ping g420 irons

Introducing the all-new Ping G420 Irons, the perfect combination of high performance and distance. These irons feature a new top rail undercut design which allows for more mass to be pushed to the perimeter of the clubhead, creating a higher MOI for increased forgiveness on off-center hits. The Advanced COR-Eye Technology allows for better face flexing resulting in higher ball speeds and increased carry distances. The Ping G420 Irons are also available with Arccos Smart Grips which offer real-time feedback on your game as well as personalized improvement tips from data collected directly from your clubs. With these features, the Ping G420 Irons will give you confidence in your game and help you take it to the next level.The Ping G420 Irons feature a progressive set design with stronger lofts in the long irons and weaker lofts in the short irons for more distance and control. The irons have an innovative cavity back design that creates a low, deep center of gravity for easy launch and maximum forgiveness. Their precision-milled faces are also designed to deliver more ball speed and consistent performance. The large, flexible hosel allows for increased face angle adjustability to fine-tune launch conditions. Additionally, the longer blade length offers increased stability at impact, improving accuracy on off-center hits. The G420 Irons also feature Hydropearl 2.0 finish for improved performance in wet conditions.


The Ping G420 Irons feature a traditional design that has been enhanced with a modern touch. The clubs boast an improved head shape with a larger sweet spot and a more forgiving face for increased accuracy. The top lines and sole designs also feature a modern look, while still providing the traditional feel of an iron. The soles are wider and more forgiving, ensuring improved turf interaction and playability from any lie. The clubs also feature an improved toe shape for increased forgiveness on off-center hits.


The Ping G420 Irons are constructed using Advanced COR-Eye Technology, which increases flexing at impact to produce higher ball speeds for greater distance. A hydropearl chrome finish helps to reduce friction when the clubhead meets the turf, making it easier to launch shots. The clubs also feature a new CTP structure that helps to increase MOI for additional forgiveness on off-center shots. Additionally, the irons have been designed with tungsten weighting in the toe and heel areas to help create an optimal CG position for consistent results from any lie.


The Ping G420 Irons are designed to offer maximum performance and distance. The irons feature a patented face technology that increases ball speed and produces a higher launch. The progressive sole design improves turf interaction and consistency of ball strike. The irons also feature a deep undercut cavity for increased forgiveness and more control on off-center hits.

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The Ping G420 Irons also offer great feel, thanks to the urethane microspheres in the head. This technology helps to dampen vibration at impact, creating a softer feel. The CFS Steel shafts also provide a stable and consistent feel throughout the swing.


The Ping G420 Irons have a modern look that appeals to players of all skill levels. The heads are finished with an attractive chrome plating for a sleek look at address. The clubface features an alignment aid that helps golfers set up to the ball correctly every time.

Performance of Ping G420 Irons

The Ping G420 irons are a great choice for golfers looking for improved performance and enhanced forgiveness. These irons feature an oversized head, which offers a larger sweet spot and more stability at impact. The progressive offset and sole design also make the Ping G420 irons easier to hit, giving golfers more confidence on the course. The faces of the Ping G420 irons are made with a special heat-treated steel which provides more distance off the tee and better accuracy. The clubs have improved impact technology to maximize ball speed off the clubface.

The Ping G420 irons also feature a unique sole design that helps reduce turf interaction and ensures consistent contact with the ball. The offset design makes it easier to get the ball airborne, while the wide sole allows for better turf interaction without digging too deep into the ground. This makes it easier to control trajectory and improve accuracy. Additionally, the clubs are designed with an internal weighting system which helps maximize energy transfer from clubhead to ball for greater distance and increased forgiveness on off-center shots.

Overall, the Ping G420 irons offer golfers great performance and enhanced forgiveness. The oversized head, progressive offset, internal weighting system, and heat-treated steel faces make these clubs easy to hit and provide higher launch angles for greater distance off the tee. With improved turf interaction and increased accuracy, these clubs make a great choice for any golfer looking to improve their game.

Pros of Ping G420 Irons

The Ping G420 Irons are a great set of clubs for golfers of all skill levels. They offer great forgiveness and accuracy, as well as a sleek look. The head is designed to reduce spin and increase ball speed, while the progressive face thickness creates an ideal launch angle for maximum distance. The top line is also thinner than the other irons in the series, creating a confidence inspiring look at address. Additionally, the tungsten toe weighting creates a higher MOI (moment of inertia) for more forgiveness on off-center hits.

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In terms of feel, the Ping G420 irons offer one of the best in class experiences. The sound and feel at impact are very solid and consistent, even on miss hits. Furthermore, they also have great feedback when it comes to shot shaping and control which makes them ideal for players who want to work the ball around the course.

Cons of Ping G420 Irons

The biggest downside to the Ping G420 Irons is that they can be quite expensive, especially when compared to other sets in its class. Additionally, some players may find that they lack the traditional look and feel that many tour players prefer with their clubs. Finally, some more experienced players may find that they don’t have enough workability or feedback for their needs.

Price of Ping G420 Irons

The Ping G420 irons are the latest in the iconic G-Series from Ping. They are designed to provide maximum forgiveness and distance while ensuring a consistent ball flight and trajectory. The new irons feature an upgraded COR-Eye Technology which increases flexing for optimal energy transfer and increased ball speed. The progressive design also offers higher launch angles on longer irons and lower launch angles on shorter irons for improved accuracy and control. The price of the Ping G420 irons vary depending on the set configuration, shaft type, grip type, and other customizations. A full set of 8 clubs including 4-PW with steel shafts typically costs around $900. If you would like graphite shafts, the cost will be slightly higher at around $1100-$1200. Customization options such as different grip types or additional clubs can also increase the price further.

Overall, the Ping G420 irons offer good value for money given their high performance features and excellent forgiveness capabilities. They are ideal for mid to low handicappers who want to improve their game without compromising on accuracy or distance performance.

Alternatives to the Ping G420 Irons

Golfers looking for alternatives to the Ping G420 irons may want to consider other options from the market. Titleist, TaylorMade, and Mizuno all offer a wide range of clubs that could be a great fit for your game.

Titleist offers several different models of irons that are designed to fit golfers of all levels. The 718 AP2 is one of their most popular models and is renowned for its superior feel and forgiveness. It is a great choice for players who are looking for a consistent ball flight and plenty of distance off the tee.

TaylorMade’s M6 irons are also a popular choice among golfers. The clubs feature Speed Bridge Technology, which helps to increase ball speed while providing more stability in the club head. This technology helps create more accuracy and distance off the tee, making them an ideal choice for players looking for extra performance from their irons.

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Mizuno also has some great options on the market with their MP-20 line of irons. These clubs feature an innovative design that helps promote better launch conditions and increased ball speed off the face. The MP-20 series also features Mizuno’s patented Harmonic Impact Technology, which helps maximize feel at impact while providing more control over shot shape and trajectory.

No matter what type of golfers you are, there is sure to be an iron set out there that will fit your game perfectly. Be sure to test out several different models before settling on one so you can find the right set for your needs. With so many excellent options available, it should be easy to find alternatives to the Ping G420 irons that will provide you with plenty of performance on the course.

Who Should Use the Ping G420 Irons?

The Ping G420 Irons are designed for golfers of all skill levels who are looking for improved accuracy and distance. The clubs feature an innovative design with a low center of gravity, making them ideal for mid- to high-handicap golfers who want to hit longer and straighter shots. The irons also have a progressive face thickness, which helps generate more ball speed and distance from a range of lies. The heads are larger than traditional irons, making them extremely forgiving on off-center hits. Additionally, the clubs feature an innovative sole design that helps reduce turf interaction for improved consistency. With their blend of performance and forgiveness, the Ping G420 Irons are perfect for players who need help getting the ball airborne and hitting it straighter.


The Ping G420 irons offer a finely-tuned combination of forgiveness, distance and control. The G410’s face design, weight distribution and structure provide the perfect balance of power and accuracy. The C300 steel delivers an incredible feel and performance. The irons are easy to launch and provide maximum spin rate for even more distance. They also have a sleek, modern look that appeals to all levels of golfers. With the Ping G420 irons, you know that you’re getting some of the best technology in the game today. Whether you’re looking for increased distance or a more accurate shot shape, the G420 should be your top choice.

Overall, the Ping G420 Irons are a great choice for any golfer looking to increase their game. They offer incredible forgiveness, power and accuracy with an eye-catching design that will make you proud to have them in your bag. Their superior technology makes them one of the top clubs on the market today – perfect for any golfer who wants to take their game to the next level.