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Jim “Bones” Mackay is a legendary professional golf caddie best known for his long-term partnership with golfing superstar Phil Mickelson. Mackay earned his nickname due to his bony frame – he stands 6’2 and weighs 160 pounds – and has been on the bag for many of Mickelson’s most memorable victories, including five major championships. Though their professional relationship officially ended in 2017, Mackay’s influence on the game of golf and Mickelson’s career will not be forgotten.Phil Mickelson and caddie Bones Mackay have been working together since 1992. The two first met when Phil was an amateur golfer, and Bones had already been working as a professional caddie for several years. Since then, they have become one of the most successful duos in golf history. Their partnership has resulted in forty-four PGA Tour wins, three Masters titles, and one PGA Championship. Mickelson credits much of his success to the guidance and support he has received from Bones over the years. In addition to helping Phil plan out each shot on each hole, Bones also

A Look Back at Phil Mickelson’s Career with Caddie Bones Mackay

Phil Mickelson and caddie Jim “Bones” Mackay have been a team for over two decades. The pair have seen success both on and off the golf course, helping to define what it means to be a professional golfer. From major championships to charity events, Mickelson and Mackay have been a formidable duo. Here’s a look back at Phil Mickelson’s career with caddie Bones Mackay.

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Mickelson first

Phil Mickelson and Caddie Bones Mackay’s Bond

Phil Mickelson and his caddie, Bones Mackay have been working together for over 20 years. The two have become an iconic duo on the PGA Tour, with their relationship being one of the longest in golf. They have a strong bond that has been developed through hard work, trust and respect.

Bones Mackay first started working as Phil Mickelson’s caddie in 1992. Since then, they have developed a mutual understanding of each other and their respective roles on

Phil Mickelson and Caddie Bones Mackay’s Professional Achievements

Phil Mickelson is one of the most successful professional golfers of all time. He has won 44 PGA Tour events, including five major championships: three Masters titles, a PGA Championship, and an Open Championship. His career accomplishments also include two wins in the Ryder Cup and numerous PGA and European Tour victories. His caddie, Bones Mackay, has been his trusted friend and advisor since 1992. Together they have achieved remarkable success on the course.

Bones Mack

Why Did Phil Mickelson and Caddie Bones Mackay Part Ways?

Phil Mickelson and his long-time caddie, Jim “Bones” Mackay, recently announced that they have ended their professional relationship after 25 years together. The pair worked together since 1992 and won four major championships, including the 2013 Open Championship at Muirfield. They also won 44 PGA Tour events in all, making them one of the most successful partnerships in the sport’s history.

It’s unclear why they decided to part ways, although it’s

What Made the Working Relationship between Phil Mickelson and Caddie Bones so Successful?

Phil Mickelson and Caddie Bones have been working together for over two decades, making them one of the longest standing professional partnerships in golf history. Their success is largely due to their complementary skillsets, mutual respect, and trust.

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Mickelson is an incredibly talented golfer who has won five major tournaments in his career. He’s known for his ability to make shots that no one else can, but he relies on Bones to provide invaluable insights

The Impact of Caddie Bones Mack

Caddie Bones Mack was a legendary American golfer who rose to fame in the early 20th century. He was an innovator and pioneer in the game, introducing new techniques and strategies that revolutionized golf. His impact on the game is still felt today, and his legacy lives on through the many players who have been influenced by his style of play.

Mack’s influence can be seen in the way modern golfers approach the game. He popularized a style of play that was focused on accuracy rather than


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Phil Mickelson and Bones Mackay have been together for over two decades. During that time, they have built a strong bond and a trusting relationship. Their success on the golf course is undeniable, having won 44 tournaments together including five major championships. Bones has been a great asset to Phil’s game and his success is a testament to Bones’ knowledge and experience in the game of golf. They are an inseparable duo who have achieved great things together.

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Bones Mackay is more than just a caddie for Phil Mickelson; he

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