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Phil Mickelson is one of the most successful golfers of all time, and his grip on the club has been a big part of his success. The Phil Mickelson grip is an interlocking grip that involves locking the little finger of your dominant hand onto your trailing hand. This grip has become popular with many amateurs and professionals alike due to its superior control and power potential. It provides the golfer with a powerful grip that allows them to hit their shots with precision and accuracy. In addition, it also helps reduce unwanted wrist movement during the swing. The Phil Mickelson grip is a great choice for players who want maximum control over their shots.The Phil Mickelson Grip is a type of golf grip which is used by the professional golfer, Phil Mickelson. It was developed by him and his coach, Rick Smith, in 2000. This grip features a square clubface position at address, a strong left-hand grip with the left thumb positioned along the right side of the shaft and a relaxed right-hand grip with the right thumb slightly behind the shaft. This setup allows for maximum control and accuracy when hitting shots.

The Benefits of the Phil Mickelson Grip

The Phil Mickelson grip is a popular golfing technique used by many professional golfers, and it can be beneficial for any level of golfer. This grip is designed to help reduce tension in the hands and wrists, giving the golfer more control over their shots. It also helps with accuracy, as the clubface stays square to the ball longer during the swing. This grip also helps with distance control, as it allows for a more efficient use of energy when swinging. By using this grip, golfers can improve their game and increase their chances of success on the course.

One of the main benefits of using this grip is its ability to reduce tension in the hands and wrists. This can help to prevent injuries that can occur from over-gripping or swinging too hard. The Phil Mickelson grip also increases accuracy and control by helping keep the clubface square to the ball longer during the swing. Lastly, it helps with distance control by allowing for a more efficient use of energy when swinging.

Another great benefit of this grip is that it can help improve consistency in a golfer’s game. With this grip, golfers can develop a consistent tempo throughout their swings. This allows them to hit more consistent shots on each hole, improving their overall scores on the course. Additionally, this grip eliminates any extra movement which can lead to mis-hits or errant shots from time to time.

Lastly, many golfers find that using this grip reduces fatigue during rounds of golf. By reducing tension in the hands and wrists, golfers are able to swing easier without fatiguing as quickly as they would with other grips. This leads to better focus on each shot throughout a round of golf which can result in improved scores overall.

In conclusion, using the Phil Mickelson grip has numerous benefits for all levels of golfers ranging from increased accuracy and distance control to improved consistency and reduced fatigue during rounds of golf. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced golfer looking to improve your game, giving this popular technique a try could be beneficial for your game in many ways!

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Step 1: Placing the Left Hand

The first step to executing the Phil Mickelson grip is to place your left hand on the club. Your left thumb should be straight down the shaft of the club. Make sure your left hand is relaxed and not gripping tightly. Your left index finger should be pointing at the right shoulder, and your left thumb should be pointing toward your right ear.

Step 2: Placing the Right Hand

The next step is to place your right hand on the club. Your right index finger and thumb should form a “V” shape, with your right palm facing away from you. The “V” shape should point towards the target you are aiming for. Make sure that your hands are relaxed and not gripping too tightly.

Step 3: Adjusting Your Grip

Once both hands are in position, make any adjustments necessary to ensure a comfortable grip on the club. Make sure that each finger has equal pressure on the shaft of the club and that there is no tension in either hand. You may also adjust your grip by slightly rotating your right palm upward, which will create a stronger connection between both hands.

Step 4: Testing Your Grip

After making any adjustments, it’s important to test out your grip before hitting a shot. Take some practice swings at half speed and make sure that you have a steady hold on the club throughout each swing. If you feel any discomfort or tension in either hand, make further adjustments until you find a comfortable grip.

Step 5: Executing The Phil Mickelson Grip

Once you have a comfortable hold on the club with both hands, you can begin executing The Phil Mickelson Grip with confidence. With this grip, you’ll find that it’s easier to hit longer drives with more accuracy, as well as more control over shorter shots around the green.

Common Misconceptions about the Phil Mickelson Grip

The Phil Mickelson grip is a unique golf grip that has become increasingly popular in recent years. While it has helped many players improve their game, there are some common misconceptions about it. Here are some of the most common misconceptions about the Phil Mickelson grip:

1. It requires a lot of strength – While the Phil Mickelson grip does require some strength to hold, it is not as strenuous as some people think. In fact, many golfers find that they can maintain this grip for long periods of time without having to use a lot of strength or energy.

2. It limits your backswing – The Phil Mickelson grip does not limit your backswing in any way. In fact, many golfers find that it actually helps them get more power out of their backswing by allowing them to move their arms more freely.

3. It is difficult to learn – Many people think that the Phil Mickelson grip is difficult to learn but this is not true. With some practice and guidance, you can quickly learn how to use it effectively and start improving your game right away.

4. You need special equipment – You do not need any special equipment in order to use the Phil Mickelson grip. All you need is a regular set of clubs and a few tips from an experienced instructor and you should be able to master this technique fairly quickly.

5. It will change your swing dramatically – The Phil Mickelson grip will not change your swing dramatically but rather allow you to make small adjustments that can add up over time and help improve your game significantly over time.

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The Phil Mickelson Grip Offers Increased Accuracy

The Phil Mickelson grip is one of the most popular grips among amateur golfers. This grip is characterized by a slightly weaker left hand, which allows for increased accuracy when hitting the ball. The left-hand grip reduces the amount of rotation in the wrists, resulting in more consistent shots. The grip also helps to keep the clubface square at impact, providing a better contact with the ball and a straighter shot. For amateur golfers who are looking to improve their accuracy on the course, the Phil Mickelson grip is a great choice.

The Phil Mickelson Grip Promotes Consistency

Another advantage of using the Phil Mickelson grip is that it helps promote consistency in your shots. With this grip, your hands and arms are better synchronized, allowing you to hit more consistent shots with less effort. Your swing will become smoother and more repeatable, which will help you hit more accurate shots on a regular basis. This makes it easier for amateur golfers to improve their scores over time and become better players overall.

The Phil Mickelson Grip Improves Distance Control

Finally, using the Phil Mickelson grip can also help improve distance control on your shots. This type of grip allows you to keep your left arm straight during your swing, which gives you greater control over how far you hit each shot. As an amateur golfer, this can be invaluable when trying to hit specific targets on the course or just trying to get more distance out of your driver or fairway woods. The increased control provided by the Phil Mickelson grip can help any golfer lower their scores and play better golf overall.

Pros of Using the Phil Mickelson Grip

The Phil Mickelson grip offers golfers a steady, consistent swing with improved accuracy. It is a great grip for players who have difficulty controlling their shots and keeping the clubface square to the target line. The grip also helps players generate more power and distance on their shots. With this grip, the hands are rotated slightly to the left of center, which allows for increased clubhead speed and a more powerful swing. Additionally, the Phil Mickelson grip is one of the most popular grips among professional golfers, so it’s easy to find instruction and resources on how to use it properly.

Cons of Using the Phil Mickelson Grip

Although there are many benefits to using the Phil Mickelson grip, there are also some potential drawbacks associated with it. The main issue is that it can be difficult for some players to get used to this type of grip due to its unnatural feeling. Additionally, because you must rotate your hands slightly counterclockwise during your swing, it can be difficult for some players to keep their wrists in proper alignment when transitioning from backswing to downswing. This can lead to mis-hits or even injury if not done correctly. Furthermore, if used improperly this grip can reduce accuracy as well as distance off the tee due to poor alignment and timing issues.

The Physics Behind the Phil Mickelson Grip

Phil Mickelson’s grip is an essential part of his golf game and has been used to great success over the years. It is a unique grip that requires some special physics to explain how it works. This article will explain the physics behind the Phil Mickelson Grip and how it helps improve a golfer’s accuracy and power.

The most important aspect of the Phil Mickelson Grip is the placement of the hands. To achieve this grip, Mickelson keeps his hands close together on the club shaft. This allows him to generate more power and accuracy when he swings, as it increases the amount of torque he can generate on the club head. The increased torque means that he can hit shots with greater force and accuracy than with a more traditional grip.

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The second important aspect of the grip is its relationship to body mechanics. Since both hands are close together on the club shaft, it allows for better control over body movement during a swing, allowing for more efficient energy transfer from your body into your swing motion. This helps create a smoother transition from backswing to follow-through, increasing accuracy and power in each shot.

Finally, another important factor in understanding how this grip works is its effect on clubhead speed. By keeping his hands close together on the club shaft, Mickelson creates a stable platform for himself which allows him to swing with greater speed while maintaining control over shots. This increased speed helps him generate further distance off each shot without sacrificing accuracy or control over ball flight characteristics like spin rate or trajectory shape.

Overall, these factors combine to create an effective golf technique that has been used successfully by many players throughout history, including Phil Mickelson himself. The physics behind this technique are relatively simple but can have a profound effect on a golfer’s performance if implemented correctly. With practice and dedication to honing his craft, any golfer can use this technique to add power and accuracy to their own game as well as improve their overall performance on course.


The grip is an incredibly important factor when it comes to playing golf successfully. The Phil Mickelson grip is one of the most popular grips used by professional golfers. This grip involves gripping the club with your left hand in a slightly more underhanded position than normal, while your right hand is placed in a more traditional position. The goal of the Phil Mickelson grip is to increase power and accuracy when hitting the ball.


In order to be successful with the Phil Mickelson grip, it is important to have good technique when swinging the club. Having good posture and balance are essential for a successful swing with this grip. It is also important to ensure that your arms and wrists are in proper alignment and that you are using correct hip and shoulder rotation throughout the swing.


As with any golf skill, practice is essential for success with the Phil Mickelson grip. Taking time to practice different shots and perfecting one’s technique will improve performance on the course. It is also important to remember that even small changes can make a big difference, so taking time to adjust one’s grip can help improve accuracy and power over time.


Having quality equipment can also help improve success with the Phil Mickelson grip. Using clubs that are properly fitted for one’s height and size can make a big difference in terms of accuracy and power when hitting with this grip. Additionally, having quality golf balls that are specifically designed for distance or spin can help increase performance on the course as well.


Phil Mickelson’s grip is one of the most iconic and recognizable in the golf world. It has become a symbol of his style and approach to the game, and he has used it to great success over the years. His grip is unique in its ability to provide a great amount of control and stability, and it can be easily replicated by golfers of any skill level. Although Phil Mickelson has evolved his grip slightly over time, he has always stuck with the basic principles that make up his iconic grip. It is this consistency that makes it such a powerful tool for any golfer who wants to improve their results on the course.

Although there are many different grips to choose from, Phil Mickelson’s grip provides an excellent starting point for anyone who wants to improve their game. By combining power, control, and stability into one package, it offers an effective solution for golfers of any skill level. With practice and dedication, players can use Phil Mickelson’s grip to take their game to the next level.