ping blueprint irons

Ping Blueprint irons are designed to create a smooth and consistent golf swing. These irons feature an easy-to-hit design with a low center of gravity and high moment of inertia for forgiveness on off-center strikes. The progressive lengths and lofts of the set are engineered for maximum distance, accuracy, and control. The progressive offset design helps square the clubface at impact while increasing shot consistency. The multi-material construction ensures a solid feel across the set while delivering improved distance and accuracy.Ping Blueprint Irons Overview:

The Ping Blueprint Irons are a premium set of game-improvement irons designed for golfers of all levels. These clubs feature a progressive head design that combines the forgiveness of a game-improvement iron with the distance and feel of a players iron. The Blueprint Irons have a low center of gravity to promote launch and trajectory control, and their premium stock shafts provide maximum stability and accuracy. The clubs also have an oversized face and wide sole for maximum forgiveness on off-center hits. The Ping Blueprint Irons offer golfers the perfect blend of distance, accuracy, and forgiveness in one package.

Ping Blueprint Irons

Ping Blueprint irons are engineered to offer golfers a unique combination of distance, forgiveness, and precision. With its progressive blade lengths and sole widths, the Blueprint iron is designed to provide a smooth transition through the set from long to short irons. The Tour-inspired shaping provides a classic look at address, while the generous offset helps to reduce slicing and improve accuracy. The advanced face technology maximizes ball speed for maximum distance and improved consistency. The slightly larger heads increase the area of the face for added forgiveness on off-center shots. The irons also feature Ping’s patented COR-Eye Technology which creates additional face flex for increased ball speed and higher launch angles with increased spin. The tungsten weighting in the head helps to lower and position the center of gravity for improved playability from all lies.


The Ping Blueprint irons offer a wide range of options to golfers of all skill levels. The clubs’ progressive design and variable face thickness technology provide greater control, distance, and accuracy for every shot. The clubs have a thinner sole that promotes more efficient turf interaction and higher launch angles, while the wider sole provides stability on off-center hits. With the ability to customize the shafts, lie angles, and swing weights, these irons are truly designed for all types of players.

Forgiving Performance

The forgiving performance of the Ping Blueprint irons is unmatched. The clubs feature an elastomer insert at the impact area that reduces vibration and provides enhanced feel. The progressive cavity design helps to concentrate weight toward the toe side of the head for improved forgiveness on mis-hits. This combination of features allows players to hit shots with confidence even if they miss their target slightly.

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Distance & Control

Ping Blueprint irons are designed with a variable face thickness technology that increases ball speed across the entire face of the club for extra distance and control on each shot. This design also promotes more consistent ball flight by reducing spin on off-center hits. The clubs also feature a low center of gravity that helps launch the ball higher for even more distance off the tee box.

Look & Feel

The Ping Blueprint irons have a classic look at address with a black PVD finish that helps reduce glare in bright sunlight. The feel is soft yet solid with every shot providing feedback without too much vibration in your hands or arms. The clubs also feature a slightly offset hosel which provides additional forgiveness on mis-hits while still maintaining great workability for those who need it.

Comparison of Ping Blueprint Irons with Other Brands

Ping’s Blueprint Irons are considered one of the top irons in golf. They offer a sleek design, superior feel, and great distance. When comparing them to other brands, there are a few key features that set them apart.

The main difference is in the construction. Ping uses a unique heat treatment process to create a softer, more responsive face that provides more feedback and control when hitting the ball. This gives the player better accuracy and distance when compared to other brands.

Another big difference is in the design of the clubhead. The larger clubhead size on Ping irons allows for better forgiveness on off-center hits and more consistent ball flight from shot to shot. The wider sole also creates more stability throughout your swing, giving you more confidence with each shot you take.

Finally, Ping irons come with several different shaft options so that you can customize your clubs to fit your swing perfectly. This allows you to get maximum performance out of your clubs by optimizing their flex and weight for your swing speed and style of play.

Overall, Ping Blueprint Irons offer superior performance when compared to other leading brands on the market today. Their unique construction, larger clubhead size, and customizable shafts make them a great choice for any golfer looking to take their game to the next level.

Specifications of Ping Blueprint Irons

Ping Blueprint Irons are designed for maximum control and forgiveness. The irons feature an elastomer insert in the back cavity to dampen vibrations and provide additional feel. The irons also have an improved face milling that increases ball speed for longer distances. The iron head shape also provides a higher launch angle, which helps to generate more carry and distance. Additionally, the improved sole design reduces turf interaction for more consistent contact. To ensure a precise fit, the irons come with lie angle adjustability, allowing golfers to customize the loft and lie angles to their exact specifications.

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Durability of Ping Blueprint Irons

Ping Blueprint irons are designed to provide an excellent mix of power, feel, and playability. They are constructed with a strong steel body that is highly durable and resistant to wear and tear. The face of the club is made from a thin-faced stainless steel that offers enhanced ball speed and distance, while the sole features a CNC-milled groove pattern that improves spin control. The grips are wrapped in soft rubber for comfort and feel. These irons also come with a two-year limited warranty from Ping, demonstrating their commitment to quality and durability.

These clubs have been designed with the golfer’s needs in mind, so they can be used for years without any major issues. The steel body is resistant to rusting or corrosion, meaning it will look great even after years of use. The face also remains in good condition for a long time thanks to the thin-face design and stainless steel construction. And due to the CNC-milled groove pattern on the sole, spin control remains consistent throughout the life of the club.

Overall, Ping Blueprint irons offer excellent durability that can withstand regular use on course without any major issues. The high-quality materials used in their construction help ensure these clubs remain in good condition for many years, making them a great investment for serious golfers looking for reliable performance from their equipment.

Price Range for Ping Blueprint Irons

The price range for Ping Blueprint Irons can vary depending on the features and components that are included in each set. Generally, a set of Ping Blueprint Irons can start at around $800 and reach up to $1,200 depending on the model and condition. The prices can also vary depending on the retailer you purchase from, as some retailers may offer discounts or special deals. It is important to do your research before making a purchase so you can get the best deal possible.

When looking at Ping Blueprint Irons, it is important to factor in all of the components and features that come with each set. The cost of each set will depend on the shafts, grips, loft angles, club length, and other performance factors that come with each set. The better quality components that come with a set will usually increase the price of the irons. Additionally, certain sets may have additional features such as adjustable weights or lie angle adjustments that can affect the price as well.

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Overall, Ping Blueprint Irons are considered to be one of the best sets of irons available in terms of performance and quality. They are also relatively affordable compared to other high-end sets of irons available today. If you are looking for a good quality set of irons without breaking your budget, then Ping Blueprint Irons could be a great choice for you.

Reviews on the Performance of Ping Blueprint Irons

The Ping Blueprint irons offer a combination of forgiveness, distance, and accuracy that golfers of all skill levels can appreciate. The deep undercut cavity provides more stability and forgiveness on off-center hits. The wide sole design helps to reduce turf interaction for better turf release and more consistent shots. The progressive set design with different lengths and lofts in each iron helps to optimize trajectory and spin rates for maximum distance. Players who struggle with hitting their irons consistently will find these clubs easy to hit straight and long with minimal effort.

Many golfers have praised the performance of the Ping Blueprint irons, claiming that they are some of the most forgiving clubs they have ever used. They also comment on the feel of the clubs, saying that they feel solid and provide excellent feedback at impact. Golfers have also noted that they are able to hit higher, straighter shots with less effort than other game improvement irons on the market. The progressive set design has been particularly praised for providing maximum distance with each iron in the set.

Overall, the Ping Blueprint irons are highly rated by golfers of all skill levels who are looking for maximum performance out of their game improvement irons. With their combination of forgiveness, distance, and accuracy along with their solid feel at impact, these clubs have earned a reputation as some of the best game improvement irons available today.


The Ping Blueprint iron set provides golfers with a fantastic combination of performance and forgiveness. The unique design allows for increased accuracy and distance, while the progressive offset allows for maximum forgiveness. The irons provide the golfer with the ability to control their ball flight, spin and trajectory without sacrificing forgiveness. The irons also offer a range of custom fitting options, so they can be tailored to each individual’s game. Overall, the Ping Blueprint iron set is an excellent choice for any golfer looking to improve their game.

The Ping Blueprint iron set is designed with golfers of all skill levels in mind and provides a great combination of features that make it an ideal choice for a wide variety of players. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned professional, this iron set offers something for everyone. With its progressive offset design, custom fitting options and improved accuracy and distance, the Ping Blueprint iron set is sure to provide you with years of enjoyment on the course.