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The Pencil Grip Putter is a revolutionary new golf putter designed to help improve your putting technique and accuracy. This unique putter features an ergonomically designed grip which encourages the correct hand placement for a more consistent and accurate putting stroke. The Pencil Grip Putter also features a lightweight design for better balance and control while on the green, as well as a modern look that will make you stand out from the crowd. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced golfer, the Pencil Grip Putter is sure to help you get the most out of your game.A Pencil Grip Putter is a type of golf putter designed to be held with a pencil-style grip. The main feature of this putter is the handle, which has a hole in the middle into which the golfer inserts their index finger and thumb. This grip provides more control and accuracy when putting, as well as improved consistency with each stroke.

The Benefits of the Pencil Grip Putter

The pencil grip putter is an innovative golf club designed to help golfers improve their putting stroke and accuracy. The grip features a unique design that mimics the shape of a pencil, with a cylindrical handle and long, narrow face. This design is intended to provide a more consistent grip and improved accuracy by helping golfers achieve a more consistent putting stroke. The design also helps to reduce wrist movement and improve balance while putting.

The pencil grip putter has several advantages over traditional putters. First, it helps to reduce wrist movement and promote a more consistent stroke, which can significantly improve accuracy on the green. Second, it can help golfers develop better posture during their putting stroke, as the design encourages them to stand in a more upright position. Third, because of its unique shape, it can help golfers achieve a more even distribution of weight across both hands while gripping the club. This can lead to better balance and control while putting.

In addition to these benefits, the pencil grip putter is also very easy to use. It is lightweight and comfortable in the hands, making it easier for golfers of all levels to find success with this type of putter. The unique design also makes it easier for golfers to take aim at their target before swinging at the ball, as they are able to accurately line up their shot before striking.

Overall, the pencil grip putter offers several benefits that can improve any golfer’s game on the green. From improved accuracy and balance to better posture and control over each stroke taken, this innovative design provides all types of golfers with an effective way to improve their game on the green.

How to Use a Pencil Grip Putter

Using a pencil grip putter is a great way to improve your golf game. It can help you make better contact with the ball, and it can help you hit longer and more accurate shots. The first step in using a pencil grip putter is to find the right size for your hands. You want the club to fit comfortably in your hands, so that you don’t have to strain or reach too far when swinging. Once you have the right size club, you’ll want to practice your putting stroke with it.

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The key to using a pencil grip putter effectively is to keep your hands close together while gripping the club. This will help maintain control over the club head during your stroke, and will also keep your wrists from breaking down as you make contact with the ball. As you practice with this technique, make sure that your elbows and forearms stay close together throughout the swing motion as well. This will help ensure that all of your power is directed through the ball instead of away from it.

Finally, remember that practice makes perfect when it comes to using a pencil grip putter. Take some time on the driving range or practice green and experiment with different grips until you find one that feels comfortable and produces good results for you. With enough practice, you’ll be hitting those long putts in no time!

Practicing Proper Form

Using a pencil grip putter properly is key to achieving the desired results. It is important to ensure the putter is held firmly in the correct position and that your hands are in the right position to ensure a consistent and accurate stroke. You should also practice proper posture when using a pencil grip putter, as this will help ensure that your body is in the ideal position for consistent swing mechanics.

Using the Right Putter

When selecting a pencil grip putter, it is important to choose one that fits your hand size and shape as well as your playing style. A good putter should provide both comfort and control, so try several different models before settling on one that works best for you. Additionally, be sure to select a putter with an appropriate weight and length for your skill level.

Gripping the Putter Correctly

The most important part of using a pencil grip putter is gripping it correctly. Be sure to hold the club with an even pressure between your index finger and thumb. You should also keep your hands slightly lower than the putters’ shaft, ensuring you have good contact with it throughout your stroke. This will help you maintain control of the clubface while still allowing you to generate power during your swing.

Developing Consistency

Once you have mastered proper form and are comfortable with gripping the putter correctly, it is time to work on developing consistency in your putting stroke. This includes practicing on different surfaces, such as short grass or sand traps, or by varying distances from the hole to help build muscle memory and accuracy with each shot. Additionally, take time to practice visualization techniques which can help you better anticipate how each shot will play out before taking it.

By following these best practices for using a pencil grip putter, you can improve both accuracy and consistency on the green while enjoying more success on every round of golf.

When to Use a Pencil Grip Putter

Using a pencil grip putter can improve your putting performance. This type of putter is designed to help you maintain proper wrist position during the stroke, resulting in better ball striking and distance control. The pencil grip is specifically designed to fit comfortably into the palm of your hand, allowing you to keep your wrist in the optimal position while swinging. It also helps keep your arms and shoulders in the correct alignment for a consistent putt. With this improved accuracy and control, you can confidently sink more putts from longer distances.

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The pencil grip can be used by both amateur and professional golfers alike. Beginners may find it helpful as they learn proper putting technique, while experienced players may benefit from using this type of putter to refine their stroke and gain more confidence on the greens. Additionally, golfers with physical limitations or injuries may find that using a pencil grip helps them swing without pain or discomfort. No matter your skill level or experience, there are benefits to be gained from using a pencil grip putter.

Ultimately, it’s up to you whether you want to use a pencil grip putter or not. We recommend experimenting with one at the driving range or on the putting green before investing in an expensive model. That way you can determine whether it helps improve your overall putting performance and feel more confident on the course.

Increased Accuracy and Consistency

The Pencil Grip Putter offers increased accuracy and consistency on the golf course. The unique design of the Pencil Grip Putter provides a more stable grip for the golfer, allowing for more consistent contact with the ball. The ergonomic shape of the putter head also helps to center the ball properly on each stroke, resulting in improved accuracy. This improved accuracy and consistency makes it easier to hit greens in fewer strokes, saving time and energy during a round of golf.

Improved Feel

The Pencil Grip Putter also provides improved feel when striking the ball. The ergonomic design ensures that the putter head is centered correctly on each stroke, creating an ideal contact point. This helps to provide a better feel for how hard or soft to hit the ball, making it easier to gauge distances accurately. With improved feel, golfers can easily adjust their distance control as they progress throughout a round of golf.

Increased Comfort

The Pencil Grip Putter also increases comfort while playing golf. The unique design of the putter helps reduce strain on the wrists and hands during use. This is especially beneficial for those who suffer from wrist or hand pain, as it can help alleviate some of that discomfort while playing golf. Additionally, because of its ergonomic shape, it can help improve balance and posture while putting, allowing for an easier swing.

Versatile Design

Finally, the Pencil Grip Putter is a versatile design that can be used by players with different levels of skill sets. It’s suitable for both beginners and experienced players alike due to its adjustable weights which make it easy to customize its performance depending on individual’s needs. With its adjustable weights and comfortable grip, this putter can be used by all levels of players without compromising performance.

Advantages of the Pencil Grip Putter

The biggest advantage of a pencil grip putter is its ability to provide an improved feel and accuracy when putting. This is because the putter is held in the same way as you would a pen or pencil, providing greater control and precision. It also gives golfers more stability when putting, which results in a more consistent stroke. Additionally, the putter has increased accuracy due to its shorter shaft length, which allows for better control and accuracy when hitting the ball. The use of the pencil grip also reduces tension in your wrists and arms during your stroke, allowing for a smoother, more accurate swing.

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Disadvantages of the Pencil Grip Putter

The main disadvantage of using a pencil grip putter is that it can be difficult for some golfers to get used to at first. Because it requires a different technique than other types of putters, it can take some time for golfers to master this particular putting style. Additionally, some golfers find that the shorter shaft length on this type of putter makes it more difficult to generate distance on their shots. Finally, certain golf courses may not allow this type of putter due to their shorter shaft length or their unorthodox design.

Overall, while there are some disadvantages associated with using a pencil grip putter, its potential advantages make it worth considering if you’re looking for an improved feel and accuracy when putting on the green.

Different Types of Pencil Grip Putters

Golfers have many options when it comes to choosing how they hold their putter. The most common type of grip used is the pencil grip putter. This type of putter has a thin handle that fits comfortably in the fingers and allows for a more natural feel and control while putting. There are several different types of pencil grip putters available, each designed to provide golfers with different levels of control and accuracy.

The first type is the standard pencil grip putter. This is the most basic type of pencil grip putter and provides golfers with a consistent feel while putting. The handle is thin, allowing for more control over the club head, and it fits snugly in the fingers for added comfort. This type of putter works best for golfers who prefer a more controlled approach to their putting game, as it provides them with greater accuracy and consistency.

The second type is the offset pencil grip putter. This type of putter has an offset handle, meaning that it sits slightly off-center in the golfer’s hands. This allows for a more powerful stroke as well as greater accuracy when hitting long-distance shots. Offset grips are great for golfers who regularly hit long-distance shots or need more power behind their strokes when putting from long distances.

The third type is the counterbalanced pencil grip putter. This type of putter has a larger handle than standard models, which helps to provide golfers with additional stability during their stroke. Counterbalanced grips also help to reduce wrist movement, which can lead to improved accuracy when putting from longer distances or on uneven surfaces. Counterbalanced pencil grip putters are ideal for experienced golfers who need extra control over their strokes while putting from long distances or on uneven surfaces.

Overall, there are several different types of pencil grip putters available to suit any golfer’s individual needs and preferences when it comes to their putting game. Whether you prefer a standard model for its consistency or an offset model for its added power, there is sure to be a perfect fit out there for you!


The pencil grip putter is an ideal tool for golfers who are looking to improve their golfing technique. It is lightweight and ergonomically designed, making it easy to use. It also provides great feedback on your putting stroke, allowing you to make adjustments quickly and easily. The pencil grip putter is a great choice for golfers of all levels, from beginner to pro.

Overall, the pencil grip putter is an excellent choice for those looking to take their game to the next level. It helps golfers develop a consistent putting stroke that will lead to lower scores on the course. With its combination of lightweight design and great feedback it can provide, the pencil grip putter is sure to be a valuable asset in any golfer’s bag.

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