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open stance putting

Open stance putting is a way of setting up your body to address the ball on the green that can help you make more accurate and controlled putts. This technique involves standing slightly open to the target line, with your feet and shoulders aligned parallel to your intended line of putt. By doing this, you will be able to use your shoulders and arms more effectively when swinging the club, creating a more consistent stroke path and ultimately leading to better putts.Open Stance Putting is a golf technique that can help you improve your putting performance. It involves setting up with your feet and shoulders open to the target line, allowing you to create a more natural swing path as you make your putt. This technique works by helping you stay on the correct swing plane throughout the stroke, which can help improve your accuracy and consistency. Open Stance Putting also helps you maintain good posture and balance during the stroke, allowing for a smoother and more efficient putting motion. With practice, Open Stance Putting can be an effective way to improve your putting game.

Benefits of Open Stance Putting

Open stance putting is an increasingly popular technique in the sport of golf. This type of putting involves standing with the feet slightly open and the putter shaft on an angle. This technique can help golfers make more consistent and accurate putts, as well as improve their overall game. Here are some of the key benefits of open stance putting:

Improved Accuracy: One of the biggest advantages to using an open stance when putting is improved accuracy. The angle of the putter shaft helps the golfer achieve a better “sweep” on their putts, meaning that they are able to keep their follow-through consistent and hit the ball with more power. This can help golfers make more accurate shots, leading to lower scores on the course.

Better Feel for Distance: Another benefit of open stance putting is a better feel for distance control. With this technique, golfers can develop a “feel” for how far they need to swing back in order to hit their target. This can be especially helpful when playing shorter putts, as golfers can accurately judge how hard they need to hit the ball in order to get it close to or into the hole.

Increased Confidence: Finally, open stance putting can also help golfers gain confidence on the green. When a golfer has a good feel for distance control and is making more consistent shots, it can give them increased confidence in their ability to make difficult shots and lower their scores. This increased confidence can help improve overall performance on the course.

Overall, there are many benefits to using an open stance when putting in golf. Not only does it lead to improved accuracy and distance control, but it also helps increase confidence in one’s game. For these reasons, many golfers are now incorporating this technique into their games and reaping its rewards on the course.

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Setting Up for Open Stance Putting

Open stance putting is a great way to improve accuracy and reduce the chances of missing putts. To set up for open stance putting, you need to first stand behind the ball and line up your feet parallel to the target line. Then, step back slightly and turn your feet so that they are facing slightly outward from the target. This will create an open stance, which will allow you to make a more accurate stroke. Once your feet are in position, you can then adjust your grip, setup, and alignment so that they match up with your open stance. From here, you can then take a practice stroke or two before actually hitting the ball.

Open stance putting can be beneficial for golfers of all levels. Beginners may benefit from it because it allows them to make a more consistent stroke while still maintaining good accuracy. For experienced players, it can help them learn how to better control their speed and aim on longer putts. No matter what level you’re at, open stance putting can be an effective way to improve your short game.

Holding the Putter for Open Stance Putting

When it comes to putting, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Every golfer has their own unique style and preferences, and it’s important to find a putting technique that works for you. One popular technique is open stance putting, which involves holding the putter with an open stance. This involves positioning your feet further apart than normal and opening up your body to the target line. The goal of this technique is to create a more stable base and help you maintain a consistent stroke.

To properly execute an open stance putt, start by setting up with your feet wider than shoulder width apart and pointed slightly outward. Place the ball in line with your left foot (for right-handed golfers), and adjust your weight so that it is evenly distributed between both feet. Grip the putter in the same way that you would normally grip it, but make sure that your hands are slightly lower on the grip than normal. This will help you keep your wrists firm throughout the stroke and prevent them from breaking down at impact.

Once you have established your setup, focus on keeping everything still throughout the stroke. Make sure that your arms are connected to your body, and that there is no movement in either direction as you swing back and through. To ensure that you stay square to the target line throughout the stroke, take a few practice swings without hitting any balls while keeping all of these elements in mind.

Open stance putting can be a great way to gain confidence on short putts where accuracy is key. By establishing a more stable base and maintaining good posture throughout the stroke, this technique can help you hit more consistent putts without having to worry about making any drastic adjustments mid-stroke. Give it a try next time you’re out on the course; who knows – it might just become your new favorite way of putting!

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Posture and Alignment in Open Stance Putting

When it comes to putting, posture and alignment are two of the most important factors. Proper posture and alignment can help you make more consistent and accurate putts. An open stance is when your feet are pointing outward rather than straight ahead. For an open stance, your feet should be approximately shoulder-width apart and your toes should point slightly outward. Your shoulders should be aligned with the target line, and you should keep your head still throughout the stroke. It is also important to keep your arms relaxed while maintaining good posture.

The aim of an open stance is to provide stability throughout the stroke. By keeping your feet in a wider position, you will be able to maintain better balance as you swing the putter back and forth. Additionally, having an open stance helps keep the clubface square at impact, which will increase accuracy on your putts. It is also important to remember that with an open stance, you may need to adjust the length of your backswing accordingly.

When practicing with an open stance, it is important to focus on consistency in both posture and alignment. Make sure that when you set up for each putt, you have a consistent pre-shot routine that includes proper posture and alignment. This way, you can ensure that you are consistently lined up properly for each putt. Additionally, it is also important to practice with different types of stances so that you can become more comfortable with different types of putting techniques in different situations on the course.

Overall, proper posture and alignment are essential for making more accurate putts no matter what type of stance you use. When practicing with an open stance, make sure that both your feet are shoulder-width apart and that your shoulders are aligned with the target line. Additionally, focus on consistency in both posture and alignment so that each time you set up for a putt they remain consistent from shot to shot. With practice and dedication, proper posture and alignment will become second nature when it comes time to hit those all-important shots on the green!

Getting Familiar with Your Swing Arc in Open Stance Putting

Open stance putting is a technique that is becoming increasingly popular on the professional golf circuit. It involves standing to the side of the ball, instead of directly behind it. This alignment allows for a different swing arc and can be beneficial to players who have difficulty with their traditional putting stroke. To become proficient in this technique, you must become familiar with your swing arc and how it relates to your overall putting stroke.

The first step in getting comfortable with an open stance is to practice your setup. Stand beside the ball, rather than behind it, and focus on keeping your elbows close to your body throughout the entire setup process. This will help you maintain a consistent swing arc and ensure that you aren’t over-swinging or over-reaching during your stroke. Once you feel comfortable with your setup, take some practice swings to get familiar with the feeling of swinging from an open stance.

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Once you are comfortable with the feeling of an open stance, practice controlling your swing arc. To do this, measure out distances in front of the ball and try to hit each one precisely without changing your setup or rhythm. This will help you gain control over where the ball ends up after each putt and increase your accuracy as well as consistency.

Finally, make sure that you are paying attention to how much force you are applying when putting from an open stance. Too much force can cause the ball to fly off course, while too little can cause it to roll off too quickly. Practice controlling this aspect of your stroke so that when it comes time for competition, you have full control over where and how far the ball will travel.

By getting familiar with your swing arc in open stance putting, you can greatly improve your game and develop a more consistent putting stroke overall. With enough practice and patience, you will be able to master this technique and find success out on the green!

Practicing Different Length Putts with an Open Stance

Practicing different length putts with an open stance is a great way to improve your golf game. An open stance is when your left foot is further away from the ball than your right foot. This position encourages a more consistent stroke and helps you hit the ball straight and true. To practice different lengths of putts, start by setting up at least two tees on the green at different distances. When you hit the ball, focus on making a smooth stroke and try to make contact with the center of the putter face. As you become more comfortable with this drill, add in some short and long putts to challenge yourself.

Practicing different length putts with an open stance will help you develop a better feel for how far you need to hit the ball and it will also help develop a more consistent putting stroke. You can also use this drill to practice hitting uphill, downhill, and side hill putts. When practicing these types of shots, focus on keeping your body posture steady throughout your swing and make sure you are stroking the putter through impact on a consistent path. With practice, you will soon be able to confidently hit any type of putt regardless of terrain or distance.


Open stance putting is a great way to work on your accuracy and consistency when putting on the green. It can help you to develop a more reliable swing, improve your aim and trajectory, and increase your confidence with every putt. With practice, it can drastically improve your game and help you take control of the green.

It is important to remember that open stance putting takes time and dedication to master, so be sure to practice often and experiment with different open stances until you find one that works for you. With enough practice, you will be able to take advantage of the benefits of open stance putting in no time at all.

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