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Patrick Cantlay is a professional golfer who has won numerous tournaments around the world. He is known for his exceptional putting skills and his ability to make clutch putts when it matters the most. His choice of putter, the Odyssey Stroke Lab Putter, is one of the most popular and reliable putters on the market today. The unique design of this putter allows for an even balance across the face and a smooth stroke. With its precision milled face, this putter helps to ensure that each shot will be as accurate as possible. Cantlay’s success on the green is a testament to the quality of this club, and it’s no wonder why so many golfers have made it their go-to choice.Patrick Cantlay is one of the top-ranked golfers in the world, and his putter is one of the most important clubs in his bag. Cantlay uses a Scotty Cameron Newport 2 putter, which is a mid-mallet design that features a single-bend shaft and a sight line on the top of the face for alignment. The putter also has adjustable weights to customize the feel and performance. Cantlay has won several tournaments with this putter, including the 2019 Memorial Tournament, making it one of the most successful clubs in his bag. Additionally, Cantlay’s Scotty Cameron Newport 2 putter has been used by other top golfers such as Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, and Phil Mickelson.

Overview of Patrick Cantlay’s Putting Style

Patrick Cantlay is a professional golfer who has been playing on the PGA Tour since 2011. He is known for his reliable and consistent putting style which has seen him rise to the top of the leaderboard in many tournaments. His putting style is characterized by a smooth stroke, steady tempo, and precise aim. He also has a unique pre-putt routine which involves visualizing the line of the putt and standing over the ball for several seconds in order to get a good read on it before he strikes it.

Cantlay is particularly strong on the greens when it comes to lag putting, which requires accuracy and control rather than power. He takes his time when setting up for a putt, making sure he lines up his feet properly and that his shoulders are square to the target line. He also keeps an eye on any subtle breaks in the green that may affect his shot. His deliberate approach allows him to make accurate reads of even the most challenging green surfaces.

When it comes to short putts, Cantlay is known for showing patience and restraint. Rather than rushing or hurrying himself, he takes his time in order to make sure that he makes solid contact with the ball every time. This helps him avoid costly three-putts which can often be disastrous for a player’s scorecard.

Overall, Patrick Cantlay’s putting style has been instrumental in his success as a professional golfer. With his steady tempo and precise aim, he is capable of making even difficult putts look effortless. His pre-putt routine helps him get into an ideal state of mind before each shot, allowing him to focus on what needs to be done in order to make it successful. With this approach, he has consistently been able to save par or better when needed most – something every great golfer needs to do in order succeed at the highest level.

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The Putter Used by Patrick Cantlay

Patrick Cantlay is one of the best professional golfers in the world and he has had a great amount of success in 2019. He has been using the same putter for several years now and it has been a key part of his success. The putter he uses is a Scotty Cameron Newport 2 GSS model. It is an exclusive limited edition putter that was designed specifically for Cantlay and it features a unique design. The putter features a deep milled face that provides a very soft feel when making contact with the ball. It also has an extended length of 35 inches which gives him more control over his putting stroke. The Scotty Cameron Newport 2 GSS putter is definitely one of the most popular models on the market and it is no surprise that Patrick Cantlay uses it to great effect on the course.

Cantlay’s success with this putter can be attributed to its versatility, as it can be used in different types of conditions and terrain. He has stated that he likes to use this club in all sorts of conditions, from wet grass to dry greens, and it always performs well for him. It also provides him with consistent feedback which allows him to make adjustments during his putting stroke if needed. Overall, it is clear why Patrick Cantlay prefers this particular model and why it has been a key factor in his success on the course.

Putter Features

Patrick Cantlay uses a variety of putters to optimize his golf game. His putters are specifically designed to help him achieve the perfect stroke and accuracy on the course. The most important features of Patrick’s putters are their high MOI (Moment of Inertia), low center of gravity, and an adjustable hosel.

The high MOI allows for a more stable and consistent performance from Patrick’s putter regardless of the speed or direction of his stroke. This helps him to maintain a consistent roll on every shot he takes, providing greater accuracy and consistency.

The low center of gravity and adjustable hosel also work together to ensure that Patrick has optimal control over his putting strokes. The adjustable hosel gives him the ability to customize the loft angle, lie angle, and face angle on his putter, thus allowing him to make adjustments based on the terrain or the specific type of greens he is playing on that day.

All in all, Patrick Cantlay’s putters are specifically designed with features that help him play at an optimal level on the golf course. The combination of a high MOI, low center of gravity, and adjustable hosel give Patrick confidence in his putting capabilities and provide him with a great advantage when it comes time to hit those crucial shots.

Advantages of Patrick Cantlay’s Putter

Patrick Cantlay’s putter is one of the most popular putters on the market today. It has many advantages, including a precise weighting system, a consistent sound when striking the ball, and an overall excellent feel. The precise weighting system helps players to achieve better accuracy and distance control on their putting strokes. This is due to the ability to customize the weighting of the putter head for each individual player’s needs.

The consistent sound that is produced when striking the ball allows players to hear exactly what kind of contact they have made with the ball. This gives players more confidence in their stroke and helps them to make better decisions about their putting stroke while on the course.

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The overall feel of this putter is excellent due to its ergonomic design and lightweight materials used in its construction. The shaft has been designed specifically for players who have a steep angle in their putting stroke and need an extra bit of help in getting the ball rolling properly off their clubface. This also helps players avoid mishitting or over-hitting putts while on the course.

Finally, Patrick Cantlay’s putter is backed by a lifetime warranty, so you can be sure that you are purchasing a high-quality product that will last for many years down the line. With its precision weighting system, consistent sound, and excellent feel combined with a lifetime warranty, it’s easy to see why this putter has become so popular among professional golfers as well as amateur players alike.

Getting Familiar With Patrick Cantlay’s Putter

Playing golf can be a very rewarding experience. However, to play your best, you need to have the right equipment. One of the most important pieces of equipment is the putter, and professional golfer Patrick Cantlay has a putter that he trusts. It is important to understand how to use this putter correctly so you can get the most out of it.

The first step in using Patrick Cantlay’s putter is to get familiar with its design and features. This putter has a unique design that helps promote accuracy and stability. It also features a weight adjustment system that helps you customize the feel of the club for different shots.

Once you are familiar with the design, you should then practice with it on the practice green. This will help you get comfortable with how it feels in your hands and how it reacts when hitting different types of shots. It is also important to take your time when practicing as this will help ensure that you are making good contact with the ball each time.

Finally, once you are comfortable with using Patrick Cantlay’s putter on the practice green, it is time to take it out onto the course and use it during a round of golf. This way, you can see how well it performs under game conditions and make any adjustments as needed. By understanding how to use this putter correctly, you will be better prepared for when it comes time to tee off on your next round of golf.

Straight Putt

The most basic type of shot you can make with Patrick Cantlay’s putter is the straight putt. This is a simple but effective stroke that involves rolling the ball in a straight line along the ground. The aim is to get the ball close to the hole without having it fall in, and this shot can be used to great effect on any length of putt. It is an essential skill for any beginner golfer as it teaches you how to control your stroke and get the ball near the hole with minimal effort.

Breaking Putt

Another type of shot you can make with Patrick Cantlay’s putter is a breaking putt. This type of stroke requires you to hit the ball with slightly more force than a straight putt, and it will cause the ball to break off in one direction or another depending on which side of the clubface you strike it against. Breaking putts are particularly useful when playing on greens that have subtle undulations, as they allow you to adjust your line and direction depending on where you want the ball to end up.

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High-Speed Putts

For players looking for more power and distance out of their shots, high-speed putts are another option available with Patrick Cantlay’s putter. With this type of stroke, you use a faster swing speed in order to generate more speed and distance on your shots. High-speed putts require more practice than other types of strokes, as they need to be very precise in order for them to work properly.

Lag Putts

Finally, lag putts are another option available with Patrick Cantlay’s putter. Lag putting involves hitting long-distance shots from far away from the hole, often from outside of 20 yards or more. Lag putting requires a great deal of control as well as a good eye for judging distances accurately so that you can get your shots close enough for an easy tap-in birdie or even eagle opportunity.

Drill 1: Putt from Various Distances

Start with a few warm-up putts from a few feet away, then gradually move back to longer distances. Practice a few putts from each distance to get a feel for the speed of the green and how your stroke is performing. Make sure to take note of any adjustments you need to make in order to get the ball into the hole. Repeat this drill until you feel comfortable with your stroke and distance control.

Drill 2: Work on Your Aim

Once you have a feel for your stroke, start working on your aim. Set up two or three balls in different spots and practice hitting them into one spot. This will help you develop a consistent aim and will also help you learn how to adjust your aim when faced with more challenging shots. Make sure to focus on keeping your head still throughout the entire stroke for best results.

Drill 3: Visualize Your Line

Before you hit each putt, it’s important to visualize the line that the ball will need to take in order to end up in the cup. Take your time and really focus on where you want the ball to go, then commit yourself to hitting it there. Make sure that once you have visualized your line, that you don’t change it during or after your stroke as this can cause issues with accuracy.

Drill 4: Practice Short Putts

Short putts are often overlooked when practicing putting but they can be just as important as long ones. Working on short putts will help build confidence when faced with longer ones and can also help develop better touch around the green. Focus on developing a smooth rhythm with these putts and try not to rush them.

Drill 5: Use Alignment Aids

Alignment aids such as lines or dots can be used to help ensure that you are aiming correctly and are taking an accurate path back and through the ball. If possible, place alignment aids around each of the holes so that they are visible when addressing each putt. This can be especially useful when playing on unfamiliar greens or courses.


Patrick Cantlay’s putter is a great choice for golfers of any level. Its hybrid design provides a balance between forgiveness and feel, allowing players to improve their accuracy and speed on the green. The adjustable weights also give golfers more control over their putting stroke, allowing them to tailor their putter to their individual preferences. All in all, Patrick Cantlay’s putter is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-quality putter that can help them take their game to the next level.

At the end of the day, the decision of which putter to use is ultimately up to each individual golfer. However, with its combination of quality craftsmanship and performance-enhancing features, Patrick Cantlay’s putter is definitely worth considering if you’re looking for a top-notch putter that can take your game to the next level.