

The Old Sandwich Golf Club is one of the premier golf clubs in the region and is open to all those with a passion for the game. Membership to the club is available for individuals, couples, or families who wish to enjoy the full range of amenities that it offers. The club also welcomes junior golfers who are looking to hone their skills under the tutelage of experienced professionals.

In order to join the Old Sandwich Golf Club, applicants must be at least 18 years of age and have a valid handicap certificate from any recognized golf association. Those without a handicap certificate may still be eligible for membership but may be subject to additional restrictions when using club facilities.

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The club also requires all members to adhere to a strict code of conduct which includes respecting other members and staff at all times, abiding by dress codes, and displaying good sportsmanship on and off the course. The Old Sandwich Golf Club also reserves the right to revoke membership if these rules are not adhered to.

In addition, new members must pay an initiation fee as well as ongoing annual dues in order to maintain their active membership status. There is also a variety of merchandise available for purchase from the pro shop which can be used when playing on the course or attending social events at the clubhouse.

For those interested in joining the Old Sandwich Golf Club, applications can be downloaded from its website or picked up at its clubhouse during normal business hours. Once accepted, new members will receive their official member card and gain access to exclusive benefits such as discounts on green fees and access to special tournaments held throughout the year.

How Much Does an Old Sandwich Golf Club Membership Cost?

The Old Sandwich Golf Club offers a variety of membership options, each with its own cost. The fees for membership vary depending on the type of membership chosen and the level of access desired. Annual golf memberships start at $2,500 for a single adult and $4,000 for a family of four or more. This includes unlimited golfing privileges, use of practice facilities, discounts on green fees and cart fees, and access to all club amenities.

For those looking for a shorter-term commitment, the club also offers monthly memberships starting at $400. This includes unlimited golfing privileges as well as discounts on green fees and cart fees. Additionally, monthly members have access to the practice facilities and other club amenities.

The Old Sandwich Golf Club also offers corporate memberships with discounted rates for businesses that sign up multiple employees. Corporate members receive all the same benefits as an individual or family member but can take advantage of discounted pricing based on the number of employees enrolled in the program.

In addition to the annual or monthly membership options, the club also offers various packages that include additional benefits such as free rounds of golf or discounts on merchandise and dining at the clubhouse restaurant. These packages start at $1,500 per person or $2,500 per family and can be tailored to meet individual needs.

For those who are just looking for a one-time round of golf without any other benefits, Old Sandwich Golf Club also offers daily rates starting at $100 per person. These rates include access to all club amenities as well as green fee discounts for multiple round purchases.

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No matter what type of membership you choose, you’ll enjoy access to one of New England’s premier private golf clubs – complete with scenic views and challenging courses – making your experience truly unforgettable!

What Are the Different Types of Memberships Available?

Memberships are a great way to gain access to exclusive benefits and services. Depending on the type of organization you join, there are several different types of memberships available. Some of the most common types include basic memberships, premium memberships, corporate memberships, and lifetime memberships.

Basic memberships are often the most affordable option and typically give access to basic services such as discounts on products or access to certain events. Premium memberships offer more benefits than basic memberships including additional discounts, access to exclusive events, and a wider range of services. Corporate memberships are designed for businesses and offer special rates on products or services as well as other benefits tailored specifically for businesses. Finally, lifetime memberships provide long-term value by giving unlimited access to all services provided by the organization for a one-time payment.

Each type of membership will vary depending on the organization offering it so it’s important to research each membership option before making a decision. By understanding what is offered in each type of membership, you can find the best fit for your needs and budget.

What Are the Additional Fees for a Membership?

Membership fees vary depending on the type of membership you are looking for. Some memberships may require an initial registration fee, while others may have additional fees associated with added services. There may also be monthly or annual subscription fees, as well as processing and handling fees. If you want access to special benefits such as discounts or exclusive offers, additional fees may apply. Depending on the type of membership you choose, there could also be other charges that could come up, such as travel costs or discounts on products purchased through the membership program. It is important to understand all of the possible costs involved with a membership and factor them in when deciding which one is right for you.

When considering any type of membership, it is important to read all of the terms and conditions carefully before signing up. Make sure that you fully understand what is included in your membership and any additional fees that may be associated with it. This will help ensure that you are getting the best deal possible without unexpected surprises down the line!

What Are the Benefits of Becoming a Member of the Old Sandwich Golf Club?

The Old Sandwich Golf Club offers members an exclusive range of benefits and amenities. Membership grants access to the club’s championship golf course, as well as the clubhouse’s restaurant, bar, and pro shop. Members can also take advantage of special discounts on green fees and merchandise.

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Additionally, members enjoy exclusive member-only tournaments throughout the season. The club has hosted many prestigious events over the years, including several qualifying rounds for professional golfers on the PGA Tour.

Members also receive invitations to exclusive member-only social events hosted by the club throughout the year. These events range from formal dinners to informal gatherings at local establishments.

Finally, members get access to a private online community where they can connect with fellow members and discuss strategies for improving their game or share stories about their experiences at the club. This online forum provides an invaluable resource for members to stay informed about upcoming events and activities at the club.

In short, membership in Old Sandwich Golf Club provides access to a championship golf course, discounts on green fees and merchandise, exclusive tournaments and social events, and access to a private online community for connecting with fellow members.

Is There a Discount for Long-Term Memberships?

Yes, there is a discount available for long-term memberships. Depending on the membership type, the discount can be up to 15% or more. This makes it possible to save money when signing up for a longer term membership. The savings can be even greater if you are an existing customer or have taken advantage of other special offers.

The discounts offered vary by membership type and length of commitment. For example, an annual membership may offer a 5% discount while a two-year commitment may offer a 10% discount. Some organizations also offer additional discounts for longer commitments such as three or five years.

To take advantage of long-term discounts, it is important to read the terms and conditions of each organization carefully. Many organizations require that you pay the full amount upfront in order to qualify for the discount and some may require you to sign a contract as part of your agreement. It is also important to make sure that you understand any cancellation policies before signing up for a long-term membership.

Overall, long-term memberships are an excellent way to save money and get access to special offers from organizations that might not otherwise be available. To get the most out of these deals, it is important to take time to research all your options and read over any contracts carefully before committing to a long-term agreement.


The Old Sandwich Golf Club offers members a variety of benefits, including access to the golf course, discounts on green fees, and social activities. The cost of membership is relatively low compared to other golf clubs in the area, making it an attractive option for both novice and experienced golfers. Despite the relatively low cost of membership, the quality of the course and facilities are excellent. With its scenic views and friendly atmosphere, the Old Sandwich Golf Club is an ideal place for both leisurely and competitive play.

In conclusion, membership at the Old Sandwich Golf Club provides an enjoyable experience at a reasonable price. With its wide variety of amenities, this club is an excellent option for anyone looking to get active in a social environment while enjoying a great game of golf.

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