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paradym irons review

Paradym irons are an exciting new type of golf club that has been designed to give players more control over their swing and accuracy. The unique design of the Paradym irons allows for a more consistent swing, improved ball flight, and superior accuracy. In this review, we’ll explore the features of the Paradym irons and how they can help you improve your game. We’ll also look at some of the pros and cons associated with these clubs to help you decide if they’re the right fit for your golfing needs.The Paradym Irons are a line of golf clubs designed to maximize performance and distance. Their innovative design and technology create an experience that is both efficient and comfortable. The irons feature a thin, lightweight head with a full-length tungsten sole plate to reduce spin and turf interaction, as well as the new “Paradym Shaft” that provides power, stability, and control. Additionally, the improved “Paradym Alignment” system helps golfers ensure their accuracy on the course. With a sleek matte black finish, these irons look as good as they play.

Paradym Irons Performance

Paradym Irons are designed to provide maximum performance and accuracy. The use of advanced materials and design features give Paradym Irons exceptional feel, distance control, and shot-shaping capabilities. The unique design of these irons gives them increased accuracy when hitting the ball off the tee or fairway. The feel of the clubhead is also enhanced, allowing for a consistent swing and better feedback when striking the ball. The use of progressive loft angles ensures that each iron has an optimal trajectory for maximum distance and accuracy based on the players’ skill level.


The design of Paradym Irons is focused on providing a combination of performance and aesthetics. They feature a sleek black finish that gives them an eye-catching look that sets them apart from other irons. The cavity back design provides increased forgiveness for greater accuracy when hitting shots off the fairway or rough. Additionally, they have a wide sole which helps to reduce turf drag for improved contact with the ball. Furthermore, they are lightweight and have an oversized face which provides added forgiveness on mis-hit shots.

Overall, Paradym Irons are designed to provide maximum performance with excellent aesthetics to match. They are built with advanced materials that give them exceptional feel, distance control, and shot-shaping capabilities while still looking great on the course. With their progressive loft angles, powerful appearance, and improved forgiveness, these irons provide golfers with everything they need in order to improve their game.

Pros of Paradym Irons

Paradym irons are a great choice for golfers looking to make their game more consistent. They offer precision and control that is hard to find in other irons. The Paradym design is based on a traditional cavity-back iron, which provides added forgiveness while still offering the feel and workability of a blade. The irons have progressive offset, which means that the amount of offset increases as the loft of the iron increases. This helps to reduce excessive slicing by maximizing face stability at impact. The clubs also feature a thicker top line and wide sole, which helps to increase forgiveness on off-center hits. The irons’ lightweight graphite shafts also provide more distance and accuracy than traditional steel shafts.

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Cons of Paradym Irons

The main drawback with Paradym Irons is that they are significantly more expensive than other types of golf clubs. Additionally, they can be difficult for beginning golfers to use due to their precision and control characteristics. Finally, they require careful fitting in order to get the most out of them since they can be too forgiving for some players’ swings.

What Experts Say about Paradym Irons

Paradym irons are a great choice for any golfer looking to take their game to the next level. Professional golfers and experts alike have praised the design and performance of these clubs. They are designed with a low center of gravity, making them more forgiving on off-center shots, while still providing maximum distance and accuracy. The heads are also designed with an aerodynamic shape that helps reduce drag during swings, resulting in increased clubhead speed and more distance. Additionally, the irons feature a soft feel technology that helps reduce vibration at impact, leading to improved feel and control for every shot. Regardless of your skill level, Paradym irons can help you play your best.

The performance of these clubs has been consistently praised by professionals on the PGA Tour. Several top ranked players have stated that they prefer Paradym clubs because of their low center of gravity design and improved accuracy. In addition, some players have noted improved ball speeds and increased distances with their Paradym irons compared to other brands they’ve played in the past.

Overall, experts agree that Paradym irons are one of the best options on the market for any golfer looking to improve their game. The combination of forgiveness, distance, and control makes them ideal for golfers of all skill levels. If you’re looking for a set of clubs that will help you take your game up a notch, then consider investing in a set of Paradym irons today!

How to Use Paradym Irons

Using Paradym irons is a great way to achieve salon-quality results at home. Paradym irons are designed with a range of different features, such as variable temperature settings, steam and sprays, and ceramic plates, that allow you to customize your styling experience. Here’s how to use Paradym irons for the best results:

Start by selecting the right temperature setting for your hair type. For finer hair, use a lower temperature setting (around 200-300°F). For thicker hair, you can go with a higher temperature setting (around 380-450°F). Make sure to use the lowest heat setting possible for your hair type so that you don’t damage it.

Next, choose which features you want to use with your Paradym iron. If you want extra volume or smoothness, consider using steam or sprays. Or if you want extra shine and protection from humidity, opt for ceramic plates. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for using any additional features.

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Once all of your settings are selected, begin styling your hair. Start by sectioning off your hair into manageable pieces and working in small sections. Use slow and gentle strokes when applying the iron so that you don’t cause any damage to your hair. Once each section is styled, repeat on the rest of your hair until all sections are done.

Finally, finish off by using a leave-in conditioner or serum to smooth out any flyaways or frizz. This will help lock in the style and give it an extra glossy finish. When you’re done styling with your Paradym iron, remember to turn it off and unplug it before storing it away safely.

Are Paradym Irons Right for You?

Paradym irons are some of the most advanced and technologically-advanced golf clubs available on the market today. These irons are designed to be extremely forgiving, providing golfers with maximum distance and accuracy from their shots. They are made with a unique blend of materials that provide the golfer with a smooth, effortless swing. Paradym irons also feature revolutionary technology that helps golfers make better contact with the ball, resulting in more consistent and accurate shots.

If you are an experienced golfer looking for a set of clubs that will give you both distance and accuracy, then Paradym irons could be the right choice for you. These clubs will help you hit longer and straighter shots, as well as help to reduce your chances of mis-hits. Additionally, they have an advanced weighting system that allows for greater control over your shot trajectory.

These clubs also come with a variety of shafts to choose from, so you can customize your set to fit your individual needs. If you’re looking for a great set that will improve your game, then Paradym irons may be the perfect choice for you. With their superior technology and design, these clubs will give you the power and accuracy necessary to play at your best.

Common Issues with Paradym Irons

The Paradym iron is a popular choice for golfers of all levels, but like any golf club, it can occasionally suffer from common issues. Common issues with Paradym irons include poor launch angle, excess spin, and lack of distance. Additionally, the club head may feel too light or too heavy, or it may suffer from poor turf interaction. Fortunately, most of these issues can be easily addressed through proper maintenance and cleaning.

In order to ensure that your Paradym iron is properly performing at its peak level, it is important to clean and maintain it regularly. This includes removing dirt and debris from the grooves and shafts as well as inspecting the club face for wear. Additionally, it is important to ensure that the loft angle of your iron is set correctly in order to optimize ball flight performance. If you find that your iron has developed an issue due to improper maintenance or wear and tear, then it may be time to have your club professionally serviced by a qualified professional.

Finally, if you find that your Paradym iron is not performing as expected despite regular cleaning and maintenance, then it may be time to consider upgrading your current set of clubs. Upgrading with newer technology can often provide the extra edge needed to improve ball flight characteristics such as launch angle, spin rate, and distance control. Additionally, upgrading your current set with newer materials will help reduce wear on the club face over time which will help further improve performance.

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Cleaning your Paradym iron is a critical part of maintaining it. Before each use, make sure to thoroughly clean the soleplate of the iron with a damp cloth or paper towel. If there is any buildup of dirt or debris, use a mild detergent to remove it. It is also important to regularly check and clean out the steam vents for any blockages. This will ensure that your iron continues to produce good steam performance and prevent any damage to the internal components.


When not in use, be sure to properly store your Paradym iron in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight. Make sure to unplug the iron from the power source as well. Additionally, be sure that you are placing your iron on an appropriate surface, such as an ironing board, when using it. This will help prevent any damage that could be caused by heat exposure on an improper surface.

Safety Tips

Safety should always come first when using any type of appliance like an iron. Be sure that you are following all safety instructions provided in the owner’s manual for your Paradym iron. Additionally, make sure that you are keeping children and pets away from the area when using your Paradym Iron. Finally, never leave your iron unattended while it is turned on or plugged into an electrical outlet.

Replacement Parts

If there are any parts that need replacing on your Paradym Iron, make sure you are only using genuine replacement parts from the manufacturer or authorized retailers. This will ensure that all components work together properly and reduce the chances of damaging internal components due to incorrect installation procedures.

Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance is essential for ensuring optimal performance from your Paradym Iron over time. Be sure to inspect all components periodically for wear and tear and replace them if necessary. Additionally, check all cords and connections for signs of damage or fraying wires which could cause potential safety hazards if left unchecked. Following these simple maintenance tips can help keep your Paradym Iron in top condition for years to come!


The Paradigm irons are a great choice for any golfer looking to improve their game. They offer great distance, accuracy and control and the design allows for easy alignment. The feel of the clubs is smooth, yet powerful, and the large sweet spot helps to ensure that you hit your shots consistently and with confidence. The clubs are lightweight yet durable and come at a reasonable price point. The Paradigm irons are an excellent choice for players of all skill levels who want to improve their game.

Overall, the Paradigm irons offer great performance in a stylish package. They provide a high level of accuracy, control and distance without sacrificing feel or comfort. Additionally, the clubs are well-priced and durable enough to withstand regular use on the course. These features make them an ideal choice for any golfer looking to upgrade their equipment.

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